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A Fucking tax, anyone calling it by any alternative title is being disingenuous in the extreme.

Congestion: levy, charge, demand, tariff, duty, toll, encumbrance, fee, it matters nothing as it is a tax to be imposed to finance a fanciful obfuscation to cover years and years of total failure to address a looming catastrophe.

A simple disastrous imposition that will fall heaviest on those least able to pay and endure the draconian aspects in meeting its demands.
Never in any way a problem for those so keen to introduce it either because they are so much better remunerated for it to ever be a problem, or the Golden People who will never be forced to face it as they enjoy publicly funded alternatives leaving them entirely immune.

It is exactly in the same mold as charging for use of an expressway, as those most disadvantaged will never be capable to actually compute the largely hidden costs of using the alternative to give necessary evidence of actual cost benefit.

Back to congestion, of course it is a massive problem in matters pollution, efficiency, time pressures, convenience et al.
However there are many and varied solutions available such as decentralisation, location of infrastructure deemed essential for public good, and images of what is desirable often largely of a self image nature.

There is a classic item of central planning stupidity currently emerging in The Village of The Damned with the creation of a replacement for Lancaster Park, over a decade later from its destruction in quake Mk II 2011.
Why does such a facility need to be located in the city center? Its times of use are very limited, those attending regular events are nominally not in the most economically challenged category, numbers attending very variable and mostly at much lower levels of total attending with major events often involving elites jetting in and exiting within a short time after an event ends.
I have suggested previously the new Stadium needs to be located with access to major roading infrastructure and as near to the Airport as practicable, making taking it to the inner Eastern lands cleared following the Quakes of the old low quality buildings, about as stupid as humanly possible. Not that one in possession of a parchment issued by a place of higher education might ever be in possession of any ability to think beyond the narrow parameters of their often official group think indoctrination.

Another Christchurch anomaly is now reaching for the highest echelons of disconnected thinking with the odiferous problems of the combined issues of the “Composting of Green Waste” and the nearby fire damaged sewerage treatment plant. The poor buggers who went to the neighbourhood on the most basic economic factors are suffering intolerable degradation in their everyday lives. Should just a single person with the power and authority to solve the problem actually live in that red zone would it still be an increasingly growing stinking pile, hell no.

Socialism 101 must clearly state throwing OPMs at any problem large or minor is best practice, end of all discussion, any shortfall in accessing such monies can easily be solved by a new imposition for OPMs, only avoid the word “Tax” at all costs.

Written by Gravedodger

May 16, 2022 at 10:51 am

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The most successful commercial driven nation in world history has no Infant Formula available in many Food outlets.

I understand the Democrats struggle to avoid being embraced by the Socialist Left, hell just have a quick squiz at Bernie Sanders profile, the man even the Democrat power Brokers moved heaven and earth to prevent getting the US POTUS Nomination against Hillary and then Dopey Joe?

But a national shortage of Infant Formula?

Donald Trump was a cowboy. give me a break, “Fish rotting from the head” anyone?
Oh of course it will be all his fault? silly me.

Written by Gravedodger

May 15, 2022 at 11:57 am

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A regular recurring theme, particularly when Government actions directly cause an exponential rise in living costs that always hit the poorest the hardest, is the consumption tax levels on the basics for survival.
The Racist Party has reignited the absurd notion of removing GST from all food when it is internationally recognised that New Zealand’s Consumption tax that even those rich pricks must pay when the buy their KFC is the simplest and therefore the most efficient.

The BFD News has a rebuttal from an academic that is a very good explanation why the latest headline grasping by a politician is just plain bad idiocy.

Have a gander.

Written by Gravedodger

May 14, 2022 at 11:47 am

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A regular weekly segment on Hosking Breakfast has his Missus, Kate Hawkesby and Tim Wilson reviewing the week following the eight AM news on Fridays.

This morning Tim Wilson went a wee bit off the reservation with a personal revelation he was primarily a New World client in loyalty, admitting he only visits Countdown rarely on extraordinary occasions.

I am a dedicated NW shopper and there are reasons aplenty for that.
The inclusion of “how to influence people” as In my world, the NW staff readily engage in casual encounters and when assistance is sought actually take the time to take one to where a product is located rather than a vague “Try aisle 34”
The packing of product a biggy as it does have an inherent skill set required, with Fresh Bread at the top, we freeze all the sliced bread and the distortion when crushed a major issue.
I make myself known to owners as a normal personal thing, it paid out in trumps when the Rona arrived with appreciated assistance offered by the then owner of Rolleston NW for we two pensioners one who is disabled, waiving the need to queue and the not ever a part of our shopping rule, only lone single shoppers as foremost reasons.

As to the perennial fruit and vegetable quality, a simple policy of if not satisfied walk away, if it is a problem there are stall operators aplenty, nearby!

Pak n Save clearly lead in general lower price levels but I find the red bands and black singlets rather off putting.
Countdown are corporate to the nth and it just does not fit for me.

Just a snob really.or maybe service, attitude and the business model. New Zealand owned?

Written by Gravedodger

May 13, 2022 at 11:23 am

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Was it Keith Holyoake, The Prime minister who claimed there were seven unemployed and he knew their names?
I am more confident in suggesting Sir Apirama Ngata did warn, in the wake of the moves by the first Labour Government of the 1930s first under Savage and on his death Peter Frazer, the welfare state introduced would devastate the Maori people economically, socially and in health. Was he right or was he right.

The current lying cabal are claiming very low unemployment statistics of 3.2% when the true facts see many more not being counted because it would be embarrassing.

An earlier Labour Government led by one H Clark, also introduced another manipulation of figures to hide the truth when a whole segment of the work shy were categorised as sick when many were ailing because of self inflicted ingestion of substances and another tranche were just suffering from maladies that in earlier times were just accepted as being a minor impediment in the ability to go to work.

By reclassifying those who choose not to make themselves to be available and seeking work as no part of the gross number not working and contributing to an economy on its knees. Only because no one is available to pick fruit or perform other tasks seen as below a certain dignity emanating from usefully involving themselves due to sufficient levels of financial accumulation being garnered from taxpayer funded welfare.
Therefore the more accurate number of citizens not in FULL TIME work is less than half the now incredibly tarnished team of five million. A figure still to be attained as currently according to the interwebby is over one hundred thousand short of that figure.
The same source is claiming only 2 270 000 New Zealanders working full time.

Lindsay Mitchell would be far better at this but my maths suggest at 3.2% unemployment just under 160 000 New Zealanders are categorised “Unemployed”
With almost 190 000 on the sickness benefit,
Another almost 200 000 not seeking work on the main benefit,
A figure of eight to nine percent not working seems nearer to the truth, that though is not palatable therefore the massaging of the message is imperative.

Apparently with no one able to gain traction in countering the absolute BS in the number being touted the voters remain in a. fog of ignorance as to what is the number not employed

Written by Gravedodger

May 13, 2022 at 9:32 am

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It can’t be just me?

All through the times and trials Key Government and all prior National administrations growing in rates of occurrence exponentially but now as rare as rocking horse shit for the most secretive, manipulative, democracy destructive, racist, economic neanderthals occupying the seat of power, in fact only crickets?
The embarrassing leaks, clearly from Public Servants as supportive smoke screens and heavy ordnance artillery whenever things were being threatened by a government not following the socialist line ardently enough for the true believers.

With the Media now silenced I am suspicious that even if someone dared to expose anything of a nefarious dodgy nature to someone in what is now a very inept and subservient hollow vessel, once a fearless fourth estate whose wholesome support has now been finally corrupted with “forty pieces of silver”, such a travesty should be of concern to someone amongst the very few with journalism and not ideology as a main career driver

However such heads up for a press seeking tales of malfeasance and outright corruption that was once deemed so vital for a functioning democracy, laws were enacted with widespread support from elements of all parties to give real protection to a “Whistle Blower”. Some heroic minion who just could not ignore the voluminous body of evidence any longer, ‘The emperor was indeed naked’ and a dastardly crooked person to boot.
Now apparently such information is entirely suppressed in the Noble Cause deemed necessary for an emboldened bunch of socialists.

Cripes there will be a veritable trove of riches with the proliferation of inquiries, research bodies, studies and investigations for monies being garnered by people on the take but nothing, nada, zero.
Come on people five million ($5 000 000) spent just in concluding an investigation that was always going to find it a non starter, a cycleway addition to an ageing harbour bridge was never going to stack up on every measure, Jesus on a scooter, I could have reached such a conclusion for lots less than such a sum.

Meanwhile the reason the Fish and Chip front person became involved in politics, still lies in ruins after 14 years, the first nine as a list MP with zero obligations to an electorate, and in an artificial atmosphere where the diminishing avenues for realistic assessment are whittled away, Child Poverty remains a festering sore of abject failure.
Oh to be a drone on the wall of the coffee break station while the Repeaters await the next press release along with the advisory from the senior “news person” in receipt of the weeks directive from the mandarins and word smiths working from the ninth floor to direct the narrative. Does no one ever ask an impertinent question, or does the mental action required never arise in the conditioned minds so meticulously ingrained with the way forward in creating the unquestioning robotic media c2022.

Perhaps it is just me and my enfeebled aging brain can’t grasp the obvious truth, clear to all others.

Written by Gravedodger

May 11, 2022 at 8:55 am

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A week is a long time in politics, so said Harold Wilson.

One week ago the police were saying they were sufficiently resourced and in control.

One week ago the Police Minister Potato Williams, was, on her own assessment, on top of her game.

One week ago New Zealand was a nation at peace with crime under good management of Commissione Coster so any talk of Labour Being “soft on Crime” only mere baseless denigration by misogynistic dog whistling of males unable to accept a “Female Minister”

Forward seven days and suddenly there is a need for an additional six hundred million dollars to be spent over four years?

The Government will spend an extra $562m on police over the next four years – promising to keep a ratio of one cop for every 480 people.
It comes as ramraids have gained significant national media attention, despite an overall drop in youth crime.

Seven days later somehow things have gotten worse as Polling indicates firearms offences are registering as a problem. for more New Zealanders, apparently as;

Much of the money is focused on firearms, with $208m being spent establishing a new Firearms Business Unit within police, that will oversee the new Firearms Register.
So those who applauded the quick responses following the Rampage by Tarrant who under the firearms licencing in place then as he prepped for his killing spree should never have been able to lawfully to procure any weapons let alone those he chose and the Ammunition to fuel his slaughter, are now advised New Zealand suddenly needs a fire arms register that will be totally ignored by those miscreants who have declared open shooting as a means of settling scores with rival gangs.

I find it very odd indeed that there has been so little investigation or admissions from Police firearms units on how Tarrant managed to gain lawful access to his armorary when:
(1) His residential qualifications were as dodgy as a three dollar note, His income and work status also incredibly vague
(2) His unrelated referee as to character and suitability to hold a NZ Firearms licence was the father of his “related person with close personal living relationship” only known by way of “Internet conversations and zero personal knowledge required as experienced by myself during a two year stint as a vetting agent for the police.
(3) His close relative or person in a relationship to support his application was again another Internet contact who would never have been accepted in my time of responsibility for such vetting.

Also the claimed entirely resourced Police will be given another resource now decreed necessary by Potato: All due to polling that in responding to the increased publicity surrounding Ramraids and children doing crime, all down to drug addled parents who are abdicating any responsibility to actually parent a child beyond the birthing that gives an immediate increase in welfare funding
Around $185m will be spent rolling out the controversial “tactical response model” nationwide, which sees more dog units and regularly-uniformed officers with faster access to guns.
This I am supposing is to deal with the sudden publicity driven to children committing crimes at levels similar to previous years but now highlighted by media wondering what to put on their front pages while not threatening their over one hundred million dollar compliance largesse.

Then there is another sum of money directed at rehabilitation! By the time a criminal reaches the Prison he is so far into the lifestyle by then any realistic hope of Rehabilitation is long gone, but we will do it again, only better:
“The prison population has been safely reduced in the past five years through a rehabilitation approach and that will continue through funding in the Budget for an additional 518 FTE Corrections roles over the next four years.”

Then the clincher sheeting the whole problem back to the “nine years of neglect”

Once we achieve our goal of an extra 1800 police officer later this year we will ensure numbers don’t fall away again by maintaining an ongoing ratio of one police officer to every 480 New Zealanders,” Williams said.

“Under National we saw police numbers fall away as new officers weren’t hired when police retired. And when we came into office that ratio was standing at one police officer for every 548 Kiwis.

Written by Gravedodger

May 10, 2022 at 7:29 pm

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Following my personal involvement where I have known three who died from complications from RSV, one a dear friend and great lady within reach of a telegram, last week I attended the farewell to a great friend of some nearly seventy years, as a first passing where The Rona had featured.
His death followed a last tortured breath fighting Pneumonia for a body that had suffered serious health challenges for half a decade.

My limited understanding of matters medical asks how exactly one might “die” of Covid 19, a virus that causes a body to go into overdrive to fight an invasion that progresses to complications that are at odds with a clear cut cause of death possibly being “from” ” Covid 19″.

There have been some utterly ludicrous situations where a casualty admitted to hospital for trauma being subsequently tested as positive for the virus, with a major one, a gunshot victim who suffered life ending trauma in an Onehunga Driveway fitting the Rona infection lists due entirely to post mortem testing.

Just returned from a brief commercial activity at Mitre Ten and Dress Mart Mall in Hornby, where mask adornments are definitely in decline and many still making a passing attempt at compliance being threatened with being laughed out of the building due to some truly bizarre wearing practice on display.

It is over folks, pity no one person seems to be able to convince those who have an advanced career resulting from the hysteria of that salient fact.

Wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of infected people spreading COVID-19. A mask that is tightly fitted to the face such as a P2 or N95 mask is better than a blue surgical mask or a cloth mask. From NZ health Navigator

Now I do not think I would recognise either of those two categories? Also the by far most in use Mask is the pleated fabric that is intended to be a wear once and toss ( they sure are being tossed as they now out number even the humble cigarette butt as a gutter and parking lot litter) while most still in use seem to be stained and very tired.

Now we should be considering the death toll from the complications resulting from the Hysterical responses in diagnostic fields of other suspended medical procedures that aid early detection for treatable life threatening conditions such as coronary, vascular, cancers et al, finally being reluctantly admitted to have been seriously curtailed as hospitals and emergency rooms made inane responses never justified in any clinical aspect. To witness, my last three monthly visit to my Pharmacy for the growing list of meds deemed necessary to continue an existence, being confronted with a “Star Wars” bunch of masked and face shielded robed attendants seeing a determined effort required to restrain myself from bursting into uncontrolled laughter.

All at what cost contributing to the now well established biggest rises in current cost of living rises seen only from four decades ago, yeah I know only applicable to those over fifty years of life on earth.

Will the madness ever end

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May 7, 2022 at 3:54 pm

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The Racial Classification Commission to investigate and rule on persons qualifying for cover under Maori Health initiatives?

Nominations closed at 1730 hours yesterday.

RCC members will be equivalent to Supreme Court Justices for remuneration purposes.

An appeal court to decide appeals is now being formulated, announcements to follow.

Press release from Office Whare of Minita Rūnanga Mahuta 10 00 hrs Pea ono.

Written by Gravedodger

May 6, 2022 at 2:54 pm

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The presiding officer of Parliament under the Westminster system. Going back centuries to when the Parliament began to challenge the Monarch’s rule.
Originally appointed by the Monarch the main role was to convey decisions, petitions, and other results of deliberations to the Monarch and news the Sovereign did not want to hear could and did see the poor bugger with his head lopped off, hence the show of reluctance enacted to feign a desire to decline being elevated leading to a charade of fellow MPs who had voted the Speaker in ganging up to place a Speaker on the chair.
Almost all Speakers who upon elevation to the task attempt to give more than a passing nod to the impartiality required to be effective in maintaining orderly conduct and allowing the important need to scrutinise Government actions and legislation, however few ever reach the level achieved by Lockwood Smith.

As a political tragic I have been an observer of the last eighteen who have filled the role and although a Low Bar exists with Gerry Wall and Margaret Wilson as obstructionist speakers who too often saw a first duty to protect their former party colleagues, Wall more by his inherent catholic conservatism who it is suggested sent every opposition MP to a suspension during his 28 odd months, however Wilson paved the way for the ultimate partisan interpretation, now disgracefully exemplified by the thuggish idiot with such low standards of personal self respect who in four years has completely extinguished any moral grounds for a future Labour Party to ever claim ineptitude or bias from the performance of any Speaker appointed from from any other party, ever.
Cripes the many references to David Carter being not up to the job by Labour now seem to be very inane indeed when held against the disgusting moronic operative currently daily making a total arse of himself.
The truly terrible actions on many fronts have me recalling the words used by Cromwell;
It is not fit that you should sit here any longer. You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately … In the name of God go.“

Written by Gravedodger

May 5, 2022 at 7:15 pm

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