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Only it was never actioned in haste and little of leisure about the repenting phase.

After some serious pressure from medics who now have a seriously diminished level of respect from this old bastard, I eventually became a part of “The Great Pfizer experiment”, up to the third assault.
Swmbo has some challenges and we are in a concentrated contact series with some heavy hitters around neurology and general medicine that had nothing by way of any alternative options apart from compliance with the mass medication experiment.
Even a serious degradation of mobility two weeks after the initial stabbing was met with a veritable wall of unanimity with nothing by way of departure from the script in totally rejecting any possible connection of the dramatic decline from easily walking two Kms to struggling to get out of bed with assistance, and The Great Pfizer Experiment. A rather unusual refusal to even discuss such a scenario from people normally intent on allowing discussion on matters that have over a decade of cooperation involved many hours of research assistance from both of us with the New Zealand Brain Research Clinic.

Now with the ever growing list, admittedly mostly conjecture and anecdotal, of so far unacknowledged side effects from a small number of the “Vaccinated” from various unexpected outcomes around cancer remission failures, heart conditions, a what some are suggesting a blip in statistical numbers of sudden adult deaths, that very few of the medically trained seem to have any desire to see investigated.

Almost every one who is not enamoured of the freakish over reactions from those who reject any notion that their power to rule us is anything to do with the power of the people who elected them, it is not difficult to get a case of strange and even inexplicable decline for an otherwise apparently healthy person that manifested in the death of a thirty something fit and healthy male plumber, currently the subject of a Coroners Inquiry in Dunedin , in casual conversations

What have we done is a recurring fact of conversation, particularly all those of advanced years who had watched the Thalidomide disaster that resulted in what many medics jumped into with alacrity to solve an age old problem of hyperemesis gravidarum, commonly termed “Morning Sickness”, that can occur for a pregnant woman at any time of day, and can lead to serious problems for both mother to be and the foetus. With our two children it was quite a problem for Swmbo, in the case of number two saw Mother to be, in hospital on a drip to solve an issue of malnourishment at one stage of that pregnancy. We never became aware of the T drug, looking back a blessing, as things were quite problematic at times.
Our simple management involved a plate of porridge with milk and sugar that hit the porcelain PDQ then a cooked breakfast that was mostly able to be retained. We were somewhat fortunate in that is really was a “morning sickness thing” the rest of the days mostly only milder nausea, as an ongoing problem.

The thalidomide disaster as it became infamously termed, came to a climax some eleven years after its launch as a sedative, cheap and over the counter, gaining some popularity as an antiemetic useful as a counter to morning sickness, subsequently linked as largely manifesting in birth defects in an estimated in excess of ten thousand children along with increasing spontaneously aborted foetus incidents, leading to widespread withdrawal from the market and initiating a much more rigorous investigative process for all new drugs before launch.

My suspicions around the mRNA inoculations were initially raised by factors around the rushed launch of mRNA answers to the Virus that I believe escaped either inadvertently or deliberately from the Wuhan Laboratory where virus research was conducted, along with “Gain of Function” aspects with active involvement of Anthony Fauci and US funding.
An early red flag for the drug therapy answer came with the very short time frame following the world wide “Pandemic” associated with Covid 19 between its discovery and the launch of the Pfizer solution.
Then there were some unusual protections legislated for the use of the solution that gave Pfizer an immunity from legal repercussions from the administration of their solution.
Further protections came from the locking up of associated data for seventy years, from discovery.
A still largely secret Contract with Governments over the supply of the inoculant.
Further to initial uses to give a claimed protection against the worst effects from an infection for the older and medically compromised leading to pneumonia was extended progressively into younger and healthy citizens eventually reaching into stabbing the very young with their still embryonic and developing immune systems did nothing to assuage my concerns leading to the decision to end any further participation in “The Great Experiment”.
Another departure from my inbuilt reservations was the involving of women of childbearing age, in particular those actually carrying a developing baby.

My current attitude to the growing clamour for a full inquiry in all aspects of governmental administration of what appears to be an extremely problematic involvement of medically inept political involvement by the leaders of the government and their proven doubtfully equipped advisors should be left to a subsequent administration as I just cannot trust the duplicitous bastards to conduct anything other than a whitewash to ensure the gross errors and dumbarse decisions made, are never given the demanding scrutiny they deserve, beginning right back when the entire “Pandemic Response Plan” in existence was binned to allow the political advantages of the management by a group of ideological driven neanderthals intent on wringing every last drop of advantage out of the whole charade.
Any such commission of inquiry should IMEHO be empowered with an ability to sanction anyone who is proven to have culpably ignored reasonable available information in perpetrating what I consider to have involved wilful disregard for previously held standards of responsible medical process.

Any body in any form of legislative coercion wanting me to be further involved in this mass manipulation of isolating, nappy face covering, mandated substance abuse, or any other social engineering will be met with a refusal to cooperate, beginning with a polite decline then moving to overt and increasingly obstructive behaviours.

My Body, my reason, my freedoms, my choice, end of! just get out of management of my options and do not prevent me accessing any information I deem necessary to enable informed consent and personal decision making.

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September 15, 2022 at 1:21 pm

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The CCP backs down?

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Hard to believe but apparently it’s true, according to Bloomberg, whose business reporting mean they have pretty good, largely non-political, contacts in China:

Beijing’s stout city leadership rolled out China’s first Covid-19 vaccine mandate last week. The policy made boosters mandatory for some professions, while entry to busy public venues like movie theaters and gyms was restricted to the vaccinated. The public reacted quickly, with many residents turning to social media to declare the mandate an illegal usurpation of their rights. Beijing’s response was just as quick: Less than 48 hours after announcing the policy, the city government rescinded it.

It seems this may have something to do with the CCP’s monitoring of social media, which I’ve always assumed was for purposes of censorship, and tracking down people who “threaten” the CCP, but which may actually be working as a two-way street:

In 2014, the Communist Party-owned Beijing News reported that public and private Chinese entities employ more than 2 million public opinion “analysts.” Among other roles, they “collect the opinions and attitudes of netizens, organize them into reports, and submit them to decision makers.

So it’s also a good way of heading off a populist revolt before you have to roll out the troops and the tanks, which is what seems to have happened in this case.

In addition, as another article points out, Xi Jinping is building up to the impending 20th Party Congress, to change the rules and put him in power for good, and having massive unrest in the streets might screw that up.

Almost sounds democratic!!

Written by Tom Hunter

August 25, 2022 at 4:13 pm

Cracks in the Dam

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In the famous WWII movie, The Dam Busters, it took repeated hits to smash open the German dams in the Ruhr valley.

So it is with any structure built by humans, including our structures of thought.

As a result the following interview is astounding, given that Steve Kirsh – MIT graduate, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur worth some $250 million, the inventor of the optical mouse – is a guy who dumped $20 million into the Democrat Party to help it win the 2020 elections.

Brian Kilmeade: Steve, when did the Democratic party start going south with you?

Steve Kirsch: Well when they violated my trust, Brian. You know they told the agencies, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, that these vaccines were safe and effective. And when I started seeing my friends die and be injured, I started looking at the data, there was no question that this vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man. It is a thousand times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, and that’s too unsafe for people to use.

To me, the newsworthy part of this story is not that he’s saying these things because other people have been critical of the COVID vaccines for over a year now. No, it’s that he’s saying such things this strongly on live, national television. Something like that has been almost unthinkable over the last two years as Big Tech and Big Government have done everything in their power to shut down any viewpoint that is in opposition to Fauci, the FDA, the CDC – and every other Public Health outfit around the Western world, including the ones here in New Zealand, who simply parroted the US lines.

It’s also a significant example of the need for a diverse MSM – meaning diverse in thinking rather than the usual focus on race and gender. Here is a major Democrat Party donor who has no choice but to go on Fox News.

Also this news, Denmark outlaws the COVID vaccines for children:

[Official statement]
“Vaccination of children and young people under the age of 18. Children and young people only very rarely become seriously ill from Covid-19 with the Omicron variant. Therefore, from 1 July, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and young people under the age of 18 to get the first jab. And from 1 September, 2022, it will no longer be possible to get the second jab. Quite a few children with a particularly increased risk of serious course will have the option of vaccination after an individual assessment by a doctor.”

This is not just removing mandates. They’re effectively outlawing the vaccination of children for COVID, saying it will ‘no longer be possible’ for children under the age of 18 to receive first shots immediately and second shots will be banned in September.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that some very big news may be coming about the vaccines. If the shots were simply ‘not needed’ for kids, wouldn’t you just make them optional? Flatly outlawing the vaccines for children at least suggests that Denmark’s government believes they are potentially harmful in some fashion.

I guess our Public Health people are just so much smarter than those of Denmark? Or as Professor Weinstein says:

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August 12, 2022 at 10:02 pm


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That was the word often used by the famous character of Spock on Star Trek, whenever he encountered something he did not expect or could not explain.

Herewith I present a fascinating little graph from Britain.

The really fascinating thing is that this seems to hold with every age group, even the oldest who are the most vulnerable to death by all causes, at least as I see it from the data published by the British ONS (Office of National Statistics) ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022‘.

Here’s another similar graph for the age-group 90+ year olds.

Here’s the 70-79 cohort, which is…. pretty dramatic.

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August 10, 2022 at 1:20 pm


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Well that elicited a few sticks of Kindling to wet to begin a fire.

This morning while idly drifting through the ether this from “Open Justice” came across the consciousness, maybe a pointer to everything comes to them’s who waits, aye?

“In what could be a landmark prosecution, a Taupō man is believed to be the first person ever charged with sabotage in New Zealand – a historic offence which was originally passed into law to prevent foreign interference on our shores during World War II.

But a High Court judge has ordered the details of the alleged offending must be kept secret, barring media from reporting what led to authorities laying the charge.

Graham Philip, an IT professional and anti-vaccination campaigner, was charged with seven counts of wilful damage in December. He has been held in prison on remand since.

In May, the charges were upgraded by the Crown to seven of sabotage. Philip has pleaded not guilty to all. The alleged offending relates to New Zealand infrastructure.

A person can also be charged with sabotage if the person “damages or destroys any property which is necessary to keep intact for the safety or health of the public.”

Each charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment.

The Crown successfully sought a non-publication order surrounding the details of the charges.

Open Justice understands the basis of the order is not for the protection of witnesses or fear of trial prejudice, but rather a concern from authorities that details of the charges could lead to “copy-cat” offending.

All that Information must be seismic in Potential effects on our Nation State for a person whose photo accompanying the article in the Herald indicates very little by way of threat or any other aspects of imagery that normal sane unsuspecting citizens might find will drive thousands into the streets to bring great damage and disaster to pass??

Therefor my original request remains and is still only giving raised levels of suspicious enquiry.


According to this snippet he is clearly someone with established credentials to cause embarrassment and/or fear of unwanted exposure for person/s wishing silence to be maintained on something of note.

In an ideology driven campaign to release upwards of a quarter of the nation’s criminal population from incarceration to reoffend and reoffend again, keeping this white male with some clear abilities and likely above normal intellectual abilities imprisoned for almost two years, a period of time that has eerie connotations of coinciding with the remaining time for the current student politicians power trip to endure, until time can be called?

See also this speech from his wife in May 2022.

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July 29, 2022 at 10:19 am

2000 dead

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“So, uh, yeah, just going to leave this here, then

So it was said a long two years ago.

Together with this gloating Tweet from some Jacinda worshiper at the time.

Today’s numbers.

And of course the people dying now are exactly the same sort of people we knew in January 2020 that this thing targeted:

Six were in their 70s, five were in their 80s and five were aged over 90.

As it has been for months now. It’s almost as if General Tso’s Sickness is merely a substitute for the normal 500-700 flu deaths we get annually, plus those who die from pneumonia, otherwise known as “Old People’s Friend”. The suppression of such deaths in 2020 and 2021 is likely also feeding these current numbers, as is often seen with excess mortality from year to year around the world.

Gee, I guess that since we’ve maxed out on the lockdown strategy – simply because we’re so broken and exhausted by the previous ones – social distancing is gone, and since it’s hard to see how we could force our already “world class” vaccine rates any higher, I guess it’s back to masks, masks, and more masks, especially for school children – right Professor Baker?

And as I predicted in October, 2021…

We’ve already noticed that, as the bad news of rising cases began to turn up, Jacinda and her team were quick to pull her from the daily Podium Of Truth, leaving it to her minions to deliver the news… At some point soon I suspect that Adern and company will not even bother talking about the vaccination rate, and if questions about either it or case numbers are mentioned, they’ll just waffle around them…To do otherwise would be to take numbers that have been useful to the government so far – case numbers and vax rates – and watch them be steadily turned against the government…

… is this news from the MOH:

…the ministry can now start reporting on people hospitalised where the main reason they’re in hospital is due to Covid-19 or with Covid-19 as a contributor.

They will be making a similar change to deaths reporting, away from all people who have died within 28 days of a Covid-19 infection to people who have died because of a Covid-19 infection or where it was a contributing factor.

Which will automatically drop the numbers from the ones quoted in the RNZ reports, although they may stick to the numbers counted under the original definition. You’ll also note that this daily news item is no longer top-of-page material but buried much farther down in scrolling or even having to be searched for, which fits with both it becoming “boring” background news, and also not hurting their precious Labour government.

“A pandemic of the unvaccinated”

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Remember that phrase? An oldie but a goodie as they say in show business, which is where we are right now.

I was aware of the news of Biden catching General Tso’s Sickness but figured it was unworthy of coverage since it’s been expected for some time by those of us who’ve actually read up on the science of masks, social distancing, lockdowns and these “vaccines” that are trying to stop or slow down an airborne, respiratory, flu-like virus.

But I wasn’t aware of all these other “leaders” hitting the same problem. Enjoy before Twitter blocks or deletes this.

Again this is not really news, in that re-infections, called “breakthrough infections”, were being spotted as early as January 2021, just two months after the mRNA vaccine injections began, although these were initially rare (10,000 cases with 100 million doses). As you would expect such infections actually helped the immune system. But since then, as the virus has done its usual mutation, the “vaccines” – which really should now be re-classified as therapeutic treatments – have become increasingly useless. As a result governments and public health officials worldwide have increasingly leaned on the “vaccine will prevent serious illness” crutch.

Which, in turn, is leading to comments like this:

I’m worried about the credibility of medicine, about public health, about government institutions, about congresspeople even. Nobody has been forthcoming in talking honestly about any of this.

I’d be willing to bet that an interview like that, with somebody who is definitely not a “nutter” or “fringe” has been seen on broadcast TV news in New Zealand.

And lets’ not forget the other aspect of these vaccines.

Christ but Biden looks bloody awful and out of it even compared to his normal vacancy of the last two years.

The thing is that his staff are caught between a rock and a hard place; at 79 years he should be resting up but they’re using stuff like this to pretend that he’s still working as normal – which in his case has never meant even eight hour days.

And even the comatose White House press corp are starting to get pissed at not being able to quiz Biden’s doctor. That video itself was cut when the press started asking Biden how he felt.

One reason why trust in the Covid “scam” has gone

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Something for The Veteran to watch – it’s only 7 minutes long, and is but a snippet of the misinformation/disinformation that was given to us by governments during the “scam”.

Key quote on reinfections following the *cough cough* vaccine, “I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way”.

Hope. Not science. Hope:

Jordan asked Birx if the government was lying or guessing when it told the public that people who received the vaccination couldn’t get COVID. Birx responded that she did not know. However, she continued, “All I know is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was occurring. Since the vaccine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make the conclusion that the vaccine will do better than natural infection. Although it can often do slightly better.”

Why didn’t she speak up about this while still in office? Public health “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci actively tried to convince Americans that natural immunity was inferior to the jabs.

So, why was Dr. Birx vaccinated and masked? She continued: “Because I knew potentially vaccine immunity would wane like natural immunity waned. There was evidence that every four months, reinfection was occurring in South Africa.” That seems like it should have been part of informed consent before Americans decided to take an experimental vaccine or give it to their children. Four months of coverage seems like a risk-benefit ratio Americans should have been able to calculate for themselves.

Here’s a 2 minute clip of the same.

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June 28, 2022 at 10:54 pm

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I have encountered a couple of hints on the interwebby thingy that a person of that name has been held in prison since December last year on Charges that are suppressed, in high security, including time in solitary during a Rona scare.

All my attempts to enlighten myself have come to nought so if anyone can enlighten me, great.

See also History Lessons For The Law

Written by Gravedodger

June 22, 2022 at 12:10 pm

Disgusting medical apartheid in NZ

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Supported by the two major parties. Indeed, when people converged on parliament’s grounds to protest at such abhorrence, the fascists called the cops and beat up old men, women (like this nurse) and used tear gas. These people were fighting for their livelihoods. The MPs were supposed to be representing them. Instead, they all sheltered behind their four-walled offices.

And most egregious of all, our PM in waiting gave a self-effacing speech in parliament congratulating the police for their work.

I am the only writer on this blog who has been a serving policeman, and what I saw that day sickened me to my core. Not my cops. Not my country.


Written by Nick K

June 19, 2022 at 10:11 pm