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Woke Hollywood goes broke

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Well not yet, but they are not having a good year in what was supposed to be the rebound after the terrible C-19 years of 2020-21.

There have been multiple flops of expensive movies and not a lot of interest in smaller (lower-budget) movies that are supposed to be Oscar-bait.

I’ve only been to one movie this year and that was Top Gun: Maverick, which was excellent escapism, as movies are supposed to be. And it made a ton of money, just shy of $1.5 billion and counting.

But even with that, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and the other huge hit movie earlier in the season, SpiderMan: No Way Home (almost $2 billion), Hollywood struggled, with US revenue down to $6 billion compared to $11.3 billion in 2019 and one huge cinema chain going into bankruptcy.

There are any number of explanations as to why people are not going into the theatres, starting with the big one of streaming, which was already starting to hit them in 2019 but which took off during the lockdowns. It’s quite possible that people have got into a habit that they can’t be bothered breaking.

But that doesn’t really stack up as an argument in the face of those three blockbusters mentioned earlier. People obviously went out for them. Streaming has also been around for a decade, and especially doesn’t make sense when we’re talking about movies that are not intended to be blockbusters:

Here is the domestic box office for this year’s titles enjoying the most Oscar talk.

  • Till – $8.7 million
  • The Banshees of Inisherin – $7.9 million
  • TÁR – $5.1 million
  • She Said – $4.3 million
  • Triangle of Sadness – $4 million
  • Bones and All – $3.8 million
  • The Fabelmans – $3.5 million
  • Armageddon Time – $1.9 million
  • Aftersun – $756,000

The most shocking title on that list is The Fabelmans. Those of us of a certain age can remember when Oscar talk around a Steven Spielberg movie would have had people flocking to theaters, especially over Thanksgiving weekend (when Fabelmans opened). Spielberg guaranteed that magic cinematic experience we all crave.

While you could say those are “small failures” there have been big ones, and most of those have been Disney productions, starting with Lightyear and ending with the $100 million loss on Strange World (budget $180 million).

The reason is all the Woke bullshit in the storylines and the characters, as John Nolte explains by contrasting these modern movies with the stories and humans of a simple 1970’s movie like The Way of the Dragon:

Lee plays Tang Lung, and the movie opens with Lung, an unsophisticated rube from Hong Kong, arriving in Rome. At the airport, he’s treated rudely, gawked at, dismissed, laughed at… He’s not white. He wears funny clothes. He doesn’t speak the language. He’s an exotic Asian fish out of water, an obvious victim of prejudices, preconceived notions, and racism.

But how does Lee, who had complete control over the movie and his image, play it? Perfectly. Tang Lung doesn’t get angry, doesn’t lecture, and doesn’t demand respect. Instead, he’s humble, a little clumsy, funny, and utterly endearing. Not only does this approach make him relatable, but it’s also the perfect way to convey a message about prejudice and “othering.” Although Tang Lung is very different from us, we relate to him (who hasn’t felt outnumbered and out of place?) and come to respect him for his discipline, bravery, and restraint. Nothing is heavy-handed. No one lectures us. No one pounds their chest about how virtuous they are. No one shames anyone. It’s all done through good-natured humor, theme, and story.

By contrast, the modern movies preach, constantly, unsubtly, and in your face:

There’s no subtlety in woke, no subtext, no generosity. Instead, it’s smug, in your face, insufferable, and never believable. You can’t tell blatant lies about human nature and hold on to your audience. All of this takes us out of the story. It breaks the spell. Further, it insults us and our intelligence, which makes the moviegoing experience a negative one no one wants to repeat.

And so, like Disney, the Oscar brand is dead. Disney didn’t promote Strange World as a gay movie. Still, no one went to see it because we all know what Disney has become. Same with the Oscars. If there’s Oscar heat around a movie, it’s almost certain to be preachy garbage.

Americans have learned their lesson and now avoid this garbage. And it’s not just Red State America staying home. All these movies need to enjoy a respectable box office return is for ten percent of Hillary Clinton voters to show up. Most of these titles failed to attract one percent.

Yep, movies are so insufferable Hollywood has lost the left.

But there may be other things going on as well and they’re more to do with the general loss of trust in our institutions. Another recent flop was She Said, which is a drama about the downfall of the supreme POS and rapist Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. The movie apparently was not driven by Woke and actually sounded like it was pretty good. So why did it flop? Variety magazine gives a bunch of reasons for the failure but I think they’ve missed some because they don’t want to admit to them:

  1. People don’t want to go to depressing movies in this depressing environment. They want to be distracted, as people were by Shirley Temple in the Great Depression.
  2. People are not impressed by journalists any longer (two female reporters are the heroes of the movie). The age of All The President’s Men is dead.
  3. #MeToo proved to be massive exercise in double standards and hypocrisy, especially with the resurrection of Joe Biden, and was well dead before this movie hit the screens. It also became a bit of monster itself so people aren’t interested in seeing it celebrated on screen.
  4. Hollywood, including a number of A-Listers like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, enabled this monster for two decades as he sexually abused his way through the place. People aren’t impressed by the same place now trying to tell the story as if it’s some sort of bystander.

Woke can probably be fixed, but trying to use institutions like the MSM, politics, police (the FBI – hahahaha), lawyers, judges and courts – even the military – as places of heroes in movie storylines increasingly does not work; Top Gun worked because it actually celebrated the military, but that’s the last institution with good standing in the US, and even it has slipped a lot recently.

Ironically that’s because the people writing, producing, directing and acting in these movies have done so much to smear those institutions and tear them down in the eyes of the public.



And here’s a good example of why Hollywood may not make it back. David Mamet (The Untouchables, Glengarry Glen Ross) is one of the greatest living American playwrights, with a huge catalog of famous and celebrated plays (he’s more Broadway than Hollywood), with many accolades for his stories, characters and dialog.

And he’s effectively been shunned by his own community since he wrote an article in 2008 called Why I am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal, published in the Lefty, Lefty, Lefty magazine The Village Voice, which had loved him for years, just for extra salt in the wound.

Read Tablet magazine’s Fuck David Mamet to find out why good writing is vanishing from American theatre and film.


Everything is Political

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That phrase grew out of the rise of the so-called New Left in the 1960’s, a movement that could no longer stomach standing with the old Marxist Left.

Not with the blood-soaked creatures like Stalin and Mao that were that faction when in power, but also not with the Western Left that insisted, as per Marx, that everything boiled down to the Class Warfare created by the economic dialectic.

No, the New Left insisted that there were other dialetics at work; sexual and gender, ethnic and racial, etc, along with all the cultural goods they created and then carted into the future as baggage.

And it would all have to be analysed, critically dismantled, deconstructed – and burned to the ground in a sort of Cultural Year Zero from which a new society would arise like the Phoenix. Incidentally the only thing unique about the Cambodian Year Zero was the proportionate death toll: from the Jacobins to Lenin to Mao the concept had always been around and pursued, for the simple reason that it was felt to be necessary to the rise of the new society.

So nowadays what job you do, the car you drive, whether you drive one at all, the house you live in, the school you send your kids to (or whether you send them at all), the steak and eggs that you eat, …. everything is political in ways beyond even the dreams of the 1960’s New Left. The reason this has to be that way is rather similar to the reason behind Year Zero and other Communist Revolutions, and that is that the resulting decisions have to be enforced politically, and they must be enforced forever; no backsliding allowed.

To that end I had to roll my eyes at this latest post from DPF on Kiwiblog, We must never go down this path, in which he links to an NBC report (of course) discussing the upcoming US Mid-Term elections, indications that it has the highest voter interest of any such election and one possible reason for that:

What’s more, 80% of Democrats and Republicans believe the political opposition poses a threat that, if not stopped, will destroy America as we know it. 

DPF comments:

I hope New Zealand never ends up like this.

I am passionate about politics. I think generally policies of the centre-right are much better for New Zealand. But we must never regard those we disagree with on policy grounds as enemies who threaten the country. The vast majority of people in politics have good intentions.

(Fortunately New Zealand politics is not in that state. There is still a fair measure of bipartisanship which I think is essential in a healthy democracy.”)

I’ve already commented on this over there to the effect that this is not new but has been developing for twenty years, that Trump’s 2016 election as President was merely a symptom of it, and that New Zealand will not be immune to it because the beloved objective of bi-partisanship cannot survive everything being political and the fact that the Left’s basic assumption about the Right – all of the Right, including National – is that they don’t have good intentions.

As for NZ, I have bad news for you; we’re moving in this direction – or have you not noticed the last two years of silencing and demonisation, courtesy of the government and their MSM allies (and academia) across a range of issues.

It could be stopped if the Right is willing to really fight back (argue back) against the rising screams of “racist”, “xenophobe”, “transphobe”, etc.

What are the odds? From my perspective both National and ACT are where the GOP was in 2003. All I think we’ll see will be tone policing of the Right from various Right-wing figures. It’s not funny to see former National Party politicians and activists use the Lefty term, “Denier” on two issues.

But I think this review of the destruction of a popular – even beloved – fifty-year old TV show tells us more about what’s going on in our societies than mere political polling, or elections for that matter. Just watch The Critical Drinker for nine minutes.

However, having introduced the topic of media culture I was sadly reminded of the fact that DPF was super-excited by the Star Wars prequels, the new Rings of Power and all the rest of this bullshit, which means he doesn’t get it either.

Protests (Good and Bad)

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Van Gogh’s sunflower, before and after the protest

As we all now know there are “good” protests and “bad” protests. The recent Van Gogh protest was so “good” that it was actually enabled by the museum, who did nothing to stop these vandals.

The litmus test is whether the protest is against something that the TPTB support (bad) or in favour of (“good”), and while the former got lots of MSM support from the 1960’s to about the 2000’s, it’s notable that with the demise of the old, square, conservative world and its replacement by the Counter-Culture, the MSM continues to align with the latter and no longer afflicts the comfortable or speaks truth to power – and all those other Nineteen Eighty Four’ish slogans that were chanted by the Left.

The latest is seen in the picture opposite and naturally receives the high praise of none other than one of those 1960’s/70’s Truth To Power protestors, John Minto, in a TDB article praising this group of people who blocked the Wellington motorway, screwing with the lives of decidedly non-powerful, ordinary people.

One of those people,”Terry”, spoke up on the post:

Okay so last week I took time off work as my elderly mother has a specialist appointment at Wellington Hospital. Due to these idiots we were late, causing a huge amount of stress…But fuck those white middle class wankers! I’ve taken my car to work all this week to spite them. And it’s turned out to be quicker and more convenient than the train at about the same price. I’m planning on using my car from now on.

Which drew this response from one “Ross Davies” that just oozes warmth and compassion…

Perhaps this is the definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face? Obviously you were looking for an excuse to use your car without having to think about the effect on the environment. And presumably you didn’t support their cause of passenger rail or climate action? And sorry about your Mum. She must be even angrier than you about all this.

That’s the mentality that drives this; the all-encompassing fanaticism of diamond-plated self-righteousness that allows for no empathy or ordinary decency: a trait no better defined than by C.S. Lewis writing on tyranny:

The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

However, the response to this bastard was gold:

“Fuck You” doesn’t get better than that.

But there are also funny protests, as when some group called “Scientist Rebellion”, recently glued themselves to the floor in the Volkswagen factory in another climate change protest. The response of the workers was to simply leave work for the day, switching off all the lights and heating (energy conservation is big in Germany). This left the protestors whining about how they had no food, light, warmth – not even “a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued”. Oh no, the horror, the horror:

But back to the “Bad protests”, the ones that nowadays don’t get MSM coverage, as noted by the website, NotTheBee:

Has the media told you about the MASSIVE protests happening all over Europe right now? Come watch them here.

Click on that link and you’ll see plenty of the following:

The reason they’re not getting MSM coverage is that they are the opposite of The Narrative that the MSM and TPTB have agreed upon, which is that people are willing to sacrifice the loss of reliable, affordable energy to battle Climate Change and Putin.

While I’m onboard with the latter fight it’s amusing to note that The Narrative simply cannot admit the connection between them. That Europe’s energy problems are a result of it’s insane pursuit of unreliable, renewable energy sources and forcible move away from fossil fuels (and in Germany, nuclear power also) – with the resulting back-handed, hidden reliance on Russian energy sources to compensate which has led them to this pass.

Die Stuff, Die

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I can’t recall the last time I had two posts in succession about New Zealand, but this is definitely a newsworthy story.

Stuff is going broke.🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Well, they don’t admit that but as former Dominion Post reporter Karl du Fresne puts it in his post, More desperate floundering at Stuff:

If RNZ’s report is correct, two points seem immediately obvious. The first is that Stuff’s journalist numbers in the provinces will be cut to the point where it will be impossible to maintain any pretence of comprehensive, quality news coverage.

The second is that it’s hard to see how the company’s editorial operations, at least in the regions, could ever bounce back from this degree of degradation. Stuff’s provincial titles are locked in a downward spiral where a continuing decline in editorial quality can only lead to further loss of support from advertisers and readers.

The thing was sold for a dollar a few years ago (like Newsweek magazine a decade earlier) but as one commentator on the post says, “Two rocks and a piece of string would have been fairer”.

Even in the process of paying attention to the daily death numbers for Chinese Sinus AIDS I checked Newshub – and that was distasteful enough given its groveling to Labour – rather than the Horrid or Stuff. Judging by the comments of people who continued to look at it, I’ve made a wise choice to avoid it over the last two decades. It sounds like it has actually got worse, which I would not have thought was possible:

Other wayward decisions could more correctly be described as philosophical, such as the fervent editorial embrace of identity politics and the culture wars. Somewhere along the line, Stuff abandoned journalism’s traditional role, which was to reflect the society it served, in favour of a radical new model in which the company’s newspapers and journalists promoted the type of society – a very different one – that they thought New Zealand should become. In the process Stuff alienated its most loyal readers

Sure, but is it really any worse than any of the other MSM here in NZ? Perhaps it’s just a matter of competition; how many MSM outlets do you need to get your daily dose of Politically Correct thinking on all subjects? You can see the same thing in the USA where FoxNews realised they basically had half the country’s population to themselves while the alphabet networks fought each other for the other half.

It’s that aspect that makes me wonder if Karl’s first point about their failure – the decision to simply give away online, the reporting that you otherwise paid for – is also a major contributing factor? A number of MSM outlets have tried to get online payment and it’s never been a success. Why pay for the same opinions you get for free on Twitter – as well as news, including video, from the public, who can now all be citizen journalists, courtesy of smart phones.

Karl has sympathy for the people about to get canned. I don’t, for they knew what they were getting into, and I’d bet in many cases that they just loved the approach.

Die MSM, Die.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 20, 2022 at 1:53 pm

Our Changing World

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There’s been a political earthquake in Sweden overnight:

Sweden’s right-wing parties combined to win a remarkable, if slim, election victory on Wednesday, buoyed by surging support for a far-right nationalist party, the Sweden Democrats, an electoral convulsion expected to shake national politics and likely end eight years of rule by the center-left.

But it’s been coming for some time as crime has risen relentlessly and Sweden’s famed Centre-Left consensus on all matters began to fade due to hubristic, ideological and frankly stupid decisions by the The Powers That Be, starting with mass immigration from the Middle East:

Over the last twenty years the Sweden Democrats have gone from being a “extremist fringe party” at nearly zero percent in the polls to twenty percent plus , while the Social Democrats have dropped from 45% to 30%, having ruled the nation for all but 15 years since 1932.

I don’t envy the new government because so many of Sweden’s problems are now so deeply embedded that it’s tough to see how they can be turned around, even though a majority – a very slim majority – now see the problems because they’re in their face. The following has been said in other ways but I was struck by this quote, which is not from that article but one I was reading about the great Trans-TERF wars:

Robert Anton Wilson famously said, ” It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea. ” Whereas those who would now be defamed as TERFs were on the far bloody cutting edge of leftist politics a generation ago, they now find themselves outdated or, as the kids like to say, ” irrelevant.” Without having changed a single idea, they find themselves labeled not as bold freedom warriors fighting the good fight against oppression but as hateful reactionaries who stand in the way of true progress.

But that fits with this final paragraph from the article on Sweden:

Even though the revolution is happening slowly and is being fought tooth-and-nail by the globalist/World Economic Forum elites, it is happening. Populist and culturally conservative forces are merging in the face of an existential threat created by governments who loathed their own people and liked nothing more than cheap labor and a compliant base of bought voters. If this revolution is surfacing in Sweden, of all places, then the tidal wave is building that will sweep over Europe…and maybe America and Canada, too.

And New Zealand?

Written by Tom Hunter

September 18, 2022 at 12:34 pm

Oh, Bitch-uary.

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“We’ve been watching a national American figure be forged… It’s funny how small the election feels – the Wyoming election – because she feels bigger than it now.”

Well yes, but a gentleman tries to avoid disparaging a woman’s figure.!!!

‘Tis the week for misogyny here at No Minister – because that’s so much worse than arrogant, back-handed dismissals of the people who voted for you just two years ago.

So let’s start with the fail – the Yuuuuggggee fail – of Dick Cheney’s appointed political heir, his daughter Liz, courtesy of the Babylon Bee:

Producers Confirm Liz Cheney Will Not Be Back For Season 2 Of January 6 Hearings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a critically acclaimed first season that was allegedly watched by some people, the producers of the January 6th Hearings have sadly confirmed that their star Liz Cheney will not be returning for season 2.

Yeah. I’ll stick with Better Call Saul, which has just completed its sixth and final season, and is already being acclaimed as equal to the show that birthed it, Breaking Bad (acclaimed as the greatest TV show of all time – which I agree with).

Not the Jan 6 commission hearings in other words.

Liz got pounded even worse than the polling had indicated, where she showed as 20-30 points behind her Republican Primary opponent.

Paraphrasing what people said after the Springboks destroyed Scotland 44-0 during their 1951 tour of Great Britain, she was lucky to get 28.9% – and that apparently was due to all those Democrats who re-registered as Republicans to try and save her ass.

Still, she’s on Easy Street even with the loss:

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to possibly more than $44 million in 2020, according to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics and her most recent financial disclosure forms.

A 600% increase in wealth in just a few years. That’s especially impressive considering her $200k annual salary as a member of Congress. She should be advising Nancy Pelosi – and probably soon will be. This does not include a special fund as her special play toy:

Liz Cheney’s defeat ended with one silver lining: a $7.5 million unspent campaign warchest — much of it from outside Wyoming — that positions her well to run for president in 2024 if she chooses.

Yes, they’re serious. Yes, you can – and should – laugh heartily.

A brief word from former National Review contributor and cosplaying Republican, David French, who takes this opportunity to speak of virtue, and also – by a complete coincidence – is here to instruct us that he is fully possessed of the virtues he praises:

Loyalty and honor are two concepts the Trump right is turning inside-out and upside-down. What does it mean to be “loyal” when an institution betrays its fundamental principles? True loyalty holds it to a higher standard.

Uh huh. The thing is that loyalty is a two-way street, and all too many Republican politicians have shown that it’s a one-way street. A decade before the Age of Trump there were examples like Dede Scozzafava in New York, Charlie Crist in Florida (Governor) and Senator Arlen Specter. In all three cases they rode Republican support to power and despite the doubts often expressed about them by GOP voters the latter were told to suck it up and accept that they couldn’t get 100% perfect candidates – and those voters did.

Yet when the voters had finally had enough and ejected these candidates in later primary campaigns the arguments and appeals turned out not to run the other way. All three refused to suck it up, be loyal and accept Republicans who were less than perfect in their eyes. No, they began supporting Democrats: the latter two actually became Democrats and repudiated every single Right Wing ideological and political position they had sworn they believed in.

So you see, the Liz Cheney’s and the Mitt Romney’s are not new or unusual. As I have often said, Trump is merely a symbol of a civil war that has been ongoing inside the Republican Party since 2009 between the Gentry Class of the GOP and the Lower Orders, or Deplorables (also inside the Democrat Party). The Precious Midpoint, with this quote from Great Britain:

But worst of all is that this transmogrified middle-class party views its old working-class constituency not simply with incomprehension but with contempt. “Yep”, Liddle quotes a “Starmer superfan” as tweeting about the result, “as expected the working class love a bit of nationalism and racism. Well done Hartlepool, you turkeys. I’ve never been and I never will”.

“The Labour Party we knew is gone,” Liddle concludes, “gone for good. Those votes are not coming back”. Stirring stuff and written from the depths of a Social Democrat’s soul.

To that end the following rant by one Amy Curtis is on point.

I’m gonna go off because I’m just that fed up.

For years, the GOP pundit class pushed weak, ineffective candidates. Guys who talked about taxes while letting the left steamroll education, culture, news media, social media.

Those candidates lost. Repeatedly. 2012 was a very WINNABLE election. And what did Romney do when they accused him of giving a woman cancer and other horrible, not-true things? He shrugged. He didn’t fight. He just took it. “Dignity.” Fighting back was beneath him. Or something.

Every Republican, for as long as I can remember, has been the reincarnation of Hitler every election cycle. The left HATED Dick Cheney from 2000-2008. And now? He’s their hero for speaking out against Trump. But when he sheds this mortal coil, they’ll dance and spit on his grave.

Every single member of the Washington Generals of Punditry has betrayed every principle they claimed to have. On abortion. On taxes. On foreign policy. Every last one. And why? Because hating Trump is more important and lucrative than those principles.

They have literally endorsed Democrats — including the barley sentient vegetable currently occupying the Oval Office — because of their unhinged hatred of Trump. And his voters.

And instead of trying to figure out how they got Trump in the first place — because they had a HUGE HAND in it — they double down on calling voters stupid and deplorable & a slew of other pejoratives because it gets them head pats from the media/left. Who still hate them anyway.

Because while they were fawning over absolutely milquetoast candidates the left was making headway in schools and culture. Now? Your white kid is likely to learn he’s a horrible racist simply because of his skin color. Your daughter could be brainwashed into thinking she’s a boy because her teacher told her so. Good luck trying to be a white, cis, hetero person trying to break into publishing these days. Good luck trying to find kids books that don’t show fellatio or other woke garbage.

Parents were labeled terrorists — TERRORISTS — for speaking out at school board meetings. By the federal government. While Antifa and BLM and Jane’s Revenge burn your cities to the ground.

If you had your business shut down, couldn’t visit your dying loved ones, couldn’t have a funeral while you watch George Floyd get multiple ones, and BLM/Antifa march through the streets during COVID, thank the GOP pundit class. Who did NOTHING to defend your rights.

Like every other social/cultural issue, they expected you to bend over and take it. And when someone tries to stand up to the nonsense — DeSantis — they whine about dictators and the breakdown of norms.

When what they mean by norms is “doing things our way, even if it sucks.”

And when a candidate like DeSantis comes along, who is an alternative to Trump — they say he’s just like Trump because they want to go back to the McCains and Romneys and Jebs.

News flash: we aren’t.

So if you want to get rid of Trump, stop obsessing over your hatred of him. Start endorsing Republican candidates who aren’t Trump. Instead of, you know, Democrats.

And for the love of God, spend ten minutes reflecting on how we got here today, and how you played a big part in it. Maybe talk to normal people outside the Beltway about life and politics

And as with many things American, this war is not confined to the USA. It is now being waged across Europe, Canada, Australia – and here in New Zealand. Advice from the peanut gallery:

The result of this style of accommodationist politics, as my colleague Keith Joseph complained, was that post-war politics became a ‘socialist ratchet’ — Labour moved Britain towards more statism; the Tories stood pat; and the next Labour Government moved the country a little further left. The Tories loosened the corset of socialism; they never removed it.

This sounds familiar

Maybe they cut taxes; bring back the Mexico City policy; junk a regulation that Democrats created but didn’t manage to implement; but that’s about it. When was the last time Republicans passed a huge law — one that changed America forever the way Democrats do every time they hold serve in American politics? You don’t see it.

So you see a repeating pattern to American politics: There isn’t a true back-and-forth. Instead, Democrats change the country a lot while they’re in power. Then Republicans hold power and push the pause button. There’s no rollback that a new executive order can’t undo.

The State of a Nation

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Wait, wait and tremble, yet mad masters, this barbarism, this infamy you practice upon us , and with which you regale yourselves presently, will not go unanswered, unavenged, forever! The whirlwind gathers, before which you must fly like chaff.

I thought of that quote the other day when I saw the following Tweet from Michael Hayden, former US Air Force 4-star General, former Director of the NSA (National Security Agency), former Director of the CIA – and a man who allowed his NSA to wiretap US citizens without warrants.

In case you’re not aware, this latest insanity arises from “leaks” out of the FBI and DOJ about “nuclear” secrets being among the classified materials held at President Trump’s home in Florida – as if the National Security agencies would sit on their butts for eighteen months were that true, among other farcical aspects of this situation.

As Leftist Matt Taibbi points out in his great article, Welcome to the Third World, this is all exactly what happened before:

Most will see this as a war between Trump and the Washington D.C. bureaucracies (plus their handmaidens in the Democrat and Republican Parties). But it is actually a war between the gentry classes of the USA and everybody else, it has been escalating since the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, it is being fought on multiple battlefields and its end is not yet in sight.

All this nonsense about Trump is not intended to be serious in terms of charges and convictions. The idea is simply to kneecap, once and for all, the dreaded Orange Hitler, from being elected President again in 2024. As just one example of the double standards that have to be applied in order to achieve this outcome, take another stroll down memory lane (warning: lofi hip hop included)

You can also enjoy the following as an example of people who never learn.

The quote given at the start of this post is from Ethel Rosenberg as she sat in prison awaiting death by electric chair. It must be noted that the National Security State prevailed in her case, simply because there were not enough communists in the USA to provide a whirlwind.

I don’t think the same can be said about 75 million Trump voters and if the Republican Party is stupid enough to gather up their votes to take Congress and then do nothing about this situation then they too will become like chaff that flies.

Over the Hills and Far Away

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Things are getting so bad at Disney that now we’re seeing articles like this one.

Is Disney Setting Up Films To Fail At The Box Office?

Perhaps, but it’s far more likely that their string of box office failures in the last few years are due to the relentless Lefty messaging that bends movies to its will. This is not a phenomenon unique to Disney or even just Hollywood any longer, but also the MSM news, yielding the same results:

…. even the supposedly sober world of finance, witness BlackRock Investments. Or the even more practical world of shipping…

This cartoon sums up the fundamental problem across all these areas.

But some advertising is accurately assessing their target audience.

Including political campaigns. It’s called knowing your audience.

Which is why Lefty Martyn Bradbury is tearing his hair out, although he was in front of the whole pathetic, failed attempt to deflect from the NZ Left’s problems by trying to tie the dumping of Roe to National’s Chris Luxon.

It’s hardly surprising then that these people continue to be gullible

Twitter site Defiant L’s continues to have fun with Leftist double standards, hypocrisy, tone deafness and … sheer lack of self awareness

Apparently the rap artist known as “Snoop Dog” is a big fan of cannabis and has promoted a new premium brand.

Snoop is not the only one trolling “President” Biden.

I’ll leave you with this, one lucky guy.

Roof painter Michael Richard’s miraculous survival was hanging in the balance when he fell from the ground floor roof of a two-storey home. Michael tried to stand up after hitting the ground but struggled, before discovering he had landed on a steel bar that was sticking out of the ground which pierced through his neck and into the back of his skull.

Written by Tom Hunter

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Destructive or obstructive action carried on by a civilian or enemy agent to hinder a nation’s war effort

Given how often the Left refer to something as The Moral Equivalent of War the above definition of sabotage seems appropriate when considering the internal actions currently destroying various Lefty groups in the USA – and here as well, if Chris Trotter and Bradbury are to be believed.

Two recent articles took a detailed look at this phenomena which is, as you may guess, connected with the rise of “Woke” politics. Both articles come from sources that are, in no way, right wing.

The Left Goes to War with Itself (Politico):

The fight is becoming bitter. On one side are people who believe in what can be thought of as a unified field theory of political and social change. Diverse issues, from climate change to abortion rights to racial equity, are seen as intimately interwoven, and progress on one priority will only be achieved with simultaneous progress on other fronts. On the other side are people who don’t much buy this theory — and roll their eyes impatiently at theoretical arguments of any sort if they stand in the way of practical results on the specific issues they care most urgently about.

I was amused to see them actually refer to “lumpers” (everything intersects requiring comprehensive overhaul) and “splitters” (one issue at time).

With each passing year that scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian becomes ever more accurate, including the scene where “Stan” wants to become “Lorretta” and have babies. Once the height of gloriously absurd comedy it’s now a deadly serious matter to the Woke Left and actually ties in so beautifully with their current infighting.

That article refers to a far more in-depth one at another website, Elephant in the Zoom (The Intercept) which details the destruction that has crippled many of these Left activist groups, starting with an abortion research group called Guttmacher:

She talked about the role systemic racism plays in society and the ways that Guttmacher’s work could counter it. Staff suggestions, though, turned inward, Prism reported, “including loosening deadlines and implementing more proactive and explicit policies for leave without penalty.” Staffers suggested additional racial equity trainings,…

It has ripped Guttmacher apart and exactly the same thing has happened across-the-board for Leftist organisations with “knock-down, drag-out fights between competing factions” which have caused “the progressive advocacy space across the board [to] more or less, effectively cease to function. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is now more concerned with its own institutional racism than defending free speech: in fact the latter is now being called out by their younger staff.

“We used to want to make the world a better place,” said one leader of a progressive organization. “Now we just make our organizations more miserable to work at.”

“I’m now at a point where the first thing I wonder about a job applicant is, ‘How likely is this person to blow up my organization from the inside?’” said one [senior excecutive]


It seems that anybody who has contact with the Woke Left in any way whatsoever is made miserable. One of the delicious ironies of this, which may only be grimly appreciated by the likes of Old Lefties, is that the in-fighting is often between management and their younger staff. Marx laughs in his grave.

There’s also this lesson, which has still not be learned by the Right when they’re confronted by these assholes:

“… when there’s an individual manager who gives up her or his power and just goes belly up and says, ‘Oh, yes, I have to apologize for thousands of years of oppression and I will never be able to make it up to you, but I will try.’ People will just roll all over them.”

Never apologise to the Woke. Ever!

And that is just one aspect of what makes this in-fighting so different to the the Leftist past, even as it acknowledges the classic splits between socialists and communists that is “a caricature of the left“:

What’s new is that it’s now happening everywhere, whereas in previous decades it had yet to migrate out of more radical spaces. “We used to call it ‘trashing,’” said Ross, the reproductive justice activist.

It is manipulative, dishonest, and excessive. It is occasionally disguised by the rhetoric of honest conflict, or covered up by denying that any disapproval exists at all. But it is not done to expose disagreements or resolve differences. It is done to disparage and destroy.

That last quote is from a feminist writing in 1976 about “trashing” in her small 1970’s activist world, but as “Ross” says, you can see it everywhere now, as evidenced by another bit of recent news, concerning a key Democrat thinker, Ruy Teixeira:

Teixeira is known for his 2002 book “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” which ingrained demography is destiny in the minds of younger liberals. He predicted the rise of Barack Obama.

[He worked for the] Center for American Progress, founded by ex-Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta. On August 1, he’s going to the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute [the longtime conservative redoubt that over the years has employed the likes of Newt Gingrich, Dinesh D’Souza, and Robert Bork.]. Why? He can’t do the work he wants to do at CAP. The younger woke junior staff is making his former workspace radioactive

A Democrat seeks shelter in The House of Bork? That has to burn.

Like a lot of older and whiter veterans of liberal think-tanks and foundations, he also says he’s exhausted by the internal agitation. “It’s just cloud cuckoo land,” he says. “The fact that nobody is willing to call bullshit, it just freaks me out...People were leery of talking about the white working class, as if it was de facto racist.”

More evidence of why the American White Working Class turned away from the Democrats, first to Trump and then increasingly to the GOP. AEI isn’t what it used to be and mainly prides itself in being a safe space for Never-Trumpers and now disaffected liberals when the “woke” crew votes them off the island.

The Intercept article also contains good stuff on the history of such movements, including Bill Moyer’s 1960’s lessons for future political efforts, the eight stage “Movement Action Plan”, which I suggest every Right-winger read so that you can understand how you end up being manipulated into “centrist” public positions and carrying the Left’s water in government.

But being a very Left site it naturally has to talk optimistically about how there’s pushback starting that will fix all this – while also fixing all the problems raised by the Woke, Intersectionalist crowd. Really? I don’t think the commies and the socialists ever ended up as good buddies but more or less wiped the other out where they had the power. How can that work here if the winner is the Woke crowd?
Something, something, Ouroboros. Look at this nasty crap from NZ’s own NoRightTurn on “TERFS”. As I said in that post:

He really has caught the spirit of the moral righteousness of the Medieval Catholic Church: “Arc of the Moral Universe” and all that. His fanatical, unbending, vicious, toxic Leftism is as all-encompassing as the practices of that church was, except that in his universe sins are never forgiven and the sinners are forced forever to carry the faggots as a warning of the fire they will encounter should they sin again.

I don’t know if he has daughters competing in swim teams or being at risk of being raped by a woman with a penis, but, like Lefty J K Rowling, sooner or later his own monsters are going to destroy him.

Which brings me back to Bradbury and one of his favourite cartoons.

Paranoid for sure but when you read a quote like this from that Intercept article you do have to wonder…

Another leader said the strife has become so destructive that it feels like an op. “I’m not saying it’s a right-wing plot, because we are incredibly good at doing ourselves in, but — if you tried — you couldn’t conceive of a better right-wing plot to paralyze progressive leaders


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In case you don’t read Leftist sites like The Daily Blog or Bowalley Road (check the right-hand column on this page for the links, under “Blogroll Left”), you might be aware that there is yet another fight going on for the heart and soul of the NZ Labour Party.

Unlike the Douglas-Anderton wars of the early 1990’s this is not about competing and very different economic ideas but something deeper; a fight between old-fashioned Marxist-inspired Lefties like Chris Trotter and Martyn Bradbury who still believe that the fundamental issue is the Class Warfare struggle between Capital and Labour, versus the New New Left who have taken the 1960’s Counter Culture revolution against conservative restraints on sex, drugs and rock music and the need to focus on gender and race instead of only Marxist economics, and blown the lid off everything, even the notion of what a man and a women are.

No rules baby! No constraints.

Aside from the specific arguments, what you’re seeing is the frustrated kickback of the old guard against this highly individualistic wave of self-identification turning toxic, destroying the Left and with it the chance to win the “real battles”. Bradbury and Trotter almost weep with frustration.

Unfortunately in the face of what he clearly thinks is irrational insanity Trotter stands on his usual ground of thinking that his Left commands the world of reason, knowledge and rationality and sees the Woke Left as being more like….. the Evil and Unreasoning Right, who are only rational when it comes to profits and greed. 😅

To that end he’s written this piece, Conspiracies Against The Truth, where he keys off Alex Jones and goes from there:

THE UNITED STATES OF CONSPIRACY is a Frontline documentary by Michael Kirk, Mike Wiser, Jim Gilmore and Philip Bennett.  It examines the rise of conspiratorial politics in the United States from the early 1990s until the election of Donald Trump – paying particular attention to the role played by Alex Jones and his online vehicle, Infowars, in the weaponisation and normalisation of conspiracy theories. The influence of Jones’ falsehoods on the style and content of Trump’s campaigning was immense. The documentary makers’ claim that conspiracy theories now constitute an important component of mainstream political discourse is as troubling as it is true.

Familiar as I am with the PBS Frontline documentary series I have no doubt it’s well made, complete with a serious and sober voiceover. Everybody should watch the 2009 doco on the GFC, Inside The Meltdown.

Yet even that one is a classic example of PBS’s Lefty bent; the Democrats have no flies on them; even though they interview Barney Frank there is never a question posed as to how relaxed he was about sub-prime mortgages, the influence of HUD and the solidity of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, even though he was the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee when he pushed back against the Bush Adminstration’s concerns about lowering mortgage underwriting standards, with the classic statement in 2003:

“I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation toward subsidized housing.

Suffice to say that all the Democrats come out of the program looking clean. I’ve no doubt it’s the same with this one, hence Trottersky’s reference to it.

As part of his internal Lefty fight Trottersky is hot to use this to prove two things. First that his own conspiracy theory about how the nefarious Neo-Liberal succeeded is actually true…

… the Left would immediately raise the objection that the above description of neoliberalism’s success is not a conspiracy theory, but the plain and simple truth. They would point to the very real Mt Pelerin Society, the notorious Powell Memorandum, the plethora of right-wing think-tanks, and such elite retreats as Bohemian Grove and Davos.

… while also being able to damn his Woke Left enemies by pointing how like Alex Jones they are (I’d note that much of the Right are no fans of the fucking Davos crowd):

It is when the fetid atmosphere created by the Right’s toxic accusations and denunciations is at its thickest, that comparisons with the Woke Left spring most easily to mind. If the level of emotion on display, and the strength of the invective used, is inversely related to the truth of the claims being advanced, then the veracity of a great deal of contemporary left-wing discourse must surely be called into question.

Hmmmm! As an observer of politics for forty years now and one who paid close attention to the ferocious economic debates between Right and Left through the 1980’s to when the Left lost in the early 1990’s I’m quite sure I saw tons of “toxic accusations and denunciations” and extreme levels of “emotion” and “invective” used by the Left. It’s actually one of the prime reasons they lost, with hardly a sighting of “more rational, evidence-based, discussion.”

It has always been the Left’s mission to convince by means of reason and science: building toward a crushing demolition of its foes’ arguments by assembling a battering-ram of verifiable facts.

“Mr. Brain”

And all of that powered by their Gigantic and Mighty, Mighty brains,


I’m reminded of one of Jay Leno’s characters that he used in skits during his run of The Tonight Show.

My goodness. It’s a wonder that they ever lose. That must be the conspiracy.

But in a comment over at that post I’ve also pointed him to an article written in late 2021 in City Journal, Conspiracies All the Way Down, by one James B. Meigs, which takes a look at the recent history of conspiracy theories and the role of the Left in pushing them.

Even before Loose Change, a few prominent Democrats had begun catering to the Truther cohort. Howard Dean flirted with conspiracy claims during his 2004 presidential campaign. Van Jones had to resign as an Obama advisor when word got out that he had earlier signed a 9/11 conspiracy petition. In the House of Representatives, Georgia’s Cynthia McKinney invited conspiracy theorists, including David Ray Griffin, to address the Congressional Black Caucus. But Loose Change opened the floodgates.

I reviewed that article at this post, 9/11 and our conspiracy theory culture, and pointed out that he got a few things wrong, starting with his claim that The Left’s conspiracy theories aren’t as obviously bonkers…”, which doesn’t stack up in a world of trans-woman needing menstrual pads.

I did appreciate that he stuck it to the MSM, who have badly degenerated in the same period of time, reaching their nadir (so far) with coverage of Trump and also the 2020 riots:

In those BLM protests that veered into destruction, it was not inner-city youths but committed political radicals instigating the most determined violence. During anti-police riots in Brooklyn in May 2020, two young lawyers were arrested after tossing a Molotov cocktail into an empty police van. NPR described them as “idealistic attorneys hoping to change the world.”

NPR is the radio partner of PBS – of course.

Trotter does end on a note that I can agree with, about the dangers of all this, but he does so less starkly than Meigs:

For now, only the most extreme activists on the right or left seek to participate in such violence. But the share of people who think political violence might be appropriate is growing. In a poll conducted prior to the 2020 election, 44 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats said that there would be “at least ‘a little’ justification for violence if the other party’s nominee won the election.”

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