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Back in the halcyon days when the mysterious Wu Flu was coming into focus, a retirement home worker returned from a trip to her family in, the Phillipines if I recall, and set an infection ramp up through a Sydenham aged care facility, some residents had their time on earth curtailed in minor timing of an approaching death.
It was the stuff of headlines, and the fear porn train left the station.

Today nearly three years on, news of euphemistically termed “Excess Deaths” are seeping through a media intent on keeping such matters out of the public forum.
Back in the annals of the failing Communist disaster unleashed by Lenin and co, based on the scribblings of Marx, Engels and other assorted theocratic intellectuals, Joseph Stalin successor to Lenin was quoted as claiming “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.”

Is that where we are in this once great Island Nation?
Locked down for weeks, a few favoured, mainly large commercial operators. allowed unfettered access to shoppers while many small outfits were crucified on a post by mandates and forced closure in a mismanaged reaction at the hands of a bunch of student politicians with nary a modicum of business understanding between them.
I know of at least four suicides by struggling business owners who were tipped over the edge by the inanity of the Government so I am to understand they were tragedies while the exponentially growing death toll from Myocarditis, Kidney failure, returning Cancers. and other fatal ailments being successfully muted by an incompetent media who are dining out on government largess both by way of direct bribes and assorted often superfluous additional advertising revenue streams from compliant state functionaries, are managing to maintain a reasonable blanket silence over the “Excess Deaths” statistics?

The collective failings by almost the entire Mainstream Media will be an interesting study for future scholars, the herd mentality is astounding in it’s culpability.


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February 8, 2023 at 10:20 am

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And don’t forget…

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February 6, 2023 at 8:19 am

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All Auckland schools closed, why with average attendance under 50% not so many going to venture out any way?

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February 1, 2023 at 12:25 pm

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Nothing more nothing less.

An associate Minister of Health now elevated to Minister has not got her feet under the desk, so is unable to answer basic questions.

An Associate Minister of Education again elevated to supremo has been sitting right there overseeing multiple failures will be a “new broom”.

Children in poverty have been dropped to number six in cabinet ranking down from number one.

Hipkin has been variously Minister of Health, Covid, Police, Education, leader of the House, well described as a “very good friend” of That Woman, and now is another new broom.

A standing joke in my childhood home ran something along these lines:
It’s “The same old broom”, three new heads and seven new handles?

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February 1, 2023 at 12:21 pm

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We have moved from a vacuous comms degree holder whose belief system was and remains dominated by an understanding of marxist philosophy to a white man who is older than portrayed, who studied Criminology and Politics to a BA degree, and studied the arts of NZ Politics at the feet of Trevor Mallard and Helen Clark.

His Ministerial Career has been less than stellar tbf, beginning five years ago as Minister of Education (mummy is a policy wonk in that ministry) and the Public Service along with leader of “The House” that had a very rocky start over the election of his mentor Mallard as Speaker, Very little success yet he was awarded a sort of tyro Mr Fixit for the many fumbles of his colleagues.
Nothing resembling a Bill Birch or Stephen Joyce for the Nats those two head bangers had an intellect and political nous to sustain them. I guess it is a little churlish to mark Chippy’s report as he is merely a bigger Pygmy in ability and the sea of disasters is of Atlantic and Pacific ocean status not a Coral Sea.

His Record includes a mismanaged extinction of Charter Schools that had to go for many reasons both ideological and embarrassment in spite of some quite remarkable success. even if only embryonic. Five years on and a combination of Covid mistakes over closures attendance has plummeted to levels not seen for centuries, not because the brats are forced to go to work to earn a few pennies but because it is now deemed to be “Optional” without any legislated alteration to compulsory attendance.

His elevation to Police Minister followed the appalling decline in almost every measure under the Hapless Poto Williams who one wonders if she knew where police HQ was if it existed at all, has resulted in Crime stats exploding exponentially with some appalling links between his failures to attend school and youth crime.

Then a brief excursion into health to try to correct the almost “hands off” efforts of the Dunedin Padre before it was handed to another outstanding ministerial career disaster, Angry Andrew Little with every measure beyond deaths and serious illness crashing to record lows.

This people is the “Steady Hands” a propaganda arm of Government wants you to believe is a success story unfolding before your eyes.
I think the entire MSM needs to go to Specsavers while we just spread our legs and enjoy some summer that has finally emerged from the wet. How long before some minion grad of propaganda school hails that as a success of That Woman.

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January 26, 2023 at 10:15 am

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Once Dame Cindy Ciro is on the case NZ will have another Labour PM.

What do we know about Chippie, contrary to what many Media tyros wish to be known, he sure aint “Working Class”, born 1978 head boy at a Hutt secondary school, Victoria University (Criminology and Politics) hmmmm, then some jobs telling people what to do as a Training (manager). Then his big break as a student of Trev the Muss, yep yep thats where he graduated in ‘Nasty’ from a tutor versed in punching, dowsing with water, loud music, and generally being knowledgeable in bullying abuse and thuggery including ending Public Servant careers.
Some further indoctrination from a job in H1’s office and he was ready for the big league as MP for Upper Hutt now renamed Rimutaka.

A auspicious role as a Minion, I mean Minister in That Woman’s Cabinet where a list of failures can not be underestimated. Two standouts for me being his role as Police Minister following the woeful efforts of Poto Williams where he has overseen the shocking escalation of crime, particularly youth crime involving thieving and ram raids where the catch and release policy sees repeat offending even in premises hit only days ago by repeat perpetrators.
As if that might be career ending in incompetence he was also in the Driving Seat for the abomination where all 16 Polytechnics (some stellar performers included), came under state control direct from downtown Wellington that saw successful institutions running within budget and graduating students qualified in marketable skills being subsumed with arrant failures producing graduates with qualifications no employer wanted while overspending inordinate sums of money in achieving that failure. The quantifiable money involved saw set up costs for the national polytechnic claimed to exceed $200 000 000 with annual operating deficits in the region of another $100 000 000.
Add in some intriguing staff issues including ex Auckland Council CEO promoted to be the big guy, going on “gardening leave” on a salary greater than That Woman’s Prime Minister’s remuneration and any claims of competency as Prime Minister become somewhat arguable for the Graduate of the Mallard Academy for personal behaviour with (Dis)Hons.

Alas everyone should understand New Zealand has traded in one very incompetent for an unknown second choice whose main exposure in recent times was being sent out to the Odium of Truth when things became too awkward and searching for That Woman.
One unanswered question in the appointment unopposed as leader therefore Prime Minister in waiting, where the hell was the very exposed now rather infamous “Maori Caucus” that has had That Woman by the Nose for the last two years, that silence is ominous

As for the choice of Deputy, the current Minister Of Finance has an unfortunate direct connection to a convicted thief (Over $100 000 from a law firm), now to a Box ticker polynesian daughter of another person found to be defrauding social welfare again involving six figure sums.
Now I understand that the sins of the parents should not be visited on the offspring, however the old :blood is thicker than water” may be relevant. In the case of the newest Deputy Prime Minister there were some conniptions over parliamentary privilege around Seppeloni’s mum at the time of her case before the courts. At this point perhaps it is worth recalling how John banks had a dodgy Relly and how that fact was never subjected to much restraint??

It should not be too long before the supposed “Mr Fixit” of the last five years is goaded into some sort of demonstration of his grasp of “Nasty” learnt at the foot of Trev the Muss if the opposition has the Cojones, now is not the time for being nice. Far too many have been seriously damaged and even driven to early death by much of what Chippie could have easily avoided in his role as Rona Head Honcho.
Plenty of time remains for another labour prime minister before October 14th, interestingly that person will be number 13 in 88 years.

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January 23, 2023 at 3:36 pm

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Since the birth of the New Zealand Labour Party as a player in New Zealand Politics beginning in a landslide election victory in 1935 there have been 12 Prime ministers from Labour in around 40 years in government. In that time there have been 8 PMs from National encompassing 48 years.
Labour leaders averaging just over 3 years while Nats manage double that.

Two Labour pms died in office Savage, and Kirk.

Key and Clark managed 8 and 9 years, however since Muldoon’s alcohol fueled exit other than those two and Bolger’s 7 it has been a revolving door so how long Chippy lasts is a potential for the TAB surely.

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January 23, 2023 at 9:36 am

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Trouble is the truth is not true, it is what the deliverer of what is claimed to be The Truth states and we, the people, are denied the basis that underpins what is claimed to be the truth.

The widely accepted creator of the words, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, went on with the statement: .

...But It Is Because Fiction Is Obliged to Stick to Possibilities; Truth Isn’t.

Now upon elevation to prominence as a politician That Woman made many fine statements that all became demolished to degrees, none became any part of her legacy.

During a TV debate with English: in a television debate during the election campaign, Ardern even asserted that lying has no place in politics:

The government I lead will be the most open and transparent ever”

Then during one of many Podium of Truth pronouncements:

“Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

Just over one month ago in response to a media interview: “She stated there was no talk of resignation, she was in for the long haul’

Then there is the litany of lies over the Rona:

  • “Safe and effective”
  • “No one will be penalised for declining the experimental inoculation’
  • “The vaccine we are using in New Zealand is safe and effective. If you are vaccinated it means that you are less likely to catch the virus, and much less likely to end up in hospital if you do”.
  • “It also helps protect everyone. The more people who are vaccinated, the harder it is for COVID to spread through communities quickly, and find our most vulnerable.”
  • “That means while we used to say that we needed to stay home to save lives, we now need to be vaccinated to save lives”.
  • “Very few countries have had the opportunity to vaccinate people Before Covid was in every corner of their communities. We can.”
  • “Once we have done that, we then need to make sure we keep using that tool to protect ourselves as we gradually and carefully open up”.
  • “That tool is the Vaccine.”
  • “Not all countries have had that chance. And some, have opened up with vaccines very quickly, or without any other public health measures in place.”

Did That Woman jump ship because the evidence is growing exponentially that un-admitted outcomes for many following the mRNA experiments? Such unfortunate little matters now revealed: the jab did not stop infection; the jab did not prevent transmission; there are increasing cardiac incidents including the now well enumerated Myocarditis and Pericarditis; increasing unexplained death statistics; elevated death numbers amongst sports people, particularly younger males.

How many “Conspiracy Theories” are being substantiated as facts?

“Play it again Sam or Mark, whatever”

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January 21, 2023 at 3:37 pm

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How many of the whining moronic cretins decrying the lack of regard for That Woman’s feelings as the relief driven pile on gathers momentum with regard to her loathsome treatment of her citizens when re-entry was held mainly for musos and DJs and totally denied to grieving family, Business closed under capricious lockdowns while monopolistic big players were handed the keys to the city, discussion of alternative treatment strategies were prohibited under threats of state intervention and sanction, a general election was conducted under the almost surreal atmosphere that handed the sitting government enormous advantage, are in anyway connected to the truly awful, ugly and downright denigrating responses dished out when Baroness Thatcher passed?

I know last night for some reason, a single malt before evening repast, a Central Pinot Noir From the dastardly bastards at Mt Difficulty no less with the meal and another tincture of the Malt and Peat waters of the Highlands at retirement.
Didn’t have any popcorn, the very feeble excuse used.

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January 20, 2023 at 12:31 pm

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As the propaganda arm of the NZLP pretend to ponder the options to replace That Woman it is embarrassingly clear there is no one with the intellectual grunt, never was and never will be again as the people with the skillset to actually manage NZ Inc on behalf of the shareholders ie Taxpayers, they will not put their name forward .
NZ is condemned to a future being governed by failed lawyers, ex school teachers and all others who without entering politics will only dream of ever earning the dosh on offer
My fervent hope is the Unions flex their muscles and install “River of Filth” with either Maloota or Woeful Willie as Deputy.
It matters little as the total lack on offer is the only certainty.

I know it will be very expensive but it is now also very clear we need a second chamber with a staggered electoral process.
MMP was sold as the protection from a one party rule with the spectre of Robert David Muldoon as the Bogyman, cripes looking back what was the problem then, tell me again.

There is also a great need to prevent any government funding of media to ever again become so entrenched.

Written by Gravedodger

January 20, 2023 at 10:42 am

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