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If you thought Auckland was doing it tough after a month at Level 4 then spare a thought for the many Melbournians who have been forceably incarcerated in their homes for close to 300 days per courtesy of a heavy handed, control-freak, socialist government. And while you can fairly deplore the actions of the protesters in Melbourne you can perhaps understand their frustration over the vaccine mandate being implemented by Premier Andrews … a mandate that will see construction workers, tradies, teachers and support staff, barred from working unless they are fully vaccinated.

And don’t you just luv the ‘collective punishment’ bit that saw Andrews shut down the entire construction industry (300,000 workers) over the action of 500 or so CFME unionists who vented their displeasure over the vaccine mandate outside the CFME Union Office in central Melbourne although I must admit to a certain wry smile … the CFME Union is the praetorian guard of the Labor left faction that holds sway in Victorian State Labor politics.

And don’t think it can’t happen in NZL. Trevor Mallard is already making noises about barring people from Parliament if they’re not vaccinated. Think about that and reflect. Sure you can argue its their own choice and they make that decision knowing the consequences of their decision … but Parliament … the House of the People????? That’s a step too far.

Be very clear. I’m pro-vaccination as a way forward to ‘normality’ however defined. But I respect absolutely the right of the small number of people who make an informed choice not to be vaccinated. In a free society there are limits on the meme of ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’. Mandatory vaccination and you’re no longer living in a free society. You can fairly ask what’s the next step … compulsory euthanasia for the terminally ill on the basis that the heath dollar could be better spent elsewhere. Nah, if you believe in a free society there are some things worth fighting for and the vaccine mandate ain’t one of those things.

Written by The Veteran

September 23, 2021 at 10:29 am