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This goes to ACT Party David Seymour leader in Christchurch yesterday and I have taken the quote from the NZHerald coverage. Speaking about Prime Minister Ardern he said:

` “In fact actually she’s good in a disaster – I’d go so far as to call her a disaster Prime Minister.”‘

So true, so true!!

Written by pdm1946

September 28, 2020 at 7:27 am

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Tonight in Russell the Duke of Marlborough will host the first in a series of ‘Meet the Candidates’ meetings for the Northland electorate.

The candidates from National, Labour, Greens, NZ First along with Mike Shaw (Independent) will be present. The ACT candidate has sent his apologies … apparently he’s off campaigning down country with the ACT Party roadshow.

Memo to ACT. If you are going to stand a candidate in an electorate then it is somewhat arrogant and thumbing your nose at voters to have your candidate campaign outside the electorate in favour of showing up where it counts.

Written by The Veteran

September 16, 2020 at 8:52 am

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St Jacinda has already indicated that Labour is planning on a policy free election. What you see now is whats on offer. That all the current policy settings are to remain in place with no thought given to paring back the debt mountain projected to reach in excess of $200 billion in 2024. Currently the Treasury is forecasting seven years of budget deficits averaging $28 billion for the next three years before dropping back to $4.9 billion in 2024 with the economy projected to shrink by 4.6% this year and by a further 1% in 2021.

Only National and ACT are being honest with voters. Both agree this level of borrowing can’t sustained. They differ however on the scale and timings of cutbacks while ACT, to date, has only talked in generalities.

And so it was refreshing to see National’s Paul Goldsmith muse on what we might expect to see when the Party unveils its economic policy due out shortly. Clearly National is committed to shrinking the government debt projected to reach 53.6% of GDP by 2023. In working to achieve that Goldsmith indicated it was likely an incoming National led government would take a holiday on payments to the Government Superannuation Fund (the Cullen Fund) while the first years free student fees bribe would be scrapped.

Taking a holiday on payments to the GSF makes sense especially were that to be twinned with a progressive increase to the age of eligibility to New Zealand Superannuation. At this stage it appears that no changes to the Government’s contribution payments to KiwiSaver are planned … which will be music to the ears of the likes of Kimbo.

But bottom line is that there must be a scaling back on government borrowing. Labour inherited the books in surplus and then proceeded to squander it on a variety of vanity projects. Having blown the surplus it now has to borrow and, if there is no scaling back, just how will they have the capacity to cope when the next rainy day comes along … Covid-20?

Problem for Labour is that its imprisoned by its own rhetoric and incapable of taking the hard decisions, straitjacketed and held in thrall by its Union luvlies.

New Zealand deserves better.

Written by The Veteran

August 10, 2020 at 5:12 pm