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A five-minute conversation with the average voter….

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… is the best argument against democracy.”

So, it is often claimed, did Winston Churchill pronounce upon our system of government – his system of government – as one of his famous quotes.

Except it’s not.

As the International Churchill Society points out on their wonderful website with Red Herrings: Famous Quotes Churchill Never Said:

No attribution. Though he sometimes despaired of democracy’s slowness to act for its preservation, Churchill had a more positive attitude towards the average voter.

I often find myself in need of such positive attitudes when looking at the state of politics in this country and across the Western world, particularly in the wake of the results of the US Mid-term elections.

No, I do not say that because the GOP did less well than they should have, or because they lost some key races. I’m not a doppelgänger for the shrieking hysterics of the likes of “Bomber” Bradbury over at The Daily Blog:

Unlike any midterm before it, it suggests that democracy actually won…

Is that so? The Mid-Terms of 2006 and 2018 where the Democrats kicked ass and took names were not actually democracy winning then? Good to know that from “Bomber”, even if his anarcho-communist brain is obviously also dismissing the Mid-Terms of 1994, 2010 and 2014 as democracy losing because the GOP won big.


And my response is also not the mirror-image of the more measured, calmer-sounding extremism of his TDB stable mate Paul Buchanan, who in this pre-election podcast had an “analysis” (and I use that term only in its broadest possible meaning) of the GOP that seemed little more than channeling the slogan of Orwell’s pigs: “Four legs good, two legs bad“. Seriously, if you can groan your way through it, you should listen as he simply repeats every single Democrat Party talking point on every single issue (prodded gleefully along by the equally unbalanced “journalist” Selwyn Manning) – right down to the claims of the “cruel attacks” on the brain-damaged candidate Fetterman, which were nothing more than the usual Democrat efforts at shutting up their opponents.


No, I say that I need to maintain a positive attitude toward democracy because of the incredible desire of Democrat voters in Democrat states and cities to continue to vote for Democrats who have hurt them badly. I’m used to this in Chicago and California, but I thought that at least other Democrat parts of the nation – especially the sober citizens of the MidWest – would be better.

Yet the governors of Minnesota and Michigan (among others) were sent back into government even as their own voters registered unhappiness about the terrible impacts on the economic, educational, and social aspects of their states arising from their fanatical application of lockdowns, masks and vaccines – as well as poor performance on things like crime.

It’s not as if they even tried booting these terrible people out in Democratic primaries so they could get another Democrat to vote for in the General Election. Even from the POV of party tribalism I could have understood that. You love the Party, its policies and principles, but hate the politicians.

But these voters actually returned to power the same people who had hurt them and which they complained about hurting them. Unlike NZ in 2020 these Lefties could not even claim the results had been a success, not with tens of thousands dead. So WTF is that? BDSM?

Aside from the Mid-West, the best example actually comes from New York and is more concerned with crime than Chinese Lung Rot, especially since the architect of all those deaths, Andrew Cuomo, had been booted by his own party months ago (for sexual harassment, since that’s worse than getting people killed) and replaced by his Deputy, Kathy “why do you keep talking about crime?” Hochul.

It’s been on her watch that crime has become one of the main issues of NYC and New York state. It was suspected even by Democrats that it might cause her to lose, so much so that they were angry at the Democrat NYC mayor, Adams, who said that Hochul needed to call a special session and roll back new, lax bail laws. But she won anyway. And now we get this:

So, now that Hochul has been elected, New Yorkers are begging her to get crime under control — even those who voted for her.

“Now that Hochul has won, her priority needs to be do something about the crime in the subway,” one voter told The New York Post.

“I’m happy Hochul won, but I don’t want her to think winning gives her a pass to keep things status quo,” said the voter. “She’s got her work cut out for her. None of us who rides the trains feel safe.”




I guess it could be worse. I could be her opponent, Lee Zeldin, who ran a good race and got closer than any GOPer has in two decades in New York, sitting there wondering the same thing.


Looking back at that Churchill link I must say that I wish he had said the following:

“Well, dinner would have been splendid if the wine had been as cold as the soup, the beef as rare as the service, the brandy as old as the fish, and the maid as willing as the Duchess.”

But apparently Churchill never made smutty jokes.


Written by Tom Hunter

November 12, 2022 at 3:12 pm

I’m shocked, shocked, to find this out about Ballot Harvesting

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“A new, fully updated edition of Steal This Vote—a rollicking history of American democracy showing that electoral fraud is as American as apple pie

That was the rave about a book written in 2016 by a Guardian journalist living in America. Naturally it’s not as promoted now as it was since it’s very, very important to not say such things about the US 2020 election – even by the Brave Lefties of The Guardian (or perhaps especially by them)

Funny that.

The big joke about ballot harvesting – designating people to go out and collect voter’s ballots and get them delivered to the polling booths – is that it’s been legalised for years now in California and has spread to other states.

As you can easily see, it’s a system that’s begging to be corrupted by the simple act of handing your ballot over to another person to deliver. So much for the secret ballot.

Oh, of course if you accept that the person taking your ballot – sealed in an envelope – won’t break it open and substitute their own, then it’s all good, at least from your point of view:

“In rare circumstances, if the voter has filled out the ballot and sealed the envelope certificate, the ballot broker will take the ballot and then steam open the sealed envelope,” the affidavit added. “The ballot broker will either correct any votes, if necessary, that were not voted according to their wishes or just throw them out.”

More on that in a bit

Even before that little bit of trust, there’s the question of the ballot harvester having control over more than just the act of collecting a completed ballot from a person who is fully compos mentis. It’s like the old joke about who watches the spies who watch our enemies (and us).

A Wisconsin investigation unmasked a sophisticated ballot harvesting effort targeting vulnerable nursing home patients in communities like Racine, Wisc.

Nursing homes you say?

I first had suspicions about the practice when the California Democrats passed a law called AB 1921 in 2016. They have super-majorities in the CA House and Senate, which means they can pass any law they like even if the Governor is Republican; they can override the Governor veto, but that’s moot because the governors have been Democrat for years now.

Before the law was passed, only a family member or a member of the household was authorized to deliver a ballot on behalf of a registered voter. But AB 1921 relaxed that rule, allowing others — including canvassers, campaign workers and anyone else — to solicit voters to fill out ballots and deliver them.

And then in 2018 a number of House seat elections in California switched to the Democrats after the GOP members held healthy leads on election night – only to see those leads vanish with overnight counting of mailed ballots.

Sound familiar?

Naturally because that link is to the Democrat Operatives With Bylines, the LA Times, they’re adamant – ADAMANT – that no cheating occurred with the process in the 2018 elections, even though they admit that the 2016 law “does open the door to coercion and fraud and should be fixed or repealed before the next election” – and then go on to describe how it was abused in a Democrat primary election:

In the final weeks of the race, complaints surfaced about aggressive campaign workers pressuring voters to hand over ballots on behalf of Wendy Carrillo, who ultimately won the race.

But that could never happen in a general election amirite? Do these MSM journalists even listen to themselves?

The scam and all its excuses has finally started to unravel, not in California, but in Florida, where a Democrat whistleblower has unloaded:

Former Orange County Commissioner candidate Cynthia Harris filed a sworn affidavit in late August with the Secretary of State’s office alleging that illegal operations to collect third-party ballots have been going on for years in the Orlando area where voting activists are paid $10 for each ballot they collect.

She described an intricate system funded by liberal leaning organizations that dispatch ballot brokers into black communities to pressure voters to turn over their ballots. The $10 fee per ballot is divvied up among the parties who help complete the harvesting.

No! Really? Tell me more. And let’s not ascribe any decency to the whistleblower; as with Deep Throat this revelation is all about personal loss:

Harris, who narrowly lost her election for county commissioner in August, described to Just the News her years-long knowledge of ballot harvesting in the black communities in central Florida. She even recorded a ballot broker coming to her home in 2017 to collect her ballot, and obtained the script that harvester was given by her bosses to make the pitch for a voter to turn over their ballot.

Yes, well, “oft evil will shall evil mar“.

As a result of this Florida Democrat’s sworn admissions, DeSantis’s new election crimes unit has recommended state police open a full criminal investigation into the whole scheme in Florida.

Recall that the claims of corruption in the 2020 Presidential election – in key swing states controlled by local Democrats – made famous by the research of the conservative watchdog group True the Vote and a documentary released earlier this year by filmmaker Dinesh D’Sousa called “2,000 Mules.”, were dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and then understand what’s going on here according to the admissions of a Democrat County Commissioner.

Democrat ballot harvesters either pick up blank ballots and fill them out “right,” or they pick up already filled out ballots – but they throw away the ballots for the “wrong” candidates, or steam open the envelopes to “correct” them so they are votes for the “right” candidate.

$10 per ballot in Black communities. Ballots just picked up in nursing homes.

Common practice in the Florida Democrat machine.

What are the odds against the Democrat machines across the USA not doing the same?

Written by Tom Hunter

October 31, 2022 at 6:00 am

How not to kill a story

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Dear oh dear.

Fresh off their hypocrisy of claiming to be a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens – before allowing just fifty of them to sleep in a church hall for one night then booting them off the island to somewhat less salubrious conditions at a Massachusetts military base, with the help of local Police and National Guard troops – the utterly shameless and cluelessly insincere Martha’s Vineyard crowd started whinging about the above incident:

“I was so upset, understandably so,” Aquinnah denizen Sarah Melkonian presumptuously told the Boston Globe. Her neighbor Liz Whitman denounced the plane banner as “absolute idiocy,”

In an online residential discussion group that was initially “closed” but has since been security-upgraded to “private,” Melkonian denounced the “continuing harassment” inherent in having to see an upsetting airplane banner for less than an hour, which she comically called a “national disgrace.” 

“[I’m] horrified by the ugly targeting you are experiencing there,” wrote seasonal resident Mary Williams Montague

Seasonal? That means her place is empty – like the Obama’s multi-room mansion. They could have rented it out to the illegals; the government would likely have paid.

It gets better though:

… irate Vineyard residents immediately set about trying to discover who was behind the airplane incident, who authorized the plane’s flight, and even who manufactured the banner. An inquiry that islanders apparently placed with the Federal Aviation Administration revealed that the offending plane is too small to require federal tracking information.

According to Geoff Freeman, director of the island’s only airport, numerous residents phoned him demanding to know where the flight had originated. 

WHO DARES TO MOCK US! You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh. One of Far Lefter Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals states that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” – especially when it’s used against people as lacking in self-awareness and as far up their own backsides as this lot:

Chilmark resident Robert Skydell, a retiree who writes the occasional ornery piece for the Vineyard Gazette, a dull island magazine, thought it would be productive to invite “right-wing media pundits” for “a tour and show them what a safe, diverse, and multicultural community actually looks like.”

Yeah. When I look at the Social Media and Magazine pics, as well as the demographic stats of that island it just screams “multicultural”. Must be due to the Obama’s!

The last word goes to this prick

Wes Nagy, a Vineyard church music director and reported “believer in karma,” who estimated that the cost of the airplane banner “could’ve fed the immigrants for a month.” It did not occur to him that they might have been fed for an even longer time by the $43,000 raised via GoFundMe under the call “Urgent plea to help Martha’s Vineyard migrants.” Astonishingly, that collection was not forwarded to cover their further needs. According to the GoFundMe page, it has instead gone to the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, a self-described “$16-million organization,” for use in ”building up a reserve to assist situations like this” the next time DeSantis sends migrants to the island. 

Excellent. Sounds like an open invitation for DeSantis.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 28, 2022 at 4:36 pm

Better call Saul

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Alinksy that is.

And in particular his little missive, Rules for Radicals, so beloved of the Left for decades now.

In particular rules #4, #5, #6:

RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

What Governor DeSantis (R) of Florida did, at the same time as Governor Abbot (R) of Texas, was to apply these rules to the Democrats on the subject of illegal aliens, in particular those Democrats of the North East and Mid-West who so loudly trumpeted about their “Sanctuary States” and “Sanctuary Cities” where the evil Trump troops of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) would not be allowed to enforce the law.

But there was more to this than simply exposing the hypocrisy and double standards of the Democrats on this matter, as fun as that is to do. No, the real objective was to actually make it clear to the rest of the nation, and the Democrats, that this is their problem too; that they don’t just get to pawn it off on the border states.

Problem is too understated a word. It’s a crisis on America’s Southern border with Mexico and has been brewing up for almost two years now. There’s detail that belongs in a seperate post but suffice to say that none of the disasters that have occurred to date – the vast crowds swarming at the border overwhelming law enforcement, pouring across into towns and cities in Texas and Arizona (the two worst affected states) who don’t have the social welfare, healthcare or law enforcement resources to cope, the countless dead bodies found in the desert, the huge amount of drug smuggling included and the deaths arising from that – none of this has caused the Biden Administration to shift off its ass and do something practical to bring it to a halt or even slow it down.

Over a year ago twenty one Governors wrote a letter to President Biden almost begging him to do something. In return they effectively got the back of his hand, not even bothering to visit the border regions to see for himself (same from his VP).

DeSantis and Abbot thus decided on what might be called Direct Action. As the logo above has it, if Democrats would not come to the border, they’d bring the border to the Democrats. They decided to start sending these illegal aliens on buses and planes to these Democrat Sanctuary cities:

Abbot chose Chicago as one of his targets, and the “mayor” of my second home predictably started squealing:

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Says Governor Abbott Is a ‘Man Without Morals’ After Bus of Illegals Arrives

Candidate Lori Lightfoot Gets Smushed by the Hypocrisy Truck

Lightfoot ships Illegals out of Chicago to suburb of Burr Ridge

That last one is a doozy.

“Chicago is and will continue to be a welcoming city. We are collaborating across various City departments and with local, state and community partners to ensure everyone who arrives in Chicago is greeted and treated with dignity and respect,” said Lightfoot.

“I am concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this,” Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso told WGN. “We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?”

They barely touched the Chicago tarmac before getting moved on – and there was no one from the city to greet them or show them where to go next, they just went from one bus to another. And that was with just a small fraction of those moved; so far Texas has sent about 7,900 to Washington, D.C. with another couple of thousand sent to New York City. The NYC mayor was squealing too:

[Mayor Adams said] ‘In this new and unforeseen reality, where we expect thousands more to arrive every week going forward, the city’s system is nearing its breaking point. As a result, the city’s prior practices, which never contemplated the bussing of thousands of people into New York City, must be reassessed.”

It should be noted that the city of El Paso – one of the sources of those buses to NYC – has had 1400 to 2000 illegals a day dumped on its streets by Biden’s Border Patrol for over a year now. Nobody in Washington D.C., Chicago or New York gave a shit.

But for all of Abbott’s efforts it was DeSantis who showed just how sharp a politician he is – and with an eye on the 2024 Presidential nomination – by doing something with just fifty illegals that was guaranteed to draw the Kardishan MSM in droves. He sent them to one of the toniest, wealthiest, Democratist parts of the USA: Martha’s Vineyard, 2nd (3rd) home to the likes of Barack Obama.

The Democrats promptly melted down.

Turtleboy News Senior Editor Aidan Kearney brings us an inside look into the agonizing conversations among the island’s residents as they are faced with a whopping 50 (FIFTY!) illegals flown in by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. (They’re already being removed from the island as of this morning)

And to a military base for good measure.

Looks like they’re gonna have to update their virtue signalling sign.

Given that a few people had inside access to some of the Vineyard Facebook and Twitter groups there was some interesting reveals of reactions from all these good Democrat voters as they turned on each other.

Actually that is the point. Obama certainly does have the space, as currently, his 8-bedroom mansion sits empty; it rests on on 29 acres (!), certainly enough to house a large tent city. Plenty of room for Porta Potties. Some good, solid Fear Of The Other too…

Get her locks changed? Why on earth would she want to do that; doesn’t she want to welcome the new additions with open arms? The best part of this thread is when they realize they’ve been found out and people are laughing at them:

The Highly Moral and Ethical Republicans of the NeverTrumper movement, filled with Civility Bullshit, weighed in on the evil DeSantis:

All this over fifty illegal aliens. Makes you want to send some El Paso size batches to Martha’s Vineyard. I loved this response to that prick:

In all seriousness, we are “under siege.” There is an invasion at the southern border. Why isn’t Biden doing anything? Because “doing something” would be admitting a massive mistake and he can’t have that less than two months from an election. So, he will allow enough fentanyl to flow across the border to kill every American living. Winning elections is more important than American lives I guess. And Biden has now allowed two million illegal aliens to simply walk or swim across the border. That is literally an attack on America Mr. Schmidt, you beer-bellied boob.

This is not a one-off. DeSantis has plans to send more illegal aliens to…. Delaware. Specifically the lovely beach town part of Delaware that’s a second home to none other than President Biden.

BTW, for those of you who are consumers of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, NBC, etc…. be aware that the screams about DeSantis facing criminal charges of “human trafficking” are being brought to you by the same people who pushed “The Walls Are Closing In” meme on Trump all these years. None other than Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley dumped on that. Meantime DeSantis summed it all up perfectly.

“Scrambling to get his cabinet together?…. It’s only when you have 50 illegal aliens end up in a wealthy rich sanctuary enclave that he decides to scramble on this..

Now we see, in New York and D.C., they used to beat their chests when Trump was in office, saying they are sanctuary jurisdictions. Then the minute Texas starts bussing there, they get very bent out of shape about it…these are just the beginning efforts. We got an infrastructure in place now. There is going to be a lot more that’s happening”

As an aside, if all this reminds you of a crucial argument in US history it should. Aside from slavery the Civil War was also supposed to put a stop to the idea that individual states can stiff-arm Federal law whenever it suits them.

Money. Wall. Pissing against.

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You may have thought that the current NZ Labour government was a shocker when it came to spending vast sums of money to no good effect, but as is often the case now, the US state of California leads the way.

As if the high taxes, poverty, filth, crime, killer fires, water problems and energy problems were not bad enough it appears that they can’t even run a basic book keeping process.

This is Betty Yee, and she is the “State Controller” of California, which means that she is the person responsible for:

  • “Accountability and disbursement of the state’s financial resources.”
  • “Auditing all funds disbursed by the state and all claims presented for payments to [her office.]”

Given that California is the world’s fifth largest economy, that is a hell of a lot of spending responsibility. Her office issued 49 million checks in payments worth $320 billion in 2018.

Being in a public office she’s also accountable directly to the public in terms of more than just votes, being required to produce information about all this spending, subject to the usual Official Information Requests that we see across the Western world. There’s always scrapping between such offices and the people demanding the information as to timely releases and so forth – no bureaucrat is ever keen on revealing everything to the proles – but by and large the process works.

So it was no surprise when some activist group called Open the Books (OTB), requested to see the line item details of all these payments, starting in 2013. The letter they finally got in 2019 surprised the hell out of them:

“The State of California, State Controller’s Office does not maintain a centralized vendor contract database which would allow it to identify all contracts regardless of the agency awarding such contract,”

That came from Yee’s general counsel Richard Chivaro, who went further:

“In fact, many state contracts are paid for directly by the contracting agency,” Chivaro continued. “This procedure allows the contracting agency to make such payments as expeditiously as possible thereby taking advantage of an early payment discount which may be available.” 

“Moreover, the Controller’s Office receives literally thousands of claims for payment daily. Claims are batched by date received and are not segregated, logged or otherwise tracked by agency employee or payment type. Consequently, because of the way the claims are batched and processed by this office, we are unable to locate or otherwise provide you with the documents requested,”

The fuck? In other words the Controller’s Office literally cannot answer the question of where all the money went in a $320 billion spending list. They simply do not and cannot know exactly who got the money because they just don’t bother tracking that level of detail.

Incredible. Almost beyond belief.

OTB is suing the state of California but frankly I don’t know how that can succeed: if the system doesn’t track this stuff at a line item level (or even a couple of levels up) then what’s the lawsuit going to produce? They have had to sue Illinois and Wyoming in the past to get such data, but they did get it in the end, and they did not need to take such action to get spending records from the other 47 states according to the OTB Chairman:

“We even get the checkbooks from the historically, systemically corrupt Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,” he said. “We do get the second set of books from there.” 

In some respects it’s hardly surprising given an earlier story that blew out of the same state a few months ago:

California Labor Secretary Julie Su told reporters in a conference call Monday that of the $114 billion the state has paid in unemployment claims during the coronavirus pandemic, 10 percent, or $11.4 billion, involves fraud and another 17 percent is under investigation. 

Nearly all of the fraudulent claims were paid through the federally supported Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. The program was approved by Congress to provide unemployment assistance to those who usually wouldn’t be eligible, such as independent contractors. 

The even got scammed by the usual suspects, criminal organisations from Russia and Nigeria, as well as 21,000 prisoners in the state who scored more than $400 million, including 100 prisoners on death row

I like to think the latter group really just did it for kicks, given that they’re not likely to be able to spend any of it.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 12, 2022 at 10:28 am

Honest Graft

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During the last two years of General Tso’s Sickness insanity I’ve taken to watching three BBC TV documentary series from more than fifty years ago, each one of them labeled as a “personal view” of their particular subjects by the men who wrote them and introduced them.

I was a kid when they were first broadcast, so have no memory of them, but they’ve all turned out to be great TV, if you can get past the lack of High Definition!

  1. Civilisation by Kenneth Clarke (1969)
  2. America by Alistair Cooke (1972)
  3. The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski, (1973)

The other day, writing about the current corruption of Washington D.C., in particular that of the current President’s son, Hunter Biden, I was reminded of one part of an episode from Cooke’s America series. Titled The Huddled Masses, it dealt with the massive wave of immigrants from Europe that poured into the USA in the late 19th century. They needed help, and as Cooke describes it:

For that there was a character who haunted the docks and covered the tenements. He’s a type who is not greatly admired by students of political science. But nonetheless he was the lifeline between the castaway and the new society. He was usually, in New York, a Jew or an Irishman, a native American. But his parents had been immigrants, and he knew well what were the primitive needs of people.

I’m talking about the American politician.

In exchange for your vote – and that was always well understood – he would get you a job. He’d get your son out of trouble. He would hound the landlord to repair the toilet or the bathtub. You had a plain daughter? He’d go to work on the marriage broker. In bad times he brought you coal and food. He filled out your tax forms. He knew when the baby was coming, and he got the doctor.

And he did all these things through a chain of command that reached all the way up to the county leader or even to the mayor. And because he did them, he ran the cities, well or badly.

It was called Tammany Hall and it was as crooked as hell. Cooke describes the likes of Boss Tweed, whose pals made “clerical errors” in the city finances amounting to $200 million (about $5.6 billion in 2022). Richard Croker, who returned to Ireland with a stable of thoroughbred horses and a Cherokee wife decades younger than him: it was he who coined the title of this post. And George Washington Plunkitt. All were Democrats.

So yes, they were crooks, as much or perhaps more than the Bidens and the rest of the current Washington D.C. crowd.

But the difference is captured in Cooke’s description of them; they actually did good for the ordinary voters in the real and direct ways that count in everyday life.

By contrast the current crop do good entirely for themselves and for the wealthy and connected people they deal with via the mechanism of our giant governments. The voters may get the scraps of whatever vast spending bills are passed, but that’s about it; real trickle-down economics, and with almost no personal contact.

Plunkitt and company also worked hard at it: what follows are his diary entries describing his typical day:

2 A.M.: Wakened by a boy with message from a bartender to bail him out of jail.

3.A.M.: Back to bed.

6.A.M.: Fire engines. Up and off to the scene to see my election district captains tending the burned out tenants. Note names for new homes.

8:30 A.M.: To police court. Six drunken constituents on hand. Got four released by a timely word to the judge. Paid the other’s fines.

9 A.M.: To Municipal District Court. Told an election district captain to act as lawyer for a widow threatened with dispossession. Paid the rent of a poor family about to be dispossessed and gave them a dollar for food.

11 A.M. to 3 P.M.: Found jobs for four constituents.

3 P.M.: An Italian funeral. Sat conspicuously up front.

4 P.M.: A Jewish funeral. Up front again in the synagogue.

7 P.M.: Meeting of district captains. Reviewed the list of all voters. Who’s for us. Who’s agin.

8 P.M.: Church fair. Bought ice cream for the girls. Took fathers out for a little “something” round the corner.

9 P.M.: Back to clubhouse. Heard complaints of a dozen pushcart peddlers about the police and assured them I would visit Police Headquarters next morning.

10:30 P.M.: A Jewish wedding. Had sent handsome present to the bride.

Midnight: To bed.

Where I’m sure he fell asleep counting votes.

Given the choice between a grifter like that and our modern versions, I’d vote for Plunkitt every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 28, 2022 at 9:07 am

Something, something, sowing, reaping…

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Example 1,067, 891 of why I am not a good Christian, in that I have no fucking compassion for the people of Portland, Oregon, shown in this clip.

Worse, anytime contractors try to clean up and sanitise the areas in question, Antifa attack them with no reprisal from Portland officials.

I’d bet good money that every single person in that clip has voted – repeatedly voted – for Democrats to run the city of Portland and the State of Oregon in which it sits, including even Far Left “Democrats” like this moronic POS (check out the prints on her skirt).

That’s one Sarah Iannarone, an open communist who ran in Portland’s 2020 mayoral contest against a radical Democrat named Ted Wheeler. They got 86% of the vote, with the communist only losing by less than six percent (40.76 percent of the total vote).

Written by Tom Hunter

July 27, 2022 at 2:04 pm

California Screaming – Inflation (UPDATE)

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I can’t say I ever enjoyed the gigantic expressway network of Los Angeles, even back in the 1990’s when it was nowhere near as bad as it is now in terms of traffic congestion and poor maintenance.

Even so, the one drive I did like was from LA International Airport down I-405 to Mission Viejo. Six months of blue skies, sun, warm but not oppressive temperatures, the wind in my face in the rented convertible, a smooth drive and traffic loads not much more than heading south on Auckland’s Southern Motorway in a mid-afternoon week day.

Then there were the gas prices. Surprisingly for a place where wages and salaries were about 20% higher than Illinois and where some goods and services were more expensive than in the Windy City, the price of gasoline was actually lower than Chicago. But that was a long time gone. This is an LA gas station just a couple of days ago.

Regular is equal to our 91-grade so let’s do the math:

  1. One US Gallon is 3.785 litres
  2. That means a price of $US 2.13 per litre.
  3. $US 1.00 dollar is $NZ 1.53.
  4. So that’s an equivalent of $NZ 3.25 / litre.

Cool. So California, or at least LA and likely the rest of the coastal strip, is now as expensive or even more expensive for petrol as Auckland, New Zealand – although there are some Auckland stations that approach the CA level.

Welcome to the rest of the world, America – or at least, welcome California.

Oh dear, Calvin & Hobbes was prescient.

That cartoon is from the mid-late 1990’s when the average price of a gallon of US regular gasoline was in the range of $US 1.10 (inflation adjusted that’s $US 1.55), with some states like Illinois being higher (and Chicago higher still), and states like Texas lower.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 3, 2022 at 7:59 pm

Election conspiracy theory updates

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As a long-time observer of US elections in my lifetime, and with great interest in their history, leading to being an avid reader of books like Down For The Count (Dirty Elections and the Rotten History of Democracy in America) by Guardian writer Andrew Gumbel, I got quite a kick out of the sudden and dramatic turnaround of the US Democrat Party, the MSM and all “balanced and impartial observers” with regard to claims of election corruption in the wake of the 2020 US Presidential election.

Suddenly all those claims about corruption and cheating in the 2000, 2004 and 2016 US elections started to get memory-holed. It’s perhaps not surprising then that the book quoted above, first published in 2005 and updated in 2008, does not have a Wikipedia entry (it’s also known as Steal This Vote)!

However, perhaps the reason is that the people who won the election for Joe Biden in 2020 actually didn’t keep quiet about it, but burst forth into print just a few months later to boast about their efforts in the now infamous TIME magazine article, The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. Rather than memory holing, the tactic was blatant spin as the election was “fortified” (not stolen you see).

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

You see! It was Trump that was stealing the election and the USA was “saved” by all these brave and honest billionaires and Democrat activists.

Also “behind the scenes” since then has been a major effort by the Republican Party across the USA to fix up the process and make sure the sort of crap pulled in 2020 does not happen again, at least not on as large a scale and not in swing states. Interestingly the progress that has been made shows up the same things that the TIME article noted – except from a POV that they were corrupted things rather than good ones.

First up is a Wisconsin legal decision on ballot drop boxes:

A judge in the state of Wisconsin ruled on Thursday that the use of ballot boxes in the 2020 election was, in fact, illegal. Joe Biden was declared the winner over Donald Trump in the state by 20,682 votes.

This stunt was pulled in various places leading up to the 2020 election: various election practices not approved of by the state legislature as legally required. In this case simple instructions issued by election bureaucrats, along with no legal requirements on what a drop box could be, on protecting them or even having a chain of custody log or ballot count.

The Healthy Elections Project reports that, during the 2020 election, “only eight states explicitly permit[ed] or require[d] ballot drop boxes by statute or regulatory guidance,” but that drop boxes were nonetheless available to voters in at least 19 states. In other words, under the umbrella excuse of COVID!, at least 11 states used drop boxes without legislative authorization to do so.

By an odd coincidence, Wisconsin is one of a handful of swing states where “midnight magic” occurred on election night. These were the states where, at some point in the wee hours, massive vote dumps produced huge jumps in Biden’s, and only Biden’s, vote tallies.

Associated with this was testimony from former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who led an audit of the 2020 election in his state, that the election was so corrupt that the state legislature should “take a very hard look at the option of decertification of the 2020” presidential election. Purely symbolic at this stage re “President” Biden of course and it’s more important to focus on future elections.

Then there’s another big swing state, Pennsylvania, where the ballot mail-in laws have been found to be unconstitutional:

This will be bittersweet news for a lot of people. A five-judge panel has ruled that Pennsylvania’s universal mail-in voting law violates the state’s constitution, an argument conservatives have been making since it was enacted in 2019. That election law went on to play a pivotal role in delivering the state for Joe Biden in 2020, who trailed on Election Night, but pulled ahead as more and more mail-in votes were counted.

Now this is not the end of the matter. Democrat Governor Tom Wolf will appeal the decision and it will make its way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where the Democrats have a majority so it will likely be reinstated. I’d like to think that it will then be taken to the US Supreme Court, given how important it is, both as an election-corrupting law in general and as an example of how constitutions don’t matter a crap to the Democrat party unless their ox is being gored.

We live in an era where the judiciary is simply an activist wing for Democrats. While you are always holding your breath on how a Republican-nominated judge will rule, those put in place by Democrats typically vote in lockstep.

The idea that the “right to vote” only exists in the absence of any and all guardrails is moronic. But that’s the argument Democrats are making all over the country, including in Pennsylvania. By their logic, why not let people vote on their phones? Heck, let’s have a full year of early voting. If all procedures and protections qualify as voter suppression, as Democrats claim, then what’s the argument for not just blowing up everything?

As an addendum to this, recent video and audio recordings from the state’s Delaware County (3rd largest in Pennsylvania), have revealed ever more systemic problems with the voting than previously suspected:

To date, the videos have exposed a wide array of problems with election integrity, including on-tape admissions that the election laws were not complied with, that 80 percent of provisional ballots lacked a proper chain-of-custody, that there were missing removable drives for some of the voting machines, and that election workers “recreated” new drives to response to the Right to Know request.

With boxes of voting sheets lining the basement floor of a Delaware County building, the election worker tells Miller, “There were six precincts in one location and all of the machines were, all of the scanners were, programmed to accept any ballot of those six precincts.”

“It was a nightmare,” the Delaware County official explained, adding that “you couldn’t, there’s no way you could reconcile” the results.

To a certain extent what is described there is little different than what Gumbel describes in his hilarious (and hair-raising) chapters on electronic ballots, mail-in ballots and scanners, starting in the 1970’s. This is just bigger than the elections he looked at.

They’ll be more stories to come from many US States as they repair the system and with Chinese Lung Rot in abeyance the primary reason for mail-in ballots, ballot-harvesting and the like will also recede. One note not mentioned in these articles or cases is that while the number and proportion of mail-in ballots showed massive increases in 2020 the error rates collapsed:

  • Georgia: 6.5% rejections in 2016 to a mere 0.2%, more than 30 times lower.
  • Pennsylvania: 1% in 2016 to 0.03% this year.
  • Nevada: 1.6% in 2016 to around 0.75% this year.
  • Michigan: 0.5% in 2016 to 0.1% this year.
  • North Carolina: 2.7% in 2016 to 0.8% this year.

The folks at FiveThirtyEight provide several sober reasons for this incredible improvement in quality control, but given the screwups in so many other areas of the election that looks like special pleading that would not be used if Trump had won.

We’ll have to wait for the 2024 elections to see if these miracles re-occur.

Meantime I’m reminded of a line from Down For The Count where the advisor of one long-forgotten losing candidate’s said of his opponents: “They cheated fair and square”.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 25, 2022 at 3:46 pm

The Northern US Confederacy

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Classical historian Victor Davis Hanson is always an interesting read. Just one of his books, Carnage and Culture, being an unusual take on Western warfare by looking at the often unseen cultural strands that tie into how the West has fought wars during the last two thousand years.

His long-form essays are good too, often derived from his unusual lifestyle mix. He lives in California’s Central Valley in an old farmhouse owned by his grandmother more than a century ago, and observes the daily events there – but then commutes to the coast every week to lecture, thus observing the lifestyles of the Silicon Valley crowd and other elites. Unlike most other academics he knows both worlds.

Thus this latest piece, The New Blue Confederacy. He asks the following hypothetical questions that could have been put the American public in the decades following the conclusion of the Civil War in April 1865:

  • One-hundred-fifty-six years from now, in the year 2021, where in the United States will Americans most likely discriminate on the basis of race?
  • Where will citizens squabble over the racial percentages of ancestral bloodlines, and schools admit or reject students in part on the DNA of an applicant?
  • Where will free speech and expression become most endangered?
  • Where will states’ rights boosters deny federal officers the right to enforce federal law?
  • Where will the major cities be the most unsafe and the middle classes the most embattled? And from which regions of the country will people flee, and to which will they migrate?

His factual observations may come as a surprise to people who only read the MSM or who only have “Liberal” friends in the USA, but will not come as a surprise to other people:

But there is a growing red state/blue state divide—encompassing an economic, cultural, social, and political totality. The public seems to sense that the blue-state model is the more hysterically neo-Confederate, and the red state the calmer and more Union-like. The former appears more unsustainable and intolerant, the latter is increasingly more livable and welcoming.

The people themselves are voting with their U-Hauls.

The only problem with this scenario is that these people may not have learned anything and will simply screw up their new homes by voting for the same dopey ideas. An influx of Californians has certainly done that to Colorado over the last decade, and may do the same to Nevada.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 2, 2021 at 6:53 am