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How much longer are we to be bombarded with “MAN”dates, I have always been a passionate and committed supporter of things female, excluding the freak shows from Gavin and co, so when will they sort out the male supremacy and work on a term a lot less discriminating, as Womandates is somewhat unwieldy, ain tit.

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November 28, 2021 at 1:47 pm

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Only in this instance the rat is running the wheel.

Does anyone recall the furore over Monsanto developing crop varieties resistant to “Roundup”tm, or genetic modification of Tomatoes to prolong shelf life and resilience to transport stress. Then there was anther threat to society in “Golden Rice” that largely blew starvation out of the waters of Asia.

With the adoption of genetic manipulation techniques in developing the inoculant to mitigate the lethal effects of The Rona by way of reducing the worst of bronchial destruction, it has been a month of Sundays since I saw or heard any comment on the great dangers of fiddling with genes.

Ah well I suppose it is an ill wind that blows away such trivia.

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November 28, 2021 at 1:37 pm

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Around brekkie time today a scrote began a series of car thefts using the threat of Knife violence, South of Timaru. The drama concluded near Rolleston later in the morning with an arrest after a Helicopter was used to track him as he fled on foot.

Police rural area commander Inspector Peter Cooper said it was understood a 30-year-old Pākehā man had stolen the cars. Not sure of the relevance of that statement of fact? but I am left wondering if there was any mixed blood involved with the advent of ginger, freckled, blue eyed native All Blacks but I did seem al little odd that the term Pakeha was invoked.

Any way after police warnings to secure vehicles and houses and not to have any social contact with a strange male the all clear was announced and life with the threat of The Rona continued as before.

Of course the reported arrest came as a triangle of Rolleston Prison, Paparoa Prison and the place of contact so it was logical to suspect that an absconder from Her Majesty’s temporary housing may have explained the low flying Helicopter but no he was on a much longer run of nearly 200 Kms and changes of vehicles involved.

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November 26, 2021 at 3:22 pm

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Sorry Judith, that is it, step away now!

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That begins with your resignation as Leader at 0900 this morning.

I have been a full on supporter of you until late yesterday, that use of a flippant remark from long ago history as a way to attempt to shore up your leadership that has always been rather suspect in the psyche of many out there in voter land, was a misstep that is unredeemable any-which way.

What to do now will eventuate and it may be a last ditch for the National who have been veering away from their history in small steps since Syd Holland departed. Yes the Center is the target but not at the cost of abandoning the origins created in history of understanding the destruction of a welfare state, once many choose to survive on the wealth created by others. Those “Others” become easily disillusioned when struggling to find contributors and are forced to rely on Immigrants.

So just go immediately.

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November 25, 2021 at 8:15 am

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A member of the Cervidae Family, sightless and limited in intelligence and ability to function in nature, easily distressed, and sadly unable to see as it has no sight, needing strong protection and guidance of others..

Common name, “Noeyedeer”

Vey limited numbers but numerically superior as heads of different levels of government administrations throughout the world, Sometimes seen around the seat of power in NZ but only when conditions are favourable particularly as regards the news cycle.

Totally protected species, never to be hunted or restrained.

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November 24, 2021 at 1:38 pm

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The unravelling continues apace as evidenced by yesterdays post cabinet press conference and a rather unseemly interaction between Barry Soper, veteran political reporter and senior member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and the Empress. Hell he was there when Muldoon ruled and he earned the Ire of that Prime Minister to boot.

A very edgy PM did not wish to be opened by questioning from Soper as if he was too scary it would not look good to end things at that very early stage. Far better to have scheduled efforts from Jessica then Tova and a few back and forths until things could be brought to a close more appropriately.

So first it was Hosking and his highest rating breakfast slot, now an old man from History, and Ryan Bridge is flirting with excommunication. The Empress and her shedding raiment is becoming more exposed and eventually pressure might rise to a point where such treachery might even make the evening infotainment propaganda reveal in spite of the clear bias emanating from the millions paid for compliance to the Media.

The once seemingly unflappable yesterday became a little windmill as the breeze went from zephyr to force six quite rapidly but apparently her sycophants remained steady and the opportunity went begging. Following the previously documented occasion where others became emboldened to waive their call in favour of Soper resulting in overt threats of podium justice falling on those others who went feral. her grip is weakening and many will know instinctively that the predator will get the weakened at the back of a fleeing herd.

I accept that the Jessica and Tova show is safe for now but who will Obrien’s masters select to step in when Tova heads off to run third behind Hosking and RNZ at the beginning of the day for Media Works in an attempt to sidestep Newstalk Zb’s ratings by heading for a younger and female sector.

Whatever, losing half of the sycophantic duo will be cause for some concern for the spinmeisters running the Communications graduate so Harold McMillan’ s “events dear boy” as a threat will not evaporate entirely, however much it is desired by some, interesting times ahead.

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November 23, 2021 at 11:49 am

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A two week swing through the south of the Mainland with Milford Sound the focus, not having ventured there since January 1954 soon after that tenuous link opened.

This visit, last Monday with the long range forecast revealing minor respite from the westerly wet weather had us travel in steady rain and sleet leaving fresh snow at the Tunnel entrance and a well signalled warning to be back to Te Anau by 1700 hrs as the road would close. What began as a rather dull wet day became steadily more orsum as it progressed. We left the Mobile home at around 1030 hrs and traffic very light, zero coaches and a mere 15 light vehicles and two Camper vans on the 120 Kms to Milford. The trip was highlighted by the myriad of water features on the surrounding rocky mountains and the spectacular Hollyford river rising to a higher volume as it tumbled southeast before turning north to traverse the Hollyford valley to Lake McKerrow and the Tasman sea. Milford itself was rather sad the Fiordland Lodge chosen for lunch offered a mere half dozen Pizzas as mains and three sundaes for dessert, but more than made up for by a staff intent on making the very best of a bad lot, In serious comparison to our visit to the Hermitage a year ago where staff were then waiting for the next tourist coach that just was not coming.

The entire safari lasting two weeks involved contact with many operators in survival mode due to the decimation of international tourism in the Government’s response to the latest pandemic to sweep the globe, a mismanaged response that has been so destructive on tourism and many other small businesses. All brought to clarity on return to shaggy lawns when a neighbour who has secure employment and job security as a public servant was dismissive of the pain and suffering for those whose livelihood has been smashed, merely grateful Jaz has made it safer for her two preschool children from the terrible virus that could snatch them away at any moment. I just didn’t have the heart to suggest their future was far more threatened by the racial divisions and monstrous debts they will encounter throughout their entire lifetimes.

So it is back to “old clothes and porridge” for how long who knows but we are basking in the certain knowledge that we have made a small contribution to those suffering worst under the tsunami of destruction that clearly a majority are left unaffected by, as indicated in polling.

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November 22, 2021 at 9:48 am

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There is a totally erroneous belief afoot that has too many believing the myth, twice pfizer inoculated will not transmit the Rona, and that has and will continue to have too many of those misguided acting carelessly in social behaviours thus exponentially expanding the spread of the virus.

We are already observing some truly bizarre efforts in compliance with the well documented fact that a simple cotton or similar fabric covering a lower face will be almost useless in lowering infection spread in community situations, yet the level of paranoid observance continues unabated.

The belief in a growing admission that further inoculations will be required to combat the evidence based finding that the slide to ineffectiveness comes in well under the twelve months downgraded currently from greater success initially promised.

Almost all the great truths that have been handed down to the plebeians from the Odium of obfuscation have been revealed as at least misleading and of doubtful probity yet the administration continues in a clear effort to pontificate in a totally deceptive spiel. Announcements of announcements relating to coming announcements of further announcements is not leadership, it is merely purchasing time to read polling of how the very ideas being promoted will be received by the suppressed minions.

I will repeat with no apology, the very expensive and misunderstood Pfizer fix continues to be referred to as a Vaccine when in the understanding of many it is no such thing! It is only an experimental medical intervention that is claimed to reduce for many, particularly the more vulnerable from the more lethal and extreme infections threatening lung function that normally precedes Pneumonia, itself threatening life continuing. They can trumpet for all they like how millions of doses have been administered but there remain some credible opinions bringing doubt to bear on so many relevant aspects to have me and others concerned, however in my case the die is cast as I have been double vaxed, Swmbo however is suffering a significant set back in mobility since the second dose for her that saw one who could easily walk two Kms to a shop and back again, in the space of five days of decline become unable to stand from a chair without assistance.

In previous times governments offered as much fact based truth to allow reasoned responses by its subjects to mitigate the worst an illness threatened based on personal risk assessment. Not in these manipulative and politically charged times where the developing theory of “never let a crisis pass without milking it for political advantage” becomes the norm. So an increasingly under fire administration promotes itself as the sole arbiter of fact and denigrates all who question them with vitriol and crushing creative name calling as outliers to the point where increasing numbers actually become incensed to a point where defiance becomes openly apparent. They are not in any shape or form “anti vaxers”, they remain supportive of MMR Tetanus and other procedures more accurately described as vaccines

If there remains such support for a government being eroded daily as an honest broker in health matters that they can allow a shortage of health professionals to be reduced in participating numbers due to often well held and various doubts as to safety and efficacy of an experimental inoculation to significantly reduce numbers working their system seems cavalier as a minimum, I had understood there was a shortage of skilled staff sufficient as to be the obstacle to increasing ICU capability. So what gives, so much of what emerges from the sole source of truth is very quickly reduced to nonsense often before the microphones are turned off.

So for me reading and listening to alternate views and opinions, duly weighted by reason, will continue and the pronouncements from an increasingly suspect bunch of the politically motivated will continue to be regarded as very likely nonsensical in the Alice and Wonderland world we now appear to live in.

Perhaps for starters some expert might like to attempt to explain how come NZ Covid Pts are not dying in numbers seen elsewhere, now there is a field of knowledge that I for one is interested in, not how many have tested “positive” from contact with free ranging drug dealers having managed to spread the Rona to each day. Meaningless drivel to maintain the fear factor?

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November 18, 2021 at 10:53 am

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Girls pick flowers, men pick girls, men go to war and fill graveyards with their dead, the graves get flowers to cover them picked by girls.

A wannabe academic who has more failures than a Venezuelan power grid predicts eighty thousand will die, New Zealand is bequeathed a crippling debt by an appointed Government that has only student social account keeping as “experience” and that Mr Hendy remains a court jester keeping his Mistress from seeing and addressing the truth.

The chosen path to deal with just one more viral pandemic of a succession over centuries, sweeping the globe, daily becomes proven to have more holes than a Swiss cheese and the failing hierarchy have no other response after eighteen months that were initially held as solutions, by a combination of luck and geographical isolation are now unravelling in spectacular fashion. The anointed figurehead who indulged in shameless exploitation is now being challenged by ever increasing numbers of once adoring fans who swell the skeptics who questioned the responses from day one nearly two years ago and the fragile possessor of an inadequate intellect only sustained by a political philosophy that has failed ever-where attempted for over a hundred years becomes daily challenged, solved for her only by a steady withdrawal from the real world. One who ostensibly “represents” a central electorate in the heart of the largest City does not feel any need or desire to even make a foray into that electorate. Let alone show empathy or understanding or promote the chosen solution, mass inoculation with an RnA injection coming under a growing doubts as to efficacy or longevity of active protection.

No, HRH mounts a rather inefficient carbon footprint creating 757 RNZAF transport to land at Whenuapai, avoiding any mixing with her subjects, whisked off to a factory that had avoided the disasters of the lockdown, then another appearance at a Pacifica stabbing clinic then flew back to her comfortable surrounds in Wellington. All accomplished under a cover story that the plane used was moving defence personal to Auckland for MIQ and then returning to home base. All very Suss as the 757 is based at Whenuapai so took two round trips to offer “safe’ passage for the now increasingly under public protest, fragile, out of her depth Prime Minister to visit the nations largest city reeling from a short sharp lockdown instituted in response to a single case of the Rona that is still holding the City of Sails hostage three months later and counting.

When will New Zealand ever learn they have been played for suckers and while having lives, children, incomes and productivity all threatened their Government still has no plans or strategy in the face of a pandemic that is contemporaneously providing a massive diversion of what is actually being perpetrated on the voters over freedoms, racial divisions, economic destruction occurring every day.

Footnote; the savage attacks on fiscal probity perpetrated by one public servant who has zero attachment to any independent role separated from his political masters at the head of the health ministry, Bloomfield has obliterated almost every constitutional and fiduciary duty of financial husbandry over the awarding of the saliva test protocols for the Rona, the arrogance is astounding. Still no one seems to give an ounce of inquiry into the corrupt mess, perhaps the odour emitting is too disgusting even for those who might show some interest.

“Gone to graveyards every one” Democracy is almost where John Cleese’s Parrot was.

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November 13, 2021 at 12:13 pm

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However as often stated I am less than convinced that the billions being generated for Big Pharma. by state interference and manipulative exploitation of the latest virus to employ ease of trade and travel to threaten the world.

I read about Edward Jenners initial efforts as a child in a book of “heros”, in his using the close relative of the deadly smallpox that regularly decimated populations, Cowpox, that he noted did not seem to ever infect milkmaids who were regularly exposed to the far less lethal suppurating pustules on cows udders. In a bold experiment Jenner took puss from a Cowpox and scratched it into the skin of an eight year old boy, James Phipps, who then developed an eruption of the skin at the site of a Cow pox. He then introduced some matter from an active small pox and Vaccination was born.

As a child I was stabbed by Doctor Dickell at his surgery in Rotherham and on one occasion in the lounge Bar of the Waiau Hotel after being informed we were going “to see a man about a dog”. I am guessing it was all about Diptheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus as Measles Mumps and Chicken Pox seemed to take turns in swooping through schools. My education was delayed in February 1948 for about a month/six weeks when a Polio epidemic was in full action and primary school swimming had disruptions until first successes in my last year of primary school saw the ending of that scourge when the Salk Vaccine came on stream.

1956 and College saw third formers all scratched on their wrist to test for tuberculosis anti bodies and a negative result saw a vaccine site on the outer upper arm that nearly always left a disfiguring scar. I was spared that as somewhere along the road I had somehow somewhere become exposed and had an immunity to “TB”.

I repeat I am certainly not “antivax” but a wariness and suspicious nature has me at a minimum very sceptical over the treatment I prefer to term an inoculation to combat The Rona as it sure does not give a level of protection of the measure of the many previous interventions I have willingly settled for after the forced treatments of my childhood. I have been having annual Flu shots since joining St John Ambulance and the New Zealand Fire Service as a volunteer in early 2001, fully aware it is always based on historical strains of influenza and as I understand things gaining a residual surge of activity in my immune system as a best result and prevention of the next Flu not to be expected. Touching Wood I have not had an influenza illness since.

I am far from being convinced the Pfizer, along with J & J, Astra Zenica, Moderna and possibly the inoculant I personally favour, Novavax are even Vaccines hence my preference to term the whole lot as Inoculants. However I am becoming increasingly IRRITATED at the demonising use of Antivax for those who are more accurately IMEHO, vaccine hesitant, for a variety of reasons often sincerely held amidst the many tales of disastrous incidents arising from the religious fervour being a pat of the rush to stab a product, created in short time, sans almost all the protocols that have been developed over decades of genuine awareness of some catastrophic outcomes with Thalidomide being a main player, and being marketed with a specific barrier for legal ramifications against the manufacturers for damages downstream. That single factor has my radar twitching bigtime.

Calling the minority who do not trust the State and there have been plenty of reasons over the now nearing two years splattered with Bullshit at almost every opportunity, Antivaxers for a natural level of distrust to become embedded and the serious reluctance to tell the public as much as possible to enable rational decision making is appalling.

That Madam wannabe world leader might just be a major factor motivating many who protested in Wellington yesterday and had I still been in neighbouring Wairarapa I may well have been one more outside the parliament and I am double vaxed (inoculated).

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November 10, 2021 at 6:40 pm

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