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Had to do a bit of driving yesterday and on the news there was a report from one of the media luvlies accompanying the PM on her latest round the world junket gushing on her supposed rock star status in every country she visited. At the same time Moody’s were reporting that NZ Business Confidence had reached negative 62.6 in June. Put that alongside ….

Inflation at record highs and projected to rise further

The OCR on the rise and likely to increase

New Zealand drops to 31st in the World Competitiveness Ranking

Reported shootings nearly every day

Our best and brightest fleeing the country

Our reputation as a corruption free country under threat

Government spending out of control

A continued drop in educational standards with truancy at record levels

A ‘rubber stamp’ parliament




All this and you can fairly ask just why St Jacinda is to be lorded as some sort of rock star on the world stage. I grant you she has a decent set of chompers and does ‘concerned’ rather well but where it really matters ????????

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July 6, 2022 at 12:01 pm

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Jasprit Bumrah Greater Than Brian Lara?

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Stuart Broad, a bunny, all fake news.
Last weekend England Cricket undergoing a sort of renaissance under New Zealand born Ben Stokes as Captain and remarkable ex New Zealand Captain Brendan McCullum as head coach leading the way, were playing India at Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Fifteen years earlier Stuart Broad had the mortification of being hit for six sixes in a 20 twenty game by Indian Yuvraj Singh.
Sing batted to over 1900 runs in 40 matches averaging 34
Jasprit Bumrah not so much 30 matches 212 runs average 7.31 (Highest score 34)
Well some changes for history last Saturday with India at 377/9 Jasprit came in smiling.
Eight balls later they were 412/9
Stuart Broad’s first ball misfielded four runs.
Next an errant buncer went sailing over everyone for four more.
Third ball a top edge and Jasprit had a six over third man. More pain it was a No Ball.
Fourth ball, second legal one, full toss dispatched to mid wicket bouncing just inside the rope, four.
Broad came back but an inside edge to the rope four.
Ball six, a tangled Bumrah swinging to leg four more.
Seven a better contact six over fine leg.
34 from seven, five legitimate one wide and a no ball so what does Mr Bumrah do, takes a single to “keep strike”. Total from 84th over 35 runs no wickets

All academic though with a resurgent England winning by seven wickets on the fifth day.

Another Record for Stuart Broad who also has reached 350 test wickets, Relief for South African Robin Peterson who had been savaged by Brian Lara for 28 in an over as the previous one test over record.

Cant delete the Bumrah figures below?


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July 6, 2022 at 9:51 am

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When in Rome

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“In Roman times, when a when a fellow was convicted of trying to bribe a public official, they would cut off his nose, and sew him in a bag with a wild animal, and throw that bag in the river.” – Eliot Ness, The Untouchables

I’ve been prepping a post for some time now on the corruption of Washington D.C. and in doing so have often thought of that David Mamet-crafted line from that famous movie about corruption and organised crime in Chicago during Prohibition.

But it turns out that it may be increasingly applicable to little old New Zealand – supposedly one of the least corrupted nations on Earth – based what is being uncovered about the government’s Three Waters plan, over at The Platform. That article itself is largely based on investigate work done by one “Thomas Cranmer”, on his account @kehetauhauaga since May 2.

The Mahuta clan stuff I partly covered in the post, The Rule of Law and Other Fairy Stories, based on material from news sites like The Daily Examiner and The Platform as well as the private investigations of “Cranmer” and Social Media sites like Karl du Fresne.

But I figured that with the usual MSM treatment it would soon fall away as a story unless new information came to light. Courtesy of the above “Cranmer” (complete with screen shots of official documents) it has:

According to Cranmer’s analysis, a direct and unbreakable chain of command flows from the Māori Advisory Group via Taumata Arowai to control the four new Water Services Entities (WSEs).

The WSEs control the day-to-day management of the operations of Three Waters. We have been repeatedly told they will be completely independent, working at arm’s length from the higher echelons of the complicated water bureaucracy.

However, it is made clear in legislation that the water regulator Taumata Arowai has to jump when the Māori Advisory Group says jump. When it — and Tipa as chairperson — speaks, Taumata Arowai has a statutory obligation to listen and act on that advice.

And the clincher is that Taumata Arowai directly regulates the Water Services Entities. In short, if Tipa Mahuta chooses, she can — as chair of the Māori Advisory Group — call the shots throughout each level of water management.

In short this is about something far more corrupting than money; it’s about power.

Then I read this over at the Bassett, Brash & Hide blog site, courtesy of one David Round, a recently retired University of Canterbury law lecturer and a passionate conservationist. He writes of some disturbing news out of his beloved Westland:

The stewardship area on the plateau does, however, adjoin a small block of land owned by Arahura Holding Ltd. ~ which is, of course, 100% owned by Ngati Waewae. As the Department has long known, Arahura Holding has publicly expressed its desire to allow Bathurst Resources Ltd to mine that block for coal, and thereby obtain access to the adjoining public conservation estate. (Bathurst attempted to purchase this private block some years ago, but was blocked by the Overseas Investment Act. Arahura Holding purchased it instead, and has been working with Bathurst in attempting to allow mining ever since.) And so the mana whenua panel recommended that this area also remain as stewardship land. The national panel, obviously influenced by that recommendation, disagreed only slightly, recommending conservation park status ~ which would still allow mining.

And then we discover that Mr Tumahai, chair of the mana whenua panel and of Arahura Holding, has been appointed a director of Bathurst Resources Ltd, on a salary of $90,000 a year.

This is corruption. There is no other word for it. It may all be quite legal, but then corruption often is.

Yes it is, and you don’t have to be a law lecturer to know that, but it helps give weight to the assessment.

I doubt this can be stopped before the 2023 election, and once it’s all set in place I doubt it can be removed, even assuming there will be the will to do so in a new National/ACT government:

Key and English both understood which parts of the Clark government intiatives were cemented in, and which weren’t. And by reassuring the public on the things the had become part of the fabric, were able to win three elections, and be the largest party on the fourth.

My prediction, there will be a substantial empowering of iwi in education, heath, housing supply and social policy in the next few years. National will go along with most of this once they are back in government, just as they have done so since 1990.

In that sense Don Brash was a bit of an aberration, one that National is not keen on repeating.

Attitudes like the following won’t help:

While he says there’s room for robust debate about the co-governance model between the Crown and iwi and hapū, Finlayson’s advice for dealing with the “sour right” behind the racist, resentful rhetoric: “We’ve just got to leave those losers behind and move on. They don’t like tangata whenua. They dream of a world that never was and never could be,” he says.

What should also be counted here in the weight of David Round’s assessment is that this is not just normal corruption; we’ve had that in New Zealand despite our good reputation, but it was sporadic, individual and not wide-spread, hence our reputation.

But this? This shows every evidence of being systemic and given that all corruption, whether over money, sex, power and politics, ultimately begins with the corruption of the soul that approves, it will lead to the sort of problems that has brought other nations to their knees.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 5, 2022 at 5:51 pm


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On some weekend propaganda segment of public information, one Patrick “Paddy” Gower alleged in a discussion of the O’Connor MP for Tamaki, tweet that expressed support for the SCOTUS decision to send abortion back to the States in the Overturning of Roe Vs Wade decision so wrongly described as making abortion impossible for millions world wide. Gower wrongly claimed in easily ascertained provable information, National current leader Christopher Luxon had voted against the liberalising( it allows full term babies to be killed rather than given birth and treated under the right to life provisions of “The Hippocratic Oath”) of New Zealand’s Abortion law reforms, one year before Luxon was elected as an MP.

Remind me again what exactly does egregious mean,
a go to dictionary source I rely upon suggests:
outstandingly bad;

So someone select a more appropriate word to describe the verbal assault by Gower as a directed hit job on behalf of the sinking labour outfit from very high up, on a direct political threat to the Cabal?

Need more options:

  • atrocious.
  • deplorable.
  • extreme.
  • flagrant.
  • glaring.
  • grievous.
  • heinous.
  • intolerable.


I will stay with EGREGIOUS.

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July 5, 2022 at 3:19 pm

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Australia’s very own Toolman, Tim Flannery Professor of paleontology, self appointed expert on Climatology, who in the early days of the hysterical appropriation of evolving weather patterns hopped on the Tumbril to fame and fortune.

During WW2 in response to increasing threats to provision of Water for Sydney a decision to build a 105 meter dam in the Blue Mountains in the Gorge of the Warragamba River was taken , construction began in 1948 and completed in 1961.
Besides adding considerable storage for NSW Water it controls flooding for much of South Sydney, including Liverpool, Campbelltown, Bankstown.
Flooding that is for a third time in eighteen months devastating business and homes with water, meters deep across much of the region because the Warragamba dam is spilling flood water.
Remedial solutions include raising the Dam to provide relief from such events.

Where does Tim “The Toolman” Flannery come into this. Well this idjit who has made much fame and fortune from his departure from his specialist subject of Fossils into adverse weather went feral in the early years of the millenium when a series of cyclical droughts, a phenomena as long established as Aboriginals have experienced since they have been there, saw the Warragamba dam reach very low levels, down to mid thirty percent on occasions, making much exposure as a weather guru in predictng the Warragamba and other such storages would never fill again
That all reversed in March 2012 when the massive storage filled then overflowed with serious consequences for urban developments in the shadow. Flood spills again in 2016, 2021, and again this year. seem to be relentless but if only the plebeians would eschew their love of ICE.

With a catchment of nearly 10 000 square kilometers, 3490 sq miles, or 2 million acres behind the 105 meter high dam, any rain event creates lotsa water. The current flood event has a “Sydney Harbour” volume delivered daily spilling from a rain event that have been measured reaching a meter of rainfall on already saturated lands. Now naturally as a bushfire making smoke Climate sects can claim their god is unhappy on a diet that includes CO2. No change in alarmism and fear porn replacing Droughts with floods aye?

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July 5, 2022 at 2:01 pm

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MoneyTree Policy

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The revolutionary gummint of New Zild has developed a whole ‘new’ way to manage its finances and damage its people.

When they run out of money they simply print more. Some of the really old buggers around here can remember a chap called Keynes. He invented the money tree.

To make his theory work really well, you need a cross between a dickhead and a drongo running The Reserve Bank so that 8% inflation can be the order of the day when legislation requires a maximum of just 3%.

I wonder if his Te Reo instructor can teach him the Maori words for Weimar Republic?

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July 5, 2022 at 1:22 pm

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Give her heaps. The Hosk did that this morning in “Spades”

A certain tin pot wannabe dictator of a deep south Pacific Nation embarking on an apartheid system was too “Busy” to find time to pop across a border or two to personally visit Zelinski after an invitation had been issued.

A near neighbour of That Woman , recently elected prime minister, Albinese, found time to give at least support in person in a never announced but widely expected setting foot in Ukraine, and offering accompanying serious dosh, 20 more Bushmaster Military support vehicles, Twenty APCs plus Drones in support of fending off Putin’s naked Aggression.

Meanwhile on another Planet apparently That Woman rushed back home from Europe for toothpaste and a change of panties before heading off shore again to meet with the aforementioned Albo, later this week in Sydney five days later
So Monday Melbourne for a Lunch., a meet with Red Dictator Dan Andrews, a dinner.
Tuesday fly to Sydney,
Wednesday Lunch, Meet with floundering Dominic Perrottet, dinner, a speech somewhere.
Thursday various photo ops involving much hui little dooie,

Finally meet with returned Albo on Friday.

Nowhere room in the coming week of R & R, to, while in Europe last weekend, actually visit Ukraine, in response to an issued “Invitation”

Too busy my arse.

A basic rule for convincing lying, such a misleading effort should at a minimum be probably proveable.
That effort had as much probity as the Fat MIN FIN in waiting telling to camera in response to a question where is Alf tonight, “Oh he is at home” while dear old Alf casually walks through camera shot carrying a Jug of Beer.
Alas lying comes so easy and natural, any guilt or remorse is never present. How long does it take to master that skill.

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July 5, 2022 at 12:24 pm

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Who Would Have Guessed

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Yesterday at church Adolf chatted over a cup of tea to a fellow member of the SW Opera Company. It was a scintillating conversation, all about teabags. You see, Adolf likes weak black tea (unleaded)and I explained how I get four cuppsa tea from one teabag.

A little later I described to her my experience, in 1970, calling on wheat and sheep cockies around Jerramungup. The house was about a mile from the road and as I approached I could strange little things hung out on the clothes line

Bugger me, they were used teabags. Dozens of them.

My soprano friend asked, ‘Do you know what they did with them?’


They packed them up and sent them off to missionaries in China!

Really? You’re kidding me! What did they do with them?’

Eerrrrrrrrrr —– they made cups of tea.


I was reminded of a minute extract from the 1904 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, in which a delegate Albert Wong (a green grocer) asked:-

‘Moderator, why do we spend so much money sending missionaries to China when there are ten thousand heathens within five miles of St Kilda?’

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July 4, 2022 at 4:54 pm

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The current suppressed furore over nepotism and family advancement for Besties and Bros of Ministers of the Crown, got me recalling an event from April 2013 that might have relevance?

Former Defence and intelligence supremo Sir Bruce Ferguson has criticised the selection process that led to John Key’s “childhood friend” Ian Fletcher being appointed to the country’s top spy job after being urged by the Prime Minister to apply.

Sir Bruce’s comments came as the Opposition stepped up its attacks on Mr Key over his role in appointing Mr Fletcher and what it called his “lies of omission” in failing to disclose his intervention.

It emerged yesterday that Mr Fletcher was appointed director of the Government Communications Security Bureau via a process that began when Mr Key rang him last year urging him to put his name forward.

Is that a clue to what a reset actually involves or what? Mr Fletcher was a “childhood friend” of John Key, cripes “High treason” right there.

Was it a crying shame or what that the then Labour Party President who flew to Melbourne where a finance company Key was involved with, when things nothing related to Key, went feral in what became known in financial circles as a big problem with Ken Jarrett and John Elliot facing charges as Chairman and CEO of Elders Finance, totally failed to unearth anything dodgy relating to Key who was then threatening Helen of Troy who in turn was trying to figure out what a wooden horse was doing on her front lawn. Turned out it was full of showerheads no one wanted.

Times they are achanging, aye

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July 4, 2022 at 3:03 pm

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Not paved with good intentions anymore now reverting to a muddy track

A pretty influential aspect of my development in the fifties was reading Dickens. as we had a little library in our home and most of Charles Dickens was there and read. His tale of Two cities one that gave an insight to the French Revolution where thousands including Royalty, The Nobility, The Religious were arrested tried and beheaded by the Guillotine in what became termed the “Reign of Terror”, an orgy of killing that eventually turned on members of the new leadership including the lawyer and central figure of Robespierre on July 28th 1794 that effectively ended the slaughter. 300 000 arrested 17 000 guillotined and another 10 000 died in prison. That was a revolution!

It is being done right here in New Zealand but in an atmosphere of secrecy, indifference and without the Bloodshed, so far.

The democratic traditions of an adjusted Westminster system are being trampled as an absolute Parliamentary one party state just ignores traditions and accepted rules without any questioning of a media that has been bribed into silence with multi million dollars delivered by the ruling elite.
Only in the case of New Zealand it is a reinstatement of a heredity based tribal elite being installed as a governing feudal class of stone age people struggling to take the benefits of power in the face of the internet. Last week it was the Mahuta family, this week Matthew Tukaki, with the one standard over seeing it, The Maori Faction of The Labour Party with Shock jock ex radio talkback personality Willie Jackson in its van, one who controversially got involved in the Roast Busters incident from his Microphone, now in cahoots with a figure head Labour Party Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis.

Many get exercised over the Bullying of National by Rob Muldoon who exercised more control than was deemed healthy in those days, reaching a sort of fizzer climax when the Colonels Coup led by Derek Quigley was squashed. The Bolger departure from agreed financial management, completely demolishing the Richardson faction desiring to continue with the Roger Douglas reforms that had also ended with a leader deciding the heat in the kitchen was becoming too intense and pausing “for a cup of tea”.

All small beans when what began under a charlatan pretending to act as restraint on That Woman’s agenda never revealed as to policy or behind the scenes direction four years ago, and now going gang busters as Polling indicates a termination as definite as a late term abortion threatens and time is running out.

The idealising turpitude currently being enacted almost in secrecy is in a word A coup d‘état, and has a real chance under the covers of ignorance provided by an unquestioning fourth estate a real chance of making a narrow sustained continuation next year when the Melons could provide enough support for another three year term to get the agenda established and further manipulation of the electoral system to even make it self perpetuating.

Watershed Moment seems to not quite adequate describe what is happening and it is with hindsight all well prepared by The Long March through the relevant institutions of Education, The Law, and Welfare delivery that has sidelined and threatened the very existence of commercial reality.

Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Horticulture, Tourism have followed local industry towards a sunset and a now corrupted financial moderation once provided by an Independent Reserve Bank leaves this once great nation as vulnerable as a new born in a blizzard yet few see anything to be concerned about.

A leader on the world stage having her image and acceptance widely lauded by the ignorant as she meets with people who would struggle to pick her out from a small group yet as a vulnerable as a snow flake on a hot day at home, unable to even visit a Kindergarten in her homeland for fear of even low level hastily arranged protest.
The people are powerless and come the next election may well vote to allow the apartheid system for a bankrupt country to be continued to a destruction that is Venezuelan and Zimbabwean in scale and outcome.

Venezuela sitting on reserves of petroleum second to none and a population now in dire poverty or gone north seeking Sanctuary in The United States.
Zimbabwe or Southern Rhodesia before independence, finally ended any wealth as The Bread Basket of Africa in a thrall of racial degradation and commercial destruction of unbelievable proportions.
Both delivered by “elected Socialist idealists, think about that.

New Zealand the largest international trader of dairy produce to the world and a producer of animal product, horticulture, wine, natural fiber without peer both in quality and in conforming to created artificial carbon content is heading for an insolvency created by marxist theoreticians ignoring all reality.

“When will they ever learn”

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July 4, 2022 at 12:16 pm

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