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Pride goeth before the fall!

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I’d had this post on hold for a couple of weeks but with my co-blogger Major Star’s piece just published about the NZDF’s staffing problems it seems appropriate even though it’s about the US military, and less about retaining people than getting them in the first place:

The military is facing the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War. The Army is at only 40% of its recruiting numbers for the fiscal year despite raising its maximum enlistment bonus from $40,000 to $50,000. It now offers new recruits up to $10,000 for showing up to basic training in 30 days. And is no longer even asking them for a high school diploma.

Fifty thousand US dollars? Without even finishing high school? They are desperate, as a 60% recruiting shortfall shows. Those sorts of figures suggest that it’s not money that’s the issue, and this military website, Task and Purpose, focuses on two other things; poor advertising in general – and specifically in terms of all the benefits; but also poor structuring of the recruiting people and processes.

I’m surprised they didn’t discuss the competitive private sector environment where the US, as across the entire West it seems, is screaming for job applicants and lifting wage and salaries significantly to get them. But the first article gives the lie to money as a reason anyway, pointing out that such has always been the case:

The United States military is never going to win a bidding war against corporations. Amazon warehouse team members make more than starting recruits. And they’re generally less likely to die. The only real military recruiting edge is a patriotic commitment to defending your country.

As does this article on the recruiting problem:

To doublecheck that the economy wasn’t the overriding reason why recruiting is failing, I spoke with a friend who leads a large police academy in Texas…. He said the classes are full of new recruits He even noted an influx of police coming into Texas from other states to escape Covid-19 vaccination requirements for public safety employees.

Although it notes that police recruiting is way down in Chicago, Oregon, and Washington State – which is another hint as to the real problems in the military; as you’ll see they are connected.

Former US Infantry officer Strieff was also an Inspector General of US Army Recruiting Command so has some detailed insight into the issues raised by Task & Purpose (although he describes them as “usually a hot mess of leftism”) – including the insane and quickly dropped plan earlier this year to recruit high school dropouts. As he points out, recruiting such dropouts kills both of the following key military objectives.

The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) measures “aptitude,” not “potential academic ability.” The two things the Army is most interested in are a) trainability, which is why the AFQT is emphasized, and b) ability to complete an enlistment.

But he also says this, which goes to the heart of the point made above about “The only real military recruiting edge”:

The Army went into the crapper at the end of the Vietnam war because the Army that came out of Vietnam was not viewed positively by the general population. It took courage, or desperation, to enlist in the Army between 1975 and around 1982 because enlisting was the quickest way to become a social outcast.

Now the Army seems hellbent on destroying 40 years of hard-earned reputation for the sake of being woke and dying its hair magenta. The reason for the Army failing to meet its recruiting goals is simple, it has essentially declared that it has no use for heterosexual males…

And he uses examples to show this from inside the military.

As for that advertising discussed, there’s this: “….the Minnesota National Guard placed a $77,000 ad buy in an LGBTQ magazine.” And this:

The most recent Army advertising campaign had zero ads aimed at working-class or middle-class white males (Two of the five profiles are immigrants. Three of the five profiles are women. Three of the five are officers. None of the examples are combat arms.

The stereotype they are trying to break down is that the military is mostly male, and those males are overwhelmingly heterosexual and white. The other stereotype they are trying to break down is that the Army fights wars.

Exactamundo. All of this stuff; the advertising, the recruiting “standards” are merely symptoms of the real problem, which is that people at the highest levels of the US military have fully imbibed multiple Left-wing theories on race, gender and even warfare itself, and are determined to re-shape the services to fit those theories. And to smash stereotypes you need to smash people:

.. the Army will reportedly force female soldiers to shower with biological males who identify as females, while the Navy will allegedly allow sailors to use whichever locker room suits their gender identity. There’s also a huge emphasis on race:

Units were to adjust to transgender identity and recently The Washington Free Beacon provided source documents of the Army’s transgender service policy which states:

“Gender transition in the Army begins when a Soldier receives a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary.”

This comes after the military’s celebration of Pride Month this past June, and West Point cadets being taught Critical Race Theory – including this slide on “whiteness.”

Same in the Air Force:

In all, 86 percent of our aviators are white males. Less than 3 percent of our fighter pilots are females. This is why we established a detachment within Air Force recruiting two years ago charged with improving diversity for those who wear flight suits. The mission of Detachment 1 is to bring a singular focus to recruiting qualified women and minorities who have not always felt they belonged

Unexpectedly the Total Air Force (Active, Guard, and Reserve) was short 1,650 pilots in 2021, and the shortfall will likely only get worse.

The USAF has responded to the challenge by eliminating prior flight training as a “plus” on pilot selection. They found that such training favored applicants who could afford private flight lessons. It has also announced that it intends to reduce the number of white officers from 80% to 67.5%.

Compounding the outright racism and bigotry involved in these “goals,” the Department of Defense’s new Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity oberführer, Kelisa Wing, is, to be charitable, a pathological and virulent racist.

Military Veteran and former CIA head and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, put it bluntly:

Which match comments from other former military people:

My own decision to enlist the military in 1983 was motivated by President Ronald Reagan and his call to defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War. In 2007, I retired as a lieutenant colonel. If I were 20 today, there’d be zero chance I’d enlist to serve under a group of people whom I thought hated me and despised my political views — and who would use my time in military service as a cross between a reeducation camp and an armed international social service agency.

In a must-read article by Jeff Groom in the Spectator, he points out the personal aspect of the military in the face of all this:

Would you volunteer? Identity politics works both ways. Trash my tribe and I won’t associate with you, let alone risk my life. It shouldn’t be a shock, then, that those expressing a “great deal of trust and confidence in the military” dropped from 70 percent in 2018 to 45 percent today.

Rod Dreher picks that up in A Military At War With Americans:

“At some point, you’ve got to realize that it’s a scam, that you are being asked to risk your life to fight for an imperial order that thinks your law-abiding, church-going, pale-faced right-wing self is the problem with America.”

This last article – another by a former Army infantry colonel – imagines what it would take to fix this with the next Republican President (it won’t happen with any Democrat now) and it’s pretty drastic:

“Gentlemen, this is an orders briefing, not a decision briefing, meaning I am not asking for your input. I am telling you my intent, so be sure you understand it before you walk out of this room because Friday at 0900 we meet here for you to tell me – your Commander-in-Chief – how you have fulfilled my intent. If your answer is anything but an honest, ‘Yes, sir, I have fulfilled your orders,’ I will relieve you.

Effective now, we are out of the diversity, inclusion, and equity business. It’s over. Finished. Done. Every DIE program is terminated. Every Norwegian History Month or the like is ended. There are no more DIE classes, training, or any of this woke garbage. There are no drag queens on base and no men wearing women’s uniforms. It all ends. Make sure the curricula at the academies and war colleges are scrubbed of this poison. Make sure no officer reading lists includes racists like Ibram X. Kendi. The nonsense is terminated starting now. Oh, and you will strike any reference to ‘white nationalism’ and ‘climate change’ from any documents that presumes to list the strategic threats the United States military is facing. Do each of you understand my intent? Be here at 0900 Friday to confirm you have executed my orders. Dismissed.” 

I don’t know if this is an issue in the NZDF – Major Star’s post focuses on money – but I do have to wonder after the incident noted here a year ago in NZ Military once more follows the Pentagon’s lead, where an essay written by a serving New Zealand Army soldier first won an internal contest before being booted when its dangerous messages were revealed to the wider community.

Dream on White girl, Dream on White Boy (Part II)

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A couple of years ago during the height of the 2020 American Summer BLM/Antifa riots I posted about a couple of episodes of painfully woke White people involved in confrontation with concepts they did not approve of – concepts either held or exhibited by Black people, Dream on White girl, Dream on White Boy.

As the passion of those days recedes into rational calmness it’s easy to forget how insane it was, but the fallout continues because the riots were just a symptom of the real insanity.

Recently a University of Delaware communications professor, one Dr. Danna Young, both showed this insanity and got a bit of an education lesson about the issues with young people today, especially young men.

This occurred when she issued the following Tweet – and got a response.

If you wish you can read the rest of her screed as she (and her Twitter friends of similar age) go on to blame gaming, social media, and ‘niche online spaces’, etc, etc.

Except that an 18 year old man, one Daniel Schmidt, a freshman at the University of Chicago, turned up on the thread and let her know what’s really been going on, since he clearly recalls his middle-school years and high school.  She’s locked her account now but you can check out that link for the original Tweets. Meantime, here’s a concise re-package of his responses:

I’m an 18-year-old white male. I was in middle school only 5 years ago. I think I can offer some perspective on @dannagal‘s thread. Yes, young white males increasingly identify as right-wing.

But why? From my experience, here’s what’s really happening:


Thought experiment:

Imagine you’re an 8th-grade boy. You’re beginning to be told by teachers, the media, and maybe your parents that you’re privileged because you’re a boy. It’s a basic truth, you’re told. But this just makes you confused. You start asking yourself questions. If boys are privileged, why do the girls in my class tend to get better grades? Why are there more girls than boys in my advanced classes? Why are the girls more well-behaved and focused? Why are some of the girls preparing for college applications already? By the time you get to high school, your confusion only grows.

Your friend, who used to go to church with you, has become addicted to porn. Another friend, whose parents have recently divorced, has started using drugs. Your friends start appearing unmotivated and demoralized. Meanwhile, the girls at your school continue to be over-represented in honors classes, get better test scores and grades, obtain more leadership positions, and participate in more extracurriculars.

But you’re still repeatedly told that boys are privileged. How could this be? Then, when college acceptances come out, you notice many more girls than boys get into top universities. More girls are going to college in general, for that matter. But for some reason, all you hear is that girls are underrepresented in higher education. It’s confusing. When you search for scholarships to apply to, you find hundreds that are only open to women. When you tour college campuses, you hear how proud the school is to have student organizations like Women in Law, Women in Business, and Women in Science.

It all becomes too much. You start doing research. You discover that men are more likely to be homeless, go to prison, become alcoholics, struggle with isolation/loneliness, die of a drug overdose, and commit suicide. But all you hear about, for some reason, is something called the “gender pay gap.”

Eventually, you find out that the only people who seem to talk about the issues facing men — the only people who appear to sympathize with how you feel — are so-called “alt-right” figures like Jordan Peterson. You start listening to them. For once, you feel like you’re not alone.

Now imagine you’re an 8th-grade white boy. On top of the alienation you experience for merely being a boy, you’re told by teachers, the media, and maybe even your parents that you should feel some form of remorse for being white. You’re as privileged as it gets, you’re told. This doesn’t make much sense to you. Why should you feel bad for being white — something you can’t control?

This is a question you and your white classmates implicitly know cannot be asked. So instead, all of you submit. Humiliation quickly leads to demoralization. As you get older, you feel increasingly unwelcome by society. “Diversity and inclusion” initiatives and never-ending anti-white messaging from the media only make you feel like a burden.

So you turn to the Internet, where you feel welcome by video games and right-wing forums. Younger and younger white males are following this path. They feel they’re simply unwelcome by society, and they escape to a select few communities and websites.

For the first time in America’s history, the founding demographic is dropping out of society in massive numbers. Dr. Danna Young’s solution? “Inclusive programming and a critical historical lens.”

It’s almost like their goal is to demoralize and demonize young men — the group most likely to challenge our ruling class.

Perhaps – with luck – he’ll encounter young woman like Misha Petrov, who has also had a red-pill experience with the toxic, modern Left (11 minutes). There are a number of interesting observations that she makes:

  • She considered herself a Democrat like most people her age.
  • She was neck-deep in leftism, especially in her university where radical leftist politics was being shoved down her throat at all times, even in classes that had nothing to do with socio-political matters. She couldn’t get through a math class without it being woke.
  • She was under the impression that very few people in this nation were actually conservative.
  • She was led to believe that it was a small, almost cult-like group of racists and bigots, due in large part to the way social media algorithms work.
  • Because she was surrounded constantly by mainstream content, she was under the impression that leftism was the most dominant political ideology in America, as the more she engaged in it the more it was recommended to her by social media.
  • She had a moment of awakening when the documentary “The Social Dilemma” pointed out that social media algorithms feed political division. She posted the clip from the documentary to her social friends and not much later, received a handful of text messages from her friends asking why she posted it and if she’s a Trump supporter now?

Unfortunately there’s apparently an entire pipeline of these Young White People on the way, if the following TikTok is anything to go by. The mother was so proud. I feel sorry for her little girl, who already looks miserable – as little kids tend to be when told that they’re guilty, guilty, guilty…

Leftist Myth Busting: The Democrats and Race

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One of the many reasons that the Democrat Party is in trouble in the USA is not just the short-term effects of inflation and a looming recession, but a longer term one where their grip is slipping on their traditional voting groups of Working Class Whites, Hispanics and even (to a much smaller degree) American Blacks.

By contrast, university educated Whites, who used to majority vote for the GOP, are now a very important part of the Democrats: probably too important since they’re the primary group that has swallowed whole the insanity of Identity Politics and now it’s even more diseased cousin, Woke ideology, both of which are playing a role in driving away the groups mentioned in the first paragraph.

Working class Whites are increasingly a lost cause for the Democrats, Hispanics are slipping fast, and Blacks may be next, especially when you’ve got Black Republicans increasingly pop up, like House Rep. Burgess Owens, who pulled no punches in a calm, 5 minute speech:

“Having grown up in the Jim Crow South, with Segregation and KKK, I’m familiar with the true racism, intolerance, and hate, all due to the color of my skin. I see the same thing today in 2022 as the hard Left, the so-called “party of tolerance” who bang the drum of racism, inequality, inequity, do not practice what they preach.”

Oof! That one’s got to burn. We’re not talking a Millennial Black Republican but someone who actually recalls those times now described as one where all those Souther Democrat voters suddenly turned Democrat under the spell of Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

He doesn’t let them off the hook in their modern incarnation either, given the abuse hurled at Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of the overturning of the Roe and Casey abortion rulings:

“That’s nothing new for Justice Thomas, who has been the target of the elitist Left for 40 years. Instead of celebrating the second Black American in our nation’s history in the highest court, they declared open seasons with vicious, racist attacks. Just because he’s an articulate, confident, Black American, who loves the American tenets of God, country, and family. Just because he’s a Black man who dares to think differently than they would love for him to think.”

Thomas is on record as saying that while he’s never had any problems with people of his race, let alone Republican or Right Wing Whites, he’s always encountered burning hatred from White Liberals. Spot on. The media outlet RedState has documented some of the racist garbage fired at Thomas herehere, and here.

“So typical of the condescending racism. If these same attacks were aimed at Barack Obama it would be called out by this committee and the media for exactly what it is: Pure Racism.”

For right-wing observers that’s an “of course”, but he also points out a weird aspect of the last fifty years of abortion law:

Roe v. Wade cost us 23 million innocent lives. The pro-slavery Democrat Dred Scott decision in 1857, it was a flawed decision. Overcoming Roe did not outlaw abortions or take away the constitutional right of Americans. It put the decision in the state’s hands, in the hands of We The People, where it belongs.”

What’s he’s referring to there is that of the 64 million abortions since Roe, 23 million have been Black, which is vastly out of proportion to the Black population in the USA. If the Ku Klux Klan was running Planned Parenthood they couldn’t have done a better job.

But the mic-drop moment is this one:

“To the angry Left, it’s time to settle down, take off your mask, and show your cowardly faces. Put down your stones and firebombs and through civil debate convince us that you’re right.”

“My prediction is you have no clue.

A bonus feature is this video about the Southern Strategy, hosted by Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University.

Some White Saviour Analysis

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A database of progressive white men who are thirsty for credit

On Freddie deBoer’s substack site, he has a very funny, if lengthy, article which takes a few nasty shots at people I’ve mostly (and fortunately) never heard of but clones of which exists everywhere, The Good White Man Roster.

Freddie starts with an overview:

These are the guys who have carefully crafted personas as ALLIES, as the good ones, as the right kind of white guy. These are the dudes whose every engagement on social media functions to let you know how very sorry they are, but always seem to come out on top in doing so. 

And then goes through a list. Here are some samples of his takes:

… this is the Good White Man in his Platonic form… He’s so very sorry, everybody, and it cannot escape your notice that he’s more sorry than everyone else; that’s what an advanced being he is. He apologizes, but only in the context of referring to some earlier, fallen self, and in doing so he inescapably valorizes his current self… He who humbleth himself wishes to be exalted.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC

[MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is] a living, breathing laundromat for the post-collegiate elite’s ugly feelings of superiority, reassuring them every day on his show that their snobbery and self-obsession are justified thanks to their superior moral virtue… I genuinely cannot remember the last time this man made an argument on his show that risked offending subscribers to the New York Times.

There are a lot of people competing for the “most ardent supporter of a totally undertheorized and substance-free vision of an ostensibly post-capitalist future” crown these days, but Higgins is not going to be outworked on that score. Dialectics. False consciousness. Defund the police, or abolish ICE, or whatever. Let’s uh build the exceptionally vague society of our dreams. Also he lists his literary agent in his Twitter bio, which I find truly amazing.

Hello! Would you like a sneering shithead to condescendingly inform you that the dead center of witless corporate liberal opinion is in fact the utterly spotless expression of the transcendent truth, delivered with total conviction by someone who spent fifteen minutes reading Quora answers to arrive at his position? Buddy, have I got a pundit for you!

This man is the basic bitch of Good White Men, a computer-generated NPC of a Noble Ally. Everything about his performance (and, if you’ll forgive me, his face) is so perfectly in the center of Good White Manness, I half suspect he’s been created by a creepy machine learning algorithm designed to mimic embittered social studies teachers who always told themselves they were destined for more.

The kind of guy who discovers body positivity only after his metabolism slows down at 24 and suddenly he can’t lose his beer gut. The kind of guy who develops a keen interest in Thatcher’s depravity during the Troubles while taking a semester abroad in Dublin surrounded by cute girls with republican sentiments and potentially-accessible vaginas.

His general take on such White Men is also precise

Any Good White Man who feels that their appearance on this roster is an injustice can easily be removed. They need only follow their ideology to its logical ends by shutting the fuck up.

Which they will never, ever do.

The latest in our White Supremacist Watch list

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Another Curia survey, this time looking at the protestors themselves:

Who is at the protest and why?

Apparently Sean Plunket’s new online show, The Platform, is the one who commissioned Curia to do the polls and it involved sending people into the crowd to do the job. The response rate was an incredible 95%.

If only more reporters had done this. But then the results would have screwed their narrative, which I see Stuff is continuing to push today with a headline about “Holocaust distortion and anti-Semitism being rife” in the group. Not what the Curia poll found.

Turns out that it’s not a White Supremacist anti-vaxx protest but more of more of a Labour/Green non-violent anti-mandate protest made up of a reasonably representative group of New Zealanders, almost half of whom l voted for Labour/Greens at the last election. Almost a third of the group are Maori and the proportion of Maori Party voters is way out of line with their nation-wide vote.

I wasn’t surprised that 76.9% are unvaccinated. I’m sure that Bob Jones is surprised that we haven’t seen dozens of bodies from the sick and the dying, as he predicted two weeks ago with Doing God’s Work:

I can see why Luxon and Seymour don’t want to meet this River Of Filth.

It’s also likely why both Chris Trotter and Bob Jones have held back comments on their blogs for several days now; I suspect they’re getting a lot less support than they expected for their sneering attacks on the protestors.

I also had to laugh at DPF’s comment:

While I was concerned about health and safety issues, my staff report that they did not encounter any threatening behaviour at all.

Remember that DPF lives in Wellington and frequents this exact area. Looks like he continues to rely on the likes of Stuff for news.

Just to summarise:

  • These protestor folks are not alt-right, neo-Nazis.
  • They are not intent on violence.
  • They do not seem to be the source of a covid outbreak.

How difficult would it have been for a MSM journalist to ascertain a few facts two weeks ago?

Written by Tom Hunter

February 21, 2022 at 10:05 am

Which Southern Jim Crow White Supremacist did this?

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The answer is none of the above.

First, that’s in Denver, Colorado.

Second, it’s not from the Jim Crow era but today.

Third, it was not the Democrat Party’s favourite boogeyman but actually … Democrats.

There is nothing right about this story. It’s George Wallace’s dream come true: “Segregation forever!”

It’s also important to note, as one Twitter user has, that this type of explicit racial segregation is illegal in Colorado.

According to Centennial Elementary staff, this event was organized by the school’s “Dean of Culture,” Nicole Tembrock.

As you can see Nicole is Whiter than White – but in a good way you understand. No George Wallace she.

If civil rights activists from the 1950s popped out of a time machine today, and saw all this stuff, they would infer that their movement had failed, but it’s the entirely logical result of accepting Critical Race Theory which remember, is absolutely not being taught in schools.

Allow me to also introduce you to a classic style of argument that is very much in favour nowadays, the Motte-and-Bailey:

The motte-and-bailey fallacy (named after the motte-and-bailey castle) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy where an arguer conflates two positions that share similarities, one modest and easy to defend (the “motte”) and one much more controversial (the “bailey”). 

The arguer advances the controversial position, but when challenged, they insist that they are only advancing the more modest position. Upon retreating to the motte, the arguer can claim that the bailey has not been refuted (because the critic refused to attack the motte) or that the critic is unreasonable (by equating an attack on the bailey with an attack on the motte).

Here it is in a visual form and applied to CRT.

Incidentally this is what TV interviewer Chris Wallace did to Trump in the 2020 debate with Biden (and Wallace), when he converted CRT into mere “racial sensitivity training”, and asked how anybody could object to that. Wallace quit Fox News the other and has joined CNN. Of course.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 16, 2021 at 6:20 pm

The Juicy story ends well

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The bigger story is that in the USA of Trump in 2019 it meant – and was intended to mean – far more: about America’s “systemic racism”, “White Supremacists”, and so forth.

The story of “Juicy Smallay” that is, as comedian Dave Chappelle labled the pathetic little shit two years ago when he first burst into the news about his attempted “lynching” by MAGA Trump fans.

In downtown Chicago.

At 2am on a January morning while he was getting a Subway sandwich.

Chappelle nailed his ass to the wall early on. Watch and enjoy.

No, none of these details added up, as I pointed out in The Chicago Way in March 2019:

Just to recap, Smollet is a gay, black actor with a role in a TV show called Empire. Judging by ratings and critics, most Americans have never seen it. Smollett apparently decided he needed more fame by climbing on the OrangeManBad train. He claimed that at 2am on a bitterly cold Chicago morning in January, after getting a Subway sandwich, he was jumped by two MAGA-hat wearing white dudes who poured bleach on him, hung a noose around his neck, and yelled at him that “This is MAGA country“.  Somehow he fought them off – and kept his sandwich.

All of this supposedly happened in the neighbourhood of Streeterville, one of the toniest parts of downtown, Northside and just a step away from The Magnificant Mile, Michigan Avenue’s expensive shops. The story got massive national attention from the MSM who naturally added it to their list of Trumpian sins and wailed about how far America had fallen into the pits of racism and other phobias.

Initially the charges against Smallay were dropped which, as I pointed out, were completely in keeping with past legal stunts in Chicago, like the sealed divorce records of Obama’s two main opponents in his 2004 Senate run (one Dem in the primary and then the GOP opponent in the general election), suddenly having their details appear in public, causing them to drop out

Similarly Cook County DA and Friend of Criminals, Kim Foxx stepped aside because of her Hollywood connections with Juciy, and then her deputy dropped the charges. All this with stories of phone calls from Michelle Obama in the background (the Obama’s being big fans of Juicy). But this time the anger was too great to contain and Foxx was forced to appoint a special prosecutor to review the case, where he recommended a grand jury trial, which led to the full trial just concluded with Juciy convicted on five out of six charges.

In an ordinary world this stupid tale of an F-grade hack actor trying to boost his career with such nonsense would have belonged to the back pages of the Hollywood Reporter.

The bigger story is that in the USA of Trump in 2019 it meant – and was intended to mean – far more: about America’s “systemic racism”, “White Supremacists”, and so forth. Which mean that almost all the usual suspects should have known better. I suspect some did but didn’t care because there was a Narrative to push and it was any weapon to hand.

Even if that weapon was designed to incite racial hatred. In fact that was the intention of every single Democrat.

The Washington Free Beacon has a comprehensive roundup and concise summary of the blabbing of each of these assholes. They include almost all of those people currently in US government running the nation.

Joe Biden

“What happened to Jussie Smollett must never be tolerated in this country.”

Kamala Harris

“This was an attempted modern day lynching.”

Nancy Pelosi

“The racist, homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett is an affront to our humanity.”

Elizabeth Warren

“The fight for equality isn’t over—no one should have to live in fear of being beaten on the street because of who they are.”

Bernie Sanders

“The racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett is a horrific instance of the surging hostility toward minorities around the country.”

The Libs of Tik Tok have another nice set of contemporary comments with their statements in full.

In case you’re wondering, none of these people have or will suffer any downside from what they said and did. Neither did these people:

In 2019, for example, an Ohio University student claimed to have received three threatening anti-LGBT letters. Law enforcement officials said later she authored the messages herself, charging her with three counts of making false alarms.

A former student at North Park University in Chicago was likewise caught fabricating a story about receiving threatening, slur-riddled notes mentioning then-President-elect Donald Trump. Like the aforementioned Ohio University incident, the North Park student posted the messages, some of which contained anti-gay slurs, herself.

Earlier, in 2016, a former employee of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom, Indiana, was discovered to have vandalized his own place of employment following the election of Trump. The former employee, who is gay, defaced the church with an image of a swastika and the words “Heil Trump” and “Fag Church.”

Elsewhere, a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana said two white men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats ripped her hijab from her head the day after Trump won the election. She admitted later she concocted the story from thin air.

These people keep doing these things because they know they’ll be backed up by the grifters of the Left.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 12, 2021 at 2:30 pm

The Northern US Confederacy

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Classical historian Victor Davis Hanson is always an interesting read. Just one of his books, Carnage and Culture, being an unusual take on Western warfare by looking at the often unseen cultural strands that tie into how the West has fought wars during the last two thousand years.

His long-form essays are good too, often derived from his unusual lifestyle mix. He lives in California’s Central Valley in an old farmhouse owned by his grandmother more than a century ago, and observes the daily events there – but then commutes to the coast every week to lecture, thus observing the lifestyles of the Silicon Valley crowd and other elites. Unlike most other academics he knows both worlds.

Thus this latest piece, The New Blue Confederacy. He asks the following hypothetical questions that could have been put the American public in the decades following the conclusion of the Civil War in April 1865:

  • One-hundred-fifty-six years from now, in the year 2021, where in the United States will Americans most likely discriminate on the basis of race?
  • Where will citizens squabble over the racial percentages of ancestral bloodlines, and schools admit or reject students in part on the DNA of an applicant?
  • Where will free speech and expression become most endangered?
  • Where will states’ rights boosters deny federal officers the right to enforce federal law?
  • Where will the major cities be the most unsafe and the middle classes the most embattled? And from which regions of the country will people flee, and to which will they migrate?

His factual observations may come as a surprise to people who only read the MSM or who only have “Liberal” friends in the USA, but will not come as a surprise to other people:

But there is a growing red state/blue state divide—encompassing an economic, cultural, social, and political totality. The public seems to sense that the blue-state model is the more hysterically neo-Confederate, and the red state the calmer and more Union-like. The former appears more unsustainable and intolerant, the latter is increasingly more livable and welcoming.

The people themselves are voting with their U-Hauls.

The only problem with this scenario is that these people may not have learned anything and will simply screw up their new homes by voting for the same dopey ideas. An influx of Californians has certainly done that to Colorado over the last decade, and may do the same to Nevada.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 2, 2021 at 6:53 am

Justice at last

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Pretty dramatic stuff that you normally never see outside of a TV show.

I guess we’re about to find out if Antifa/BLM still have enough power to riot in the streets, or whether the Democrats who run those cities no longer need them or want them now that Trump is gone.

A Grabien supercut of the media excusing, justifying, and actively promoting violence in the streets.

Certainly they wanted Rittenhouse found guilty in this political trial. Given the hopelessness of the prosecution and its witnesses it seems obvious that the charges should never have been laid in the first place.

Here’s a run down of the MSM’s riot-inciting lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, including it hyperventilating about Rittenhouse crossing a state line. In fact, he didn’t; he was working as a lifeguard at a pool in Kenosha, which is where his dad and grandparents lived, and where he used to live.

Rittenhouse can’t sue Biden for that, but he can sue the MSM for all the shit they pulled on this event, including numerous claims that the people killed were Black.

They’re still at even now in the face of the acquittal. MSNBC was banned from the courtroom because one of their people tried to follow the jury members, undoubtedly to dox them to the Antifa crowd.

Rittenhouse will have the Covington kid, Nick Sandmann, to help him, hopefully, like Sandmann, winning from the MSM millions of dollars, which he’ll need to build a new life away from the Antifa crowd who likely will hunt him down.

BTW, they’ve identified one of Rittenhouse’s other attackers, one who didn’t get shot. His background is similar to the pedophile and the domestic abuser who were killed.

I’ve no doubt he’s learned nothing from his lucky survival and will be a gleeful participant in the next Antifa/BLM “fiery but peaceful protests”.

Maurice Freeland, 39, has admitted that he was the one who kicked Kyle Rittenhouse in the head on the night of August 25,2020.

Rittenhouse is charged with First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety of Freeland, who was only known as ‘jump-kick man’. The state has painted all these actors as heroes attempting to take down an ‘active shooter’

[Freeland] was charged with Battery Domestic Abuse, Criminal Damage to Property Domestic Abuse and Disorderly Conduct Domestic Abuse

Also remember that none of this would have happened if the people who run the town of Kenosha – Democrats of course – had allowed the Police to do their job, rather than telling them to stay out of the way while Antifa/BLM went apeshit on their town.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 20, 2021 at 10:22 am

White Supremacy and The Democrat Party

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For a party so long invested in White Racism you’d think they’d understand it better now that they claim to be on the other side from it.

But the results from Tuesday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey, and the subsequent fallout from Democrats and the MSM allies tearing their hair out in frustration at their losses and near losses, show that rather than asking why they lost they’re convinced that they already know why:

Ms Hill is a former sports journalist who now makes a living as a race-grifting writer at places like The Atlantic. Among the talking heads she was not alone in this. The best response was from the newly elected Virginia Lt. Governor-Elect, Republican and former US Marine, Winsome Sears:

This followed some pathetic Democrat attempts to derail the Youngkin campaign along the same lines by trying to recreate the infamous Charlottesville “Tiki Torch” event on which Trump got so hammered (remember the lie about “very fine people”).

The “Charlie” Tweeting out that photo was a Democrat operative, as were a couple in the photo who apparently forgot about their own FaceTwit accounts, which is how they were identified so quickly.

You should also note the presence of a Black guy: even the White Supremacists have been sucked into this “diversity” crap.

But they can’t help themselves. They really do think that what works on FaceTwit for shits & giggles will work in real life. Instead it blew up in their faces in just a few hours.

Then there was this wonderful example of the cooperation of the MSM and the Democrat Party:

Yesirree Bob, that there is a couple of good old fashioned White Supremacists at a Youngkin rally. You can tell they’re White Supremacists by the cowboy hats and the confederate flag freshly ironed on to that unused denim jacket. The MSM punched out the photo on the left in double-quick time and never bothered asking who they were or why they were there – or why they’re the only ones wearing cowboy hats in the crowd, or especially why they turned up so perfectly placed right in front of the media stand, as the photo on the right clearly shows.

Of course the MSM didn’t ask those questions – because they’re effectively Democrat operatives with bylines and were all in on supporting the “message” the Democrats wanted to send. It’s the other side of this theme:

Written by Tom Hunter

November 5, 2021 at 7:58 am