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I have previously blogged on my favorite cities with Wellington top of the pops (and Palmerston North, my birthplace and Milt’s mon repos somewhere near the bottom as per John Cleese’s summation).

Now for small town New Zealand and in no order of preference …

North Island – Mongonui, Martinborough and Greytown.

South Island – Geraldine and Oamaru (although hardly a small town)

Least favorite – Patea and Greymouth.


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August 5, 2020 at 2:30 pm

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However entirely predictable and alas, with a sycophantic inept MSM, will never get the exposure such unfortunate outcomes so apparent to thinking people clearly in a minority, might become aware of.

The opening comment on Kiwiblog this morning relates a sad tale of medical disaster that will be only one of many. Along with suicides of which the Mad Butcher Franchise holder in Pukekohe, Roy Green 38, is alleged to have taken his own life a week after his business was placed in liquidation after being prevented from opening at the commencement of the onset destruction of many small business struggling to remain economically viable in the whirlwind of Corona Virus panic initiated by the Ninth floor of the beehive. Also as the sad reveal on Farrar’s blog informs, the chaotic mismanagement of on the ground delivery of health services in the election focussed charade on a daily basis, promoting the Angel herself saving eighty thousand New Zealanders. The reality slowly emerging is rather different as adding a few weeks months or even years to people ending their time on earth at the expense of healthy parents of little ones and contributors to the engine room of creative new Zealand threatened in the panic driven response from those ill equipped to manage such challenging events.

The person at the center of todays post at KB was, it is claimed, was denied a best chance of successful treatment because the entire NZ hospital system was put into a coma to prepare for a never to arrive overwhelming ICU demand primarily targeted to save mostly people in a waiting for god situation with some or many comorbidities. That was entirely predictable for people who actually deliver health services in the public system but if the media presentation is to be assessed, they remained strangely silent. Anecdotal evidence abounds of ICUs lying idle waiting for the tsunami of threatened people that never arrived. In actual fact around half the deaths with corona virus for NZ apparently came from a single resthome in South Christchurch in Rose Avenue that possibly suffered a serious failure arising from a returning staff member from a Central Pacific nation carrying Covid 19.

I have alluded previously to the totally ignored allied disasters both medical and economic, the lockdown policy perpetrated by an out of their depth coterie intent on kneejerk reactions rather than a planned response scenario. Todays sad tale on KB is only one of many awaiting revealing but as spasmodic and isolated as they will emerge, will have a very minor impact on what actually was inflicted on NZ Inc in a totally over reaction strategy.

Yes there may be deficiencies in how that person was treated that can be placed differently, perhaps by better equipped and or resourced who may have found quicker treatment but just as Yesterdays victims of Kloogh were never sufficiently aware of options, tragedy quickly become mere statistics.

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August 5, 2020 at 9:52 am

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Black and White Views of America

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Two people’s views on what’s happening in America at the moment with all the BLM protests and stuff – which are dying down a bit except in places like Seattle and especially Portland (94% White).

First up is the White view:

I have to admit that between the naked torso, the short hair and his overfed mate beside him in the chair, he sure could be one of those White Supremacist Proud Boy Boogaloo provocatuers I keep being assured are the real problems in Portland, with all their incitement of those “peaceful protestors” (TM). But I don’t see any Hawaiian Shirts or an an umbrella.

Anyhoo, next up is a Black view.

She seems righteously pissed off with juiceb0x4’s question:

And don’t ever ‘black me in America’ again“.

Four years ago I wondered if Trump would go after the Black and Hispanic vote in the USA, and whether he would succeed in beating the efforts of previous GOP contenders like Bush. He certainly has tried, and it may be that he’s succeeding.

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August 5, 2020 at 6:00 am

NZDF liars come off second-best in a dispute with Jon Stephenson for the second time, how about we stop paying for their lawyers?

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The inquiry into Operation Burnham prompted by Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson’s book Hit and Run has issued its report, Inquiry into Operation Burnham.  The report finds (unsurprisingly, given NZDF’s previous interactions with Jon Stephenson) that the NZDF misled Ministers of Defence about what happened.

That hasn’t prevented some of my fellow authors here from posting as though the report vindicated the NZDF.  It doesn’t.  It wouldn’t have been surprising if it had vindicated the military, mind you – as Nicky Hager points out:

“…the Inquiry process was highly unequal. NZDF and other government agencies spent millions of dollars of public money trying to deny any wrongdoing, while the authors and public were not allowed to analyse and contest the agencies’ secret submissions and evidence. Military officers were repeatedly given the benefit of the doubt; but not so the villagers.”

That comes from Hager’s response to the report. Here’s some more from it:

“The report confirms most key allegations in the book. It….

Confirms civilians were killed and injured (and did not reach a decision for most other deaths whether or not they were civilians)

Confirms a child was killed (Mr Hager and the Inquiry differ over whether there is “sufficient evidence” to be sure she was called Fatima) (5/93)

Confirms that reports of civilian casualties were denied and hidden by named SAS officers

Confirms NZDF did not give aid to the wounded (Mr Hager and Inquiry differ on whether it was legally obliged to do so (6/144)

Confirms the NZDF mission failed in its objective; the troops did not capture or kill either of the insurgent leaders they were seeking

Confirms NZDF failed to investigate civilian casualties (9/149)

Confirms no weapons were fired at the NZ-led forces at any stage of the operation (5/38)

Confirms that, contrary to NZDF claims, the raid occurred in the two villages named in the book, Naik and Khak Khuday Dad (3/4)

Confirms that both target houses were burned during the raid, and one of them was further damaged at a later date (however Mr Hager and the Inquiry disagree over whether this was deliberate)

Confirms the NZSAS breached the Geneva Conventions by handing over a prisoner to torture (11/144)

Confirms an NZSAS trooper assaulted a prisoner while bound and blindfolded, again breaching the Geneva Conventions (10/28)

Confirms Ministers were misled by NZDF (eg ch 1, clause 7.5.2)

Finds the NZDF response to reports of civilian casualties was “deeply troubling”, reflecting conduct and events over a number of years (9/1)

Finds a “surprising level of ineptitude and disorganisation within NZDF Headquarters” (9/165)

“This is an extremely serious list of findings.”

It sure is.  It’s also a sign of the low expectations we’ve come to have of our military leadership that a report that describes improper conduct by named officers can be treated by NZDF as being pretty much an endorsement of its conduct, without serious objection by journalists.


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August 4, 2020 at 8:38 pm

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The late Justice Peter Mahon, So Much Better

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For those still reaching to raise their bat for a half century the Erebus disaster is a relic of history that happened over forty years ago, like the Wahine Ferry sinking after hitting rocks at the entrance to Wellington Harbour another decade earlier also labelled a disaster both events had more rumour than fact about cause and blame. With potential costs to central government corporates spent considerable effort to obscure what happened. With Erebus it was simpler with both the Pilot and his Right seat companion both dead it was not long before Pilot Error gained currency as the Cause.

Because over two hundred and fifty perished on the slopes of Mt Erebus the Government was eventually in the position of reluctantly creating a Royal Commission to investigate. Of course that action is normally set up with terms of reference as to what the government wants as an outcome and a reliable Commissioner or plural to come up with a sanguine inquiry outcome to satisfy a public wanting answers and those still around to be left with at least deniable responsibility.

Now unless one was involved with the justice system or more likely court proceedings, the Name Peter Mahon did not cross the consciousness of most citizens but by the end of an exhaustive inquiry his name became a household one. Mahon courageously sought a truth those in Government and at Air New Zealand Head office wanted to remain obscured. In his findings Mahon having discovered a significant series of facts many wanted to remain hidden.

The evening before TE109 departed AKL to Antarctica without informing Pilot Jim Collins and his Copilot Greg Cashin, ground based operators altered the coordinates of the DC10 on board navigation computer from a path down McMurdo Sound to take the aircraft on a direct course to Mt Erebus a volcanic peak on Ross Island some distance to the West of where previous flights had tracked. Royal Commissioner Justice Peter Mahon QC after listening to varying degrees of obfuscation and butt covering by Air New Zealand staff intent on pinning the entire blame on the now dead Captain Jim Collins and Co pilot Greg Cashen for descending below the suggested minimum height limit of around 6000 ft as had almost all previous flights to enable those on board to actually see the ground based features. In his findings Mahon created a phrase that is still pretty evident as a summation of Morry Davis and his coterie of shiny arsed seat warmers of The Commission having “listened to an orchestrated litany of lies”

The matter eventually came before the London Based Privy Council who found Mahon had acted in breach of natural justice in finding Air New Zealand had formed a ‘Conspiracy’ before the commission. It was not very long after that Mahons health ended his life.

However his Orchestrated litany of lies ” had entered the lexicon of New Zealand.

There was no such defining phrase for the total demolition of Hager the orible and Jon Stephensons equally fictitious account of Operation Burnham recounting their revised history of a NZ defense force SAS operation in Banyam Province in Afghanistan. I am not going to recount the work of Thomas and Palmer in trying to understand the hatchet Job Hager claimed as vindicated after that report was released but it is well covered at BFD News by Cameron Slater under the heading “What The Media Failed to Tell You About the Hit and Run Authors”. No succinct one liner but a destructive assault on Hager and Stephenson and their scarce links to truth. Very revealing of what can be retrieved from ones locator beacon c2020.

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August 4, 2020 at 2:06 pm

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It took Judith Collins to reveal that St Jacinda has pulled out of the TV3 leaders debate.

Good decision by Jacinda … I mean why subject yourself to be done over like a dinner.

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August 4, 2020 at 1:42 pm

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Bad Tidings for TDS Sufferers

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Observers of American politics will have noted how in 2016 the majority of the opinion polls got the final result horribly wrong. Not only that but results early in the piece seemed to weigh heavily in favour of the Democrats’ dog candidate Hillary Clinton.

Fast forward to 2020 and, lo and behold, the same thing is happening, except this time the Democrats have a dead dog’s donger for a candidate.

I think you’d be pretty close to the mark if you thought the majority of American opinion polls were being used by their Democrat media sponsors to influence voters rather than to record what they think. The most common subterfuge used by the pollsters for CNN, NYT, WAPO, LAT, ABC et al is the trick of weighting the sample in favour of Democrats while reducing the numbers of Republicans and Independents interviewed.

Lately Adolf has been looking askance at these projections of wide margins in favour of Biden when, at the same time the reliable Rasmussen has the President enjoying record approval of his performance.

How refreshing it is, therefore, to see a Pommy newspaper go into the US and commission it’s own thorough nation wide poll. Surprise, surprise, the results show a positive trend for the president on all fronts and in particular a 2% lead in the public vote and a massive electoral college victory.

The third in a series of monthly Democracy Institute/ Sunday Express polls has given President Trump a surprise lead over his Democrat rival of 48 percent to 46 percent, his clearest lead yet.

Crucially, President Trump has a lead of 48 percent to 43 percent in the swing states Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which would put him back in the White House with an electoral college tally of 309 to Biden’s 229.

The results for black and hispanic voting support alone would be enough to comfortably re-elect resident Trump.

White voters: Trump = 53%   Biden = 46% 

Black: Trump 20%    Biden = 77% 

Hispanic: Trump 38%    Biden = 51% 

Eat your hearts out lefties and pseudo righties!!!!!!!!!

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August 4, 2020 at 1:05 pm

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Have to say that of all the sport I watch on TV 1st XV Rugby is, for me, required viewing. Amateur Rugby at its best. The skills exhibited are outstanding and these young men have no fear. Lotsa flair which is in danger of being edited out of the professional game by coaches who dine out on patterned Rugby.

Don’t expect Greenies to understand. Contact sport is off their agenda … clearly they yearn for the day where tiddlywinks is the sport of choice for schoolkids provided always there are no losers.

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August 4, 2020 at 12:01 pm

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With a minor difference, ths one used intense “friendship” as a main marketing tool as an extra layer over the normal smooth talking of a run of the mill con-artist Even to visiting one of his victims on his “death bed” so he passed secure in the “friendship of the nice Mr Kloogh was not discovered as the total fraud it is now revealed to be. The widow not so fortunate she lives with the certainty they were one of his many “victims”

Fifteen million might mean five years in the poky but if his acuity and methodology associated in the accumulation of the now missing fifteen million plus, is to be assessed, he will only be in his early sixties when what passes for a justice system releases him for the opportunity to enjoy what ever he has managed to stash away. Even at say a third remaining one million a year tax free for his time in splendid accommodation might be seen as not so bad.

I at one time held a REINZ licence but gave it away because the annual “fidelity fund” contributions when not actually working in the industry seemed to be a waste of money, of course now it is no longer a part of the overheads of that often maligned industry.

How there is no system of collective responsibility for “finance advisors” to provide for what will always be the bad eggs who use such a title to gain trust and opportunity to enable misappropriation to happen seems to be a mystery. Even if the victims could recover a small part of a loss would make their suffering a little less painful

Why am I writing this, quite simple really. A lovely couple who would do anything to help others, one suffering from a degenerative neurological ailment have lost their retirement savings to the duplicitous Mr Kloogh, invested in his ponzi scheme after a concerted effort of grooming and friendship convinced them he was a great advisor in matters financial, clearly a field where their capacity for such matters suggested his “help” was a godsend.

Yes I understand such things are fraught and buyer beware is a recurring mantra but this piece of excrement was something else and although a sentence of less than nine years for his efforts might seem a penalty to some , the reality of the stupid parole system that will discount that to nearer five years is a travesty. He will be out before he gets the bloody pension! To believe he has spent the whole fifteen point seven million dollars is very difficult to believe. Any man this rat cunning will have disappeared enough of it to where he can enjoy it after the five years incarceration is almost a given.

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August 4, 2020 at 11:02 am

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The Little Helper

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I was struck by this video of a little boy who has an unusual set of heros.

Check out his outfit, and the response he gets from the men he follows.

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August 4, 2020 at 9:45 am

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