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One sometimes hears a lamenting from an Academic over the level of scholastic achievement by people embarking on a course of study at a University.

Cease with that, as this morning on Newstalk ZB a Professor of Immunology from Otago University as I think she was alluded to, used the newspeak for a group at risk as Vunrable when she might have been referring to Vulnerable.

If a bloody Professor can’t pronounce a simple word widely used in times past in referring to “at risk” then maybe the academic staff need to review their standards before piling on the product of our school education system.

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March 8, 2021 at 8:07 am

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Never Trust An Expert

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I see the nest of leftist vipers masquerading as TVNZ News is trumpeting a call from a brainless lefty ‘expert’ for a website to be banned. It is used, one is told, by ‘right wing extremists.’

Sacre bleu!1111

But what about the websites used by left wing extremists? Not a word.

I wonder if the expert ever wondered how the police and other authorities would keep an eye on these nutters when the website is banned.

I know!

Join the Green Party.

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March 7, 2021 at 3:53 pm

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Best Ever South African Test Cricket Eleven

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Well not much interest in my Indian Team a few days ago but lets see if we get a response from readers of South African origin. As a 16 year old I was an avid follower of the New Zealand Tour of South Africa in 1962/63 plus of course was familiar with the heroics of Bert Sutcliffe, Bob Blair and others on the 1954 tour there. I also knew that in Wellington in 1952 Jackie McGlew the South African opener became the first ever test player to be on the field for every ball of a test match – I played some cricket with and against the late Eric Fisher who played his only test for New Zealand in that match.

Here is my team in batting order:

  1. Barry Richards
  2. Graeme Smith
  3. Hashim Amla
  4. Graeme Pollock
  5. AB de Villiers
  6. Jacques Kallis
  7. Mark Boucher
  8. Vernon Philander
  9. Peter Pollock
  10. Alan Donald
  11. Hugh Tayfield

Graeme Smith will captain the team and take your pick of Colin Bland or Jonty Rhodes as 12th man. What outstanding fieldsmen those two were.

The time when South Africa were banned from participating in International cricket impacted on this team. I put Barry Richards in even though he only played four tests but left out Mike Proctor who played seven and Clive Rice who never played a test as far as I could see – what a waste.

In the end I left Jackie McGlew out for Smith and of course Hanse Cronje ruled himself out. Greats like Eddie Barlow, JB Waite, Roy Mclean, batsmen in my era missed out while bowlers Neil Adcock, Sean Pollock (I couldn’t have 3 Pollocks – could I) as well as Morne Morkel were all considered. Dave Richardson pushed Boucher for wicket keeper and JB Waite was also a contender there.

What say you South Africans – who have I omitted that you would want there?

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March 7, 2021 at 11:22 am

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There is a deafening silence from all the pile on everything Trump voices.

Biden never says anything that is not on the Teleprompter written by the faceless and never acknowledged. When the senile old fool attempts to take questions the feed mysteriously fails to a blank screen, you might think someone could fill that void with a nice pastoral scene.

His press secretary Jen Psaki who came to the Whitehouse direct from the Democrats advanced school of Journalism more commonly titled Clinton News Network is a total disinformation source who has some very humorous words when cornered such as “we will circle back on that ” of course never doing any such thing.

The “peoples choice” has signed an avalanche of “executive orders that unravel almost everything Trump initiated beginning with destroying thousands of jobs by endangering the Energy self sufficiency delivered for the first time in decades by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipe Line from Alaska on day one. There are thousands of minors arriving at the southern border on the clearly signalled unfettered immigration policy giving an unprecedented boost to the callous people smugglers and wouldn’t you know many of those bait and switch little people end up in the cages that Trump was roasted for but actually were created by the Obama/Biden regime and made redundant by the terrible racist orange man.

Washington DC once thought to be the very bastion of freedom and democracy is still under armed guard from thousands of National Guardpersons and surrounded by barbed wire and barriers almost two months after Trump left for Miami.

Everything Rona connected is claimed as success for the senile old man and the Democrat controlled shithouse cities still are a shambolic mess, Texas in these times of disastrous global warming endured a freezing weather invasion that killed citizens when the non fossil fueled energy sector went off line. and ghastly kerosene powered Choppers flew for hours attempting fruitlessly to deice wind turbines locked up in the freezing temperatures. The Beaches of Galveston on the Caribbean had snow to the tide.

Some MSM are actually lifting the veil of secrecy that Andrew Cuomo has enjoyed as Governor of New York State that saw Rona patients sent to rest home to slaughter hundreds and he is also under some serious allegations of harassment from former staffers kept eerily silent by a MSM focussed on getting Trump gone.

Of course as well established throughout recorded times History is written by the victors so don’t expect any letting up on striking everything Trump from the tale, that will not be the narrative, while ‘President’ Harris wields the real whitehouse strategy for the Hapless Psaki to front. Just think back a while and recall Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Nikki Haley and Kayleigh McEnany, women who put themselves forward as actual Press Secretaries and in Haley’s case spoke up for the US at the corrupt UN.

At least Trump for all his bombast and bluster, it was real time politics out in the open, not that many actually noticed apparently, here in lil ole NZ the entire commentary on US affairs came from the CNN feed

Interesting times continue..

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March 7, 2021 at 7:15 am

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Ho Ho Ho

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EBay Won’t Let You Sell Canceled Dr. Seuss Books, But Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Is Okay

The US media couldn’t hang Donald Trump because they only had a fake noose.

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March 7, 2021 at 2:16 am

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The Cancel Culture is gaining speed and appears to have no Brakes. We are watching an author born over a century ago having books loved by millions across Nations, Cultures, Faiths, and from all walks of life from rich and famous to simple parents wanting children to be children and grow up nurtured, clothed and fed to the very best of parents abilities gone sans any due process!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, born in 1904 wrote a series of children’s books after WW2 that became preeminently famous over the Globe. His literary standing gaining many awards to the point where his birthday became the signal date for the “National Read Across America Day”, an initiative to bring books to all US children. Even Michelle Obama was a fan for their Children.

No more sadly, as a small Woke brigade, ignoring all references to the mores and times in which Dr Seuss was created in book form at least six of the published children tales have been banned. Not merely ceasing reprinting by the Publisher but Ebay, the US Trademe, has banned all trading in the little gems that due to being banned are now inflating in market value exponentially.

Where to next, Shakespeare?, regarded as a massive pillar of literary history through the centuries , even the bloody Bible, lord knows there are many facets of the widest published genre, has passages that will offend some snowflake somewhere.

Cancel Culture raised its unprincipled and disastrous campaign here in Godzone when activists occupied public space in Wanganui and promptly destroyed a statue of a former NZ leader John Ballance, 14th Premier of the emerging Nation, largely just because it came under the control of urban terrorists illegally occupying Moutoa Gardens. The short actually recorded history of this Nation is littered with such mindless acts of destruction based on often nefarious behaviours and often unchallenged by authority due to perceived racial overtones. The tree that gave recognition to an area of Auckland City, various churches, many on the once very desirable East Coast amongst them.

How much better for the simple Ijits to have just allowed Dr Seuss to continue bringing endless joy to the young and voracious for information and enjoyment, and employ what is now deemed so insensitive to be a focus for debate and discussion. Not gunna happen as such demanding intellectual facet would be well beyond the capability of the mindless morons who see another Crusade on their oh so limited horizon.

Banning books, removing self responsibility and self reliance are all to be cast on the bonfire as Group Think and Social Manipulation swamp freedoms countless people have perished to protect, just gathers momentum.

Again I suggest, “Where Have all the Flowers Gone”?

Written by Gravedodger

March 6, 2021 at 10:34 am

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Journalistic Standards

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You may well ask ‘What standards?’

Take the once reliable ‘Australian’ newspaper’s headline this morning :-

Tony Nutt appointed director of Australia Post board

Perhaps someone could let the ignorant scribbler know Mr. Nutt is a director of Australia Post and he was appointed to the board.

He is not a director of the board.

Critics tear down plan to move and rebuild historic villa

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March 5, 2021 at 1:13 pm

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Friday’s Fulminations

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March 5, 2021 at 6:00 am

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That’s All Right Then!

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Recently I heard “Chippy” arrogantly dismissing a plea for compensation following the stupid and unnecessary latest lockdown with a throwaway line along the lines of; ‘people must refrain from thinking all the incurred “losses” resulting from government mindless use of the strategy will be compensated.

I am guessing that enjoying a multi hundred thousand guaranteed salary must soon divorce the special persons from any degree of understanding of what is involved. Have heard two examples quoted that involve over twenty thousand dollar write off of stock suddenly rendered waste by the kneejerk lockdown response in this latest assault on small business. What else to be expected from a bunch of clowns with nary an iota of business experience between them?

The list of financial disaster known personally to me grows by the day with still one year on, a government with absolutely zero proclaimed exit strategy to their simplistic and doubted by an ever expanding avalanche of business failures.

Minister of Tourism Nash exhibited the heartless gulf of understanding when he managed a rare foray into south Westland for its Nelson dwelling MP, to the Glacier country this week.

Many entrepreneurial attempts at self reliance sent to failure by an administration that uses advice from narrow focussed health Crats to impose disastrous economic outcomes on small enterprises in outposts across the Nation, their response, sheet the blame for their intemperate and widely acknowledged fruitless strategies to an immigrant family acting on a now clear failure of the border strategy.

In discussions with many and varied people as I travel the highways and byways, it is soon understood the troughers are satisfied with Ardernearly actions will remain a best response while the once free market slowly implodes. Some major losses for Wairarapa air show, Horse of the Year, NZ athletic championships, Napier Art Deco , Various A & P events all avoidable by shutting down a much smaller part of the nation as NSW did with their Northern Beaches cluster.

Ffs get beyond the sycophantic coterie of fellow trough dwellers and talk to some of the poor buggers at the coal face watching helplessly as their life savings are destroyed by Government edict.

Numpties, seemingly extremely inadequate as a descriptive and likely an undeserved slur on genuine Numpties who know nothing and not by any fault of their own. MPs should have a better understanding, alas not demonstrable.

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March 4, 2021 at 9:55 am

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Ppolitical assassination, an effective regime change strategy, one early example the stabbing of Julius Caesar by recaltricent senators in Rome on the steps of the Forum to end his dictatorship, History is littered with examples from regicide to simple assassination.

In these woke times the marxist socialist aficionados have hit upon a bloodless but equally effective strategy to, if not cripple conservatives, to remove them from the battle ground. Of course it is not entirely limited to conservative targets, however with the MSM now firmly within the left power grouping, errant persons from the left get away far more leniently, to wit Andrew Cuomo the current Governor of New York State who is in a mess of trouble resulting from his Rona response that saw hundreds of Rona Patients sent to rest home facilities causing untold death and destruction. he is now being assaulted by multiple allegations of misconduct including unwanted intimate advances, of course being a long serving Democrat he does not get the pile on that Brett Kavanaugh withstood in his successful confirmation as a Justice of the US Supreme Court. That lone accuser Cristine Blazey Ford was never going o succeed in her allegations of teenage sex later suggested, if it ever occurred, to be teenage romping at worst.

Yesterday after days of sustained attacks led by the State Funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Christian Porter outed himself as the current Liberal Cabinet Minister in The Scott Morrison led Coalition that has only a one seat majority in the House. Porter’s alleged sexualencounter dating over thirty years ago when he was a seventeen year old with a teenage girl then under the age of sixteen, ffs it was thirty three years ago and the complainant never went to the Police until very recently and soon after making her historical allegation then withdrew it and took her own life in suicide. Now sans any witness to testify the Police have announced no further intent to investigate on the grounds of insufficient evidence. That did not prevent a disgusting pile on by blood lusting Journalists (advisedly), who after a dramatic total and emphatic denial by Porter the Attorney General who went on to say he was taking a mental health break to assess his future after claiming for now no intention to resign his warrant. His accuser has been a long time Mental health patient herself, in her allegation wanted a date that they shared prior to the alleged “Rape” in 1988 was at a venue that did not open until one year later in 1989? Another problematic part of the career threatening move by his accuser,s proxy, involved her parents who it is alleged discounted her story as fantasy.

Never the less it seems Christian Porter who has been promoted as a future leader of the Liberal Party is going to have one hell of a battle to overcome this aberration that flies in the face of the entire “Innocent until proven guilty” defense. Conviction in the atmosphere of the once favoured mob behaviours that saw many strung up without any due process that is now a favoured opportunity weapon of choice in the Politica battlefield. One thing that Porter avoided yesterday in what must have been the Political Lynching of the Australian scene in this 21st century in the court of public opinion, was to avoid any suggestions of libel or defamation strategy. That is very likely only for now!

One very sad day for Media and human mob behaviour that is a central plank of many a political strategy in these woke times where kindness and empathy are bandied about with gay abandon. Total absence of that in the most dramatic of days in the life and career of Christian Porter.

Written by Gravedodger

March 4, 2021 at 7:19 am

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