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Unable to access Hosking this morning so am light on an alternative reporting of the latest Reid research Poll but who as a voter is unaware Key has been gone for so long, like four, yes FOUR years. How come James Anderton did not figure in the Labour leader?

Placing Judith Collins and Key as possible leaders in the poll is kindergarten stuff, do the maths and Collins has lost nothing.

Before the pile on arrives I did recently suggest perhaps Judith Collins had been overtaken by history but she is the only freekin leader of National. Very crafty Read research Tova got her weapons.

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May 17, 2021 at 10:41 am

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Gaza is an overpopulated area for non Jewish people, too stupid to see they could be so much better off if they accept the horrendous passage taken by Jews dispossessed in the main by the assault perpetrated by Nazi Germany’s bent out of shape racists that resulted in millions having everything taken from them before being either killed in short order or worked to death in slave labour enterprises, directly led to the established State of Israel

The remnants of the pogroms and slaughterhouses ended up in their homeland from biblical times where by force they established the modern state of Israel, actually the only functioning democracy enjoying the rule of law that covers all who live within the Borders of The Jewish State. Many many have perished amidst the ongoing violence on both sides that had appeared to have diminished significantly while Donald Trump occupied The White House. In fact under his foreign policy small steps emerged that saw Islamic Nations create peace treaties with Israel.

Now with the appeasing Biden Administration installed it seems an emboldened Iran is again using the residents of Gaza to create mayhem in the middle east with Hamas launching rocket weapons towards Israeli cities, now totalling over one thousand in this latest barrage. Many fall short on Palestinians within the borders of the territory, many others are intercepted by the Iron Dome anti missile defence system but some do get through and kill people in the wrong place at a bad time. Retaliation by Israel are accompanied by specific warnings that allow non participants to flee along with all to often those who will intentionally wish to kill Israelis.

Yet there are too many who see Israel protecting themselves as a war crime and further embolden the stupids. Much of the occupations of territory around the world began under some form of force, if not in the initial migration then soon after when original occupiers became opposed. A process that litters history.

If Israel unilaterally ended all defensive actions they would cease to exist as a nation in very quick time, if the muppets being enabled by Iran and others did likewise, peace could break out just as quick. Is it time to set the second option in place and see what happens.

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May 13, 2021 at 9:46 am

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The Clown Show Hit The Big Time.

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One more step to absurdity, too much even for the worst speaker ever. Pity the virtue signaller for the east Polynesian thoroughly racist Party only got tossed out for the remainder of that session. Time for “The Privileges Committee to make a stand and condemn the idiots for bringing disrespect to the House of Representatives.

It was preordained when groups in the public gallery began demonstrating with singing and haka to mark what they saw as progress they approved of, now the Waititi clown replete with his cowboy headgear goes to the floor of the house to demonstrate his warped thinking.

I recall a time when I sat there for a visit, only to be admonished and warned not to lean forward to see more of those sitting as my rulers, another such indiscretion would see me and those accompanying ejected. Yes that was forty years ago, I guess times they are a’changing

To even suggest Judith Collins merely doing what is expected of her as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition was motivated by racism in its self was bringing “The House into disrepute” is a total nonsense as her Husband David is of Samoan and Chinese descent and as related in her book all was not plain sailing when she introduced David to her Family.

Judith Collins and David Seymour are certainly representing me with their questions of the Government as to what He Puapua actually exists as, in current policy emanating from the ninth floor with no racism involved whereas Mr Waititi and his enablers clearly not wanting any discussion let alone debate around a clear to me, lurch into a form of Apartheid in much of the legislative actions of the current government on matters never offered as “policy” before the last general election.

Btw what was the faux Hawaiian garlands about I understand just another virtue signal but a mystery to moi.

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May 13, 2021 at 8:27 am

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Sliding through Kiwiblog I become aware that it is suggested, the upcoming “Budget” being prepared for delivery to the Board of NZ Inc, in some gesture to wokism, will be a “ka waiho hei maori”

Immediately the auto erecting and tuning, bullshit detector swings into operation.

If this is indeed an actual announcement from the son of a dodgy accountant who had trouble explaining a discrepancy around an Otago Law Firm and a missing $100 000 around thirty years ago now is suggesting the Budget 2021 will be a Maori one.

Now Grunter himself has little difficulty in declaring a barefaced lie on National Television amply portrayed during a fluff piece to imply his innate ‘blokeness” by a news crew filming him at a rugby club bar apparently surrounded by real blokes and when Robbo was quizzed as to if his “Partner” Alf was present tonight, teflon man stared down the TV camera and emphatically declared; “No he is at home tonight”. Sadly for dear old Grunter that was exposed contemporaneously when the aforementioned “Alf Kaiwai” strolled through Camera shot carrying a jug of beer, LoL.

Back to the nonsensical idea a Budget involving hundreds of billions of monopoly money now masquerading as the guts of the New Zealand economy can be descriptively encapsulated in the stone age language of a people who never got around to actually writing anything down, is it quite humorous really as it must contain with a degree of certainty numbers with almost as many noughts as there are stars being seen by a badly concussed footy player, maybe one of those used as a prop for dear old grunter’s faux pa (plural, nah many)

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May 11, 2021 at 5:16 pm

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After the fruit has fallen and begun rotting the ijits announce that MIQ space freed up by the Aus bubble thingy is now available for increased placements for “essential workers”, FOR NEXT SEASON!!

Gee thanx Chippy, Damie and Krif great effort.

They will benefit the grape pruning? a very long season, not time critical as it is to be done before the sap begins to rise whereas a bloody apple has a very much tighter time space for best practice. Lucky they are so aware of the real world where their money is created to augment the now nearly worn out printers.

Oh and hoping it would be missed Refugees at a rate of 4 hundy a month resumes to polish he UN image.

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May 11, 2021 at 9:35 am

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This morning Swmbo decided to do the necessary to renew Her drivers licence a bit before time as we are going awol for a few weeks next week.

Down to District Council Office and handed in the eye check, the medicals and the LTSA forms. A very helpful lady did the job and it entailed “Cancelling” the old plastic card, issuing a paper temporary and keeping the old one. now that is the sole remaining Photo ID she has as we let Passports expire when the grubby buggers decided a five year renewal would generate more dosh.

Then it was to the bank to ensure funding for a wild ride and you guessed it the love of my life needed Photo ID. five minute transfer took a whole lot longer as a box needed ticking.

I kept thinking I bet the Gangs dont need this, in part I guess they have permanent Photo ID on file elsewhere.

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May 10, 2021 at 1:39 pm

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Self proclaimed most transparent and honest ever, intent on raising wellbeing and kindness as base foundation blocks, The Ardern coalition of fools and now ruling with all the arrogance that accumulates for a one party rule. No need for consensus , consulting everyone not merely their “friends”, and it still obtains polling that supports the charade.

A creeping Maorification at all levels and centers of government, never a part of any election mandate as never divulged before polling that was dominated to an unprecedented degree by months of publicity solely open to only the Government, more factually the leader who enjoyed a dream ride of total absence of any questioning apart from a very minor offering to Bridges as chair of a half arsed committee that had great difficulty in accessing truth and background to a propaganda assault that any dictator would have been proud of.

Now back to the inclusivity assumed by an administration intent on wellbeing and kindness. The Minister allegedly in charge of the single productive sector that has sustained a semblance of ongoing backstopping an economy that was in fact largely sustained by printing over a billion dollars much of which was spent on maintaining a charade of business success, agriculture and horticulture, stuff reports he put his boot into a clinging on by its collective fingertips, Tourism, for being “TOO COCKY”. Aint that soooo rich?

Yes there were cases where operators in Tourism were open to such a charge, however that descriptive surely results from Promotion along the lines of advertising. Sadly just as in the midst of the Cluster that emerged during “THe Lockdown” that saw monolithic business empires given sole rights to trade while the Little people were forced to remain shut and liquidate their substantial losses that has seen almost totally unreported tragic suicides resulting, O’Connor has embarked on an anything but kind or well being including kicking for a whole industry that has not been set back but almost firebombed by state over reaction in border closures.

I am possibly better equipped to get a reasonable handle on domestic tourism than most as we travel over many Kms and random locations observing “domestic Tourism close up. Watching the truly desperate state of play for many operators who will never see any of the largess handed willy nilly to big players, they are now classified as “Too Cocky” by a Minister of the Crown. Would they like fries and kind with that I wonder.

Just as the trend to referring to an amorphous and almost impossible to be accurate about Maori it is just as doubtful in referencing an entire industry that has been destroyed in short time by the clown show currently clearly believing they are governing. Tourism is a cover title for so many facets some very small, vulnerable and almost all in danger of sliding beneath the waves of incompetence.

You are just one more example of the total Cluster that is destroying a Nation and you have the gall to call out others as being “Cocky “, arrogantly totally missing the point, Damie.

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May 10, 2021 at 1:27 pm

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They played well enough but while opposed by only thirteen Crusaders they still conceded points.

Is Scott Robertson the best coach or not. The commentariat just revel in quoting the penalty count when it is often a very thin line of interpretation that decides who gets penalised, Any dominant scrum will possibly also infringe when they create mayhem in an engagement so it can just become a total lottery.

The comments on Stuffs analysis today, some are claiming here should have been a Red card when a committed Cody Taylor took Damian McKenzie’s legs while going after an overthrown Lineout serve by The Chiefs, there appeared to be zero intent but then when Sevu Reece joined Taylor as a spectator five minutes later it could have been reasonably expected that the loss of two should have benefited the visitors. Alas it was the home team that scored points. A clear example of the ability for one person, a referee who maybe unable to suppress the natural instinct to see one team bad and the other not so much to influence a game. A very palpable outcome that sees the Warriors in the ARL regularly judged more harshly sometimes resulting in a total rubbish apology days later when the NZ team have been left two points adrift and the referee boss actually admits another failure.

Of course any aficionado of rugby might well wonder why indiscretions by the visitors went unpunished or worse merely ignored while a frame by frame of a vertically challenged Reece attempting to constrain the Ball was yellow carded. The try saving tackle by Jordan in preventing a try by Lowe for the chiefs was a total nonsense, Tackling from behind merely going for Lowes legs might as well have just waved a white flag . Unless the ball was attacked as well it was a try saver and talk of a penalty try with its automatic seven points when the try scorer was almost in touch has a desperation about it.

Dont get too exercised people it was a final and if the only hope The Chiefs had was to play fewer players or have a less than fair referee interpret things that are very different when viewed frame by frame instead of the in the heat of contact, it all becomes rather artificIal and with big money at risk in gambling and two teams equally wanting to win along with thousands at the ground and many thousands more paying to view one man making the difference needs to be diluted as far as possible.

Five consecutive titles on end suggests that it is not all about anything other than a great coach and a wonderful team. Sheesh even the “Break Dancing is title class.

Having adopted the Goal line drop out and the other regs adopted from the other oval ball game, is it time to allow two complete teams to compete and leave possible foul play infringements to be decided in the calm of a Judicial hearing next week.

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May 9, 2021 at 5:28 pm

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A fire storm breaks out over the pronunciation of Rangiora in a radio advertising jingle and the trough dwellers at the advertising standards authority light up cigars and break out the bubbly in upholding some minion claiming “Offense”.

Now we must accept that there will be a concerted campaign to make similar improvements to the bastardisation of english to assist Maori to respect their language when it is a shifting sands area as to who might be Maori. Of course an unaltered inheritance based hierarchy in tribal matters that sees a woman of Maori descent elevated to the position of almost absolute authority in NZ international relations making a keynote speech on Chinese treatment of a minority people introducing a fairytale notion of a mythical figure from historic legend as a contra to the much more realistic Chinese Dragon imagery. How long before EH BRO no longer intrudes then there is a rather prominent personage who sits at the very top table who transposes ds and ts coming out with a grating “poverdy, She must also be given assistance in her made up words such as jepradise. Totally in keeping I suppose when discussing a very limited native language that has new words, phrases made up as needed and changing pronouncing in an ongoing renewal.

Or more correctly will New Zealand see the termination of all the palaver that creates endless troups of Crats inhabiting worthless government non jobs in wimmins affairs, race relations, welfare extensions tto continue a charade of non delivery of core business.

Do “Tui” billboards remain as part of the New Zealand culture?

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May 8, 2021 at 8:05 am

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From Farrar’s Kiwiblog this morning!!!

  • Turtle found dead in Banks Peninsula
  • Local marae says they don’t want it so arranged for Te Papa to take it for scientific research
  • Ngai Tahu then decides they do want it, even though local marae said they didn’t
  • Turtle spends 21 months in freezer while return negotiated!! No research is done on it
  • Te Papa staff build a coffin for it
  • Turtle transported back down to Christchurch at cost of $2,000
  • Eight Te Papa board members, executives and staff fly to Christchurch for the funeral (powhiri) costing $5,000
  • Turtle transported by helicopter (yes helicopter) to its burial site for $1,600
  • Total costs of at least $11,500

The total morons had even given the reptile a fricken name, Michelangelo, as if it could paint a bloody wall let alone a ceiling.

No that was this morning May the 7th, not April the 1st.

I am going for a walk to save things I care about and they do not include any turtles, lunch today is Mince with lots of vegetables, the mince is bovine, the flavour a bit special, will be ready at 12 noon.

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May 7, 2021 at 10:42 am

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