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The death of history?

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“Posterity who are to reap the Blessings, will scarcely be able to conceive the Hardships and Sufferings of their Ancestors.” – Abigail Adams, March 10, 1777.

Well, the death of one historian anyway, the great chronicler of American stories, David McCullough, who died last week at the age of 89.

I first became aware of him as the wonderful voice behind Ken Burn’s 1990 documentary series, The Civil War. There were other voices reading excerpts from the letters and books of the historic characters, famous actors like Morgan Freeman and Jason Robards, famous writers like Studs Terkel and Arthur Miller. But across all of them were the rich, soft, warm Mid-Western tones of McCullough.

He was of course a very major historian in his own right, having made his name with a history of The Johnstown Flood, which nobody had deemed worthy of such treatment before. He single-handedly rehabilitated the reputation of America’s second President, John Adams, with a monumental, 800 page history that was, amazingly, an easy read that invited you back multiple times.

But like the great Civil War historian Shelby Foote – whom he cited as an influence long before working with him on Burn’s TV series – McCullough started life as a writer and became a historian. As such, he knew how to tell a story and his prose flowed beautifully. That style would get him in trouble with more dour (and less widely read) historians, who snarked on the possibility of being more than former than the latter. Having said that, his research was solid and even on the most contentious points was, at worst, arguable, as most history is. A good example would be the fights that erupted from his Pulitzer Prize-winning 1992 work Truman, over the estimated American casualties leading to Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan.

But as this article about him in City Journal points out, there are now bigger issues in the world of history that will try to damn McCullough not on specifics but the general thrust of his histories:

McCullough’s death has been met with warm tributes, but the future of his reputation is less certain. The story he told over and over, of how America became America, is one that fewer of his countrymen seem to want to hear. McCullough’s monuments in prose will inevitably be attacked by those whose view of that history is a good deal darker than his. The patriotic speeches he gathered in The American Spirit (2017) were criticized as naïve. His last book, The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West (2019), was denounced for presenting stereotypes of Native Americans and downplaying the effects of Western expansion on indigenous people. Academic historians generally thought his work vivid but shallow.

It is not a single historian under attack or even his body of work, but the entire cultural ethos from which it arose. Thus runs the Year Zero mentality of our times, across all areas.

As always, read the whole thing.

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August 19, 2022 at 12:32 pm

‘He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

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Hat tip The Life of Brian.

Good bye Gaurav, your contribution to the NZ Body Politic, as Pyrrhic as it is unfolding for you, will be seen by history as historically notable when compared to the long list of self serving seat warmers who simply disappeared from view without notice, both preceding you and yet to emerge.

The very notable obfuscation and simply untrue denials from the current elites who are struggling to contain the unfortunate facts continuing to descend as rotting detritus onto the roadways of New Zealands political landscape is as inexorable as the next tides threatening flood prone New Zealand in the current weather systems.

Amidst the more egregious revelations Dr Sharma has launched must be the notable allegations of advice to avoid any contacts with The Ninth Floor in other than audible un recorded form that could expose the Prime lia Minister to being forced to do standups to refute or in her terms refude and reject premises, based on official information documents. Documents that will be largely be exempt from such lawful demands anyway.

Cor blimey the raucous uproar that might accompany such a directive to Luxons incoming caucus by anyone, however vaguely connected to any member of the National Party, the media Pack with every pretentious Jacindamania infected member of the Parliamentary Press Corp involved, would be heard around the known world.

However the truth be understood, it will be crickets and total ignore disappearing from record in days with the connivance of her propaganda arm of the NZLP.
A direct instruction to prevent any lawful review of matters the OIA law was designed to thwart and overcome, including an appeal process involving the Office Of The Ombudsman, must surely involve a conspiracy to commit an unlawful act.
The nerve and total arrogance that underpins this attempt at muzzling is stupendous.
I concede the tactical move to suspend Dr Sharma from NZLP Caucus was astute in including a still valid measure of control, had his aberrant behaviour been, as many might wish to portray as an inability to cope with an overlay of mental health issues, been within reach, it could well have successfully shut it all down with minimal additional damage.

Alas now Sharma has decided to launch a Battle of the Bulge last throw of the dice, this should become a Custer’s Last Stand for That Woman. Should hints from the beltway of her inability to deal and withstand bad news have any inkling of truth about them, there could well be complaints to noise control?

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August 19, 2022 at 10:07 am

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Oh, Bitch-uary.

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“We’ve been watching a national American figure be forged… It’s funny how small the election feels – the Wyoming election – because she feels bigger than it now.”

Well yes, but a gentleman tries to avoid disparaging a woman’s figure.!!!

‘Tis the week for misogyny here at No Minister – because that’s so much worse than arrogant, back-handed dismissals of the people who voted for you just two years ago.

So let’s start with the fail – the Yuuuuggggee fail – of Dick Cheney’s appointed political heir, his daughter Liz, courtesy of the Babylon Bee:

Producers Confirm Liz Cheney Will Not Be Back For Season 2 Of January 6 Hearings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a critically acclaimed first season that was allegedly watched by some people, the producers of the January 6th Hearings have sadly confirmed that their star Liz Cheney will not be returning for season 2.

Yeah. I’ll stick with Better Call Saul, which has just completed its sixth and final season, and is already being acclaimed as equal to the show that birthed it, Breaking Bad (acclaimed as the greatest TV show of all time – which I agree with).

Not the Jan 6 commission hearings in other words.

Liz got pounded even worse than the polling had indicated, where she showed as 20-30 points behind her Republican Primary opponent.

Paraphrasing what people said after the Springboks destroyed Scotland 44-0 during their 1951 tour of Great Britain, she was lucky to get 28.9% – and that apparently was due to all those Democrats who re-registered as Republicans to try and save her ass.

Still, she’s on Easy Street even with the loss:

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to possibly more than $44 million in 2020, according to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics and her most recent financial disclosure forms.

A 600% increase in wealth in just a few years. That’s especially impressive considering her $200k annual salary as a member of Congress. She should be advising Nancy Pelosi – and probably soon will be. This does not include a special fund as her special play toy:

Liz Cheney’s defeat ended with one silver lining: a $7.5 million unspent campaign warchest — much of it from outside Wyoming — that positions her well to run for president in 2024 if she chooses.

Yes, they’re serious. Yes, you can – and should – laugh heartily.

A brief word from former National Review contributor and cosplaying Republican, David French, who takes this opportunity to speak of virtue, and also – by a complete coincidence – is here to instruct us that he is fully possessed of the virtues he praises:

Loyalty and honor are two concepts the Trump right is turning inside-out and upside-down. What does it mean to be “loyal” when an institution betrays its fundamental principles? True loyalty holds it to a higher standard.

Uh huh. The thing is that loyalty is a two-way street, and all too many Republican politicians have shown that it’s a one-way street. A decade before the Age of Trump there were examples like Dede Scozzafava in New York, Charlie Crist in Florida (Governor) and Senator Arlen Specter. In all three cases they rode Republican support to power and despite the doubts often expressed about them by GOP voters the latter were told to suck it up and accept that they couldn’t get 100% perfect candidates – and those voters did.

Yet when the voters had finally had enough and ejected these candidates in later primary campaigns the arguments and appeals turned out not to run the other way. All three refused to suck it up, be loyal and accept Republicans who were less than perfect in their eyes. No, they began supporting Democrats: the latter two actually became Democrats and repudiated every single Right Wing ideological and political position they had sworn they believed in.

So you see, the Liz Cheney’s and the Mitt Romney’s are not new or unusual. As I have often said, Trump is merely a symbol of a civil war that has been ongoing inside the Republican Party since 2009 between the Gentry Class of the GOP and the Lower Orders, or Deplorables (also inside the Democrat Party). The Precious Midpoint, with this quote from Great Britain:

But worst of all is that this transmogrified middle-class party views its old working-class constituency not simply with incomprehension but with contempt. “Yep”, Liddle quotes a “Starmer superfan” as tweeting about the result, “as expected the working class love a bit of nationalism and racism. Well done Hartlepool, you turkeys. I’ve never been and I never will”.

“The Labour Party we knew is gone,” Liddle concludes, “gone for good. Those votes are not coming back”. Stirring stuff and written from the depths of a Social Democrat’s soul.

To that end the following rant by one Amy Curtis is on point.

I’m gonna go off because I’m just that fed up.

For years, the GOP pundit class pushed weak, ineffective candidates. Guys who talked about taxes while letting the left steamroll education, culture, news media, social media.

Those candidates lost. Repeatedly. 2012 was a very WINNABLE election. And what did Romney do when they accused him of giving a woman cancer and other horrible, not-true things? He shrugged. He didn’t fight. He just took it. “Dignity.” Fighting back was beneath him. Or something.

Every Republican, for as long as I can remember, has been the reincarnation of Hitler every election cycle. The left HATED Dick Cheney from 2000-2008. And now? He’s their hero for speaking out against Trump. But when he sheds this mortal coil, they’ll dance and spit on his grave.

Every single member of the Washington Generals of Punditry has betrayed every principle they claimed to have. On abortion. On taxes. On foreign policy. Every last one. And why? Because hating Trump is more important and lucrative than those principles.

They have literally endorsed Democrats — including the barley sentient vegetable currently occupying the Oval Office — because of their unhinged hatred of Trump. And his voters.

And instead of trying to figure out how they got Trump in the first place — because they had a HUGE HAND in it — they double down on calling voters stupid and deplorable & a slew of other pejoratives because it gets them head pats from the media/left. Who still hate them anyway.

Because while they were fawning over absolutely milquetoast candidates the left was making headway in schools and culture. Now? Your white kid is likely to learn he’s a horrible racist simply because of his skin color. Your daughter could be brainwashed into thinking she’s a boy because her teacher told her so. Good luck trying to be a white, cis, hetero person trying to break into publishing these days. Good luck trying to find kids books that don’t show fellatio or other woke garbage.

Parents were labeled terrorists — TERRORISTS — for speaking out at school board meetings. By the federal government. While Antifa and BLM and Jane’s Revenge burn your cities to the ground.

If you had your business shut down, couldn’t visit your dying loved ones, couldn’t have a funeral while you watch George Floyd get multiple ones, and BLM/Antifa march through the streets during COVID, thank the GOP pundit class. Who did NOTHING to defend your rights.

Like every other social/cultural issue, they expected you to bend over and take it. And when someone tries to stand up to the nonsense — DeSantis — they whine about dictators and the breakdown of norms.

When what they mean by norms is “doing things our way, even if it sucks.”

And when a candidate like DeSantis comes along, who is an alternative to Trump — they say he’s just like Trump because they want to go back to the McCains and Romneys and Jebs.

News flash: we aren’t.

So if you want to get rid of Trump, stop obsessing over your hatred of him. Start endorsing Republican candidates who aren’t Trump. Instead of, you know, Democrats.

And for the love of God, spend ten minutes reflecting on how we got here today, and how you played a big part in it. Maybe talk to normal people outside the Beltway about life and politics

And as with many things American, this war is not confined to the USA. It is now being waged across Europe, Canada, Australia – and here in New Zealand. Advice from the peanut gallery:

The result of this style of accommodationist politics, as my colleague Keith Joseph complained, was that post-war politics became a ‘socialist ratchet’ — Labour moved Britain towards more statism; the Tories stood pat; and the next Labour Government moved the country a little further left. The Tories loosened the corset of socialism; they never removed it.

This sounds familiar

Maybe they cut taxes; bring back the Mexico City policy; junk a regulation that Democrats created but didn’t manage to implement; but that’s about it. When was the last time Republicans passed a huge law — one that changed America forever the way Democrats do every time they hold serve in American politics? You don’t see it.

So you see a repeating pattern to American politics: There isn’t a true back-and-forth. Instead, Democrats change the country a lot while they’re in power. Then Republicans hold power and push the pause button. There’s no rollback that a new executive order can’t undo.

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New Zealand or Aotearoa

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I took the following quote from the comments on a facebook post under the name of Poi Creations asking the above question that I saw last evening. I have not included the commenters name:

`No! I have been a New Zealander for over 70 years and I am proud of being a New Zealander. New Zealanders are so diverse. It allows me to represent all the cultures that make up my DNA.

Aotearoa is too restrictive for me. Before anyone calls me racists my dad is from Mangatu Ngati Porou, my mother is from Raukokore Te Whaanau Apanui. My great grand parents are from Bartletts, in Gisborne, and England, my other great grand parents are from England, Ireland, Scotland Spain. What a lovely.mixture.

Remember this is my opinion I am expressig.

This made me think of my ancestry.

Paternal: My father emigrated from The Isle Of Lewis, Scotland in 1927, at the age of 26, to find work.

Maternal: I am 4th Generation with both sets of my mothers Great Grand Parents arriving in New Zealand from England in the late 1860’s and/or early 1870’s. They were a diverse group from Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Warwickshire.

In conclusion I am firmly in the keep the name as New Zealand camp and I think that reflects the thrust of the very informal facebook poll. What I find interesting is that a number of people identfying as Maori favour retaining New Zealand as they see no value in changing the name.

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Something that is a complete mystery to most academics and many other educated smart people who have never risked a dollar, a yaun or a ruble in an enterprise that depended on successful economic management to deliver profits, the fuel of the market.

Now my admittedly shallow and superficial observations of Dr Gaurav Sharma, all of very recent exposure via a media who might be expected to diminish evidence of intellectual excellence while they promote the denigratory notions of mental illness of someone who having endured eighteen months of systemic bullying because the good Dr had notions of an ability to make personal decisions at odds with the groupthink being reinforced by what he experienced as Bullying. Behaviour that can have as many definitions as any number of people attempting such a definition.

Now the pillars and much of the rubble lying around the worksite that created those pillars of academia who have become the go to opinion on offer to buttress the arguments and ideology based theories of the ruling class have absolutely zero understanding of economic reality that the politicians of yesteryear often had accumulated in business, farming and other activities that required some basic inputs to have remained solvent prior to embarking on a journey in politics.

Now a student union Treasurer might have accumulated such rudimentary basics , such as for instance avoiding a bank balance in arrears that will impact by declining to honour a cheque, now historical, or a credit card in arrears often revealed by the red letters “Declined please consult your bank”. However such basic facts will be rapidly placed in the ignore column when Ideological dictates an over rule or at least initiate a downgrading of concern for an ideology driven ex student union treasurer.

Academics so often rise to a pinnacle without any exposure to such basic economic facts of life, oh they might spend some time at the till of a McDonalds or KFC or even wrapping orders at a fish and chippy, however any understanding of profit and loss, bank advances needing limiting to stay within credit limits, cash flows, security over assets subject to surrender should the economic model fail, will never become apparent.

So back to the good Dr, commenters on blogs and some pseudo journalists are questioning an apparent naivety for a smart person to hitch their wagon to a historically failed and still failing system such as the raison d’etre for the current government? quite simply it is the ideological blinkers (similar to the steward permitted sight obstructions placed on horses in racing conditions to ensure no distraction), that fulfills stage one of the Churchillian observation on believing in socialism, so often ignored particularly in academia.

Dr Gaurav Sharma from Wikipedia:

Sharma was born in India, and his family moved to New Zealand when he was 12 years old. Sharma went to Auckland Grammar School where he was the Proxime Accessit (runner-up Dux) in his final year of high school. In 2005, The New Zealand Herald named him as one of the top six students in the country as per Sir John Graham‘s NZ Education and Scholarship Trust.

Medical career

Volunteering to work as a caregiver in a rest home when he was in high school inspired Sharma to pursue a career in medicine. Sharma qualified as a medical doctor from University of Auckland‘s School of Medicine in 2011 where he was also involved with the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association. Sharma undertook an internship with the World Health Organisation in 2012, working within the Non-Communicable Diseases unit.

When he returned from Geneva, Sharma practiced medicine in different hospitals across Auckland until 2015.. Sharma is registered with the MCNZ under a general scope requiring he practice under supervision in the GPEP training program, meaning he is a GP in training but is not yet qualified.

Fulbright and MBA

In 2015, Sharma received the Fulbright Scholarship to complete a MBA at George Washington University in Washington DC, with a specific focus on business, politics and public health. During this time, Sharma was involved on campus in Hillary Clinton‘s campaign for the United States Presidency in 2016. He was also a Senator on the George Washington University’s Student Senate during his time there as a student.

Very little evidence there of any reason for a departure from a belief in the benefits of Socialism although some of the potentially stressful activity encountered since the euphoria of winning the seat of Hamilton West nearly two years ago might have created some doubts? Tbf though Dr Sharma is really only just arrived in the age timeframe Churchill referred to as being in the brainless group.
That said I am very suspicious of people who have accumulated wealth, particularly in participating in the promotion of Socialism, preaching their superiority while attempting to disabuse those who have accumulated, often minimal in amounts compared to the preacher, of their wealth to fund poorly targeted and delivered welfare that has an unfortunate ending of increasing the number in that target group.

Dr Gaurav Sharma is but one more well educated person clinging to Socialist ideology because he has never really been made aware of the damaging aspects such ideology has delivered everywhere tried that has never run out of other peoples money to fund it, to bring an unfortunate experiment to an all too often disastrous, albeit merciful end.

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August 18, 2022 at 9:50 am

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Mahia Down

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A year ago, in the post, The undergraduate NRO – which was about an undergraduate student using commercial Earth-observation satellites to identify a bunch of Chinese ballistic missile silos – I also made reference to some strange implications of the private satellite market, starting with our own local rocket launch outfit, RocketLabs, and their world of launching US military micro-satellites, comment courtesy of Lefty Paul Buchanan:

If the contract to deliver military payloads is solely and exclusively with the US, then Rocket Lab has painted a target on Launch Complex 1 in the event that the US becomes embroiled in a large-scale conflict with a major power. 

The question is whether there is a legal basis to permit or prohibit foreign military satellites, especially weaponised satellites, being launched from NZ soil with NZ technologies. I am unsure if that is the case one way or another and have heard of no parliamentary or ministerial discussion of the matter.

It’s taken a long time but it seems that Paul’s less well-read members of the Far Left have finally caught up with this…

Meanwhile Aotearoa New Zealand moves insidiously closer to the US military.

Here in Christchurch protests will accompany the Rocket Lab presence at the 2022 Aerospace Summit. In case anyone hasn’t caught up with developments, Rocket Lab is now majority owned by the US military and has launched numerous rockets for direct military purposes.

That article is written by John Minto – of course – because …. of course. I guess he can smell Chinese Uranium on the winds.

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I am finding the continuing Media support of That Woman’s corrupt administration to be a source of entertainment as the slide into the abyss becomes a Cave Creek disaster.

Just how did the secret Kangaroo Court convened on Monday Night, without Dr Sharma as a complication, to get “Unanimous” support for the show trial on Tuesday decisions to “suspend” the good Doctor but keep him close sufficiently to permit ongoing bullying to continue, become Public with a screen shot of Kel “The hapless” putting his hand up, becoming available for all.

Was it an accident or an indication of some further disgruntlement alive and kicking within the caucus providing a “leak”. One thing that must be of immense value for the NZLP is their ability to control plumbing problems, something that is no mystery to me when the clear bias from almost all those employed in Public Service, a well past it’s “use by” term as the evidence accumulates pointing out such attitudes and beliefs have been well altered with the long march through all institutions by socialism.

My hope as opposed to the belief desired by the Ninth Floor is that there are others confused by conflicting signs around what they observe and experience finding a sense of fairplay and true kindness is only a myth and as the confronting need to find employment following the increasing every day prospect of retaining the large salary disappear into the atmosphere, willing to find their conscience prevailing.

So was the vote at the secret Court, actually secret or was it the regular Union system with the conveners marking cards of any of the Brothers who failed to support the ordered result.

My belief supported by a belief in the principles of “Occam’s razor” says not bloody likely.
Every statement and step taken indicates that the bullying controls continue unabated and in the absence of another brave soul with solid personal standards coming out, their strategy to keep Dr Sharma where he can be kept on a leash will allow it to prevail.
Sheesh they could not even risk a tame QC or similar taking an inquiry, the chances requiring such blind obedience is too great.
Muldoon’s Erebus Inquiry a classic case where it took a trip to the Privy Council in London to get Mahon’s already diluted findings to levels in attempts to avoid international legal repercussions for the failures of the Government exposure via Air New Zealand that Justice Mahon found impossible to ignore. The stress of that judicial refusal to obey eventually possibly bringing his life to an early end at age 62.

Someone during discussions over this and The MP for Tauranga require a definitive definition for BULLYING.
As a Boarding school survivor I do sometimes regard snowflake responses to be farcical but in these strange “New” times we occupy, I accept my views are somewhat out of step.
That a smart cultured well educated soul that Dr Gaurav Sharma clearly presents in admittedly limited exposure, his definition may well fall well apart from mine, there is an obvious prima facie case for some sort of independent assessment, not what was engineered in the last 24 hours of NZLP machinations.

Not that any alternative was ever going to eventuate .

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Do not always agree with Mark Reason as sometimes our reasons take different roads but this summation of the second test at Johannesburg last Sunday morning NZ time, in particular the last quarter when Beauden Barrett’s stupidity almost ensured any chance of victory were well extinguished.

Reason postulates on the reversion to Crusaders Modus Operandi, tactically and personal wise achieved victory in spite of Ian Foster’s efforts rather than any inputs from the coaching box.

Watching a 15 point lead devolve into a one point deficit would have been attention grabbing for sure with 14 to play 15 for 10 of the last 14 minutes, things looked well over.

Was it brilliance from Foster or just the way the cookies crumbled but replacing Sam Cane as on field skipper with Sam Whitelock and heading to games end with eight of those fourteen until Beauden Barrett’s reinstatement, Crusaders?
The evidence was in the record that Jason Ryan, ex Crusaders forwards supremo for Scott Robertson had made the forwards performance reach levels needed to be competitive, the too long delayed giving Mo’unga the number ten jersey to start, and the continued insanity of Sam Cane as Skipper over Sam Whitelock, all became impediments removed for the “Crusader” total rugby to prevail, provided ample evidence for sense to prevail and the ending of the failed apprentice as All black coach.

Yes it is a tough world out there and sentiment and loyalty are sometimes just not a virtue, they become serious impediments to progress.
Random talk of improvements being apparent are typical c2022 BS, of course a group of talented individuals with superior skills and innate pride were always going to provide nothing less but that last quarter was so special.

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Must be, going to the bank is far easier, simpler, more welcoming and better service.

Went to visit the welfare agency in Hornby today to get a new Community Card, no big deal, how wrong can one be?

Found park and began to walk towards the door, interrupting a male wearing hi viz, playing with his device, who had to leave his place in the sun to guard the doors that do not self open. Twenty questions:

1 Why no mask? “I am exempt”, do you have that with you? “no”, grunt acknowledgement.
2 do you have any symptoms? “no” (well a little white lie I did have my normal breathing impediment, sort of a constant companion really)
3 Another mumbled unintelligible question through the mask, ignored.
4 by now two with slightly rising agitation levels and a slower question Have you had Covid, “No not this week”.
5 Have you been in the company of anyone you know to have had flu like symptoms in the last two weeks ? “no”
6 Have you been in any large gatherings lately? “no”.
7 do you have an appointment? “No”.
8. What is the reason for you to come here today? now getting to a definite level orange, but suppressed the urgent desire to give him my second serve, prudence prevailed, “My Gold Card needs replacement”.

A bit of a hint of further delay avoided, quite sensibly and with what could be described as a sightly insolent bit of body language, a lunge across my person to insert the code to open the door, and entry to my employees workplace accomplished.
Another two security males inside the doors, a silent wave to a seat to await service.

The time and motion apparent was mind boggling with most persons visible not even carrying the old long held belief that a person with a piece of paper to hand must be doing something productive, with one solitary worke drone out of around ten persons visible plus the three security, at reception speaking with a “client” clearly closing in on some arbitrary income bar to maintaining his benefit, that took an interminable time to bring to a close and the eventual departure saw moi summoned with a casual wave to approach.

I presented a Community services card that had expired some time ago thinking a few keystrokes on a keyboard with the details on that card and hey presto a new card on its way, how wrong can one be, take two, a scuffle in a drawer for a multi page application form to be filled out or taken away, filled out, then returned demanding many entries and requests for documentation in support, such as Drivers Licence, Passport, Arms Licence, power bill ( do people still have those delivered), Bank Statement, tensions rising, anger management processes deployed.

Decision made for a strategic withdrawal to rearm and recover my desire to live, while a few shreds of sanity and self respect remained intact.

One large office, lots of computers and devices apparent, no ringing phones, no one above amble, many fixed in situ, and another tree dies just to get an updated bit of plastic that does not even have a chip or a readable stripe?
Definite resemblance to a Brigadoon still shaking off the century asleep.

Think on reflection I will just keep the old card that has only been challenged and found out of time once in the months it has been expired and use the Arms licence as ID, that bit of plastic never needs anything like the scrutiny of a Drivers Licence, funny that.

Next time I might take one of my exclusive deer antler adorned walking sticks with a coat of white paint, and shuffle in to another office wearing my Biden aviator sunnies and see how someone really needing assistance gets treated. Leave my hearing aids at home as well. maybe pass on the Arms licence though, might just be an IQ above a waistline measurement present.

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