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2 MARCH 2022

Three things happened today. I was my birthday; the Police finally acted to clear the rabble illegally occupying Parliament’s grounds, disregarding the Trespass Orders issued against them and preventing Wellingtonians from going about their lawful business while the Russians stepped up their invasion of the Ukraine seemingly determined to turn their cities into wasteland.

My birthday was the least important of three events. I have, in cricketing parlance, reached 77 not out having successfully fended off any number of ‘Googlies’ and ‘Wrong Uns’ over the years. No significant health issues and I’m fully mobile. Can’t ask for much more. In short, life is good.

It was always a matter of when rather than if that the Police were going to act to end the occupation of Parliament’s grounds by the protesters. They made their point and they should have moved on. There was no way the government was going to cave into their demands especially given that fringe elements had infiltrated the protest threatening violence against the Prime Minister. That way in not our way. You dislike what the government is doing and you vote accordingly at the ballot box. Can I say something else. Ardern is not a communist and its pretty stupid to argue that she is. In the continuum of recent Labour Party leaders I would see her as governing in the Norman Kirk/David Lange tradition … full of well meaning but half baked ideas but totally bereft of any understanding of how the economy actually works … and that will be her downfall along with her embrace of of separatist agenda laid out in He Puapua.

But of the three issues, Putin declaring war on the Ukraine is by far the most serious. Russia will conquor through shear military might inheriting a devastated country and a populace who will refuse to be subjugated. On the world scene it will ‘enjoy’ pariah state status for many years to come. It’s own economy will suffer substantially. NATO will emerge strengthened and hitherto neutral nations (eg Finland) may well look at joining NATO as a guard against further Russian aggression The dynamic of the relationship between Russia and China may also change with those two nations forging closer ties in response to Russia’s isolation and that, in itself, will raise tensions in our part of the world. Putin unleashed the dogs of war and they ain’t going back in their kennels anytime soon.

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.

One of the insights of Christianity is that Man is a fallen creature and that the struggle to resist evil is endless, a battle never permanently won or lost.

This rather goes against the grain of much modern life, which imagines that humans can be perfected, whether via old-fashioned ideas like communism or 21st century ones like trans-humanism.

I’m more in the former camp than the latter so the following news (discovered only after a nice day’s fishing) is not in the least surprising:

Ardern cautioned that the traffic light system was likely to remain in place for the winter to combat not just Covid, but the return of the flu, following two winters where the flu has been kept largely at bay thanks to Covid measures.

The following stated aims are part of this Act:

  1. Extend the expiry date of the Act by one year, from May 2022 to May 2023
  2. Improve the flexibility for making COVID-19 orders
  3. Strengthen the infringement regime and deter non-compliance with orders
  4. Support the effective management and operation of managed isolation and quarantine facilities (MIQF)
  5. Enable a limited group of enforcement officers to stop vehicles at checkpoints.

If it didn’t end with a vaccination rate of 90% it will never end. You cannot comply your way to freedom.

Meantime I’ll just leave this graph with you to show what other nations in the middle of the great Omicron surge are doing.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 24, 2022 at 6:00 pm


A report from Stuff that Cabinet is considering erecting a steel fence around the parliamentary precinct so as to provide a further level of security against intruders trying to enter parliament. More evidence that Ardern/Mallard have truly lost the plot. As it stands right now there is enhanced screening for anyone wanting to enter the parliamentary complex. A further level of screening for the public wanting to stroll on the parliamentary grounds is totally unnecessary and is the hallmark of a totalitarian state.

And all this was so unnecessary. If Ardern hadn’t belittled the protesters; if Mallard hadn’t acted as the thug he is by turning on the sprinklers and blasting them with discorent muzik and if the government had reacted by laying out a time-line for the ending of mandates then in all probability the sting would have been taken out of the protest.

But it didn’t and now the protesters are calling the shots; the Police have been made to look impotent and the government has lost control of the situation. A situation all of their own making.

Meanwhile residents and businesses caught up in the protest are suffering. All so sad, all so unnecessary.

Written by The Veteran

February 20, 2022 at 4:09 pm


I guess St Jacinda thinks that putting on a earnest look/smiley face when confronted with bad news and all will be forgiven. Does she really think New Zealanders are that dumb? But her reaction to the news that Chris Luxon has a better net positive rating than she has really takes the biscuit. She said that she stands behind all of her decisions … really?

So she stands behind the Kiwibuild debacle.

So she stands behind her promise to have a City – Mt Roskill light rail link up and running by 2021.

So no apologies for the fact that p o v e r d y has increased under her watch.

So no contriteness for the fact that her government has set Maori against Non Maori and town against country.

So no sorry for the explosion in gun violence.

And we won’t even talk about inflation at a three decades high.

The list goes on and on and on …

And the PM thinks she can sail right over the carnage her leadership is inflicting on the country.

Clearly the poll numbers show the worm has turned.

Well done Jacinda (our own potential Super Spreader) … not

Written by The Veteran

January 30, 2022 at 8:38 pm

The Victimology Gambit

A story out of the USA the other day struck me for its link with recent events in New Zealand.

It seems that poor old Dr Fauci ran into his usual buzzsaw of an an opponent, Senator, Dr, and nemesis Rand Paul, while testifying before Congress. He’s done several of these sessions now and they’ve have been rough for Fauci from the start but have only got rougher as more information about the Wuhan virus lab have leaked and shown Fauci’s past denials of involvement as the lies they always were.

Cornered by Paul’s latest follow-up questions, Fauci used a modern tactic of the Left. He painted himself as a victim:

Dr. Fauci then demands time to read from remarks attacking RandP aul for criticizing him w/o “a shred of evidence” and directly blames those who’ve disagreed w/him for the death threats he’s received & messages to family members.

He adds Paul is doing it “for political reasons.”

In other words: stop asking me these questions that I can’t answer because that makes me look like a bad guy in the eyes of the public and results in threats against me.

The tactic is designed to reverse the good guy / bad guy roles, stop the flow of questions about all this Covid stuff, and deflect to a new issue that the MSM can really get their teeth into, being threats to one of their Precious Supporters of the Narrative.

As this article points out, it’s a tactic that needs to be called out as the weasel bullshit that it is, and in this case it’s especially nasty given that Rand Paul is the one who has suffered actual physical attacks because of his politics:

Rand Paul’s been shot at and beaten up, as well as nearly mobbed by an angry crowd, and yet he’s still doing his job at great peril to himself. He chose this and he deals with the fallout.

Paul is actually missing part of his lung as a result of that beating, an event that caused much snickering across the Democrat TwitFace world and it was an Antifa crowd chasing he and his wife up a street, so given their standard tactic of “direct action” (e.g. violence) not to be dismissed lightly.

Fauci has a lot to answer for and he needs to answer for it. He can’t be allowed to weasel his way out of the hot seat by proclaiming he’s the victim of threats. Not only does this become an obstacle for answers and real justice, but it makes our society take these claims less and less seriously.

The bottom line: Fauci is a very public figure. He’s gonna get threats. People in the public sphere have been getting threats for ages and yet they still managed to do their job.

This isn’t to say death threats should suddenly be ignored, but they shouldn’t become the central focus. If you screwed up, then face the music. Painting oneself as a victim when they’re the offender doesn’t make the offenses go away, especially when the offense is being part of unleashing a virus that destroyed billions of lives around the world.

The link with New Zealand is that just the other day there were apparently reports about death threats being made against the Prime Minister. But every PM for years now has got death threats. These ones surfaced in the MSM just as Ardern finds herself on the hook for the corrupt, bullying behaviour of her dim-witted partner.

How very Faucian of her.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 15, 2022 at 9:58 am


On the heels of the revelation that ‘Jethro’ Ardern tried to bully a pharmacist to giving some friends (wandering musicians) a RAT test in contravention of government protocols are we entitled to ask who else among the great unwashed has Clarke and Jacinda on their speed dials that they can contact in the expectation of ‘special treatment’.

Some might come up with the name Karel Sroubeck.

I could not possibly comment.

Written by The Veteran

January 13, 2022 at 8:34 pm

“I’m gonna shutdown the virus”

Of course you aren’t, you imbecilic, senile old fool, and now even you realise it with case numbers like those.

Also, as predicted, Biden’s C-19 death toll has exceeded that of Trump’s, despite having vaccines, and with seven days to go in the first year of this “Administration”.

There’s also these things happening on his watch. From the Marietta, Georgia area.

In Fredericksburg, VA (H/T Instapundit)

If you look closely at the petrol pump in the first photo, you’ll see the “I did that” Biden sticker pasted to it and pointing at the gasoline price.

Somebody should start producing the same things for Ardern here in New Zealand. They’re going to be useful in 2022.


I’m not exactly known for saying nice things about Ms Ardern but I applaud her statement today ruling out charging the unvaccinated for hospital care should they catch the virus and are admitted to hospital.

Her statement was in response to a report that the NSW State government is contemplating such a move given the explosion of cases in recent days.

In saying that she noted that we don’t charge Kiwis who make bad lifestyle choices and end up in hospital and the unvaccinated should be treated no differently.

I guess here are some flinty eyed zealots out there who would applaud such a move. I don’t. This is identity politics taken to the extreme. It is enough that we have a government hell bent on setting Maori against Pakeha; town against country and where success is considered a dirty word. Such a move would exacerbate still further the tensions already present in the community. Hole in the head stuff.

Written by The Veteran

December 23, 2021 at 5:24 pm

The similarities grow

Between the Biden Administration and the Ardern government that is.

Not that I’m suggesting the two leaders have anything much in common. Ardern has all her marbles and can pronounce the words correctly – although I do shudder when I hear on the car radio something like “expodentially” (that from Biden). They do both suffer from oral diarrhea of course but that’s politicians for you.

No, it was this comment quoted in a Powerline article the other day from, in turn, a Boston Herald writer, Howie Carr, about the responses of Biden to the Great Omicron Pandemic, that reminded me of the similarities:

Or it’s just another wag-the-dog operation, to change the subject from their own massive failures.

I vote for the latter.

Me too. Just the other day Dementia Joe could not pronounce the words, “fifty seven million” and had to have Dr Fauci yell it out. Then his VP said that “We didn’t see omicron coming”, which indicates that they are both stupid and not well organised; what Administration lets a VP say something like that in public?

In the same way I wonder how much longer these scare stories can be pulled off? Next Autumn in NZ will be the acid test, judging by what has happened, and is happening, everywhere else in the world:

I had Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University on my radio show this week and he described omicron as “a pandemic of lunacy which is dominating the airwaves.”

In Florida and many other parts of the US, though, life is back to normal. The hysteria is being promoted, yet again, in the Blue states.

To be fair, in Britain as well with the Tory government led by Bonking Boris. A power-mad desire for control does not belong just to the Left.

The problem is, maybe they can terrify the feeble-minded again, but even the non-working classes are starting to figure it out. And historically, politicians who preside over disasters do not fare well with voters in the next election.

Ask Andrew Cuomo and Charlie Baker. They were both the toast of their respective towns, until they were just plain toast. The third governor with the highest death toll — Phil Murphy — was barely reelected in NJ. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is under water in Michigan, Gavin Newsom was almost recalled, Bill DeBlasio is a pariah…

Politicians rise and fall, and it’s surprising how often in history you find that the things they won on are the very things that kill their careers in the end.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 21, 2021 at 7:29 am

Too good not to share

This very much reminds me of the days when the cartoonist Tom Scott applied acid to Muldoon, Lange and others.

Sadly, like most of the rest of the NZ MSM, they’re totally in thrall to the Queen – although no doubt as things worsen (housing, crime, child poverdy) they’ll tire and start turning on her in search of a new, shiny object, at which stage they’ll claim this shows they’re still balanced.

Fortunately they won’t try pulling this gaslighting stunt that the US MSM has recently tried – but only because Luxon and Seymour are not as terrifying to them as Trump.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 15, 2021 at 11:56 am