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Too little, too late, and more inappropriate in that someone from Tuvalu or Samoa is not addressing the whole shambles that saw a doctor from Levin head back to the UK after banging his head against the crumbling wall at immigration. Neither will it address the looming shortages in operators of complex machinery that gets fruit and vegetables to markets at peak quality. I say Looming as the annual growth spurt that creates surplus fodder to be stored as silage, baleage and hay is only weeks away. Also please do not continue assuming a blob on a couch with enough drugs in their system to permit brain surgery sans further anaesthesia can be trained to operate machinery that can cost upwards of a million dollars, effectively and efficiently. Those skills take time to accumulate and those successful people have followed the seasons for generations all around the world.

If Faafoi considers the possible permitting RSE workers in from a limited number of Pacific Islands will solve anything he should give up right now. That bus left the depot months ago and the damage lingers on road sides almost everywhere as rotting fruit unpruned vines and trees and other clear evidence. Take a road trip you useless jabberwok and open your eyes, you might even learn something.

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August 3, 2021 at 8:37 am

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Criminal behaviours have increasingly become a parasitic problem for this once great Nation since the arrival of european settlement brought the concept of a justice system from the other side of the globe to benefit all and protect the vulnerable from the predations of outlaws.

The So called dawn raids to accost criminal overstayers and bring a fair and just undertaking to oppose the immigration law breaking. It is well established that the hours preceding the advent of a new day is an opportune time in he 24 ours to begins such actions. As if Madam Prime Minister is totally missing such a well established phenomena and it is still employed by law enforcement as we speak, for tactical advantage.

Pacific Island illegal visitors who became illegal aliens due to expiry of time enjoyed serious covering by employers friends and family who themselves became involved in the criminal activity as accomplices, in evading nine to fivers from the government workers so it was down to the thin blue line to carry out the arrest for processing that often led to a departure for now, decision from immigration and the courts.

In the seventies, the time referred to by the publicity seeking Saint Cindy of the Pestilence is just seeking favourable publicity for in apologising for sworn Police officers carrying out lawful ordered duty fifty years on is a great nonsense, and should be called out as just that.

So I earnestly ask the Current Prime Minister to cease with the entire fallacy that she might see upholding the law needing a national apology, I was never involved in any way shape or form so count me out anyway.

Btw the inconvenient fact your dad was involved as a young policeman in apprehending criminal overstayers, “following orders” although absolutely correct relating to lawful actions carried out, possibly not the best choice of words to evade your personal connection, didn’t work so well at Nuremberg if you ever read history.

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August 3, 2021 at 8:18 am

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And that people indicates just how crooked and biased the msm is and little doubt remains

Of course the rumour I am referring to was that the Political editors and the Labour pardy media managers held a zoom meeting every Monday morning to plan and map the strategy for the coming week to place the government in the best light and strategise how best to keep a foot on the National leaders throat and thereby keep her party from gaining any traction with voters. All in spite of the avalanche of bad news generated hourly by Ardern her truly woeful coattailers and the puppeteers clearly hidden beyond any scrutiny of Media even if they suddenly went off the reservation and actually performed their historical task of holding those in power to account.

The sudden middle of the night medivac of a sixty something UN functionary from Fiji now widely suggested to have been possibly ten such favoured persons fleeing the shambles The Rona has created in those Islands.

The festering wound created by handing Mobsters in Hawkes Bay 2.75 Million dollars to assist their mobster foot soldiers escape the devastation of the Methamphetamine “pandemic” (now there is a problem that will kill far more and damage so many more that The Rona ever will).

The takeover of all water resources and handing it to the privileged few mixed blood New Zealanders who see great financial rewards in calling themselves Maori while discounting the many other genetics that make them a functioning Human being.

The chaotic Health outcomes and failures in delivery and treatment.

The exponentially expanding numbers of children in need using any of several measures when the then tyro PM appointed by the old charlatan proclaimed it was her whole reason for entering Politics, so much so she appointed herself as Minister to solve the problem.

The worsening Housing outcomes, a major plank in their election campaign over four years ago now delivers so many into homing in motels that the State has embarked on a purchase strategy of said Motels at inflated prices and supplementing the never discussed terrible state of shortages by competing with first home buyers in the market ensuring any last vestige of hope there is extinguished pdq.

I could go on but had any part of any one of those totally disastrous policy derailments occurred under a national led administration TVs and radio would be self immolating in a vitriolic chorus of media denigration. No the captive MSM are only competing to be the most supportive and compliant in following the Monday strategy meetings to fulfil their contract and to continue to receive their share of the in excess of one hundred million bribery cash.

Of course blind Freddie and deaf Dunky can see the truth emerging with every bulletin delivered, it is coordinated, no doubt about it. Disclaimer I am having drinks with Freddie and Dunky and others tonight and no doubt further confirmation will follow.

Written by Gravedodger

August 2, 2021 at 2:51 pm

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As the most controversial Olympics since dear old Schicklgruber attempted to use the 1936 event to promote his warped ideology that Aryan Supremacy could be proven, ultimately shattered when a country boy who just turned out a bit non aryan in the support cast gathered a chest of medals all gold !00 m, 200m long jump and anchored the mens 4×100 relay team.

One year delayed 2020 olympiad lost almost all credibility for moi when NZ weight Lifting promoted a 40 something male to compete in the Womens over 85 Kg class, the event threatened to deliver a killer blow to this nation’s international reputation as a country that punches above its weight should the only gold medal come from the man pretending to be a woman.

Thanks be that rowing set up a small snowslide of medals, currently now at four gold, three silver and three bronze and the embarrassing bloke is still in his pink dressing room.

I accept there are people who are confused about gender and seek to bat for the other side and are encouraged by some very amiable bowling and fielding to garner an acceptance that runs contrary to the old blokes and sheilas meme. born female and wanting to be a bloke does not toss up an inequality such as Gavin heading the opposite way does. One does not require a degree in physiology to grasp the simple facts that males muscular skeletal development on average delivers a body considerably stronger than a female and Gavin delaying his change of mind until his fourth decade and having dabbled unsuccessfully in male weight lifting previously will have a clear advantage over biological females who will likely peak well before the age when Gavin went rogue. Only medical though, eschewing any pruning by way of surgical intervention and getting a “testosterone” reading under ten nanomoles per liter but still in possession of the bones and muscles that he nurtured for in excess of thirty years after puberty.

It might be interesting to understand how Bruce Jenner who won the Olympic gold medal in Decathlon in 1972 at Montreal setting a new world record in doing so would perform in a women’s decathlon soon after becoming Caitlyn in 2015 at age 66. It is well recorded that top teenage boy athletes would defeat women personal best of any age.

If Gavin acted in a financial deal as he is attempting in weightlifting it is likely he would have “his collar felt” at least if not end up on charges of fraud. Gender dysphoria is real and complex but it is certain that Gavin Hubbard is not a womens weight lifter in accurate assessment of actual physical gender. It is noted that not all sports administrations support the wokeism that weight lifting is burying its collective head in.

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August 1, 2021 at 8:23 am

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When Ardern made the rather unfathomable decision to deliver a monopoly to Foodstuffs and Countdown in the Lockdown 15 months ago I was gobsmacked as we have a butcher, a green grocer and a fish shop that deliver far and away better pricing, quality and freshness than any supermarket I am aware of.

Now having unleashed the Commerce Commission who would at best have a fleeting association to the reality of running the multi million businesses who deliver a commanding share of food to New Zealand homes, to pronounce a judgement on their pricing, are we to understand that they have suddenly become totally unfit to occupy the commercial dominance they enjoy and was augmented officially in the chaotic response to the Rona.

Remind us again how the much heralded investigation into fuel pricing went.

If you treasure your sanity I would respectfully suggest that you make no attempt to imagine just how a NZ Gum outlet would deliver a food supply and pricing fiasco. the queues alone would destroy any belief, let alone supplies and variety.

They have the commercial understanding of a ragdoll.

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July 30, 2021 at 8:46 am

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So really really nice, one sixty something United Nations WHO functionary, one of thousands infected in Fiji’s still unfolding disaster as the Rona Delta variant spreads like a California Wildfire in the South Pacific paradise, in a no way similar to the thousands suffering the worst of it, the unnamed special person is medevaced to Middlemore Hospital in a stunning reversal of the three Auckland District Health Boards insisting up until last evening it was not going to happen on the grounds of lack of capacity.

What changed? quite simple really, one time Prime Minister now re-employed as a Puppeteer extraordinaire in formulating the remarkable embedding of much of what she was constrained from imposing during her Nine Years, now a runaway train carrying her once racially peaceful economic capable nation to an abyss, actually got Health, immigration and emergency services into a military mode and it suddenly just happened.

Of course as pointed out with alacrity this morning as the Friday News agenda unfolded according to the well planned cooperation between the Media and their fellows in the Labour propaganda department, all at NO COST to New Zealand! Utter bull manure to that, where exactly does the UN parasitic outfit get its funding from, taxpayers around the world of course.

The total arrogance of those currently blundering around on behalf of the ordinary people while totally focussed on taking every advantage one party rule affords them rolls on and if polling is anywhere near the reallity then they will have another three years to make the once very bright future for this island nation a very bleak future indeed.

“Open and transparent”, if ever to be recorded by someone without blinkers will be up there as the corruption of the entire New Zealand history after its liberation from the cannibal waring tribalism, delivered by Hobson nearly two centuries ago.

One fervently hopes that a future Fijian Government never takes revenge for that assault perpetrated overnight by a government I am ashamed to be ruled by. As a nation we could have done so much more in their hours of need than “save” one older UN functionary, about whom we will never be allowed to know what exactly was the imperitives that made that extraction suddenly so right.

Written by Gravedodger

July 30, 2021 at 8:14 am

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A lobby group, titled CPAG, laments the descent into so called poverdy many more thousands of vunrabble little people in spite of the very best efforts of the New Zealand world leading “leader”. Enough of that fake news the bigly story as decided during yesterdays weekly zoom meeting of Political opinion creators with Her Majesty’s vast team of media persons, we are showing our “humanity” or more accurately idiocy, by bringing “home a freedom fighter from Turkey. Is that where a Turkey voting for an early christmas comes from!

Now I am not advocating for leaving a stupid person and her two preschool spawn stateless but I will ask an obvious question as to is this Mother who left the country at SIX years old is in any shape or form a fit and proper person to “nurture the vunrabble spawn created in the mayhem of ISIS in Syria by fathers now likely deceased.

Here is a thought, Handwringer supremo Ex Judge of the court system, one Andrew Beecroft wailing and gnashing his remaining teeth over the one single problem decided as the best available news focus for now, how about you Andy, adopt the kids after they are removed from the clearly unfit mother and ensure they get the very best pathway to becoming the great citizens you waxed lyrical about this morning.

One of the estimated current how many “children in poverty”, not an easy answer with the most transparent and open government in history finding obfuscation and denial of statistics the simplest method of hiding its failures, gets a gold plated welcome home and the whole nine yards of wraparound care for ever, while thousands of other are condemned to remain challenged.

That people is another story and for now not deemed of sufficient importance to use as reliable measure of a government performance. Should however the untthinkable happen and the dysfunctional Nats get to govern it will agai. emerge as a central problem along with housing and health. For now trust us we know best???

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July 27, 2021 at 7:52 am

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And a revelation of how the shambles is unfolding ensues.

Saw the Doc last Monday and a rather graphic warning saw a change in strategy so when delivering the book of scripts to our Pharmacy, went up to the CDHB “Vaccination Center” that has popped up there, in a strange belief that the Putor operator sitting there could offer a booking. Mistake number one all on offer there a little brochure containing an 0800 number.

Back home duly rang the 0800 number and was forced to listen to truly awful Muzak interspersed with little FAQs and answers while on hold. Eventually a person (I think) who clearly possessed english as a third or more difficult to understand, eventually we were booked at a rural facility some ten Kms distant for August tenth with a second assault set down for August 31st. However during the Pamphlet pickup our names and contact phone numbers had been taken as there are sometimes dropouts that see end of day spare shots at risk of the bin.

Sunday afternoon around 1600 hrs the phone rings and nine minutes later swmbo and self are sitting waiting for the stopwatch to set us free again duly assaulted with a sharp weapon wielded by a very nice person dressed in white. So that is the main function of the puter operator they hold the temporary restraining order timer until it is assumed we will not collapse and die on the premises.

Of course the now redundant first jab date is now not far enough away to permit that becoming the second stabbing date and now we are in the system may as well be done with, so back home to listen to a further assault from the awful canned musak again interspersed with repeating little messages, nothing new there and certainly no Johnny Cash or other acceptable aural assault. eventually a much more delightful voice that was definitely human and in possession of a wonderful sense of humour speaking clear english and a trip to the City will see the program ending in shortest time possible on August 15th.

So having a puter and some basic abilities sees the Dodgers ending a dodging and we apparently have begun a program to possibly extend our time here when the much more scary Delta variant comes ashore. Time will tell.

Oh when we inquired of the Doc during the scheduled drug dealing earlier in the week it quickly became apparent why they had opted out of the rona sideshow, things are busy enough there dealing with the RSV contretemps that equally threatening as a virus attack for the very young but it appears are of little value as a fear factor concept for further disruption to peace and tranquillity in this green and pleasant land, for now anyway.

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July 26, 2021 at 8:32 am

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Local government grew out of roads boards, a natural beginning of a cooperative community structure to provide basic infrastructure to enable all weather movements of settlers to continue the development of commerce that benefitted all citizens both in consumption of goods and services and making travel more secure from disruption. Metalling (shingling for Mainlanders) roads from dirt tracks preceded the motor car and trucks and building bridges and culverts to allow passage a all times except in big floods that threatened such progress. Yes flooding is nothing new it happened regularly in the 1800s as well. Of course Maori had little need for such works as they travelled on foot with slaves to do the carriage of goods.

Funding for those early Boards came by way in the main, from self imposed levies of district land owners while the benefits were available to all including those from other districts who were paying for such infrastructure at home but were availing themselves of the improvements while passing through. The funders enjoyed the exclusive rights to oversee the works and the financing and that continued into the creation of entities that were carrying the infrastructure build to cover much more than roads and bridges. Enter County Councils along with Boroughs and Cities and those charged with the governance elected by the funders who became known as Ratepayers . Voting originally allocated proportionate, with rates paid determining the number of votes allocated. Then enlightened or benighted, however designated, decided to extend the franchise and one person one vote slowly took over as who decided where money collected as rates would be spent, followed eventually to remove the advantage allocated to rate payers who had any additional votes removed and one person one vote became the determinant.

In the closing decades of the 21st century socialists became emboldened culminating in one of the more destructive of New Zealand socialists one Geoffrey Palmer a lawyer who embarked on reducing the power of elected councillors and contemporaneously extending the powers of the Crats thus enabling the interference of enabled social justice warriors to extend their reach both into the pockets of rate payers and the embarkation into areas that had very little tangible benefit to citizens still responsible for funding local government through rates. Idiocy such as sister cities, cultural advancement, sports facilities and other nice to haves imposed further pressure on rate payers while absolving promotors and beneficiaries of such spending. Keen supporters once were forced by necessity to build a golf course a rugby ground, netball courts, swimming pools and other infrastructure by separate fundraising efforts led by those seeing a need emerging and having the persuasive powers to make it happen. Today New Zealand is watching helpless as the latest war on ratepayers continues with a battle emerging over “Three Waters” a grand scheme to not only socialise a very necessary support of all life but to include a divisive race based facet to water management both fresh and waste water using first decree based efforts to steal infrastructure from all councils whether freehold or burdened with debt, now extended by coercive bribery to all, with those bribes issued free to councillors to spend how they wish with no ties to water. What a nightmare for ratepayers and a socialist wet dream for councillors elected often by voters with no actual financial commitment towards their too often very mediocre performance.

Margaret Thatcher attempted to bring a more direct link to the costs of funding local authority for all benefitting, with her Poll Tax, quite a small contribution when spread across all residents benefitting but the left became incensed at such avoidance for those considered better able to pay for all the dross and sky castle erections in honour to the idiots who manage to confuse enough voters to get elected. Personally I see little inequity in asking all those who benefit to contribute and please nobody try the “all contribute through rates component of rental costs. Of course should some enlightened soul, unlikely at any council table since Palmer and his then best buddy Sir Brian Elwood another flawed person from Palmy, changed things for ever. Of course should landlords charge rent for their residential property and then add on the rates as payable by an occupier as is normal in most commercial property rentals things would become much clearer and voters who now contribute bugger all would have a weekly reminder that the dreams and fancies of their socialist interference runners at council would be there in full view.

As If ?

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July 26, 2021 at 7:52 am

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German Olympic gymnasts will wear a body leotard including leggings to combat notions of sexualisation, meanwhile the well understood women’s Beach Volleyball will continue to reveal almost all as they perform their unique athleticism on sand?

It would be rather a long stretch to accuse Gavin of sexualisation in his competing in women’s over 85Kg weight lifting whatever he may be wearing, so maybe a glimmer of positive amongst the chaotic inanity there.

Competitors in the early Olympiads after around the 15th discovered they could make better speeds wearing oil and no loincloth, history records one unfortunate guy actually tripped and fell when his loincloth fell down during a run, of course that would not have applied to Gav as there were no gender specific classes, only open, so the benighted cheating idiot would have been denied his claim to fame right there, actually thinking about that, oiled “bronzed athlete” connotations does not quite compute does it.

Any poor bastard who gets his jollies from scantily clad females on screen needs to be forced to watch Gavin lifting weight videos on a loop until it cures him.

As a one time college Gym eight member for two years back in the day my embracing of the efforts of Nadia Comaneci and others was pure poetry in motion, what she was or was not wearing, I have no recall of.

Is there any concerted effort abroad to deliver a vaccine for stupid, the need grows daily.

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July 24, 2021 at 2:40 pm

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