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Why was Fetterman not pulled?

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In a previous post I looked at the disaster of a debate for the Democrat Senate Candidate for Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, whose cognitive problems from a stroke were finally made obvious.

How did it come to this? Fetterman had the stroke a week before the Democrat Primary vote and it’s been obvious that he’s not been the same since. In former days a candidate with these problems would have been told by the upper echelons of the Democrat Party that he needed to quit, winner or not. But the smoke-filled rooms of yore have been steadily replaced by the will of the Party voter since the upsets of 1968 – although Bernie Sanders would strongly disagree after his treatment in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. Jeff Goldstein had an even more cynical take:

Revealing though that is [from The Hill’s “Rising” co-anchor Briahna Joy Gray], given that most commentators would be reluctant to so candidly say the quiet part out loud — in this case, that clear and recognizable brain damage doesn’t disqualify one from the US Senate, because even a monkey can be trained to pull the proper partisan lever

John Fetterman – and Lump

However I think there are two equally powerful reasons why he has not been pulled by the DSCC.

First, the Democrats had already got away with running a brain-dead candidate (though not quite as bad) in 2020, with Joe Biden being hidden in the basement for his entire campaign (the Chinese Lung Rot pandemic was literally a once-in-a-century excuse) They must have thought they could do it again, and of course with Pennsylvania Democrats having turned election day into election season, there will have been thousands of votes cast by people who have no idea he’s this far gone (which is, of course, the point of both early voting and late debates).

But the second reason I think is more important, in that you can only pull off the first one if the MSM, especially the National MSM based in Washington D.C. gives you air cover by either not investigating such things or even outright helping the Democrats cover up bad things about their candidate. They did that for Biden. They do it for almost all Democrat candidates. As National Review (not my most fave magazine nowadays) put it:

Allow me to offer a controversial theory: A lot of Democratic Party candidates and strategists have bad judgment because they’ve grown used to a usually friendly media bailing them out of the consequences of their bad decisions. In light of last night, the decision-making of Fetterman and his campaign seems absurd — as MBD aptly summarized, “John Fetterman should not have been on a debate stage tonight. He should be at home, recovering from his stroke.”

A campaign does not attempt to fool people into believing that a severe-stroke victim is fine unless it’s convinced that the overwhelming majority of media in the state will be its ally and abandon their traditional role as watchdogs. The people around Fetterman are off their rockers, stupid, or both.

They tried to scare off the Republicans from touching the obvious subject, The Reputations Ruined by the Pennsylvania Senate Debate:

Even GOP Senatorial nominee Mehmet Oz “has decided to go there,” wrote Politico in an effort to suggest the issue is beyond the pale. The implication was clear: To press too hard for details about the candidate’s health concerns only served the GOP’s interests. So those questions went unanswered.

Perhaps the worst example of how far they were willing to go was when they piled on to one of their own, NBC News reporter Dasha Burns for daring to suggest that Fetterman had difficulty with questions and struggled to understand small talk in her recent interview of him:

The Associated Press, no less, published a report on the extent to which her “comment about Fetterman draws criticism,” a reportorial endeavor that consisted almost exclusively of curating mean tweets. “This is just nonsense,” podcaster and reporter Kara Swisher said of her colleague’s observation. “Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.” Fetterman’s “comprehension is not at all impaired,” insisted Rebecca Traister (New York magazine),

They all now look like useful idiots — and there’s no defense for this level of partisan spin. The man can barely function, and everyone with eyes can see it.

I guess the MSM is blind then because some of them actually continued to pull this gaslighting bullshit after that debate.

To be fair a handful of MSM reporters did allow that it had been “painful to watch”, but even those were spin efforts about guts, courage and “ableism”. But as journalist Selena Zeto points out, all this just made the crash even worse, for both the candidate and the MSM:

Many of those watching had no idea how bad Fetterman’s health was, causing disbelief that no one had reported this sooner. And many were angry that Democrats and reporters knew all about it and said nothing.

With the inevitable result.

And not just from an online poll about the debate itself but standard polls:

The InsiderAdvantage poll now has Oz up by three points over Fetterman, 47.5 percent to 44.8 percent, with 3.6 percent undecided; 65.9 percent of independents preferred Oz to 22.5 percent for Fetterman. So, it looks like Oz is sewing up the independent/undecided votes, and it’s likely many in that undecided category will break toward Oz. It’s also probably higher than that, given that polls tend to underestimate Republicans and oversample Democrats.

It likely has not fully factored in all the debate reaction yet, although they did have a question about it. This poll was taken on October 26

I don’t think even the Democrat machine in Phillie can beat that. And of course it all raises this point.


Written by Tom Hunter

October 29, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Bringing Memes to Life

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A staggering Marie Antoinette moment from America’s Vegetable In Chief – and this time the words fell out of his mouth instead of requiring an asshole like Rousseau to invent them and dump them in.

Biden was in Democrat-friendly Portland, Oregon – just about the only place where local Democrats can risk being seen with him – where he delivered remarks and forgot the name of the senator he’d just introduced some moments before. He even mangled the delivery of one of the stories he’s frequently told over the years about his grandfather. That’s how bad his brain has gotten.

Still, it’s better to see him eating ice cream than sniffing and fondling little girls in ways they clearly are uncomfortable with. The classic Uncle in the family who you don’t leave your girls alone with.

This guy deserves to have his Democrat party burned at the stake in the House and even the Senate on November 8 this year – and all indications are that they will be.

If you see an American poll that’s only about registered voters at this stage of the game you can ignore it. Turnout counts huge, especially in the Mid-Term elections where total voting is lower than in Presidential election year.

Also remember that such a “generic”, nation-wide poll is not much use if we’re talking about Senate elections – where it’s the number of seats being defended, specific State situations and often merely the candidates themselves that count – or Presidential elections because of the State-driven Electoral College election method.

However, such polls are a better indicator for the House. Also note that pollsters are increasingly concerned about not being able to reach “shy” GOP voters who don’t trust them. This has often led to polls undercounting the GOP vote in recent years:

The painful bite of inflation is far exceeding the Democrat’s desperate hope for another Culture War win on abortion.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 17, 2022 at 11:32 am

Laughter – the best medicine

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That’s the motto of Bob Jones’s blog, No Punches Pulled.

He’s right too, so take a few minutes out of your Thursday morning, make sure you’ve finished your coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy two minutes of video and musical goodness as you watch The Leader of The Free World in action.

America must be so proud.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 13, 2022 at 10:04 am

“President” Biden: The Ghost Whisperer

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Since he entered the Democrat Primaries for the Presidential nomination in 2019, I’ve documented Joe Biden’s slow decline into a state of senile dementia, usually with numerous video clips where you can’t deny what your eyes have just seen or what your ears have just heard.

Admittedly even before senile dementia set in, Biden made gaffes. In one infamous clip from 2008, then-Senator Biden, who by that point was also Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate, urged a Democrat member of the Missouri state senate to “Stand up Chuck, let ’em see you.” The man was in a wheelchair. But that’s probably just ignorance and a failure of his staff to brief him.

I was hardly alone in making this assessment; during the 2019-2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign season, a number of his Democratic opponents and even some in the mainstream media raised questions about Biden’s fitness to serve as president and commander in chief considering how he looked and sometimes acted confused and out of sorts while on the campaign trail.

However I’ve stopped pushing this in recent months simply because there’s almost one every other day now (“You go this way”) and it seems pointless to keep hammering a fact that’s accepted by all except partisan fanatics and shit-posting trolls.

But what occurred last week is in a class by itself.

A month ago a Republican member of Congress, Jackie Walorski, died in a car accident when her driver passed another car at high speed on a two-lane road in Indiana. As per normal the President sent his condolences to her family. As it happens Walorski was the co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus and the White House decided to have a conference on hunger, nutrition, and health, with Biden giving a speech during which he would honor her. He had notes and a teleprompter set up and even a video that would play in tribute to her. Then this happened:

You might make the same excuse here as for the “Chuck” incident in 2008, since statements of condolence are drafted up by the staff and it may not be something that a busy person remembers, or even saw.

Except that it turns out that Biden actually spoke to her family by telephone about her death back in August. How the fuck do you forget something like that just a month later?

“It’s par for the course,” Keith Walorski told The Post of Biden’s bizarre gaffe. “I feel sorry for him, really.”

“He made a phone call after my sister was killed and he was very sincere in his relaying the grief process because he’s been through that grief process, he knows all about it,” he added.

“All I’m saying right now about the president is bless his heart for trying... I don’t know what else to say. He is doing the best he can do with what he’s got right now.”

That’s an incredibly generous assessment and I suppose Joe is “trying” to cope with his dementia – with a lot of help, especially from his wife, Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden. But that doesn’t cut it as President of the United States. He’s trying to do the job – and failing – and “the best he can do” is just nowhere good enough for what the job demands. This guy has the nuclear launch codes and right now there’s a shooting war in Europe involving Russia, a nuclear power. Recall all the Lefty attacks on Reagan with the same arguments back in the 1980’s? Now it’s crickets.

Or perhaps not entirely crickets. The WH Press conference in the wake of this “gaffe” turned into a shitstorm as even the MSM reporters went after the hapless and hopeless press secretary, Jean-Pierre, and her repeated babbling of the talking point that Biden only said this because Walorski had been “at-top-of-mind” for Biden, which she clung to like a drowning woman and which demonstrated the extent of The Stupid in this WH.

For once the press wasn’t buying it. According to a lengthy video thread from Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Houck, at least six different reporters, including some from CBS News and CNN, wouldn’t let the issue go, flustering Jean-Pierre. Key reporter quotes:

“I have John Lennon top of mind just about every day but I’m not looking around for him anywhere.”

“Why don’t you just apologize? Sounds like you’re making excuses.”

“These moments of confusion are happening with increasing frequency.”

That last one is the killer line, and as another reporter noted:

It feels significant that this incident isn’t just getting the Twitter viral video treatment, but is actually getting written up in the New York Times. Joe Biden’s mental fitness is an issue and it’s time the press takes it seriously. No amount of briefing spin can change that.

Still, the MSM coverage of this was minimal, even as some of their own WH reporters hounded the Mop-Topped Muppet at the podium, and part of the reason for that minimal coverage was due to the pool reporter. That’s a rotating position and the person selected writes up a press conference for the use of all media outlets who could not be present – thousands of local media across the USA and around the world. Turns out that they were not even informed that this happened in the pool report about the actual event.

The White House print pool reporter today is Alex Nazaryan. This incident does not appear in the White House pool reports for this event. Why is that, Alex?

Oh I think I can guess why, based on Mr Nazaryan’s history:

So there he claims that he’s not saying this to defend socialism. Oh, no, no, no. He just wants to be accurate. But not accurate in his pool report about Biden showing his scary dementia. Another suckhole defender of the Democrats.

Still, after this incident the self-imposed media moratorium on questioning Biden’s mental health and state of mind appears to be officially over, because the incident was just too concerning, too eye-opening even for those in the press who had previously operated from the “insensitive” perspective on questions that have been raised about his mental fitness for over three years now.

Every time we see him out in public we are subjected to images of the US President stumbling, walking with the fragility of a man who isn’t quite in control of all of his bodily functions, trying to shake hands with people who aren’t there, looking to handlers to help him find his way off a stage or out of a room…the list just goes on and on.

But if you think we’re finally approaching the stage where even the Democrats might remove him from the Presidency I would remind you of the problems using the 25th Amendment to get rid of Biden. There’s also this problem:

She did not catch her own mistake. Kamala Harris is everything about a Vice President that the Left swore would be the case with Sarah Palin if McCain had won in 2008. If Joe is yanked and this idiot takes her place perhaps she can pull Press Secretary Jean-Pierre in as the new VP. Imagine that: not one but two Women Of Colour in the two top power positions in the USA.

And it would make Harris look smarter.

See also:

Written by Tom Hunter

October 1, 2022 at 9:49 am

Your Daily Sniff and Vomit

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And just like that, #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen were dead.

Have you purged yourself today?

Have you digested your breakfast and lunch?

No coffee, wine, whiskey or other drinks at hand at the moment?

Good. Then you are ready for this.

Nothing new here of course, as Liberal loudmouth actress Alyssa Milano already demonstrated two years ago.

I’m guessing that all of these women are sickened by OrangeHitler and that none of them ever paid any attention to Tara Reade (who?), even though VP Kamala Harris did.

As did others. Which makes sense given that this guy has history.

Related, Not a mask but a sickbag.


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I’m not sure this received the media coverage it deserves but I was both amused and saddened (for America and the world) to see Jo Biden ending a speech and say out loud ‘out now I have to take a couple of steps to the right and stand on the blue dot’. A further indication of the cognitive difficulties faced by the 46th President.

Just at what point does the 25th Amendment of the Constitution come into play? Big call I know but Biden is only 16 months into his four year term and much more of this and the question becomes more than moot.

President Harris … now there’s a really scary thought.

Written by The Veteran

May 6, 2022 at 12:15 pm

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An amazing interview

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Now that even the NYT and Washington Post, plus reef fish like CNN and MSNBC, have acknowledged that Hunter Biden’s laptop and contents are the real deal and not “Russian Disinformation”, it’s interesting to go back to the source of the story, the Mac repair guy, and see what he has to say about it.

The following lengthy Breitbart interview of the man is both fascinating and horrifying. There are several portions that I think need to be quoted. First up, his dealings with the FBI about the laptop:

JM: I don’t look at it that way. My ‘What if?’ is ‘What if the FBI had done its job?’ What if they had taken the drive in October of 2019 and done something with it instead of doing nothing with it?’ I count four times, including the time Rudy handed it to them, that the FBI had the opportunity to do something and chose not to. If they had done something two-and-a-half years ago, maybe now I would have a job and I wouldn’t have had to have gone to Giuliani and Giuliani wouldn’t have had to go to the Post to get the truth out.

Then there is that Washington Post contact by Giuliani:

JM: I remember, the day after the story broke, it was October 15 [2019],  and I had CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post in my store. It was immediately obvious they were only there to catch me in a lie. They were not there for the truth. They wanted to catch me revealing their narrative. I told them everything. I offered to show them a photo of Hunter’s signed authorization. They weren’t interested. They were only interested in their narrative. They were only interested in what their trusted government sources were feeding them. So they published nothing I said because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear— that this was a valid, factual, and consequential story.

Yesterday, I left a comment with the Washington Post and they probably won’t publish that.

BNN: CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post didn’t use anything you said back when the story first broke?

JM: They were only interested in discrediting me. If not, they would have told the public what I told them. The thing that messed me up is that I wasn’t ready for this. No one coached me. I didn’t even know what I could or could not say. I’m cornered in my shop by five members of the press. It was a very awkward interview. I was as uncomfortable as I have ever been. My main concern was protecting my family. I didn’t want my dad harassed so it was awkward.

I find it amazing that Giuliani could have been naive enough to think that the WaPo would treat the story as evidence of Hunter Biden’s corruption and then follow-up with hard questions for Joe Biden and further investigation: that he never thought they’d run the opposite angle. It’s a key lesson for every single GOP politician and activist: never, ever trust the NYT, WaPo or any of the MSM again. They’re actively working for the Democrat Party and they will destroy you, even if you’re a nobody, in order to get Democrats elected. As the journalist who interviewed him, John Nolte says:

You can’t go to the media anymore. It used to be that if you could just get the truth to the media, the media would publish the truth and the truth would protect you. There are all kinds of movies about this, about how the goal is to find a heroic journalist who will tell the truth and save you… The Three Days of the Condor, The Pelican Brief, The China Syndrome… The idea was always this: if the government and big business were about to crush and destroy you — you, the individual, the brave truth-teller, the lonely whistleblower —  there was always a safe place to run. 

No more. They’re all in on it.

In this case “JM” had to abandon his business and get out of Biden’s state, Delaware, for a year. Even now he’s still getting harassed as a “Putin stooge” and a “criminal hacker”, despite having jumped through every legal hoop to do it right, including with the FBI. He did at least get good protection from the local cops in the face of multiple death threats from Biden supporters. But there’s still damage:

JM: Bankruptcy is possible. I could lose my house. I’m not there yet and I hope not to lose my house. A friend finally convinced me to let her open a GiveSendGo account to help me out. That’s helping some. I’m also doing odd jobs, like going to people’s homes and picking up trash for twenty dollars an hour. It’s not like fixing computers like I used to. I’m reluctant to go back into that business because I have no control over who will show up.

Speaking of trust there’s this from “JM”: he doesn’t blame the WaPo after they “failed” to protect his identity by not blurring out the name of his little shop from a photo in their article, which is when the trouble started:

JM: (laughs) With the New York Times finally coming out last week and admitting the laptop was real, that’s what I want to see more of. The more that news gets out that I’m not a hacker, not a Russian spy, not a traitor, the more quickly and efficiently I can rebuild my life. Once people realize ‘He’s not these things, He did the right things,’ then I feel I will have an opportunity to rebuild my life. Last week, with the New York Times’ admission, that was the first glimmer of hope I’ve had in over a year. It’s only one news source, but the Washington Post just reached out to me, so…

JM: You have to trust that system, that it’s going to work. Once you go outside the system, it has no purpose.

Oh dear. He also still believes in the system that largely destroyed him.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 3, 2022 at 2:00 pm

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power”

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“Trump has been bad for the Western Alliance nations. He has fundamentally weakened the Alliances. Biden will get them working again.”

That comment continues to be Gold as the low-IQ dementia patient currently acting as the US President horrifies his allies in Europe and around the world by saying brain-dead things in public that have to be walked back.

A couple of months ago it was the “minor incursion” comment that drew a tough, if diplomatic response from President Zelensky, as well as both the French and German leaders diplomatically telling Biden that they were quite happy to talk to Putin themselves without Biden.

They knew of which they spoke. When you’re trying to talk somebody like Putin out of starting another war or trying to negotiate with him to end one, the last thing you need is an idiot who will blurt un-diplomatic soundbites, especially those containing implied threats about the other’s imminent demise.

To be fair we’d already had one idiot senior US politician, Senator Lindsay Graham (Now this is a stupid GOP Senator), foolishly opine about the need for a Brutus or Stauffenberg in Putin’s circle. As I said at the time, you or I might think that but its outrageously stupid to have it said by such a prominent American government official.

But what happened yesterday in Poland with Biden’s speech is far worse than that, simply because he’s the US President and it was part of a formal, serious speech. I think the intention of his staff was to try and make him a Wartime President, boosting his dreadful polling and giving some hope to his Democrat Party as they face a catastrophe in this year’s Mid-Term elections. To do this they sent Biden to Poland and gave him a speech that would mirror JFK’s Ich bin ein Berliner” and Reagan’s “tear down this wall” efforts.

BTW, that last link also shows how a 76 year old Reagan, already being accused of suffering from dementia, actually led the fight to have those words included against the wishes of the State Department and sundry other experts because it would be “inflammatory”. Now ask yourself whether 79 year old Biden would be capable of the same?.

Allowing Biden to speak in public is never a good idea. He’s easily confused and screws up reading the teleprompter, mashing up words and sentences – and often ad libs whatever emotion he’s feeling in the moment. (when the WH or MSM says “ad libs” it means they have no idea what’s going to come out of his mouth at any minute). In this case the speech probably looked okay (the original still isn’t available), even if it did come across as the declaration of a new multi-generation Cold War against Russia (those polls remember). But at the end, Biden just couldn’t control himself and allowed his brain to directly hook into his mouth by referring to Putin and then blurting out “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

So much for for Sun Tzu’s famous advice:’

“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

Even during the Cold War no US President ever made such a demand of its enemies, even the minor ones. It’s the last thing you do when you’re trying to negotiate an end to war or cool things down. Also, Biden confirmed much of Putin’s most beloved propaganda about what the US wants to do to Russia, propaganda he’ll recycle to Russians. The White House, who actually have people with higher IQ’s and no dementia problems, immediately tried to walk it back:

“The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region,” a statement attributed to a senior White House official read. “He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”

Yeah… Nah. The fallout among the Western allies was immediate and brutal:

Emmanuel Macron led a chorus of disapproval following the US president’s comments, in which he called Vladimir Putin a “butcher” and insisted the Russian premier “cannot remain in power”.
Rebuking his US counterpart, Mr Macron, the French president, said on Sunday: “I think we must do everything to avoid the situation getting out of hand. I wouldn’t use these kinds of words because I’m still in talks with President Putin.”
Downing Street said it was for the Russian people to choose their leader, while Mr Biden’s own secretary of state contradicted the president in an attempt to limit the diplomatic fallout.
A senior US diplomat said Mr Biden had “made a dangerous situation more dangerous” and threatened to “extend the scope and duration” of the conflict.
A Downing Street spokesman said that regime change was not a policy being pursued by Boris Johnson and echoed comments made by Nadhim Zahawi earlier.
In the US, there was a recognition that Mr Biden had made a serious error of judgment.

I disagree. It wasn’t judgement at all. It was just Biden being angry at Putin (a man he’s called a “butcher”, “pure thug” as well as someone with no soul), the usual angry outburst you get from senile old men. Ad libbed or not he meant to say it: it may have escaped but it came from what’s left of his brain.

Apart from his WH team there were also efforts by his MSM friends to clean up the mess, although even the Washington Post had to make some damaging admissions:

White House officials were adamant the remark was not a sign of a policy change, but they did concede it was just the latest example of Biden’s penchant for stumbling off message. And like many of his unintended comments, they came at the end of his speech as he ad-libbed and veered from the carefully crafted text on the teleprompter.

As Liberal law professor Ann Althouse said in response:

Do you believe that? I don’t. There is mind-blowing incompetence whether it’s true or false. How can you have a United States President, giving the most high-profile speech on the most dire matter, and accept that he stumbles off message. It’s his penchant. They had a “carefully crafted text,” but he veered.

She also pointed out that Trump would never have done this – but he is not mentioned in that WaPo article. 🙂

Back in Washington a chastened Biden said “No” when asked if he was demanding regime change in Russia. But it’s a bell that can’t be unrung; Biden blurted out what he was really thinking and we can only hope that it wasn’t also based on what he may have been hearing from his staff.

Although it will overshadow them, this was the third Biden gaffe on this trip that has had to be cleaned up by WH staff:

On Friday, the White House reassured people that Biden would not send American troops into Ukraine, even after the president spoke with the troops about what they would see when they got to the country.

On Thursday, the White House had to clarify that Biden did not mean the United States would use chemical weapons when he said that if Putin used them the United States and NATO would respond “in kind.”

When all the Biden supporters around the world said that his election would mean a return to normality, to “norms”, I don’t think the current US situation in domestic or foreign policy was what they were thinking. But it should have been because with this guy, all of it was entirely possible.

But no mean, embarrassing Tweets, amiright?

I did love this comment from Althouse’s blog:

Is General Milley going to call up the Russians and to assure them that the United States was “100 percent steady” and not on the brink of collapse or war?

I mean, Surely, Milley “was certain that Biden had gone into a serious mental decline”

Or, do i have my Presidents mixed up? OR, did Milley have His Presidents mixed up?

Let’s also recall the recent WSJ editorial:

It’s not too harsh a judgment to say that this is a man who has risen to the top of American public life without a trace of accomplishment. When you’ve been in national politics for almost 50 years, you ought to have achieved something, if only by accident. But this journeyman politician, when he wasn’t getting almost all the big issues wrong, was largely a bystander. He is now a husk of a leader, a dangerously debilitated figure, who oscillates between displays of vacuous incoherence and weird, angry outbursts, like a confused old man at the wrong bus stop.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 28, 2022 at 6:37 pm

Kill Big Tech – and the CIA, DHS

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The next GOP President needs to treat Google, FaceTwit and the rest of the Silicon Valley biggies the same way that Teddy Roosevelt treated Standard Oil.

Bust them up.

People thought oil was a dominant energy as early as the 1900’s, when we were less reliant on it than we are now.

But these people control the information flows of the world, and in the wake of the 2020 election and the shit they pulled with Hunter Biden’s laptop, plus other things about Joe Biden that should have been put before the American voter, it’s obvious that such dominance in the field is far more powerful.

Also, the next GOP President needs to take a hammer to US intelligence agencies, as GW Bush did not do in the wake of the massive failure of the CIA, FBI and the rest on 9/11. Instead he threw yet another blanket of bureaucracy over the top of them called The Department of Homeland Security that supposedly would tie them together more effectively.

They’ve always been political, but now it’s reached levels that are not acceptable for a democracy. They’re not so good at stopping the US getting screwed by its enemies but they’re very good at playing political games in Washington D.C.

Read the Powerline article for the specific list of these assholes and what they’re saying now about Hunter Biden’s laptop in response to follow-up questions. Note also their jobs: there’s no consequences for members of The Establishment.

Another Powerline article sums up the response more accurately

The New York Times expresses no regret because it doesn’t regret what it did. The Times isn’t a newspaper, it is a mouthpiece. Its purpose was obvious. It was the same purpose that animated many other news outlets, Twitter, and the 51 lying spies: they were trying to get Joe Biden elected president.

That effort succeeded. Lying about the laptop was just one of many corners they cut to achieve their desired objective, but poll data suggest that it was one of the most important. If voters had realized how demonstrably corrupt Joe Biden is–no one has ever bribed Hunter Biden–polls suggest that Donald Trump would have been re-elected. Liberal news outlets are proud of the fact that they acted together to prevent that awful possibility. If it took some lies to accomplish the mission, so what?

Thus, I attribute little significance to the New York Times’ casual acknowledgement that it blew the Hunter laptop story–really, it blew the 2020 election, if you think the Times is trying to report objectively on the news. But of course no one thinks that. For the Times, Twitter, and countless other liberal institutions, their lies about Joe Biden and Donald Trump accomplished the intended mission. There will be no apologies, no regrets–only, behind the scenes, discreet high fives.

The same is true of every person around the world who supported Joe Biden.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 21, 2022 at 7:42 am

Weekend Hunter Headlines

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Of course these won’t be headlines, even though they should be.

First up is news from the world of US Left-Wing corruption, starting with Burn Loot Murder seemingly having nobody in charge of the accounts that still have $60 million of donated moolah sitting in them. You know that it’s actually a sign of respect (a small sign) that the BLM leaders ripped off only $30 million from it. I guess there were more BLM real estate investors like Patrisse Cullors than anybody knew.

Anyway the good news is that a lawyer has stepped in to take care of things: Marc Elias. And who is he? Why he’s Hillary Clinton’s chief fixer, her Russia Collusion cut-out man, and as a result currently a person of interest for the Durham inquiry. Remember that great TIME magazine story about how the 2020 election was “fortified”?:

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

So the word went out: stand down.

So the Democrat Party, which claims to be separate from BLM and Antifa, can strike deals with them to tamp down on the violence and rioting the two months before the election so that they don’t hurt the Democrats’ chances – all while claiming to not have anything to do with them – besides donating to them and bailing their criminal thugs out of jail. And now, over a year later, one of Clinton’s key guys swoops in to take care of BLM’s loose change

Elias, best known for his funding of British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s discredited anti-Trump dossier while he served as Clinton’s 2016 campaign general counsel, appears to be representing the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation through his recently formed Elias Law Group. BLM’s national organization repeatedly lists the Elias firm as one of its addresses and states in its short-year 2020 Form 990 that its books were now in the care of the Elias Law Group.

Additionally, Minyon Moore, a longtime top ally of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, is now listed as part of BLM’s board of directors in the charity’s filings.

The level of corruption in Washington D.C. is off the scale, in the sense that these people can pull these stunts right in front of you and get away with it. Of course part of the secret to getting away with it is to have cover from the MSM, like the NYT – and this news deserves to go not to them but their cross-town rivals, the NY Post, who cracked the original story of Hunter Biden’s laptop:

How did The Times “authenticate” the laptop? It doesn’t say. Unlike The Post’s reporting, which detailed exactly how we got the files and where they came from, The Times does a hand wave to anonymous sources. No facts have changed since fall 2020. They knew the laptop was real from the start. They just didn’t want to say so.

There’s never any shame with these 180s. Sorry that we wrote a “fact check” that turned out to be bull! Sorry we wrote a piece claiming something wasn’t a story and you were stupid for thinking so!

Twitter banned us for supposedly publishing “hacked materials” that weren’t hacked. The company’s CEO apologized, but by that point they had accomplished what they wanted. Like The Times, they cast enough doubt to avoid making their preferred candidate look bad.

Readers of The Times have discovered in March 2022 that Hunter Biden pursued business deals in Europe and Asia, and may have leveraged his father’s position as vice president to do it. Hunter also may not have properly registered with the government nor declared all his income. All legitimate topics of discussion about a presidential candidate’s family, no?

Readers of The Post have known this since October 2020. We also have a much better sports section. We’ve authenticated it.

Remember that the Post is dismissed as a mere “tabloid” – unlike that paragon of reporting, the NYT, who ignored this story in late 2020 because the only thing that mattered was beating Trump, and who now bury it 20 pages into their A-section. Remember also that they and the WaPo, among others, screamed about how some fifty retired “intelligence professionals” swore up hill and down dale that the laptop story was “Russian Disinformation”. What are the odds that any of these MSM “journalists” will follow-up on those assholes?

And gee, who could the President of the United States have been thinking of when he gaffed this out the other day unscripted…

Between naked shots, hookers, cocaine, booze and shady deals from China to the Ukraine the question is what Putin and the FSB (and the Chinese) don’t have on Joe Biden.