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Die MS… Wait! What?

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We need a trusted public broadcaster because national identity is incredibly important and no longer do people trust New Zealand television or New Zealand radio.”**

I’ve been running the Die MSM, Die series since I started writing for No Minister and the list of failure to accurately report the news – due to shallowness, stupidity, ignorance and ideology is endless.

And that’s when they’re not just outright lying.

So it’s nice, to say the least, when you see an example of an MSM reporter who goes after a story with The Narrative already set in her mind – and then changing her mind when she discovers the facts say otherwise.

If you’re not familiar with the name J.K.Rowling then you’ve somehow been very isolated from modern culture over the last twenty five years.

Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter stories, an astonishingly successful series of best selling books for young adults which covers the high-school life of the eponymous hero, a young boy who discovers, on his 11th birthday, that he is actually a wizard.

The books have sold half a billion copies since the first volume in 1997, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, (twelve publishers rejected it before Bloomsbury took it on). That first book alone has sold 120 million copies, making it one of the most successful books in history.

The film series that followed has been just as successful. The whole franchise is estimated to be worth about $US 25 billion.

Obviously this has made Rowling very rich and somewhat famous, with years of speaking invitations. She was viewed as a heroine for the oppressed (most of the characters of the books are in some way or another) and much was made of her feminism, even though that’s not much apparent in the books – although it’s there in a Feminist 1.0 form of witches being accorded very much equal space in their world. She was viewed as being on the Left and in many respects she is – although her take on the bureaucracy and an over-powering State, via her imaginary Ministry of Magic in the books, would warm the cockles of any anti-Establishment citizen.

However, in the last few years something has gone terribly wrong as it became clear that Rowling was so much a feminist that she had little time for the new, aggressive attitudes of the modern Trans community, especially the male-to-female ones who insist that they actually are woman just because they think so (even without the drugs and surgery). Rowling, like most people, was happy to be tolerant of the Trans community for years – up to a point, that point being males who were clearly using it as a cover to abuse females in all sorts of ways.

To say that she is now hated by the Trans community is an understatement. She’s been deemed a TERF (Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminist) and for that has received countless death threats and threats of violence, as well as Hollywood actually not inviting her to the 20th anniversary of the first film’s release. There have been plenty of other de-platforming efforts as well, many of them sadly successful,

Through all of this Rowling has maintained a happy warrior attitude: not getting nasty, keeping a sense of humour and not backing down to the worst of the Trans assholes attacking her.

Still, even for a multi-millionaire, it’s got to be pretty wearing, especially when the MSM is also going into bat for what they think is the Latest Leftist Cause. Rowling has had almost no backing in the MSM of the Western world, with what little existed painfully trying to explain away the nasty excesses of the Trans community.

So it’s with no little measure of astonishment that I recently read the following:

Huffington Post and writer E. J. Rosetta was like many left-leaning writers. If you said the name of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, she would probably look like she just smelled something awful and begin ranting and raving about the transphobia that the much-despised woman represents.

Rosetta was ready to bring the axe down on Rowling’s neck with an article titled “20 Transphobic JK Rowling Quotes We’re Done With.” The article, as you can guess, was meant to explore the horrific transphobia of the Potterworld author, further damning her to a life of social exclusion and cancelation.

Only something went wrong. Rosetta did something that the left hasn’t seen in a long, long time…journalism. As she posted in a Twitter thread that’s worth reading in its entirety, the HuffPo writer began with the goal of vengeance and by the end of her research she easily concluded that everyone is “burning the wrong witch.”

“Right, I’m done,” she began. “3 months ago, I was tasked with writing an article detailing “20 Transphobic JK Rowling Quotes We’re Done With” After 12 weeks of reading her books, tweets, full essay & finding the context of these “quotes”, I’ve not found a single truly transphobic message.”

Holy shit! I can’t imagine that this is going down well with her fellow scribes. I can actually see Rosetta getting dumped and shunned into the same bucket as Rowling, such is the power of the Cancel Kulture at work on the Left for this issue (funnily enough it has many of the elements of the various Witch trials in history, as I’d bet Rowling has amused herself in knowing). As Rosetta says of her group:

“Shame on those who have framed her under the guise of “reporting” when you must know, deep down, you are just chucking out clickbait & stirring up hate,” she wrote. “Shame on those who followed that propaganda without critical thought. You’re burning the wrong witch. I stand with [Rowling].”

Oh dear. Kudos to at least one member of the MSM – but she’s about to discover that her side does not suffer from shame or embarrassment. They destroy with consciences cleansed by the burning fire of the will to power.

** I put in Willie Jackson’s quote from a Parliamentary debate the other day on the merging of TVNZ and RNZ because the cognitive dissonance on display is awesome to witness;  reverse the population’s growing mistrust in the NZ media by merging two untrusted broadcasters.


This is also an excellent read on the same issue, How did I, a mild-mannered mother-of-two, trigger a meltdown at Cambridge University by daring to debate trans issues:

The answer is simple: I wrote a book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, which was published in July 2021.

The idea behind the book is also simple: biological sex is fixed, it is binary. And transgender ideology — which replaces sex with subjective claims of ‘gender identity’ in law and policies — does serious harm.

To anyone not blinded by this dogma, the argument is obvious. You cannot let men claim to be women just because they feel like it and thereby gain entry to women’s toilets, women’s changing rooms, women’s refuges, women’s jails. It puts women at increased risk of male violence. It is not acceptable.

I haven’t always been so worked-up about all this. Until four years ago, I thought ‘trans rights’ were compassionate concessions for a tiny, suffering minority, people so ill at ease with their sex that they sought hormones and surgery to change it.

But then a chance remark by a colleague at The Economist, the magazine where I work, inspired me to look more closely.

And what I discovered was this: during the past two decades, ‘trans rights’ have morphed into a totalitarian project the aim of which is to make the very concept of biological sex unsayable.


Our fascist state – Rape Children, get home detention; Don’t display a Covid stasi badge, go to prison

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This is one of the more outrageous things I have seen in this country. Let child rapists stay at home for a while but send a small business owner to prison for taking a stand against Covid Stasi tracking.

Cafe owner who refused to display Covid-19 QR code imprisoned for not following food safety rules

Sharon Rayner​, owner operator of Bean Me Up cafe, was sentenced in the Kaikōura District Court on Friday, on charges of selling non-complying food and failing to comply with a notice of direction under the Food Act 2014.

Her daughter compared it to the nine months’ home detention Jayden Meyers got in October for raping multiple under-aged girls, despite a high court judge calling the sentence “manifestly inadequate”.

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The public narrative via the hamstrung bought and paid for (by way of a loan able to be called up should the intent of the payment be in doubt) mass media, apart from a small number of rare bold souls to wit Hosking, Soper, duPlessis Allen, will perpetrate a total myth that a brazen attempt to “entrench”significant parts of the handover of water assets taken by fiat from local ownership and the billions involved vested in the hands of unelected Maori elite, a miniscule number of the 17% allegedly identifying as Maori proportion of the New Zealand population, was a “Mistake that will be corrected on Tuesday when Parliament resumes.

What a total crock of shit!

I have had some experience of meetings in many fields and often in the chair that includes a serious responsibility for all to participate, have a say and then become responsible for the outcome decided by a majority vote and in many instances, even if opposed as vigorously as possible under the rules in play, become accepting of the will of the majority apart from the rare option exercised to have one’s opposing vote recorded.

All last week following the disclosure of the vote during the “Committee of the Whole House” to include the “Entrenchment clause” of 60% being required to overturn the theft and handing over of all freshwater rights to the control of less than 1% of New Zealand Citizens, the Labour cabal went to extraordinary lengths to exclude their Dear Leader from any involvement in the scurrilous move to subvert a very basic plank of the Unwritten Constitutional arrangement, where a sitting Parliament places a rather difficult impediment for a subsequent elected parliament to overturn a decision using whatever mandate is handed it by the electorate.

In a clear move by the Mahuta Corporation head honcho, the main driver of the Maorification of New Zealand law gained the cooperation of useful idiot Green Party list MP Eugenie Sage to promote an eleventh hour Supplementary Order Paper in the late stages of the consideration by the Committee of the Whole. When challenged as to the serious move to subvert the Constitutional norm, Dear leader’s response on Monday was; “NOT NECESSARILY SOMETHING I WAS AWARE OF”

What happens in Caucus and or Cabinet is never revealed unless of advantage to those who wish otherwise from the inner sanctum, and although convention suggests a Prime Minister would nominally be in “The Chair” at both those gatherings, making sure all wishing to speak would be heard in relative silence, it is a massive stretch to believe she and House Leader Hipkins did not know “anything”. So six days later after Mahuta blathered out that the entrenchment clause from non caucus attendee Sage was indeed considered by the meeting of all NZLP MPs at a Caucus Meeting, before being placed before the Committee of the Whole and voted into the bill now passed for the “Third Reading”, Hipkins is now suggesting “The Mistake” will be addressed by referring it back to “The Committee of the Whole House”.

She lies, we know she lies, she knows we know she lies, yet she still lies.

Of course with the Propaganda arm of her party ensuring their loan is not to be recalled by demand, very few know about the continual torrent of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. She flew to The United nations to rail about such as a “weapon of war” that must be curtailed, “TO PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF DEMOCRACY”.

There will be an accounting somewhere, sometime, but sadly long after she has been placed fairly and squarely where it is destined her place in history will be.

One worse than her seems very unlikely but I would not rule it out.

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The Wrath of Ten Million Swifties**

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I don’t follow celebrities in any field, but given their influence in our society – via the MSM – I can’t help but be made aware of their antics from time-to-time. Then there’s the fact that my kids are only now emerging from being teenagers, which nowadays means that what they’re aware of, you’re aware of.

Which is why I was able to answer Tinman’s question the other day as to the strange hatred that singer Taylor Swift is subjected to from certain corners of the world. The first time I became aware of this (via Beloved Daughter) was waaaaayyyy back in 2009 when she was awarded Best Music Video of the year at the MTV awards – only to have her acceptance speech gate-crashed by one Kanye West, who thought it should have gone to Beyonce for “Single Ladies” (Yes, it’s a link to People magazine but bear with me).

This was the first time my daughter became aware that Kanye West was a fucking asshole, but thanks to noticing the political news I’d already been aware of that years earlier during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans when he said that George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”. As you can imagine the Left absolutely LOVED Kanye West for that.

But over the last four years he’s slowly become one of their hate objects, starting with his embarrassing talk about Jesus, increasing with his support of Trump, and now finally cresting with a river of Jew-hating comments…. and meeting with Trump again in the middle of that shitstorm. The following Tweet from “President” Biden is thus to be expected – with no names of course, aside from the Godwin’s Law one.

Silence certainly is complicity, so let’s take walk down the American Democrat Memory Hole Lane….

The guy to Obama’s right is, of course, Louis Farrakhan, Black Supremacist, long-time head of The Nation of Islam, and a rabid Jew-hater. The guy who took the photo in 2005 did not release it until 2018 because he knew damned well what it could have done to Obama’s political career. Frankly that’s what should have happened, given that Obama’s long-time pastor in Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, had exactly the same “issues”.

But Jew-hating American Blacks are not uncommon and they’re not all on the fringes of the Democrat Party either, as has been repeatedly demonstrated when Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination go looking for support among the 90%-Democrat-voting Black community.

Al Sharpton visited the Obama White House more than eighty times over eight years.

I look forward to the non-silence of the Democrat Party on this issue during the 2024 Presidential election.

** Swifties is the name given to her rabid, mainly female fans and the ten million is a reference to the mass meltdown that occurred when they hit the huge US TicketMaster site en masse for tickets to her 2023 Eras tour and crashed the system. Congressional investigations of the monopoly are on the way. Yes! Really. Against such fans Kanye was always doomed.

Ho Ho Ho

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I’m sure most of the crowd here is long past the age when Saturday night meant shooting out to ingest food, alcohol and…. other substances….

However, in honour of those times, sit back and enjoy the following two short video clips where photographers and video editors have fun.

First up is an internal universe of the imagination.

Second is the universe itself, or at least out place in it. A good reminder that it’s us turning and not the sky.

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Truancy – A Personal Experience

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In early November 2018 mrspdm and I retrieved our then 13 (almost 14) year old grandson from his mother and maternal grandmothers home at his request. This followed an irretrievable relationship breakdown when his mother did the dirty on our son and their three children for at least the fourth time that we were aware of. Us picking up our grandson and bringing him to live with us meant that we were taking him away from his two younger sisters but the impact of that is a different story, perhaps for another post.

After the break up his father (our son) had continued his employment as a farm stock manager some 2 and a half hours away from where both we and his mother were living.

At the time our grandson was completing his third form year at a very well regarded Hawkes Bay Secondary School. We had been aware that his attendance was not as good as it should have been and that there had been attendance issues which may or may not have included intervention by Truancy Officers and apparently on one occasion Police had been called to the house – even now we do not know if this was school related or an issue caused by having two women (his mother and grandmother) trying to control him. It is pertinent that his maternal step grandfather with whom our grandson had a very good relationship based on mutual respect had died after a long illness some six months before the move to the grandmothers house.

For the remainder of the 3rd Form year he generally went to school every day but may have conned us a couple of times by saying he was unwell. Bear in mind there was only 5 or 6 weeks of the term left when he moved in with us so it was not enough to cause us concern.

The 4th form year was a different issue. Early on he just flatly refused to get out of bed and go to school and he was well aware that we could not physically make him – to the extent that by March he was having two or three days a week off school. We made contact with the school in early March and a Teacher/Councillor called at our home late one Friday – he spent about thirty minutes talking to us and then another hour and a half talking to the three of us. It seemed he made good progress and our grandson seemed happy to go to school.

Unfortunately that did not last long and after a couple of weeks we were back to square one and he flatly refused to go to school. Each day we had to phone in to advise of his absence and would just say – `he refuses to attend school please send a truancy officer’.

From recollection it took about a month before a truancy officer turned up. He talked to our grandson, to no avail and ultimately returned 5 or 6 times. But these people can only cajole they have no powers to make children attend school. In the end we got so frustrated we rang the school for an appointment with the Headmaster so that we could air our concerns. His PA obviously was there to block such meetings and it took for me to ask – `What does the headmaster do all day if he will not meet with parents or guardian who have a problem with the school? Should we contact the press?’

The above got the meeting for my wife and I and our son was also able to get through for it. We were all taken aback when early in meeting the the Headmaster said our grandson with an attendance record in the high 60’s was a low priority for the school because they had a number of students with attendance records of less than 40% and they were where their focus was. The School Councillor who had visited us earlier in the year also sat in on the meeting and was a bit more positive but we left with the view that the school was not able to or perhaps more accurately was not interested in taking any action.

Personally I thought a summons to the Head Masters office and a good old fashioned rark up might have turned the tide because apart from not attending school our grandson was a well behaved kid. In the end we muddled on got the school year finished.

2020 brought Covid and the need for online assignments to be completed and sent in. It was not long before we were receiving emails saying he was way behind on these assignments. This continued throughout the first lockdown even though we tried to establish a routine where he would do two or three hours school work every day.

He was at school the first day after lockdown and seemed to enjoy catching up with his school friends. The next day he said he had a sore throat and had to stay home as the Headmaster had said at the previous days assembly – `that anyone who was not feeling well should not attend school’. That was just a gift to our grandson.

After the second day we handed him back to his mother and her plan was he would do correspondence schooling – that never worked. He was back with us just before his 16th birthday after living with his father for a short while as well.


Soon after arriving back with us he turned 16 and soon after that we persuaded him to apply for a job at KMart. This has gone well over the two years with only a few missed days but eventually he realised he needed more than the 26 hours a week they would give him.

Just recently he took up a new job in an Orchard – starting at 7.30am and finishing at the moment at 4.30pm. Only two weeks completed to dae but he seems to be thriving, has a different personality and is focused on buying his first house as soon as he can. We are going to be setting up a savings plan to achieve this once he has a few paydays under his belt.

No NCEA hardly any secondary school attendance but at last he seems to have his head right and is focused on his future.

also meant

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Full House

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An unmanned SpaceX Dragon freighter successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday, bring with it 7,700 pounds of cargo, including two new solar arrays for the station.

So far, so standard.

But what intrigued me is that it means there are now six spacecraft docked at the ISS, filling up all the ports.

Here’s a diagram of the situation.

So the spacecraft are:

  • Progress 81 and 82 are Russian Soyuz spacecraft converted to carry cargo to the ISS (and take rubbish away)
  • Soyuz MS-22 is a Russian crewed spacecraft that can carry three passengers. Although they’ve been hugely upgraded they’re still the same basic spacecraft that first flew in the late 1960’s, which is okay because they’re solid, safe and reliable.
  • Crew-5 Dragon is a SpaceX spacecraft that can carry up to seven passengers, but usually carries just four.
  • CRS-26 Cargo Dragon is the same basic spacecraft but, like the Progress vessels, carries cargo and trash. It was developed before Crew-Dragon, which is a smart way to develop such a vehicle.
  • Cygnus-18 is another cargo ship, this one developed by Northrop-Grumman.

In a couple of years the ISS will lose one of these ports for some time when an outfit called Axiom will launch a module that will attach to the ISS for testing before it casts off to become (hopefully) the first private space station. It’s a good way to leverage off the ISS and reduce the risk of trying to go independent right from the start. There are several private space station efforts underway to do much the same thing, which is good because current plans are to de-orbit the ISS in 2030, when it will be 32 years old.

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December 2, 2022 at 3:36 pm

Woke Hollywood goes broke

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Well not yet, but they are not having a good year in what was supposed to be the rebound after the terrible C-19 years of 2020-21.

There have been multiple flops of expensive movies and not a lot of interest in smaller (lower-budget) movies that are supposed to be Oscar-bait.

I’ve only been to one movie this year and that was Top Gun: Maverick, which was excellent escapism, as movies are supposed to be. And it made a ton of money, just shy of $1.5 billion and counting.

But even with that, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and the other huge hit movie earlier in the season, SpiderMan: No Way Home (almost $2 billion), Hollywood struggled, with US revenue down to $6 billion compared to $11.3 billion in 2019 and one huge cinema chain going into bankruptcy.

There are any number of explanations as to why people are not going into the theatres, starting with the big one of streaming, which was already starting to hit them in 2019 but which took off during the lockdowns. It’s quite possible that people have got into a habit that they can’t be bothered breaking.

But that doesn’t really stack up as an argument in the face of those three blockbusters mentioned earlier. People obviously went out for them. Streaming has also been around for a decade, and especially doesn’t make sense when we’re talking about movies that are not intended to be blockbusters:

Here is the domestic box office for this year’s titles enjoying the most Oscar talk.

  • Till – $8.7 million
  • The Banshees of Inisherin – $7.9 million
  • TÁR – $5.1 million
  • She Said – $4.3 million
  • Triangle of Sadness – $4 million
  • Bones and All – $3.8 million
  • The Fabelmans – $3.5 million
  • Armageddon Time – $1.9 million
  • Aftersun – $756,000

The most shocking title on that list is The Fabelmans. Those of us of a certain age can remember when Oscar talk around a Steven Spielberg movie would have had people flocking to theaters, especially over Thanksgiving weekend (when Fabelmans opened). Spielberg guaranteed that magic cinematic experience we all crave.

While you could say those are “small failures” there have been big ones, and most of those have been Disney productions, starting with Lightyear and ending with the $100 million loss on Strange World (budget $180 million).

The reason is all the Woke bullshit in the storylines and the characters, as John Nolte explains by contrasting these modern movies with the stories and humans of a simple 1970’s movie like The Way of the Dragon:

Lee plays Tang Lung, and the movie opens with Lung, an unsophisticated rube from Hong Kong, arriving in Rome. At the airport, he’s treated rudely, gawked at, dismissed, laughed at… He’s not white. He wears funny clothes. He doesn’t speak the language. He’s an exotic Asian fish out of water, an obvious victim of prejudices, preconceived notions, and racism.

But how does Lee, who had complete control over the movie and his image, play it? Perfectly. Tang Lung doesn’t get angry, doesn’t lecture, and doesn’t demand respect. Instead, he’s humble, a little clumsy, funny, and utterly endearing. Not only does this approach make him relatable, but it’s also the perfect way to convey a message about prejudice and “othering.” Although Tang Lung is very different from us, we relate to him (who hasn’t felt outnumbered and out of place?) and come to respect him for his discipline, bravery, and restraint. Nothing is heavy-handed. No one lectures us. No one pounds their chest about how virtuous they are. No one shames anyone. It’s all done through good-natured humor, theme, and story.

By contrast, the modern movies preach, constantly, unsubtly, and in your face:

There’s no subtlety in woke, no subtext, no generosity. Instead, it’s smug, in your face, insufferable, and never believable. You can’t tell blatant lies about human nature and hold on to your audience. All of this takes us out of the story. It breaks the spell. Further, it insults us and our intelligence, which makes the moviegoing experience a negative one no one wants to repeat.

And so, like Disney, the Oscar brand is dead. Disney didn’t promote Strange World as a gay movie. Still, no one went to see it because we all know what Disney has become. Same with the Oscars. If there’s Oscar heat around a movie, it’s almost certain to be preachy garbage.

Americans have learned their lesson and now avoid this garbage. And it’s not just Red State America staying home. All these movies need to enjoy a respectable box office return is for ten percent of Hillary Clinton voters to show up. Most of these titles failed to attract one percent.

Yep, movies are so insufferable Hollywood has lost the left.

But there may be other things going on as well and they’re more to do with the general loss of trust in our institutions. Another recent flop was She Said, which is a drama about the downfall of the supreme POS and rapist Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. The movie apparently was not driven by Woke and actually sounded like it was pretty good. So why did it flop? Variety magazine gives a bunch of reasons for the failure but I think they’ve missed some because they don’t want to admit to them:

  1. People don’t want to go to depressing movies in this depressing environment. They want to be distracted, as people were by Shirley Temple in the Great Depression.
  2. People are not impressed by journalists any longer (two female reporters are the heroes of the movie). The age of All The President’s Men is dead.
  3. #MeToo proved to be massive exercise in double standards and hypocrisy, especially with the resurrection of Joe Biden, and was well dead before this movie hit the screens. It also became a bit of monster itself so people aren’t interested in seeing it celebrated on screen.
  4. Hollywood, including a number of A-Listers like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, enabled this monster for two decades as he sexually abused his way through the place. People aren’t impressed by the same place now trying to tell the story as if it’s some sort of bystander.

Woke can probably be fixed, but trying to use institutions like the MSM, politics, police (the FBI – hahahaha), lawyers, judges and courts – even the military – as places of heroes in movie storylines increasingly does not work; Top Gun worked because it actually celebrated the military, but that’s the last institution with good standing in the US, and even it has slipped a lot recently.

Ironically that’s because the people writing, producing, directing and acting in these movies have done so much to smear those institutions and tear them down in the eyes of the public.



And here’s a good example of why Hollywood may not make it back. David Mamet (The Untouchables, Glengarry Glen Ross) is one of the greatest living American playwrights, with a huge catalog of famous and celebrated plays (he’s more Broadway than Hollywood), with many accolades for his stories, characters and dialog.

And he’s effectively been shunned by his own community since he wrote an article in 2008 called Why I am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal, published in the Lefty, Lefty, Lefty magazine The Village Voice, which had loved him for years, just for extra salt in the wound.

Read Tablet magazine’s Fuck David Mamet to find out why good writing is vanishing from American theatre and film.

Friday’s Fulminations

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