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So TV 1 goes full on with the shock horror expose that the Prime Minister at half-time at a netball match in Porirua spent much of his time talking to his host rather than watching and applauding the half-time entertainment.

Silly me and I thought half-time was when you got out of your seat to stretch the legs; take a leak; buy a drink or possibly all three (although best practice would suggest not all at once).  As for talking to ones host and everyone knows this is more properly done during the game … don’t they!!!!!!

Such crass behavior.   The PM should be horsewhipped.   Meanwhile in the real world ……….. 

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May 31, 2017 at 8:51 am

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From the TV1 news site here … ‘Why are Aucklanders getting cheaper petrol’.    Heading to the airport this morning on my way back home and at the Z outlet on George Bolt Drive 91 octane was $2.07.9 cpl.   Back here in Paihia at our Waitomo outlet it is $1.78.9 cpl (as of 15 minutes ago).

Now I know maths was never my strong point but !!!!!!!!!!!

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January 31, 2017 at 10:14 pm

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Sue Maroney is a drone MP.   Failed six times to win an electorate seat; found wanting as Chief Whip and dumped and well remembered for an unfortunate incident when, during the flag referendum debate, she opened up on the owner of a holiday home flying the Kyle Lockwood flag as a rich prick flaunting his/her wealth and prejudices and conveniently ignoring the fact that her holiday home was just down the road.    At least her erstwhile leader called her out on that.

And now per courtesy of TV1 News last night there she was out pimping for a refugee couple wanting to purchase their HCNZ home but finding the value of the property had increased to the point is was supposedly unaffordable for them.  

So Maroney, ever eager to get her face on TV, is prepared to parade her hypocrisy for all to see.   Point #1 Sue … thought your once great Party was opposed to the sell-off of HCNZ stock per se so why are you going into bat for them and #2 given that I’ve listened to the angry one and his side-kick Twyford bang on about the government selling HCNZ properties at below the market valuation how can you possibly promote this as a shock, horror story?

Guess the side-bar to this is why TV1 News thought the story was worth giving oxygen to.    Here we have a family properly housed and paying a below market rental for that privilege … a property I guess any number of people would give their back teeth for.   So they can’t afford to buy it … I can’t afford to buy the property just down the road from me with elevated 270 degrees looking out over the BoI.

Sue Maroney hypocrite and TV1 an accessory to hypocrisy … fits.

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September 18, 2016 at 12:59 am


Lead story on the TV1 news tonight and a pissed off Earl and Lani Hagaman are considering their legal options against Andrew Little over his claim that their $101k donation to the National Party was an attempt to buy favorable treatment for his Hotel Scenic Group in their bid for the contract to manage the Niuean Matavai Resort in Niue.

Further that they welcomed and endorsed the call for the Auditor-General to examine the contract process.    The A-G should heed their request.

But the real kick in the guts for Little was the revelation by the Hagaman’s that they had previously been Labour voters … before the Labour Party lost it’s direction and moral compass.   Ouch and double ouch.

Little was not available for comment on these developments and left it up to his office to issue a statement welcoming the Hagaman’s cooperation in his call for an inquiry.

This has turned out to be one huge clusterfuck for Little and both he and McCarten have much to answer for … but I’m not holding my breath for Little to apologise to the people he has maligned.    Meanwhile Jacinda Adern and other Labour MPs sit and fume and ……… !!!!!!!?????

But you have to ask why didn’t TV1 properly investigate the story before deciding to run with it … or perhaps they did.

Updated …. you gotta luv this from Lani Hagaman in her call for the A-G to investigate the matter and in response to the claim from Little that the whole thing stunk …  “I can assure the public that for us the only thing that will stink to the high heavens’ will be the smell of roses which blossom from the fertilizer Andrew Little likes to spread around to gain his own notoriety” …. Triple ouch.  

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April 20, 2016 at 8:49 am

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