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The Government Is Obviously Not Serious About Covid Testing

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Why do I say that you asked.

Well since just before Christmas, despite retiring in mid April, I have been filling in to cover holidays as a security guard for my old employer. All of this time has been at a local medical center which has a covid testing tent within the confines of it ‘s car park.

Because I only work afternoons I am not sure what time the testing starts but based on booster vaccinations it is probably 9am but may even be 10am. They close promptly at 3pm.

From 3pm on we often have people coming in looking to be tested but the testers are well gone.

The other point with this is that because of the the 9am to 3pm opening times tradesmen, orchard hands, farm hands and even office workers have to take time off work to have a test.

In my view these testing booths should be open from 6am until 9pm. The reason I chose those times is we often have RSE workers in at about 7pm or even 7.30pm looking for a test. They are conscientious workers usually starting at about 7.30am on site and knocking off at around 6pm or dark in the flush of the season.

It is past time these testing hours were brought into the modern world – especially in rural centers.

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January 27, 2022 at 9:59 am

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Decidedly fishy, Swmbo decided to get the 3rd shot of the Rona inoculant, so to the Pharmacy.

Alls well so far and that is of some relief.

As she retrieved her little purple card at the conclusion of the “Ten” it was twenty for her at first and second hits, minutes post assault sticking wait period , I politely inquired what was the procedure for update on the original “Vax pass” that still has some weeks validity? Reply “oh that is not changing! so what will unfold when our two double shot Vax passes expire on the same day should I remain standing aside from further participation in the increasingly dubious mandated experiment.

Time will tell I guess

Written by Gravedodger

January 26, 2022 at 10:36 am

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Far more than a person who briefly held a position as a counter person for a provincial fish and chip outlet, a failed union hack or a one time student body office holder. Matt Doocey did actually spend time at the coal face of youth mental health for the Canterbury DHB where he rose to be a manager in delivery of mental health services. Holder of at least three degrees in associated fields, not some irrelevant Pffht in some obscure and meaningless pol sci arena now used to allow the addition of Dr to a list of achievements that indicates absolutely zero to an MP’s ability to deliver. An often recurring artifact for socialist wannabees

But that will count for nothing as the arrogance and agenda driven Ardenearly outfit continues to blunder along creating a massive load of issues confronting all ages and society facets for an exponential growth in demand for help. His call today for a cross party effort to better understand what the Covid experiment will deliver, is not a first, he apparently really does care but who in the current mob safely embedded in the spend and hope outfit will care or even express any desire to actually address the problem so obvious to Matt. Not the fish and chip agenda driven fraud pretending to be PM, not the union hack now supposedly Minister of health so bereft of talent he has failed miserably in contesting his home electorate and certainly not the heir apparent just waiting to be the first avowed homosexual Prime Minister. Unless of course a poll might indicate a problem in the area of mental health, confirmed by an expensive committee investigation and then a flip flop that will allow no credence to one who might just be aware of the disaster being created. The Gang will move entirely on their own initiative true situation never revealed by the compliant bought and paid for Main stream media.

Good work Matt, you will know what many of us understand to be a tsunami approaching for all ages with the ham fisted and inept damage being inflicted, alas your initiative will hit the rocks and subside back until someones hand is forced. Great work again keep it up.

Written by Gravedodger

January 26, 2022 at 9:31 am

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Unless they are wilfully ignorant or have differing values when a socialist does it.

Some of us, the political tragics if you will, virtually from day one of his appointment, rated Trevor Mallard as the most biased and the most inappropriate person to occupy the office of Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives. What has ensued has only reinforced that assessment.

The “Speaker” in its original office in the UK “Commons” was the person who had to personally transmit the decisions and proposed actions of a majority of those commons who had eventually wrested powers from the Barons and other Nobility who too often were merely puppet supporters of the Majesty who had been forced to reluctantly yield absolute power. A task that carried the awesome risks of directly opposing the occupier of the throne who all to often still hankered for that absolute power now well diminished from the often capricious attitudes of the Tudors and the Stuarts who followed them via the descendants of the beheaded Mary Queen of Scots. Mary who lost in the power struggles with Elizabeth the First and Divine Right faltered when Charles the First took on the House of Commons and Cromwell who under an act of attainder removed Charles head in the brief flirtation with a republic termed The commonwealth. That aberration lasted a mere eleven years and was eventually proven to be no more able to exercise power than Charles the First had been, paving way for the restoration with Charles the Second and the independence of elected members of “The House of Commons”.

All that led to the “reluctance” of one elected as speaker to take the chair, not so apparent when Mallard reached the pinnacle of his less than stellar career and embarked on a hands on involvement in total support of Ardern employing the clear bias against and obstruction of all opposition attempts to fulfil the long standing Westminster traditions of “Holding government to account”. Mallard has trampled over every separation from his party that has been a part of the performance of all previous speakers however superficial in reality, with Trev the Muss, there is no shred of even pretence.

The irony will become very apparent should any subsequent speaker thwart the Socialists in similar fashion as that will be different, verboten. Sheesh Margaret Wilson Gerry Wall and The minister of Pie supplies were bad enough when compared to say Lockwood Smith and Peter Tapsell, first speaker from maoridom, long standing MP for Eastern Maori and the only recent speaker not to be from the ruling party when Bolger reached across the aisle to preserve his one seat majority.

It will matter little who writes the history, Trevor Mallard will not be treated well, he has been and continues to be a disgusting partisan disgrace to the once venerable office.

Written by Gravedodger

January 26, 2022 at 9:01 am

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Slowing the spread

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Words are interesting, particularly if they are spluttered by politicians.

A few months after Dr Fauci’s gain of function research came into the form of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19), our magnificent Prime Minister proudly proclaimed she was going to “eliminate” the virus from New Zealand. I said to my wife at the time, regularly, that I wished Dear Leader all the luck in the world eliminating an airborne virus. I had never heard of such a thing being possible, but it seemed Queen Ardern and St Ashley had other ideas.

They were going to do this, apparently, by “going hard and going early” with a strategy never ever seen before as a health response to a virus anywhere, ever – lockdowns. As we now know, the initial nine days of the lockdown were illegal. But more importantly, not only was the lockdown not lawful, the Government’s own Influenza Pandemic Plan reproduced in 2020, never mentions the word “lockdown” once in all of it’s 193 pages.

So the elimination strategy was nonsense; the lockdown was illegal; and the Ministry of Health’s own advice to the government just a year before the virus hit our shores never considered nationwide lockdowns as part of the Ministry’s “Contain” and “Manage” strategies in its own report.

It is important to consider a variety of control measures to prevent, eliminate or slow down
transmission of the virus. Modelling indicates that such interventions may help to eliminate or
slow a virus’s spread, pending the arrival of a vaccine. Public health measures could include
border management measures, intensified surveillance, early detection and isolation of cases
and quarantine of contacts, promotion of the importance of strict personal hygiene (especially
hand- washing), the use of antivirals, the restriction of public gatherings and the closure of
education institutions.

They gave up with Delta, gradually accepting, as they should have from the start, that elimination was impossible. With Delta, Ardern wanted to “aggressively stamp out the virus”. Further, Ardern is quoted as saying that, “It’s clear that a long period of heavy restrictions has not got us to zero cases. But its ok … elimination was important because we didn’t have vaccinations. Now we do. So we can begin to change the way we do things,” she said.

So let’s get this clear, the purpose was to eliminate until we had 90% vaccination coverage, at which time she admits we could not eliminate and instead we were to “aggressively stamp out the virus”.

In short: Elimination was always BS, Ardern never really thought it could be done, and the Ministry’s 193 page report doesn’t mention lockdowns as a strategy. She was just aching to vax, vax, vax like crazy.

Now we are being subjected to new words, “slowing the spread”. These are interesting words.

It’s a reflection that the spread, or transmission, is inevitable. I mean, slowing the spread isn’t “stopping the spread”, nor is it stamping out the spread”. All they want to do is “slow” it down. To put Ardern’s words another way, “you’re going to get Omicron folks, and instead of getting it next week, we’re going to slow that down so you’ll get it in about two weeks, or maybe a week after that.”

Circling back to my introduction then, elimination was always nonsense for an airborne virus, and Ardern now essentially admits this.

PS: On a slightly different topic – watching the Australian Open, the girls walk out of the tunnel wearing masks, take them off when hitting the court, and then in the most unforgivable hypocrisy of all, being unmasked they hug the 12 year old ball girl and have a photo taken with her. It’s nuckin’ futz.

Written by Nick K

January 25, 2022 at 9:27 pm

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Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

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Biden will get [the Western Alliances] working again”.

“President” Biden’s two hour press conference last week, designed to show that he had a handle on things, was a train wreck that showed just the opposite, a man who doesn’t know what’s going on in any aspect.

Just one of his brain farts involved talking about Russia and Ukraine in this manner:

 It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not to do. 

As a result the following has happened:

A lot of this is just huffing and puffing, given that Germany has chosen to tie itself even more strongly to Russia via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, that Biden chose to lift Trump’s sanctions on that and allow it to happen, that NATO is a paper tiger, and the EU even more so.

On the Nord Stream issue is this interesting tidbit:

“Matthias Warnig is, in various ways, an exceptional person. The 65-year-old is the oldest German friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the most active German in Russian business circles. He is a former Stasi agent who became a banker in the 1990s. Since then, he has sat on the supervisory boards of numerous German-Russian banks and companies. He is currently the CEO of Nord Stream 2.

From Stasi agent to corporate CEO. Sounds about right for today’s world.

However, there’s huffing and puffing on the Russian side as well, where Putin continues to do what he has done for years now; play a weak hand very well. Russia’s economy is smaller than that of Italy, South Korea and Canada, and the last thing Putin wants is spending on a war with Ukraine. Even a short, cheap war would still leave Russia on the hook for supporting Ukraine afterwards.

As such I don’t think Russia will invade Ukraine but instead wage a small Cold War against the Ukrainian government (as he has been) until he gets what he wants, which is a guarantee that they won’t join NATO and will be more amenable to Russian demands in general. I wouldn’t put it past Putin to try to have the current Ukraine government replaced. Thus there will be ongoing cyber attacks, economic pressure, diplomatic pressure, implied threats, support for Russia-friendly opposition groups, and possibly minor military clashes on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Biden is irrelevant, though his staff won’t be.


Regular commentator Andrei has pointed out the spelling of “Kyiv” vs “Kiev”, which I had wondered about but not researched before writing the article. Some explanation here:

Ukraine names its places using translations from Cyrillic into Latin and then into the Ukrainian language. “Kyiv” is a Latin version of the city’s name, translated into Ukrainian. The spelling, “Kiev,” on the other hand, is a romanization of the Russian name for the city. It became very common internationally in the 20th century.

That’s a sore spot for Ukrainians because it recalls the days when the Russian Empire, and, later, the Soviet State, banned the use of the Ukrainian language. It was an attempt to strengthen Russian influence in Ukraine, and Ukrainians have never really gotten over it.

So more of the argy-bargy between Russia and Ukraine. However, as the article points out:

There’s a solid argument for the conventional spelling. “Kiev” is what’s known as an exonym—an external name for a geographic place. For example, in English, we use “Germany” to refer to what the Germans call Deutschland, whereas, the French use the word “Allemagne.”

Loath as I am to help Mr Putin, in this case I’m sticking with Kiev rather than use a spelling that will have most readers wondering where we are talking about, so have updated the post.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 25, 2022 at 10:24 am


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So said FDR in his inaugural; address after he defeated Herbert Hoover in the 1932 presidential election.

New Zealanders should learn from that. The dire warnings about Omicron are creating in some fear verging on panic and that’s simply not justified. I’m prompted to write this post after hearing a mother scold her young (pre-teen) daughter in town today admonishing her with words to the effect for her to keep her mask on least she catch the virus and die. Totally unnecessary hyperbole.

Simple fact … if you’re fully vaccinated and in good health and you are unfortunate to catch Omicron then chances are you will experience something in the continuum of a mild to a mid-range flu. Its only the elderly and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer who are more likely to require hospitalisation should they be stricken with the virus. For that cohort they need to exercise a degree of caution and avoid situations which might place them at additional risk.

But, for the vast majority of New Zealanders, Omicron should be treated with respect but not at the expense of developing a siege mentality in ordering ones life because that’s counter-productive and comes with an attendant potential mental health downside.

Omicron is here for the next little while but for most Kiwis it does not need and should not be allowed to rule their lives.

Written by The Veteran

January 24, 2022 at 10:09 pm

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I guess many will say Tova O’Brien got her comeuppance in trying to buck the ‘restraint of trade’ clause she signed up to in her contract when she left her job as TV3’s political editor to work for Mediaworks.

In declining to uphold her claim the Employment Relations Authority also ordered that O’Brien pay TV3 $2,000 for the deliberate breaches of her employment agreement.

Contracts are contracts. You break a contract and the aggrieved party is entitled to pursue any remedies provided for in law.

I guess Tova, as one of Jacinda’s little helpers, thought she was above the law and that she could count on Labour to come to her rescue. And she wasn’t mistaken. Labour MP Helen White has backed O’Brien and called for restraint of trade clauses to be scrapped. Problem for Tova is that White isn’t the Employment relations Authority.

What goes around comes around.

Written by The Veteran

January 24, 2022 at 4:58 pm

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It was reported that Jacinda Ardern urged her colleague MP’s attending Labour’s caucus retreat in New Plymouth to ‘remain humble’. How she could say that with a straight face fair beats me. All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Labour enjoys absolute power and arrogantly flaunts it making a mockery of the ‘humble’ bit.

Just one example … Three Waters … recently released cabinet papers reveal the consultation process so called was a sham. Ardern’s cabinet had already decided to proceed with the confiscation of ratepayer owned assets before embarking on the farce. Another example … co-governance is alive and well thanks to He Puapua with the Labour Party Maori caucus driving the agenda with the result that many of the rights of the 84% that are non-Maori are to be subjugated to this wishes of a 16% minority … equal standing under the law is being thrown out of the window and the country will pay a high price for that.

One can think of many descriptives one might apply to Jacinda’s mob. Humble ain’t one of them.

New Zealand … the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

January 23, 2022 at 2:31 pm

Has something happened here in NZ?

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I ask because I encountered some news about this country while doing my morning reading of US blogs and news sites.

Something about all of NZ going to “Red” – whatever the hell that means. The person writing the post was laughing about it, which I thought rather mean but then they’re living in Florida so understandable.

Anyway, my kids will fill me in on the news, which they get from their friends. Don’t know the details yet but since the criteria for what we’re about to enter has been ignored (health system under massive strain) then I figure all the prescribed restrictions also mean shit and we just live as if we’re in L4 Lockdown again?

I must admit that at times like this I’m very grateful for the lifestyle I’ve been leading for some years now, in that it makes very little difference to me. Oh well. Onward with Omicron.

Make sure you’re N95 mask is properly fitted at all times (especially when you’re outside), carry hand sanitiser at all times – and get your second booster shot asap.

Just a reminder of what all these health and safety precautions are saving us from, courtesy of the CDC in the USA.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 23, 2022 at 1:20 pm