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Return of the untermenschen

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Thanks to the folks here I have returned to the blog writing community after a lapse of many years. The weird thing is I only met one of the co authors face to face and that was a coincidence. You will decide whether I have anything worth saying. I am interested to hear from commenters what they are interested in hearing us blog about. You can read below about what interests and drives me.

I returned to NZ a few years ago after 20 years in UK and Europe. I lost my home and income as a direct result of Covid. I stayed to spend time with family, worked with a tech startup and am now committed to a property development. It was amazing to get on the plane in SFO and see the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew all maskless. The first time I had escaped from the caste system that is masks in NZ for 2 years. The idea that as a guest in a bar or taxi I have choice but not as an employee is one of the more immoral things this witless bunch of thugs has done over the life of the Covid FearMonger. The absolute most immoral and egregious thing they have done is maltreating healthcare workers who turned up to work in the early days of the pandemic when there was no vaccine. They have been illegally sacked (refer Cooke J for the decision), against Ministry of Health advice (google is your friend), for using their judgement to refuse a vaccine.

I have to say the country has changed. Some of it good, some of it just confirms why I left in the first place. Some aspects of it reflect changes in the rest of the world and some are peculiar to NZ. The affectation of the increased use of Maori language all through media and civil service to show ones subservience to the trends of the day was jarring at first, but as time went on I realised that it should generally be viewed as a positive thing, being part of what makes New Zealand unique. I used words like puku, kai etc and very much enjoyed collecting koura as a kid so it is really only a question of degree.

I am unable to watch NZ broadcast news, it simply irritates me too much with the over simplistic “human interest” focus and the ever so woke. Marama Davidson upsetting people by tweeting about Whitakers chocolate having a new woke branding. FFS there are more important things in the world. The articles of interest in the newspapers are simply reprints of left wing foreign media or simplistic pieces with a big picture aimed at a 10 year old. Reading sports journalism here is a rare exception. Knowledgeable people expressing well founded points of view.

The glorious leader of Ardernistan is a joke. Full credit to her for having the charisma and talent to convince people to make her leader, but Winston Peters has a lot to answer for. The latest Roy Morgan poll suggests that she and her team of $55m have made a difference and may potentially get power again next year. Apparently I am a white supremacist conspiracy theorist because I disagree with vaccine mandates. If you want the vaccine go ahead but don’t force it on the rest of us. I am disappointed I did not ask the patched Black Power gang member marching in front of me across the Auckland Harbour Bridge whether he was also a white supremacist. Or any of the many other folks of many shades on the march.

The poll results indicate that NZers are too apathetic or are convinced by the propaganda that Labour/Greens produce to poll as high as they are. I am simply astonished and do not understand it well enough yet. Fascinating though that 19% of women under 50 support the Greens but only 3% of women over 50 do. More men over 50 (4%) than women support them.

Tom Hunter has a great deal of good commentary on what is happening in the US so I will try not to overlap too much. Major Star is a very well informed military type. He is RF and I am an ex TF grunt officer of low rank so we bring a slightly different perspective to the question of what NZ military is for and what positive impact on NZ it can have. I have an OIA request in about current army numbers. I was at a talk on Vietnam last week and a retired senior officer said the Army is down to about 4000 RF and 1000 TF. The force structure and recruitment of the TF is a disgrace. Both parties have ignored the problem and the CDS prefer to have full time specialised and are not interested in increasing the throughput of young men and women. They have about 1200 Limited Service volunteers who do a 6 week course. Then, according to a friend who works in the area they are simply left to their own devices. I will blog further on the subject in due course.

I will probably bring a reasonable amount of climate change commentary. I am very much a sceptic. I know Greenies who have no clue that over the last 30 years there has been an increase in green volume of around 11%. That is the opposite to common belief. The funniest element of Trumps administration is identifying the woke and asking them if they realise that Trump reduced US CO2 emissions by around 15% whereas St Angela Merkel increased Germany’s over the same timeline. The current CO2 % is around 430-450ppm. Plants struggle to breathe around 165ppm and commercial nurseries raise the density to 1200 ppm. Humans can handle up to 4000 and 10,000ppm will kill us. Over the course of history the climate has been substantially hotter than now. Common sense suggests that the Vikings in Greenland around 1000 years ago must have had a beneficial climate. the most interesting piece I read recently suggested that the climate was cooling for around the last 4000 years up until the late 1800’s. That coincides with the start of the first industrial revolution. I have not concluded how much of the increased temperature since then is due to human activities and how much is natural. I do know that the environmentalists who have substituted belief in catastrophic climate change are lying or no better than medieval religious believers when they spout nonsense about existential risk to humanity.

That is enough word vomit for my first blog back. I look forward to the interaction.

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September 6, 2022 at 8:19 pm


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This from Tova O’Brien … once St Jacinda’s little sidekick in the Jessica and Tova pantomime show.

The change of tone as the day of reckoning draws ever closer is a wonder to behold.

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July 15, 2022 at 4:14 pm


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Had to do a bit of driving yesterday and on the news there was a report from one of the media luvlies accompanying the PM on her latest round the world junket gushing on her supposed rock star status in every country she visited. At the same time Moody’s were reporting that NZ Business Confidence had reached negative 62.6 in June. Put that alongside ….

Inflation at record highs and projected to rise further

The OCR on the rise and likely to increase

New Zealand drops to 31st in the World Competitiveness Ranking

Reported shootings nearly every day

Our best and brightest fleeing the country

Our reputation as a corruption free country under threat

Government spending out of control

A continued drop in educational standards with truancy at record levels

A ‘rubber stamp’ parliament




All this and you can fairly ask just why St Jacinda is to be lorded as some sort of rock star on the world stage. I grant you she has a decent set of chompers and does ‘concerned’ rather well but where it really matters ????????

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July 6, 2022 at 12:01 pm

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Her Fame Spreads

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From today’s Australian.

Even mediocre would be easier to bear: how NZ lost its mojo
Oliver Hartwich

Under Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand has lost its mojo. Picture; Getty Images.
Under Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand has lost its mojo. Picture; Getty Images.

“We have lost clarity of how we add value, why we are here, what we exist for.”

That was among the findings in an internal review prepared by the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA), obtained by Radio New Zealand (RNZ).

But that statement could equally apply to New Zealand as a whole. The country has lost its mojo after a decade of feeling good about itself.

For many years, pollsters Roy Morgan and Curia have been asking New Zealanders whether the country is heading in the right direction. Apart from a few months around the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, large majorities of Kiwis have always responded “Yes”.

During the first Covid lockdown, in April 2020, the highest positive value was 77 per cent for ‘right direction’. This figure has now dropped to 36 per cent, while 50 per cent of New Zealanders believe their country is going in the wrong direction.

That is quite a mood swing, and there are reasons for it.

The biggest contributor to New Zealanders’ grumpiness is the discrepancy between political promises and reality. Without constant promises of world-class performance, even mediocre results would be easier to bear.

One of the advertisements for NZ's 'road to Zero' campaign.
One of the advertisements for NZ’s ‘road to Zero’ campaign.

The aforementioned NZTA review is a good example. With a depressingly high road toll, the government has embarked on a “Road to Zero” campaign. Its ambitious goal: no more deaths or serious injuries by 2050. The promotional awareness campaign will cost $15 million over three years.

Yet, as RNZ found out, since 2018 NZTA has installed less than a fifth of the road-safety barriers due by 2024.

On these numbers, the “Road to Zero” could be a long one.

But it will also be a costly one because the transport bureaucracy has mushroomed in recent years.

As of June 2021, NZTA employed about 2,081 staff. That figure was 1,372 only four years earlier.

Staff growth at NZTA did not mainly take place on the frontline. HR workers went from 57 to 122 full-time equivalents; managers from 214 to 456; accountants from 44 to 66; admin staff from 307 to 485; and communications officers from 32 to 88. None of those mentioned above will ever install a bollard, put up a road sign, or fix a pothole.

NZTA is symptomatic of a much wider problem in New Zealand, even though it is only a small puzzle piece. Faced with a serious problem, the government sets an ambitious long-term goal. It then launches massive public relations campaigns. Following that, it blows up the bureaucracy but fails on deliverables.

It is the same story in practically every major policy area.

New Zealand is also falling behind on education. Picture: AAP.
New Zealand is also falling behind on education. Picture: AAP.

Housing was one of the big issues in the 2017 election campaign. At the time, Labour promised to fix the housing market, reduce homelessness, and build 100,000 affordable KiwiBuild homes over the next decade.

The results after five years? New Zealand house prices have grown by almost 8.7 per annum on average. Emergency Housing Grants, which were below $10 million per quarter in 2017, now exceed $100 million. And KiwiBuild, so far, has delivered just over 1,300 homes – with only 98,700 to go.

New Zealanders used to be proud of their education system, which was considered world-class.

Today, the only measure by which New Zealand schools lead the world is in declining standards.

Reading and literacy have dropped dramatically in the OECD’s PISA rankings. The mathematics skills of New Zealand’s 15-year-olds are only as good as those of 13.5-year-olds 20 years ago. Despite an increase in education spending per student, more than 40 per cent of school leavers are functionally illiterate or innumerate.

Aside from such big policy failures, New Zealanders are bombarded with worrying news daily. There are GPs reportedly seeing more than 60 patients per day. Patients are treated in corridors at some hospitals’ A & E departments, where waiting times now often exceed ten hours.

Nanaia Mahutais the architect of the controversial Three Waters. Picture: Getty Images.
Nanaia Mahutais the architect of the controversial Three Waters. Picture: Getty Images.

As gang numbers have grown, gun crime has also become a regular feature in news headlines. Ram raids, where youths steal cars and crash them into small shops, have become common.

Rather than dealing with these and many other issues, the government appears determined to add new challenges to doing business. It is about to introduce collective bargaining in the labour market and an extra tax on income to fund unemployment insurance.

And these are just the big-ticket items. Practically every industry can tell its own stories about new complex regulations, usually rushed through with minimal consultation, if any.

Furthermore, there is growing unease about the government’s move towards co-governance. It sounds harmless but it would radically alter how democracy operates in New Zealand and undermine basic principles of democratic participation.

All in all, the picture that emerges is that of a country in precipitous decline. That would be alarming enough. What makes it even more so is a perception that the core private and public institutions lack the understanding of the severity of the crisis or the ability to counteract it.

Some notable exceptions aside, the New Zealand media is underfunded and not performing the functions of the Fourth Estate properly.

Adrian Orr, governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Picture: Birgit Krippner/Bloomberg
Adrian Orr, governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Picture: Birgit Krippner/Bloomberg

Despite the vast expansion in public service numbers, it lacks quality and focuses on trendy issues rather than its core functions. In particular, the Reserve Bank and the Productivity Commission need a reset. And across the political spectrum, again with notable exceptions, the political parties lack parliamentarians with the qualifications and experience necessary for a turnaround job.

New Zealand needs to be careful not to turn into a failed state. That does not mean it should expect civil unrest, but a period of prolonged and seemingly unstoppable decline across all areas of public life.

The only way to reverse this process would be for New Zealand to regain its mojo: its mojo for serious economic and social reform. It has happened before. And it must happen again.

Dr Oliver Hartwich is the Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative ( He will speak at an event titled ‘The Ardern Experiment’ hosted by the Menzies Research Centre in Sydney on Wednesday, 6 July. Tickets are available here.

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July 1, 2022 at 4:38 pm

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Jacinda’s FTA

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The sharks bit off meat and dairy products.

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July 1, 2022 at 2:27 pm

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She’ll always be Cindy to me

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This is a rather brilliant parody. It’s on Rumble, which our WordPress blog is not yet set up to work (😉), but if it lands on YouTube (boooo…. hisssss).. I’ll update it.

A love song for Jacinda.

She’s like tits on a bull, but the left idolise her,
Our team of five million? She sold it to Pfizer
It’s not chauvinism, or misogyny,
She can declare her pronouns but she’ll always be Cindy to me.

She can pretend to care, she can furrow her brow,
She can fix housing markets, just don’t ask her how,
And she prints lots of money, like it grows on a tree,
Blame it on someone else now that petrol’s at $3.33.

Oh…. She takes care of your health. Socialism by Stealth,
It’s a vast over reach
Oh… and she’s painfully woke, and she can’t take a joke,
She just calls it hate speech.

She’s vain to a fault, she’s flaky and fickle
She’s building back better with hammer and sickle,
She’s Lenin in leggings, she’s a trotting Trotsky,
We’re the next Venezuela, and she’ll always be Cindy to me.


Oh…. She takes care of herself, Redistributes your wealth,
Waves her hands like a mime.
Oh… has her snout in the trough, before galloping off,
She’s just biding her time.

She tells you be kind when she’s really quite cruel,
If somebody sneezes she’ll shut down your school,
But she will be evicted in 2-23,
But she’ll get a job by just calling Klaus Schwab

And she’ll always be Cindy to me.

Hmmmmmm….. Hmmmm…..

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June 21, 2022 at 3:00 pm


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with the release of the Roy Morgan poll confirming the trend of previous polls. No great comment needed except to observe that the Greens too appear to be benefiting from the drop in Labour’s fortunes (although I suspect their support is rubbery) while the Maori Party have lost their kingmaker status suggested in previous polls and thank God for that. Interesting too that the number of those polled who saw the country as headed in the wrong direction has increased to 50% compared with the reduction in support to 40% for those who think things are just peachy. Lotsa water to flow under the bridge but right now in the election cycle the old adage of government’s losing elections rather than oppositions winning them appears to be in play reinforced in part by the observation of Richard Prebble that the perception of Labour is of a tired third term government even though they are just over half way through their second term.

Guyon Espiner had an interesting profile of Chris Luxon. Guyon and I go back some way when he was my ‘go to’ person n the media when Judith Collins and I and the late John Masters were working together to bust open the canard that Kiwi Vietnam veterans were not exposed to Agent Orange. Guyon isn’t in the mold of Jessica or Tova. He doesn’t do sycophancy and the article reflects that.

We now know why NZ First ain’t standing a candidate in Tauranga with the trial of two persons charged with electoral fraud starting yesterday in the High Court. Peters knew the date and hence the decision. The trial would have been the death knell to any NZ First candidate. The names of the two accused remain suppressed (although I can’t for the life me understand why) but one thing for sure … it is utter sophistry for NZ First (Peters) to claim that neither of the two defendants are current members of NZ First. Note the word ‘current’. I suspect that when name suppression is lifted at least one of the defendants will be revealed as very, very close to WRP … follow the money.

And finally St Jacinda doing a Pontius Pilate and refusing to take any responsibility for the escalation in gang associated shootings now happening on a daily basis leaving the hapless Poto Williams doing her ‘possum caught in the headlights’ impression as she was left to argue that the government is engaged in urgent discussions with the Police as to how respond to the situation with nothing off the table … but no specifics as yet. One might argue at Galatians 6:7 being in play here.

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June 8, 2022 at 1:00 pm


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Although to be fair I guess ‘she’ can’t because to do so would be to admit that it’s all happening under her watch … every day now random shootings with ram raids becoming the flavor of the week. Of course the reasons are complex but underlying it all is the explosion in gang numbers (caused in part by Australia ridding itself of New Zealand undesirables) coupled with the increase in the number of juveniles opting out of formal schooling in favor of home schooling (so called) ending up with time on their hands and looking for ‘excitement’ (as gang prospects or going it alone) and all this against the backdrop of rising inflation and the creation of motel housing ghettos which are a breeding ground for crime.

The Police are taking a battering, some of which is self-inflicted, as they battle with a woke culture that would blame society rather than the criminal and where showing kindness and respect trumps ‘do the crime and do the time’. But the problem starts at the very top …. right now the government is looking to repeal 3 Strikes with all the messages that sends. That along with a Police Minister who presents like possum caught in the headlights and who is openly mocked by police on the front line.

It’s a certain recipe for things to get worse.

Not helped at all by ex-politicians (and there is nothing so ‘ex’ as an ex-politician) like Rodney Hide who in a brain explosion suggested in a comment on Kiwiblog that the best way to protect dairy owners from being robbed would be to arm them with sawed-off shotguns. Stupid comment called out by David Garrett (ex ACT MP) as such. Rodney’s comments add nothing to the debate.

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June 4, 2022 at 3:15 pm


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William Hall is a Victoria University where he is studying for a Bachelor of Communications (same degree as St Jacinda’s). He has an interesting post over at Kiwiblog on Putin’s war. Two observations …

There has to be a backstory behind the cabinet’s rolling of Defence Minister Peeni Henare’s proposal to supply Javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukraine … missiles that will shortly reach their use by date. Does anyone which to speculate on the reason for that especially as only a few days after the same cabinet authorised the dispatch of RNZA personnel to the UK to help train Ukrainian ‘gunners’ on the L119 105mm howitzer. What was the dynamic in play here?

And second the assertion that neither Jacinda Ardern nor David Seymour have yet to label Putin a war criminal. A little surprised if that is indeed their position … doubly surprised re Seymour. Perhaps both want to keep the back door entrance to 57 Messines Road open … much like Winston Peters.

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June 3, 2022 at 3:45 pm


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Interesting that the Prime Minister managed to score 90 minutes with the President. That was a feather in her cap although has to be said that Biden probably saw it as a welcome distraction on a day when his approval rating by FiveThirty Eight (the poll of polls) dipped to an historic low of just 40.8% vs 54% disapproval. But what really stands out for me from the videos of the meeting was that Biden had a crib sheet of talking points on his lap (the PM nothing) … further proof (if proof were needed) that Biden is experiencing cognitive difficulties and that’s scary indeed at a time where a deteriorating world situation calls for clear mind and thought.

I guess the two had meeting of minds on such things as climate change and gun control and that was to be expected given where their respective parties sit but there was no movement on trade issues except a commitment to ‘talk’ further over the continued imposition of punitive tariffs on our aluminum exports to the US.

One suspects that Biden has already moved on from that meeting as he deals with inflation at 8.3% and rapidly rising energy costs. As for the PM, well she returns to a country on the cusp of recession with her government committed to buying its way out of inflation with borrowed money. There is a limit to to how much magic you can squeeze out of a earnest smile and a fine set of chompers.

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June 1, 2022 at 11:24 pm