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However to cast Ms Giorgia Meloni, is nothing anywhere near to be a 2022 il Duce.
That is monstrous garbage even if she gets trains to run on time

No “Black Shirts”, no violence, just ordinary Italians voting to reject the more destructive EU supported policies from unelected Crats in Brussels in search of WEF, NWO, borderless Europe, recently rejected by Poland and more substantially Hungary now being threatened with defunding by churlish cretins never answerable to anyone who see their power base being eroded by waves of illegal immigration and failing political leanings that have become additional to what began life as “Common Market”. over half a century ago and are daily not just ignored while becoming of greater concern to plebeians and peasants struggling to just get by across Europe now facing an energy crisis far greater than any Climate Catastrophe.

EU power broker Ursula Von der Leyen (how Prussian aye), voiced outright threats if Italy should elect Ms Meloni, on election eve with “We have the tools” if troubles arise from the election, They must be alarmed their little bureaucratic empire is under threat?

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September 26, 2022 at 7:16 pm

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A public face of “strike 4 climate”, Izzy Cook went on Heather du Plessis Allan drive time and Bazza’s missus got her to admit she had flown to Fiji with her Mum, something that might just grate with a struggling business owner struggling to cope with the at times draconian hurdles placed as obstructions to running a successful enterprise.

No apparently the arch hypocritical mother attempted to diminish what seems to me to be ultra ironical two faced, “rules are for thee not for me” position for a leader of students taking time out of school for political protests.

Izzy Cook is a Media spokes child for the Wellington area promoting taking Friday afternoon off school to lengthen an already horrendous costing public holiday to mark the Passing of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, something that could have just as meaningfully been allocated to any one of the Sundays during the Mourning period. Lost class time evidently supported by principals and staff of many schools.

Mummy being Mummy lamented an apparent blase attitude to warming that is now suggested to have accelerated ice melting of the Arctic Ice, is that the same Ice Melting that another dopy idjit AL Gore had claimed over thirty years ago would see the Arctic Ocean ice free in summers. by the beginning of this century?

By all means Mummy Dear encourage your daughter to become questioning of her world but blindly following a bunch of maniacal melons who include slashing of the NZ Dairy herd when no alternative to the loss of over ten billion dollars of National Income is ever suggested?
Evidently Mommy Dearest while claiming bullying by Allen just doing what her job entails, added Izzy did not want to go to Fiji but Mommy bullied her daughter into the Hypocritical act of utter sanctimonious posturing, perhaps Izzy has higher morals than her moronic mother superior.

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September 26, 2022 at 6:49 pm

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A Queen’s Counsel, now retitled a King’s Counsel Maria Dew, was very quickly engaged by National Leader Christopher Luxon to investigate serious allegations of behaviours not compatible with what many understand to be acceptable for an MP who had been expelled from Kings College for bullying decades ago, events never disputed and admitted by the candidate before selection, although never apparently passed to party leader Luxon. who was blindsided when the matter became a relished bit of damage for a very biased msm to continue a concerted campaign of denigration of everything negative for national.

Now Ms Dew is a leading investigative lawyer who has done work for both sides of NZ politics, having conducted an inquiry into allegations of sexual assault by a Labour Party staffer that was never published beyond a redacted version of the executive summary.
Now having done an inquiry into allegations of the Kings bully’s time as an Otago University student prior to embarking on a successful overseas working foray is not to be received with even a modicum of acceptance by Labour according to Grunter Robberson.

Ms Dew had no joy in any getting a single person giving substantiation to the never named Otago fellow student who had given lurid accounts to the barking media of behaviour by the now reinstated electorate MP. Activity that has for generations been well established as pretty moronic in so many ways for almost everyone who heads down to the Southern City for higher learning.
Of course the female student trying to make things worse for the media victim still remains anonymous and her father also not forthcoming with an identity or any clues to what motivates either, leaving a deep suspicion that some clues by way of any party affiliation and employment could be relevant.

A successful mature man wishing to make a public service is now denied any form of rehabilitation by a bunch who are apparently being selective to the point of hypocrisy, ‘two faceism’ that extends to criticism of the timing of Dew’s report release from a bunch of manipulated student politicians who indulge in almost weekly dumps of embarrassing material late on Fridays to even avoid any immediate references from TV media for the six o’clock bulletins.

The question will apparently remain unanswered.

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September 23, 2022 at 9:05 am

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So much to be seen but never revealed or discussed, could it be that a small pacific nation has a corrupt main stream media.

The startling revelations that a boy expelled from a named school in Auckland at age 16 for bullying that might seem to some, expulsion, to have been a reasonable response and suitably effective as a punishment, was then a subject of intense Media allegations of similar behaviour at Otago University (only saints and candidates for that role attend that institution), used as a cudgel to beat the main opposition Party with, suddenly became fake news when a QC now KC appointed with alacrity by the opposition leader to establish a degree of impartial investigation is compared to the numerous incidents of current questionable seriousness within Labour Party controlled arenas are systematically swept under a rug.

Allegations of a closely related to a senior Party operative involving five incidents of serious sexual assault at a party sponsored and conducted Summer Political camp, subsequently reduced to two lesser charges and dealt with by way of wet bus ticket slapping, all buried by blanket suppression orders from the court.
Allegations of sexual assault, suggested to be an unwanted “Hug”, elevated to “Rape” by the Labour Speaker in a career ending destruction, later costing Taxpayers money to resolve, again no publicity.
Another allegation of series of sexual incidents in the office of the Prime Minister that never reached any public investigation or resolution.
A series of very dodgy funded appointments of the cousin and subsequently Husband of a senior Labour Minister along with other familial appointments that invariably all have lack of established procedural practice surrounding them.
A Minister of the Crown involved in allegations of assaulting staff briefly stood down but now back at the trough with multiple portfolios.
A chaotic response to allegations supported by substantial supporting evidence of a Backbench MP from a Hamilton electorate of workplace bullying initially involving an appointed Political Services Staffer who had in a Party role separate from Parliamentary Services, actively opposed the MPs selection as the electorate candidate to run for Labour successfully dislodging the sitting National MP. Bullying that extended to Party Whips in a documented campaign that in any alternative workplace environment would be considered far more seriously.
A current electorate Labour MP widely suggested to have issues around staff bullying effectively excused as she has voluntarily begun ‘Leadership Training’

Then we see deputy PM and current muckraking odious operative supremo making big over the redacted report being released by National on the day of Her Majesty’s last rights, when his party have made such information dumps a Force de jour in current political operations, on a regular basis.
That said I do consider that timing by Luxons office to be less than auspicious.

For all that is reasonable and necessary, does this country accept that restoration and second chances have any degree of desirability or not in attracting talent to public office, clearly not in a single case of a National electorate MP but meanwhile Teflon coated people in the Labour theatre of operations can act at a whim to protect their corruption laden hypocritical bunch of mayhem creators at all times unmolested by a media bought and paid with vast amounts of public money.

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September 20, 2022 at 10:43 am

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A lifetime of agrarian endeavour and enduring many climate, (weather actually), manifestations ranging from droughts to floods and everything in between such as high winds, unexpected frosts, high temperatures at inconvenient times, who knew that such things seriously impact scholastic endeavour.

Well I didn’t for sure although many a hot afternoon in a classroom was a certainty in inducing a degree of torpor, before the adoption of Air Conditioning.

Otoh there is a great concern in the constant overweening concentrations on doomsday scenarios that promulgate a massive fear response in vulnerable minds that impacts notably on a degree of distraction and loss of focus in such developing minds, that will present as a feeling of “why bother” and even reaching into suicidal tendencies.

If a couple of Islands in the. North Atlantic carrying descriptive names such as “Greenland” and “Iceland” give any little clues, then clearly this planet has had some pretty significant alterations in how weather and climate might have been observed in times past.

One constant in my lifetime, is that change is always current and impacting on human activity.
Those who are indulging in the chorus of approaching disaster of a possibility of growing pineapples in Northland in inculcating a fear in young minds as a manipulative tool for whatever reason is nothing short of just one more form of a crime against humanity.

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September 20, 2022 at 9:10 am

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The vast pool of talent in the 17% who pretend they are Maori, and Gav is the supremo able to do many things for his race.

As if getting it on with your cousin is not remarkable enough, but then marrying him and promoting him as the number one prob solver when things get a bit dodge, he must be simply ORSOME aye.

Oresome Ormsby, woman basher, extraordinaire?

Who knew that Teflon was a modern fashion accoutrement.

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September 20, 2022 at 8:44 am

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Take the 13 minutes to view and then rebut it.

Big ups to BFD News for creating the access to it, no other Media in this benighted country will ever give it oxygen.

The video encapsulates so much of my grave concerns around big Pharma in particular Pfizer who have seemingly totally captured the student Politicians who still maintain a polling support beginning with a 3 when it should be around a single digit and that is an estimated number of complete morons as witnessed by polling for the melons.

The effective gagging of any departure from the narrative of so many with an apparent degree of expertise in matters medical, the total rejection of a product that was awarded a nobel prize for medicine as an effective, safe and imho very successful drug in mitigating the rona, particularly in Indian states bold enough to defy the enormous pressure from big Pharma, pressure that saw our non medical trained politicians and their chosen advisors and enablers place all the reactions for our country in the mRNA basket that has undiscovered ramifications only hinted about so far.

As stated if you care, give up 13 minutes of your time and listen to the video then perhaps give some form of rebuttal, the implications suggested were scary enough for me.

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September 17, 2022 at 11:16 am

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The never say die Wallabies did all they needed to get one hand on the Bleddy Cup, but one moment of stupid from a definite candidate for MotM and an extraordinary degree of frustration from a French Ref who did well in patches, reversed a penalty that should have effectively ended the Game, to a short arm to the visitors allowing the winning try in the corner was as remarkable as it was decisive.

The now recurring decision making over foul play by on field officials instead of sending such technical matters to the Jury room after the game reared its head again with the Aussie lock Darcy Swain fortunate to escape with a yellow for a season ending assault on a prone Quin Tupaea and Tyrel Lomax a penalty only for a spear tackle that was beyond the horizontal before the collapsing bodies masked the ending.

Clearly a frustrated Ref reacted in a game deciding way when deliberate time wasting by Bernard Foley saw a Penalty that 99/100 times would have seen a lineout and a kick for touch after the hooter.Blatant time absorption by teams under card restraint is now widely practised but not quite within the spirit of the game and clearly French ref Mathieu Raynal was tipped into a decision that will be debated for ever.

Had it been Mohunga and the ABs it would be the next Wayne Barnes forward pass.

That Lazarus event for Foster only gave credulity to the never to be settled debate over his continued occupation of the path to a K for rugby coaches in NZ.
34 to 13 should have been a decisive decider, just as well Hooper was absent aye, the judiciary view of some of the Wallaby reactions could be also interesting, there was some touching moments?

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September 16, 2022 at 12:02 pm

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I still do some bigly miles on New Zealand roads, more if I use Kilometers?
In my ever humble opinion the surface quality degradation is accelerating markedly.
It has been a very long drive since any notable resealing has been encountered, the last I recall, was on Highway 63 that runs from Renwick just west of Blenheim to the Kawatiri Junction on The Buller River where it joins Highway 6.

This was a part of the redirection of much of the Picton to Christchurch traffic to the South after the Rotherham/Waiau (referred to as the Kaikoura earthquake elsewhere) seismic event that required a serious reconstruction of SH1 north of Kaikoura, leading to a detour commonly SH1, SH62, SH 63, SH 6,SH65, SH7 and back to SH 1 at the Waipara Junction.
|SH 63 was barely adequate for the heavy Transport logistics involved with many one lane bridges, one just west of St Arnaud was modified with a Bailey Bridge as a second. crossing of the upper Buller, since removed again. There was some major resealing in the Wairau Valley, and that was almost half a decade ago.

Potholes are becoming endemic with the solution now apparently just placing more and more “roadcones ” and an almost total avoidance of meaningful repairs beyond patching patches.

Used Transmission Gully recently, what a contrast to the old coastal Highway until it arrives at the old road south of Otaki where one of those light board signs informed of delays. We were stationary for nearly 20 minutes?

Lots of very attractive cycleways though sad no one seems to use them.

Clearly the roads to visit the chosen early child education centers and primary schools do not encounter such graphic evidence of the descent into third world status of infrastructure alas.

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September 15, 2022 at 5:37 pm

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Only it was never actioned in haste and little of leisure about the repenting phase.

After some serious pressure from medics who now have a seriously diminished level of respect from this old bastard, I eventually became a part of “The Great Pfizer experiment”, up to the third assault.
Swmbo has some challenges and we are in a concentrated contact series with some heavy hitters around neurology and general medicine that had nothing by way of any alternative options apart from compliance with the mass medication experiment.
Even a serious degradation of mobility two weeks after the initial stabbing was met with a veritable wall of unanimity with nothing by way of departure from the script in totally rejecting any possible connection of the dramatic decline from easily walking two Kms to struggling to get out of bed with assistance, and The Great Pfizer Experiment. A rather unusual refusal to even discuss such a scenario from people normally intent on allowing discussion on matters that have over a decade of cooperation involved many hours of research assistance from both of us with the New Zealand Brain Research Clinic.

Now with the ever growing list, admittedly mostly conjecture and anecdotal, of so far unacknowledged side effects from a small number of the “Vaccinated” from various unexpected outcomes around cancer remission failures, heart conditions, a what some are suggesting a blip in statistical numbers of sudden adult deaths, that very few of the medically trained seem to have any desire to see investigated.

Almost every one who is not enamoured of the freakish over reactions from those who reject any notion that their power to rule us is anything to do with the power of the people who elected them, it is not difficult to get a case of strange and even inexplicable decline for an otherwise apparently healthy person that manifested in the death of a thirty something fit and healthy male plumber, currently the subject of a Coroners Inquiry in Dunedin , in casual conversations

What have we done is a recurring fact of conversation, particularly all those of advanced years who had watched the Thalidomide disaster that resulted in what many medics jumped into with alacrity to solve an age old problem of hyperemesis gravidarum, commonly termed “Morning Sickness”, that can occur for a pregnant woman at any time of day, and can lead to serious problems for both mother to be and the foetus. With our two children it was quite a problem for Swmbo, in the case of number two saw Mother to be, in hospital on a drip to solve an issue of malnourishment at one stage of that pregnancy. We never became aware of the T drug, looking back a blessing, as things were quite problematic at times.
Our simple management involved a plate of porridge with milk and sugar that hit the porcelain PDQ then a cooked breakfast that was mostly able to be retained. We were somewhat fortunate in that is really was a “morning sickness thing” the rest of the days mostly only milder nausea, as an ongoing problem.

The thalidomide disaster as it became infamously termed, came to a climax some eleven years after its launch as a sedative, cheap and over the counter, gaining some popularity as an antiemetic useful as a counter to morning sickness, subsequently linked as largely manifesting in birth defects in an estimated in excess of ten thousand children along with increasing spontaneously aborted foetus incidents, leading to widespread withdrawal from the market and initiating a much more rigorous investigative process for all new drugs before launch.

My suspicions around the mRNA inoculations were initially raised by factors around the rushed launch of mRNA answers to the Virus that I believe escaped either inadvertently or deliberately from the Wuhan Laboratory where virus research was conducted, along with “Gain of Function” aspects with active involvement of Anthony Fauci and US funding.
An early red flag for the drug therapy answer came with the very short time frame following the world wide “Pandemic” associated with Covid 19 between its discovery and the launch of the Pfizer solution.
Then there were some unusual protections legislated for the use of the solution that gave Pfizer an immunity from legal repercussions from the administration of their solution.
Further protections came from the locking up of associated data for seventy years, from discovery.
A still largely secret Contract with Governments over the supply of the inoculant.
Further to initial uses to give a claimed protection against the worst effects from an infection for the older and medically compromised leading to pneumonia was extended progressively into younger and healthy citizens eventually reaching into stabbing the very young with their still embryonic and developing immune systems did nothing to assuage my concerns leading to the decision to end any further participation in “The Great Experiment”.
Another departure from my inbuilt reservations was the involving of women of childbearing age, in particular those actually carrying a developing baby.

My current attitude to the growing clamour for a full inquiry in all aspects of governmental administration of what appears to be an extremely problematic involvement of medically inept political involvement by the leaders of the government and their proven doubtfully equipped advisors should be left to a subsequent administration as I just cannot trust the duplicitous bastards to conduct anything other than a whitewash to ensure the gross errors and dumbarse decisions made, are never given the demanding scrutiny they deserve, beginning right back when the entire “Pandemic Response Plan” in existence was binned to allow the political advantages of the management by a group of ideological driven neanderthals intent on wringing every last drop of advantage out of the whole charade.
Any such commission of inquiry should IMEHO be empowered with an ability to sanction anyone who is proven to have culpably ignored reasonable available information in perpetrating what I consider to have involved wilful disregard for previously held standards of responsible medical process.

Any body in any form of legislative coercion wanting me to be further involved in this mass manipulation of isolating, nappy face covering, mandated substance abuse, or any other social engineering will be met with a refusal to cooperate, beginning with a polite decline then moving to overt and increasingly obstructive behaviours.

My Body, my reason, my freedoms, my choice, end of! just get out of management of my options and do not prevent me accessing any information I deem necessary to enable informed consent and personal decision making.

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September 15, 2022 at 1:21 pm

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