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Our fascist state – Rape Children, get home detention; Don’t display a Covid stasi badge, go to prison

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This is one of the more outrageous things I have seen in this country. Let child rapists stay at home for a while but send a small business owner to prison for taking a stand against Covid Stasi tracking.

Cafe owner who refused to display Covid-19 QR code imprisoned for not following food safety rules

Sharon Rayner​, owner operator of Bean Me Up cafe, was sentenced in the Kaikōura District Court on Friday, on charges of selling non-complying food and failing to comply with a notice of direction under the Food Act 2014.

Her daughter compared it to the nine months’ home detention Jayden Meyers got in October for raping multiple under-aged girls, despite a high court judge calling the sentence “manifestly inadequate”.

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December 5, 2022 at 11:35 am


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The public narrative via the hamstrung bought and paid for (by way of a loan able to be called up should the intent of the payment be in doubt) mass media, apart from a small number of rare bold souls to wit Hosking, Soper, duPlessis Allen, will perpetrate a total myth that a brazen attempt to “entrench”significant parts of the handover of water assets taken by fiat from local ownership and the billions involved vested in the hands of unelected Maori elite, a miniscule number of the 17% allegedly identifying as Maori proportion of the New Zealand population, was a “Mistake that will be corrected on Tuesday when Parliament resumes.

What a total crock of shit!

I have had some experience of meetings in many fields and often in the chair that includes a serious responsibility for all to participate, have a say and then become responsible for the outcome decided by a majority vote and in many instances, even if opposed as vigorously as possible under the rules in play, become accepting of the will of the majority apart from the rare option exercised to have one’s opposing vote recorded.

All last week following the disclosure of the vote during the “Committee of the Whole House” to include the “Entrenchment clause” of 60% being required to overturn the theft and handing over of all freshwater rights to the control of less than 1% of New Zealand Citizens, the Labour cabal went to extraordinary lengths to exclude their Dear Leader from any involvement in the scurrilous move to subvert a very basic plank of the Unwritten Constitutional arrangement, where a sitting Parliament places a rather difficult impediment for a subsequent elected parliament to overturn a decision using whatever mandate is handed it by the electorate.

In a clear move by the Mahuta Corporation head honcho, the main driver of the Maorification of New Zealand law gained the cooperation of useful idiot Green Party list MP Eugenie Sage to promote an eleventh hour Supplementary Order Paper in the late stages of the consideration by the Committee of the Whole. When challenged as to the serious move to subvert the Constitutional norm, Dear leader’s response on Monday was; “NOT NECESSARILY SOMETHING I WAS AWARE OF”

What happens in Caucus and or Cabinet is never revealed unless of advantage to those who wish otherwise from the inner sanctum, and although convention suggests a Prime Minister would nominally be in “The Chair” at both those gatherings, making sure all wishing to speak would be heard in relative silence, it is a massive stretch to believe she and House Leader Hipkins did not know “anything”. So six days later after Mahuta blathered out that the entrenchment clause from non caucus attendee Sage was indeed considered by the meeting of all NZLP MPs at a Caucus Meeting, before being placed before the Committee of the Whole and voted into the bill now passed for the “Third Reading”, Hipkins is now suggesting “The Mistake” will be addressed by referring it back to “The Committee of the Whole House”.

She lies, we know she lies, she knows we know she lies, yet she still lies.

Of course with the Propaganda arm of her party ensuring their loan is not to be recalled by demand, very few know about the continual torrent of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. She flew to The United nations to rail about such as a “weapon of war” that must be curtailed, “TO PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY”.

There will be an accounting somewhere, sometime, but sadly long after she has been placed fairly and squarely where it is destined her place in history will be.

One worse than her seems very unlikely but I would not rule it out.

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December 5, 2022 at 8:13 am

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Ho Ho Ho

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December 3, 2022 at 7:51 pm

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Truancy – A Personal Experience

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In early November 2018 mrspdm and I retrieved our then 13 (almost 14) year old grandson from his mother and maternal grandmothers home at his request. This followed an irretrievable relationship breakdown when his mother did the dirty on our son and their three children for at least the fourth time that we were aware of. Us picking up our grandson and bringing him to live with us meant that we were taking him away from his two younger sisters but the impact of that is a different story, perhaps for another post.

After the break up his father (our son) had continued his employment as a farm stock manager some 2 and a half hours away from where both we and his mother were living.

At the time our grandson was completing his third form year at a very well regarded Hawkes Bay Secondary School. We had been aware that his attendance was not as good as it should have been and that there had been attendance issues which may or may not have included intervention by Truancy Officers and apparently on one occasion Police had been called to the house – even now we do not know if this was school related or an issue caused by having two women (his mother and grandmother) trying to control him. It is pertinent that his maternal step grandfather with whom our grandson had a very good relationship based on mutual respect had died after a long illness some six months before the move to the grandmothers house.

For the remainder of the 3rd Form year he generally went to school every day but may have conned us a couple of times by saying he was unwell. Bear in mind there was only 5 or 6 weeks of the term left when he moved in with us so it was not enough to cause us concern.

The 4th form year was a different issue. Early on he just flatly refused to get out of bed and go to school and he was well aware that we could not physically make him – to the extent that by March he was having two or three days a week off school. We made contact with the school in early March and a Teacher/Councillor called at our home late one Friday – he spent about thirty minutes talking to us and then another hour and a half talking to the three of us. It seemed he made good progress and our grandson seemed happy to go to school.

Unfortunately that did not last long and after a couple of weeks we were back to square one and he flatly refused to go to school. Each day we had to phone in to advise of his absence and would just say – `he refuses to attend school please send a truancy officer’.

From recollection it took about a month before a truancy officer turned up. He talked to our grandson, to no avail and ultimately returned 5 or 6 times. But these people can only cajole they have no powers to make children attend school. In the end we got so frustrated we rang the school for an appointment with the Headmaster so that we could air our concerns. His PA obviously was there to block such meetings and it took for me to ask – `What does the headmaster do all day if he will not meet with parents or guardian who have a problem with the school? Should we contact the press?’

The above got the meeting for my wife and I and our son was also able to get through for it. We were all taken aback when early in meeting the the Headmaster said our grandson with an attendance record in the high 60’s was a low priority for the school because they had a number of students with attendance records of less than 40% and they were where their focus was. The School Councillor who had visited us earlier in the year also sat in on the meeting and was a bit more positive but we left with the view that the school was not able to or perhaps more accurately was not interested in taking any action.

Personally I thought a summons to the Head Masters office and a good old fashioned rark up might have turned the tide because apart from not attending school our grandson was a well behaved kid. In the end we muddled on got the school year finished.

2020 brought Covid and the need for online assignments to be completed and sent in. It was not long before we were receiving emails saying he was way behind on these assignments. This continued throughout the first lockdown even though we tried to establish a routine where he would do two or three hours school work every day.

He was at school the first day after lockdown and seemed to enjoy catching up with his school friends. The next day he said he had a sore throat and had to stay home as the Headmaster had said at the previous days assembly – `that anyone who was not feeling well should not attend school’. That was just a gift to our grandson.

After the second day we handed him back to his mother and her plan was he would do correspondence schooling – that never worked. He was back with us just before his 16th birthday after living with his father for a short while as well.


Soon after arriving back with us he turned 16 and soon after that we persuaded him to apply for a job at KMart. This has gone well over the two years with only a few missed days but eventually he realised he needed more than the 26 hours a week they would give him.

Just recently he took up a new job in an Orchard – starting at 7.30am and finishing at the moment at 4.30pm. Only two weeks completed to dae but he seems to be thriving, has a different personality and is focused on buying his first house as soon as he can. We are going to be setting up a savings plan to achieve this once he has a few paydays under his belt.

No NCEA hardly any secondary school attendance but at last he seems to have his head right and is focused on his future.

also meant

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December 3, 2022 at 7:54 am

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Friday’s Fulminations

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December 2, 2022 at 6:00 am

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When the elderly man was hospitalised from a stabbing in a park in the East of The Village my first thought was “I wonder what set that off.

I have learned today he was condemned to death for two words, not reported yet but I am led to believe he called out to the Perp to “slow down” apparently a perfectly normal and justifiable response for an elderly person walking their dog in a park.

The vehicle stopped and the death sentence administered, although death was still days away.

Never mind a bit of home D or less if the perp was of a certain race or had a traumatic childhood when discounts are applied??/?

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December 1, 2022 at 5:42 pm

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Introducing the new 2023 makeup fashions

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We’ll get to the fashion in a second.

But first the fascism – or to be fair our new strange mixture of private sector totalitarianism in cooperation with the State, rather than either the State-directed control of the private sector (Fascism) or the 100%-State-owned world of Communism.

Which makes it all feel creepier, especially when it comes to how we citizens (subjects?) can combat this new and hideous “ideology”.

The news from Nineteen Eighty Four arriving in 2022, courtesy of Consumer NZ, is as follows:

If you shop at one of more than 320 Pak’nSave, New World or Four Square stores in the North Island, you may have been scanned by facial recognition technology (FRT). The technology is currently in use in 29 stores in the North Island, but Foodstuffs NI would not confirm which stores.

Emma Wooster, Foodstuffs NZ’s head of public relations, said: “Facial recognition technology is one of the only tools we’ve identified that could help us to proactively target and reduce theft, burglary, robbery, assault and other aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour by repeat offenders. Facial recognition technology is only used for this specific and limited purpose.”

Says you. For now. In case Ms Wooster has not noticed we’ve just emerged from our first Pandemic Scare of the 21st century (there will be others) that involved any number of State mandates on people doing ordinary, everyday stuff – like shopping at supermarkets.

Of course masks would actually bugger up this technology so there’s that. And such thoughts also lead to ideas about how to combat the technology short of masking. Here’s some fashion suggestions.

Of course it all begs the question of how our society managed to keep “theft, burglary, robbery, assault and other aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour by repeat offenders”, under control for so many decades without such technology.

Some combination of a decent society filled with civilised, educated citizens with solid moral and ethical codes, plus a few decent Police officers, judges and prisons to deal with those who consistently showed they lacked those features.

I think that was the answer. At least it seemed to be so within living memory.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 1, 2022 at 8:12 am


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Even the slowest learners attended school every day in my tender years, some slipped a year to become more relevant in the learning stakes but non attendance was not an option, ever.

I did not encounter a person who could not read until my late forties when I handed a team list to a man at Indoor bowls in rural Wairarapa to receive a rather terse retort “are you taking the piss”, he could not read.
A fully functioning adult, mid thirties who held a responsible job driving heavy machinery where he was required to create his billing hours to be charged to clients.

Now I understand that in this modern world where being able to press buttons on a device can enormously get such a person through life, however attendance at learning dropping as low as 40% as alleged recently, must be alarming for all but the Political classes intent on creating more dumb people who can easily be controlled to give the three yearly support for their socialism.

In recent history the long summer holiday break was introduced to avoid necessary absenteeism related to gathering the Harvest that was then very labour intensive. Stooking and stacking of grains in sheaves to await the mobile mill for threshing, gathering fodder as hay in forkfulls onto a dray to be stacked could all be accomplished by youths with pitchforks. In my youth I remember being “the crow” who distributed sheaves to the stacker correctly aligned for him to place as the stack grew to that magical shape. so wonderfully recorded by “Constable” and other artists.

For sure there was a 50% failure to achieve school certificate as a leaving grade from high school but that could only be delivered by scaling the exam results with the failing students still going on to achieving in manual skills that have been largely replaced by automation, in trades and labouring.

Today in an increasing technological world any parent who considers their offspring will make a way in the world is guilty of gross child abuse, it is little wonder the gravitation to the comfort envelope og gang existence and the associated criminality where animal cunning can compensate for the lack of personal advancement as individuals. It is a sort of commune really where the basic components need no education only an understanding of power along with that structure.
An educated person at a very basic level will not succumb to that degraded status except that “welfare” in all its manifestations will make it possible by totally removing the human instinct to make a difference at the personal level.

Written by Gravedodger

December 1, 2022 at 8:10 am

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The growing societal criminality and total disregard for the Law, is not yet in my face but it is becoming increasingly apparent in various ways to be closing in.

Near neighbours, originally from the Republic of SA have a late teens son who does part time at Maccas while studying at uni. Parks his Nissan car on street outside parents house, last Sunday morning around 0300 hrs an enterprising lowlife stole it, to be discovered not far away with the ignition wrecked.

Tuesday morning around 0600 a break-in of the storage container at the camp we enjoy as respite care as often as possible, another stolen car. discovered around 4kms south of that crime scene, burnt out at 0700 by fire on the side of the scenic highway at Mt Hutt Station gate. No success for plod on either perp”.

Who in these troubled times does not carry a “Blade”? What passes for news is littered with a stabbing death or narrow escape involving a knife on a daily basis.

That Woman, who found time in her busy schedule to make an appearance at the final farewell for the young man recently married, who sadly tried to end an event involving a stolen cash drawer from his relatives Dairy in Sandringham, only to end up stabbed to death not far from the place of business he was minding while the proprietors were on leave back in India.

The answer from Dear Leader: possible easier access for small business owners to enable installation of Fog Cannons. Her poodle Police Commissioner is moved to review the “No chase policy” as, believe it or not, more lowlife outlaws are avoiding arrest by simply speeding away in the likely stolen car. Who knew that might happen?

So expect the outlaw perps to have a gas mask along with their “Blade” as essential additional equipment to the stolen wheels.

Thanks be, the NZLP is not “soft on crime”! Imagine the chaos if that was not so?

Meanwhile the Media, as one, are far more obsessed with Mr Luxon renting a building he owns, very likely at a lower rental cost than the market, to “Parliamentary Services”, as an electorate office entirely lawfully: as opposed to a Hutt Valley Labour MP who did a sweetheart deal over her Office arrangements that was not quite so within the rules a wee while ago!

Am I being naive to wonder if there could be rioting in the streets in the not so far distant future? The damaged are getting more numerous with each day that passes.

Written by Gravedodger

November 30, 2022 at 11:09 am

The Ellis decision: Tikanga and the rule of law in New Zealand – Pt 2

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Part I is here.

In that introductory post, I said this part would probably be broken down in two subparts, and indeed that will be the case. This subpart will focus on the existence of tikanga into the common law of New Zealand prior to the Ellis decision. The second subpart will look at how radically the Ellis decision changed that.

To refresh, tikanga is described as:

I’m going to hold any comment on whether this should form part of our legal system until the final post in this series. For now, let’s look at how tikanga sat within our legal system prior to Ellis. A lot of this next information comes directly from the Supreme Court as opined in the decision. I have provided the decision (below) and readers can read from paragraphs [92] – [116]. It is relatively simple reading.

This will be sufficient for this subpart. I’ll see you all in subpart II.

Written by Nick K

November 27, 2022 at 6:05 pm

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