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The Happiest Place on Earth?

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When I was a little boy one of my TV highlights every week was The Wonderful World of Disney.

An hour long program screened on early Sunday evenings, just as it was in the USA, it had everything from classic Disney cartoons featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck (my favourite because of his bad temper) and their mates, to documentaries on nature and science (some of them also animated), some of which were hold-overs from earlier days but didn’t seem to suffer for that.

Here’s a classic example from 1958, The Future of Transport, which I came across in falling down Interwebby rabbit holes because of the opening of Transmission Gully.

I doubt my parents ever had a concern about me watching such stuff while they got on with other things. It was Walt Disney after all.

But in the year 2022 I find that Disney has gone woke and as former President Trump said, everything woke turns to shit.

Just the other day I briefly covered Disney’s opposition to some legislation in Florida that prevents teachers from talking about sexual matters with kids aged 4-7. The MSM jumped in as well because GOP Governor Ron DeSantis headed up the bill and has defended it – and is seen as a huge threat to Democrat hopes in the 2024 election, so has endured endless amounts of MSM hit jobs. However, Disney and the MSM are truly on the wrong side of this issue:

The Florida bill doesn’t influence parents on how they, as parents, can instruct their own kindergartener on gender. Parents are still free to tell a child who can’t keep crayons inside the lines that “There are 20 genders.” The vast majority of parents will leave that discussion for when their child isn’t just starting to read Cat in the Hat.

Also, the majority of even Democrats agree with Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature. The general public, by a wide margin, sees no valid reason for a stranger to teach a six-year-old girl that she’s “in the wrong body” and needs to be called a boy. That polling is for the voting Democrats. If pollsters asked just parents, the percentage in favor of allowing children to remain children would skyrocket.

But that has turned out to be the least of it. Journalist Christopher Rufo – who has led the charge against woke poison across the USA in the last two years (and has thus incurred the wrath of the Far Left, who blame him for “creating” this particular culture war) – was sent a recording of an in-house, all-hands-on-deck video meeting that shows just how far gone the company is in its senior management levels. You can check out some of the videos at this link, plus more on Rufo’s own Twitter account, but here’s just one example:

Christ! Is there anybody there in management that’s not gay or trans, with gay and trans kids? Is there any limit to how far those assholes will go in pushing their Far Left woke agenda on everybody else?

Is the point of representation not to be representative? Yet, making 50 percent of [animated] characters some mix of LGBT and minority is not that when looking at the demographics of the country. Rather, it’s purposeful indoctrination that is meant to condition children to certain lifestyle choices these adults approve of and want to promote.

Ironically, in the same meeting, Disney’s “diversity and inclusion manager” then brags about de-gendering all of their theme parks, which is actually erasing representation. In other words, if you are a normal person who embraces the sex you were born with instead of entertaining the delusion it can be changed, you don’t deserve any representation. In fact, you need to be completely erased.

The videos also make it quite clear that their objective is absolutely to condition little kids into LGBT ideology at an age when they still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy:

Do you know what I’ve never thought about doing? Injecting sexuality into children’s programming in order to reinforce my adult views on the topic. I’ve never thought about that because I’m not a groomer, and I don’t use that word lightly, but really, what else would you call this? “Adding queerness” into shows that small kids watch is the kind of activism that should shock and appall everyone. Children are not pawns to be used in the pushing of adult sexual ideology. Yet, Disney employees like Latoya Raveneau are consumed by the practice.

I’d like to think that Disney is going to take a big hit over this, if not over their ugly, shitty obeisance to the Chinese Communist Party (which didn’t help them financially anyway). What “mother” or “father” will want to take their kids to Disneyland or DisneyWorld now, knowing that it’s less about fun than about ideological sexual indoctrination.

But it’s just another Culture War that can be ignored, correct?

From FDR and JFK to LOL & WTF

The American comedian Bill Maher, while describing himself as an “unmarried, childless, pot-smoking libertine”, is not being red-pilled into voting for the Republicans, especially in his home state of California, which he is not leaving even as tens of thousands of others are.

But between his increasing attacks on various policies of the Democrats, the latest being on their draconian controls for General Tso’s Lungrot virus, it’s fair to say that he may be a lost vote for them at least.

It’s not me who’s changed, it’s the left, who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental. And a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it. But I will.

That’s why I’m a hero at Fox these days. Which shows just how much liberals have their head up their ass, because if they really thought about it, they would have made me a hero on their media. . . .

People sometimes say to me, You don’t, you didn’t. You didn’t used to make fun of the left as much. Yeah, because they didn’t give me so much to work with. The oath of office I took was to comedy. And if you do goofy shit, wherever you are in this spectrum, I’m going to make fun of you because that’s where the gold is.

This appears to be coming as a shock for his audience who gloried in his attacks on GW Bush, the religious Right and the GOP in general. What Bill has not yet accepted is that all this is a natural outgrowth of a combination of failed public policies that the Democrats don’t know how to fix, the turn to performative, frivolous, but radical crap like Woke politics, the need to always be “radical”, and an unhealthy sense of unearned moral and intellectual superiority they actually don’t have.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s the other Maher clip that was lighting up the Internet a few days ago, where he and guest Bari Weiss, let rip on the C-19 rules and regulations in Democrat states and cities: a pandemic of bureaucracy.

“Magic Stick”

The craziness just isn’t stopping in the culture wars of the USA (and likely here in NZ before you know it).

This time it’s a woman at an upscale LA gym called Wi Spa, who decided to go full “Karen” on the admin staff at the front desk.

Her complaint was not that of some whiny-ass White Woman. No, you can tell by the accent that it’s a Black Lady and she’s pissed big time about … well, a dude deciding to flop himself down in the women’s section with all his junk hanging out because he’s a “trans-women” and that’s the law, as the staff try to explain to her.

That last guy at one point just makes a complete idiot out of himself by indicating that a man would not necessarily have an issue with a woman who identified as a man coming into the men’s locker room and showing their female lady parts, insinuating that because of that women shouldn’t have a problem with men who identify as women flashing their genitalia in the locker room.

Fuck I hate mansplainers (click the link: you know you want to). Judge Holden material.

It’s 2021 and there are now people arguing in a court of law that women should be totally comfortable and not unsafe at all in situations like this, that it should be viewed as perfectly normal.

Raises all sorts of interesting intersectionality questions though. In the video you can see another woman who’s demanding a refund. She’s Asian. Who are the biggest bigotted H8r’s here?

Apparently there have also been moderately violent protests outside this spa in the wake of this. You can guess who has been violent but I’ll give you a hint: it’s the people who know they can get away with it because they’re the best victims. Naturally Antifa are involved, but whether they punched any Black Nazi’s in the face I don’t know. They did apparently scream about “transphobes” but even in these enlightened times that’s tough to do when you’re on the side of defending an adult man exposing his dick to little girls, as one of the woman in that article details:

This woman describing the incident from last year explains in great detail how a naked person with a beard and a penis came where the woman, her six-year-old daughter, and older Korean ladies were — all naked — at the women’s hot tub. The woman explained she was a registered Democrat and it wasn’t about a person being trans but about the exposure to her little daughter and the other women.

The “registered Democrat” is a nice touch but it won’t work. Be quiet and sit down, bigot.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 7, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Hidden Points from the US election

The fact that the supposed Blue Tsunami of a Democrat landslide actually turned into a Red Tide, plus another huge failure in US polling and MSM coverage, are subjects worthy of separate posts.

As are the factors behind the Presidential Race itself, and what’s likely to happen (and not happen) in a Biden Administration. In saying that I should note that Al Gore was given 37 days to explore his legal options in 2000, without any MSM screaming about how he should concede, or that Democrat Stacey Abrams spent two years saying the Georgia Governor’s election was fraudulent and stolen from her in 2018, with nary a scoff from the MSM.

But there were three other election outcomes that came as a pleasing surprise, both because of the merits of each case and perhaps more importantly the location of the voters who decided them – in California and Illinois.

I’ve long held that California increasingly resembles a failing state due to all sorts of fundamental problems with road, water, and power infrastructure, taxes, homelessness, illegal immigrants, welfare and the general craziness that attends any One Party State. A place held up only by Silicon Valley but at the price of increasingly looking like a feudal kingdom, with a thin upper crust of incredibly wealthy people, a vast pool of the underclass, and the Middle Class fleeing to neighbouring states – and unfortunately taking with them the same voting habits that created the conditions driving them away.

Illinois is where California is headed, simply because it doesn’t have a Silicon Valley. It is the first US state to have its bonds officially rated as junk. Its prime city, Chicago, is in even worse shape than Illinois.

So the idea that anything sensible could emerge from these two states has seemed increasingly unlikely as the years passed, and recent policy initiatives from them seemed like just another pile of insanity.

California – AB5

First up was California’s AB5 legislation, which requires Uber, Lyft and other kinds of “gig economy” workers to be classified as employees rather than independent contractors. Now I have issues with the gig economy, given how fragile it can be and the lack of protection of workers rights. But simply shutting it down was a move of incredibly stupid, callous brutality. And predictably such a crude rule affected far more than the targets of the taxicab union’s wrath. For example it screwed the MSM in California by limiting the number of articles a freelance journalist could write at 35 per year.

Hilariously, one of these outfits, Vox Media, held out by the likes of Obama as a shining example of the new, Super-Smart media, and which had championed the law, then announced hundreds of layoffs before it went into effect in January 1, 2020. Vox employees were not the only ones to suffer; immediately, independent contractors and freelancers across many industries – catering, entertaining, media, trucking, construction, etc. – became unemployed and had their contracts terminated by companies who ceased business operations in California. People’s jobs and incomes were destroyed overnight – with nothing to replace them. The bill’s author, California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, got it in the neck from hundreds of those people – and with all the hubris and arrogance that compiles from a One Party State – told them to suck it up. Uber and Lyft decided to fight it in the courts, and lost.

Worse yet, moves were afoot to take this idea national as Democrats in Washington D.C. crafted a Federal version of the law. Bear in mind that 57 million Americans partake in freelancing. These 57 million Americans contribute $1 trillion to the economy, or the equivalent of 5% of the U.S. GDP. These 57 million Americans are making freelancing a viable longterm career choice, pushing advanced skills, believe workplace freedom awards them more flexibility.

Fortunately opponents were able to put up measure on the ballot for this year’s election that would gut AB5. Given the mad ideas passed by California I expected the measure to be rejected and the law to continue. Amazingly it won, with 58% of the voters approving the measure. AB5 is dead – for the moment.

One more note is that the gig economy mostly consists of Millennials and younger Americans and it seems that despite complaints about it, including many specific complaints by Uber drivers themselves about Uber, they also weren’t that keen on returning to an ancient, mythical past of union membership, protection and control. So much for the idea that the Left understands the “Youf” and their future.

California – Proposition 16

Far worse in my opinion was this legislation. Years ago, California voters passed Proposition 209, a law that would prohibit race-based university admissions, public hiring, and public contracting. That’s a good thing right? We’ve all grown up hearing endless paens from the Left about how terrible racial discrimination is, especially when it has practical consequences around jobs and education.

Well that was then and this is now, with today’s Democrats having absorbed huge doses of Critical Race Theory and thus believing in “Systemic Racism”, with one solution being “positive” racial discriminaton. Thus was born Proposition 16, which would roll back Prop 209’s rules and allow racial discrimination to be practiced by state and local government in California.

Prop. 16’s proponents claimed that race-based favouritism is needed to promote “diversity,” but it is increasingly clear that what is really desired is a simple racial spoils system. I’d like to know what some benchmarks could be for achieving diversity, because in many ways the USA is already there. Consider this recent data from the U.S. Department of Education: it shows that the proportion of Black and Hispanic women enrolled in college is now higher than white males:

Amazingly, this piece of shit law also went down to defeat. Multiple polls showed that the very groups it was supposed to help, like Hispanic voters, could not stand the idea, and Asian-Americans clearly saw that it was aimed at screwing their kids.

Note that Biden won California by the usual overwhelming margin that accrues to Democrats there. So the loss of AB5 and Prop 16 is a marker that even California Democrats have limits to their own party’s bullshit.

Illinois – Progressive Income Tax Scheme

Finally we come to my personal favourite. Rather than tackling the myriad financial problems of the state and Chicago, the billionaire Governor, Pritzker, decided that the answer was to gouge more money out of the state taxpayers, an estimated $4 billion. And he devoted millions out of his own pocket to win.

It was a bold exercise since the state’s flat income tax was written into the state constitution. Politicians have long been able to change the rate, and they have, with it rising from 3% during my time there, to 5%. But it was recognised that there were limits to this and Pritzker’s idea was to have a graduated, progressive scheme like that of most nations, with different income tax rates for different income levels.

As in California, Illinois is a One Party State. The last GOP governor (2015-2019) could get nothing done in the face of opposition from the real power in the state, Michael Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House for thirty years and more. So they felt arrogant enough to change the constitution.

They failed. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated in the election, even as the voters returned Democrats to their usual positions of permanent power in the state.

There were two reasons for this loss.

First, of the $4 billion expected windfall, Pritzker and company were willing to apply only about $100 million to dealing with the financial problems, which are mainly caused by the terrible situation of unfunded liabilities for Illinois and Chicago pension funds. No, the vast majority of the money was going to go to expanding old state programs and adding new ones. Pension reform was off the table, as usual, as well as any other meaningful reforms. It was an insult to the voters.

Second was the sheer emotional reaction to handing over more money to politicians already knee deep in corruption. Given the past I’ve no confidence that the current FBI investigation into Madigan – for getting ComEd, the state’s major power company, to hire some of his supporters in return for favors – will result in any meaningful change. At best it’ll be plea bargains and him stepping down, but with cronies lined up to do the same in his place while he exerts control over them. Pritzker himself has become a byword for tax avoidance. He’s also under investigation for trying to avoid taxes on a Chicago mansion he owned by making its bathrooms inoperable. His substantial offshore trusts have not paid Illinois taxes. He also inherited his money and was not even trusted to run the major businesses of his own family.

So what now? The flat tax could be raised but that’s going to hurt, and of course it won’t solve the pension problems. The Democrat machine has finally, reluctantly, started talking about “painful” budget cuts, but I suspect they’re hoping to make things so awful via petty things that voters will yield to some new version of the tax scheme. In any case, while there are thousands of state and city government workers who have been getting paid to sit at home during the Covid-19 scare, and who could be cut in theory, it still would not change the fundamental, structural spending problems that exist outside of the operating budget.

And those problems are the result of a corruption far deeper and more subtle than mere wads of cash being thrown across a table. Illinois public-sector unions support the Democratic Party in return for the party giving them sweetheart deals with the state – all perfectly legal. Unfunded pension liabilities are the consequence because many politicians hope to retire or move on to the federal level before the full bill comes due. Those liabilities also mean the schools, police, fire and other services get screwed in spending on what should be their core missions.


While it’s pleasing that Californian and Illinois voters have put a dent in these plans, sadly that’s all they’ve done.

They re-elected the same Democrats.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 10, 2020 at 9:48 am

So Sad. So Funny!

Behold! What yonder halo doth break over him!

Like Australia, Canada is one of those countries that I don’t pay a lot of attention to, even though I probably should. As with our trans-Tasman neighbours I’m aware of who the Prime Minister is at any given moment, but not of other politicians, parties, or the usual bunfights that make up their democracies.

Still, when said leaders are put up as The Way, The Truth, and The Light, attention must be paid:

IT’S ONE OF THOSE PICTURES that freeze-frames a political leader in the making. Half-turned from the enthusiastic crowd of Prince Edward Islanders he is addressing, Justin Trudeau’s upraised arm acknowledges something beyond the image’s point of reference. A pale sunlight lightly gilds the palm of his outstretched hand and highlights the features of his face.

My apologies if you were unable to keep your breakfast down while reading that.

Yes, that’s Chris Trotter in 2015, raving about Justin Trudeau’s rise to Prime Ministership in Canada.

Now all political lives end in failure, as the saying goes. But failure usually just means that you finally get booted from power – not that it ends in ritual humiliation and gales of laughter, which seems to be young Justin’s fate.

Turns out that he’s got a bit of a penchant for dressing up in costumes.


And while some have merely been regarded as funny/weird by most everybody…

Yes. I killed Custer.

… others have not been, especially by Farther Left members of his own tribe.

But peak-annoyance has arrived with steady revelations of the ultimate sin of a modern White Boy…

Yo Baby. Wassup?

…dressing up in Blackface.

Now personally I think these are stupid rules and Justin should not be judged by such pieces of trivial fluff, especially given that it comes from youthful, innocent idiocy.

But I and the rest of the Right-Wing did not make up these stupid rules, the Left did, and if they want to apply them consistently then it’s only fair that Trudeau gets it in the neck.

Your choice: which one were you?

Although Democrat Ralph Northam remains the Governor of Virginia after a revealing portrait was uncovered.

Forced to pick between Blackface and Klan robes, Ralph chose the slightly less offensive option of Blackface.

He’s still in the job because the next two Democrats in line for the job had been compromised on other issues, which would have meant a Republican taking over the job.

That’s far more offensive than dressing up in Blackface or as a Klucker.

Still, these latest revelations about young Justin did lead to one of the funniest responses that I can recall from any politician, let alone the leader of major nation:

Okay. Along with Democrat Beto “Oirish” O’Rourke across the border, Justin Trudeau is now officially a furry:

Arriving soon to manage your Social Welfare State
Chuckle. Nyuck, nyuck, nycuk……..
Brownface? BROWNFACE?
Oh I can see where this spin is going. I don’t know why the NYT is concerned. Few Righties will vote for him, and the Left, having drawn some blood and cringing apologies from him, will still vote for him.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 19, 2019 at 11:17 pm

If only Stalin knew!

Several years ago when National’s Prime Minister John Key was tugging on ponytails it was wall-to-wall 24/7 media coverage – all the way to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver …

And of course there was the endless screaming from the Left about the new standards and definitions of abuse that had to be applied.

But there was a classic piece of deception involved in this situation – one which the Left pull on the Right on countless occasions.

For the National Party – even as the more hysterical claims were dismissed as partisan wankery and nonsense definitions – there was a large element of good faith given for the more sober Lefties: the chin-pullers who made deep, serious and passionate arguments for their case.

The Right shrugged and basically said:

“Well we don’t agree with these definitions and accusations – but there’s no question that these people are deadly serious in applying these new rules around power and sexObviously people as deeply passionate as this really mean what they say.

And so it was just taken for granted that if – for example – some sexual predator turned up in the middle of the upper reaches of the Labour Party, then the new rules would be applied as they were being applied to John Key.

And now here we are.

And once again – for the umpteenth time – the Right is being vividly reminded that there is no such thing as good faith regarding Left wing “rules”. They’re never designed to be applied to themselves, only to the Left’s political and ideological opponents as a weapon. As soon as they cease being useful for that purpose they’re discarded.

It’s all part of being a collective that sticks together to achieve The Greater Good.

Facing outsiders, especially when they are the Left’s political and ideological enemies, it is essential that solidarity be the rule. The crimes and errors will be dealt with inside the collective – but only inside it. To the outside world even those who have committed the crimes and errors will be defended, for the outsiders have no moral right to judge.

No weaknesses will be revealed, no mistakes admitted, no errors or crimes acknowledged – lest the collective fail and power is lost. In the face of that, what sacrifices are not worth making.

Which is of course precisely the thinking that was applied to these young woman making detailed accusations about sexual assault. Worse yet, this was the thinking that they applied to themselves for months on end as they sought justice from their comrades – until finally the dam broke and they turned to outsiders, and not just outsiders but their supposed political enemies.

I’ve read many books and articles by people who were trapped in Communist systems, and the stories they tell are exactly like this one in the essentials.

First, there those like the hopelessly brainwashed Nikolai Bukharin, an old Bolshevik revolutionary who had worked closely with Lenin and Trotsky.

In the great Soviet purges of the late 1930’s he was arrested by the NKVD and indicted for treason. As was standard for the times, he was tortured into making the most extraordinary confessions, convicted and executed in the Lubyanka.

But amazingly, two days before being shot, the old fool penned a note to Stalin, explaining and rationalising his conviction and belief in the Communist Party, that included the following line:

Koba, why do you need me to die?

Koba was Stalin’s old revolutionary pseudonym; they’d been very close. The note was found in Stalin’s desk after his death; he’d kept it there for fifteen years.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the brainwashed fanaticism.

Second, there are those people who convince themselves that it’s all a terrible mistake and misunderstanding as they are brutalised and had great injustices visited upon them.

It is said that the four most common words among prisoners in the Gulag of the 1930’s and 1940’s were “if only Stalin knew.”

If only Stalin knew about the arrests by corrupt and incompetent officials, or the confiscation of grain that left people starving to death, then things would get fixed.

Children of the Arbat captures this very well. The protagonist of the novel, Sasha Pankratov, a sincere and loyal Komsomol member, gets arrested. His friend, Sofiya Aleksandrovna, is mystified and a little scared – but also hopeful:

She would take out the newspapers and gaze at the pictures of Stalin, his simple clothes, the kind wrinkles round his eyes, the wise, calm face of a man with a clear conscience. He was 53. His oldest son was probably the same age as Sasha, and there was another son and a daughter. He knew what family grief was – he had only just lost his wife. If only Sasha’s case got to him.

She was pinning all her hopes on Mark, her brother. He was the head of a huge construction project in the east, a favorite of Ordzhonikidze’s. The whole country knew who he was. Stalin knew him, received him and talked to him. Mark would tell Stalin about Sasha. Stalin would ask for the file, perhaps even call Sasha to him. And he’d like Sasha, he couldn’t help liking Sasha.

After reading that, have a listen to this Radio NZ interview of a young Labour guy who actually did have the fortitude to confront the prick at the centre of these accusations – and got verbal abuse and a swinging, clenched fist for his troubles. And no action!

Listen especially near the end, to the part where he expresses his earnest desire to meet with Jacinda Adern to tell her all of this.

Wonder that Sasha Pankratov lives!

Finally, there are those who – unlike Bukharin or Sasha – slowly do come to the final terrible realisation that they have been brainwashed into allowing crimes to be committed against themselves and their comrades merely to allow the Collective to gain and retain power, and that their comrades aren’t the nice, decent people they thought they were.

There was a sweetly sad example of this recently, involving one of the minor US Democrat candidates running for President, Marianne Williamson, who is a living parody of the dreamy, off-planet, Californian 60’s Baby Boomer. In a hot-mic moment from right after a TV interview, she mourned:

“What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are? What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?… It’s such a bizarre world.”

“I didn’t think the left was as mean as the right, they are.”

Awwwwwww. Almost makes me want to buy her a puppy. Marianne is starting to question a few of her most fundamental beliefs.

While she has not yet chosen between the Red and Blue Pill, she’s eyeing them nervously.

Escaping the Labour Party Camp

People like this may – slowly – come to realise that to achieve justice they must break from the Collective, and that this has to be done by effectively escaping to a place where they can speak freely and appeal to the outside world.

Even – perhaps especially – to escape to the place of the people you thought were your enemies.

This may involve jumping over a wall or crossing a barbed-wire, patrolled border, or sitting down to be interviewed by Fox News.

Or just walking down a corridor to the office of an Opposition MP.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 13, 2019 at 9:55 pm

Violence and Language

While there has been a lot of concern recently about the influence of language on violence I’d note that even aside from the lack of argument for a direct, causal connection there’s a distinct one-way approach to all this, which is that it’s only the language of Right-Wing politicians that can stir people to do things. And not just the language, but the strategy for political victory, as Chris Trotter pointed out in this article:

The campaign’s effectiveness, like the Brexit, Trump and Morrison precedents from which it borrows so heavily, has nothing to do with the presentation of positive policy. It does not seek to inform but to inflame. It bypasses both the heart and the head and goes straight for the gut. It arouses not hope but hate. Its goal is not unity but division. And it’s working.

Yeah, yeah. The Gabrielle Giffords shooting all over again. I have to keep pointing out that the likes of Trotter never stop banging this drum, the implication of which is that The Left – also known as The Bringers of Light and Warmth – never divide people up, go straight for the gut, inflame and create atmospheres of fear and anger. Chris obviously truly believes that: he has to.

For example: who is James T Hodgkinson? Answer without using DuckDuckGo.


Memory holed, along with all his social-media stuff filled with love for Bernie Sanders, Leftism –  and an overwhelming hatred of Republicans, who run concentration camps along the US-Mexican border. And we know who ran concentration camps, don’t we (wink, wink)? Or the sort of people who “deny health care to people“. And those sort of people need to be killed! The logic follows inevitably, assuming you accept those types of “arguments” in the first place. Hodgkinson did, though he proved to be a poor shot in aiming at the Republicans on the baseball field, merely wounding five, although one of them, GOP House Whip Steve Scalise, survived only because of superb medical care.

Things don’t change when the Left turn their language on themselves, as has been happening recently with the whole Trans vs TERF war:

Somebody slap this TERF c**t across the face.” 

“TERFs can choke on my girl dick.” 

“Pop quiz: if you kill a TERF, is it considered a crime? Answer: it is not. They are not considered lifeforms.” 

“Any trans allies at #PrideLondon right now need to step the fuck up and take out the TERF trash. Get in their faces. Make them afraid. Debate never works so fuck them up.

Readers will note the similarities with the violent tone of Antifa’s language and their supporters, who are not focused on hating lesbians, yet have the same approach towards their ideological enemies.

Still, this has come as a surprise to lesbians, who are used to being on the front-foot in being confrontational:

“As a migrant and lesbian who was born in a totalitarian state it was really shocking to come to the Scottish Pride, where we carried a banner ‘Lesbian visibility’, and be shouted at, by a group of mostly male white teenagers with the transgender flags, that we need to be “fucked”, “ashamed” and “get the fuck out”. 

“I am not sure what this Pride is supposed to represent, but what I experienced was very simple and uncovered misogyny – and a specific misogyny towards homosexual women who dare to define and defend their sexuality without men telling us what it should be – clearly sanctioned by the Pride organisers.”

Mostly white, male teenagers. Perhaps that’s the real problem? Perhaps all this – whether it’s Antifa beating up “Nazis” or Trans beating up Lesbians – is simple cover for basic instincts to be let loose.

And that means that it’s the desire for violent confrontation with ideological enemies that produces the language, rather than the other way around. The language is simply another weapon, designed to keep the Pure and Noble going forward against the “Nazis”/”Transphobes”/”whatever” (“They must be destroyed“), while also keeping on the back foot the “Nazis”/”Transphobes”/”whatever” (“They’re isolated so can be easily destroyed“).

In any case, the result of this Far Left violence is that common ground has been found between groups that are supposed to be at loggerheads, which is why four prominent members of the US Women’s Liberation Front recently turned up to speak at a panel discussion held by one of the Hobgoblins of the Left, The Heritage Foundation:

It really should not be a surprise though. Aside from common ideological ground in opposing the addition of ‘gender identity‘ to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, there was also the simple fact that that no liberal or left-leaning organization wanted to hear what these woman had to say.

And then people wonder why Trump got elected. You have to wonder how many Left-Wingers are being pushed towards the Right, in voting if not ideas, by the unbridled violence and violent, hate-filled language of all the fringe Far Left groups currently being appeased by leading Democrat politicians.

As a famous former President said, it’s okay to “get in people’s faces” and work at “punching back twice as hard“.

That was just harmless, exaggerated, political rhetoric said for shits and giggles, no?

Written by Tom Hunter

August 19, 2019 at 12:01 am

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

A couple of weeks ago I posted my article on Antifa in the USA, which looked at their ideological and street violence. I focused specifically on them beating up a gay Asian-American journalist, Andy Ngo, who had been reporting on them – and still is – and the refusal of Democrat politicians to condemn or even criticise them.

There were two primary reactions from the Leftists who chose to comment. I must admit that I expected the reaction to be that this was a step too far, that they might say something to the effect of:
Yeah, that’s pretty shit and Antifa need to get a grip on themselves in their endless search for Fascists.

But in fact the first type of reaction, and the one that dominated, was an outright celebration of this incident and the other violence as well, and full-throated support for it. Some examples:

“A single individual laid a single punch on him… “

“Demonising the guys who are actually out there fighting the white supremacists…”

“It is ANTIFA that stands in the way of the return of lynchings to America…” 

“ANTIFA are doing something, right here, right now, to prevent the rise of a new Hitler…” 

“A punch here, a milkshake there, does not come close to the violence, the depredation, and the horrors committed by those on the Right…”

“I stand with ANTIFA. I stand for a civil society...”

“Today, and every day, is Punch a Fucking NAZI Day.”

“It is a response to regular violence and intimidation from White Supremacist thugs.”

“let the brave and courageous work to defeat the enemy of the people…”

Now some of those came from one individual who is certainly the most unhinged Far-Left stalker that we have here at NoMinister, but there’s no question those same attitudes are found among tens of thousands of US supporters of Antifa.

The second type of reaction was a bit more nuanced, to the effect that Antifa were a pretty “unpleasant” group, but that they hadn’t murdered anyone, unlike Right-Wing extremists. My response was as follows:

“the near misses that have recently occurred with Antifa thugs dying before they could pull off firebombing attacks and school shootings. That sort of “luck” can’t continue for much longer…

And now here we are: Antifa’s first mass murderer:

While the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. Federal investigators announced Tuesday that they are looking into his exploration of violent ideologies.

[The shooter] had long expressed support for antifa accounts, causes and individuals.

“Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on twitter, echoing a rallying cry of antifa ideologues. Over the next year, his tweets became increasingly violent. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. [The shooter] frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.

By June he tweeted: “I want socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round understanding.” Last week, he promoted posts that demonized Sens. Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy’s resolution against antifa extremism.

Well, well, well! Is all that not an echo of the language of some of our Leftist posters here, not to mention those on other blogs and especially on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms?

He also said the he was going to vote for Elizabeth Warren, which is natural enough given his other beliefs, which closely match the incendiary language of Warren and exciting future leaders of the Democrat Party like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when they’ve talked about ICE facilities as “concentration camps”.

Perhaps these Democrat politicians and activists, especially those online, should be more careful with language and rhetoric that creates the atmosphere of fear and hatred in which people like the Dayton shooter marinate?

The Dayton and El Paso shootings occurred within hours of me writing an article here on the vapourous bullshit surrounding mass shootings and White Supremacism. Having learned nothing from that, commentators jumped right in and trumpeted the same old lines as in the past, as did the MSM.

Dayton somewhat got lost in the screamfest. Of course.

Is my analysis unfair to the Left? Am I drawing conclusions and making accusations about the motives of an insane mass shooter, based upon slim reeds of Leftist political and activist language?

Well that’s what happens when you apply to the Left the same standards that have been set by them in recent years in talking about the Right, starting effectively with this in 2010:

“Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district.”

That’s a map of House seats held by Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections and it was set up by Sarah Palin. Such maps have been common down through the years and nobody thought them to be inciting hatred, let alone mass shootings.

Until Democrat Gabby Giffords was badly wounded in a mass shooting that killed six people in 2011, at which stage the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) jumped in boots-and-all to blame Palin’s map and language for creating – you guessed it – “an atmosphere of hatred and division“, that had triggered the shooter. Giffords seat is one of those “targeted”.

It was bullshit of course, and admitted to be so some time after the fact by the NYT among others. Not by Democrat activists though, for whom it served its purpose of keeping the Republicans in a defensive pose and suppressing her political hopes, which were still feared to be strong at that time as a populist. Given the rise of Trump they’d probably like to have Palin back. And it didn’t help the Democrats regain the House in 2012.

But exactly like Trump’s “good people on both sides” comment, such claims turn into unexamined propaganda myths. Which is why a New York Times writer and moron (!) repeated the same claim in 2017, which has led to a lawsuit against the NYT by Palin. Thanks to the First Amendment it’s much more difficult to win such lawsuits in the US than in Britain, and in order to demonstrate that “malice” was not involved the NYT will have to show that their writer was a fool and ignorant of the recent past. Given that’s almost certainly true I expect the NYT will get away with the old smear.

While Democrats may be upset at being tied to a mass-shooter, for Republicans it’s just more of the same-old, same-old. Bush II was regularly called a racist and Fascist – “Bushitler” was soooo clever – and John McCain and Mitt Romney got much the same treatment, as well as what we see here; claims that their language created the “atmosphere” in which these crimes occurred. When mass shootings by young white men happened during Obama’s presidency it was held to be a result of them driven to rage by having a Black President, egged on by GOP politicians who made jokes about his golfing and Chicago politics. Now it’s held to be because OrangeManBad is President.

It will always be something, and it will never be the real reason for the claims, let alone the reasons for the shootings.

The real reason for the political claims is that the US Left need to win and retain political power and if they can’t use the economy or a war to attack the GOP they’ll find some other stick, whether it’s Russian Collusion or that hardy perennial, “Racism“.

The problem is that the former is very dead and the latter – due to overuse by the Democrats and the MSM (!) – has begun to lose its once magical power to intimidate. It certainly failed to stop Trump and the GOP winning everything in 2016. Then there’s this survey from Rasmussen the other day:

But only 41% of African Americans think Trump is a racist, despite being overwhelmingly Democrat voters and being the primary historic victims of White racism in the USA. Which tells you everything you need to know about White Democrats and their racial politics: cue the White Power of Antifa.

It would also be lot more pertinent to have a discussion about the real reasons for these mass shootings by young, fucked-up White men, which is why I chose this title. But I doubt that will happen any time soon – unless it can be made all about gun control.

With the decline of “racism“, look to hear more about “White Supremacism“, which sounds more sophisticated while actually being just equally crude and moronic abuse that’s as hollow as Joe Biden’s head. And it may backfire anyway, as I pointed out in “Hey, where the white men at?“:

“The white male vote is indispensable, it’s a part of any winning coalition,” said Democratic pollster Ronald Lester, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

Well sure. Calling them “Deplorables” didn’t work out for Hillary but perhaps calling them White Supremacists will turn the trick for the 2020 Democrat candidate for President? And trying to weasel out of that problem by saying that Trump merely “encourages” White Supremacists won’t work either, not with Leftist nuttery like this floating around as training material for teachers in New York:

Either way, what you need to remember is that no matter what they do and what they say, Left-Wing politicians are almost never asked by MSM reporters to issue statements disavowing “links” with Left-Wing killers or thugs, domestic or foreign. They never use language that “echoes” the worst slurs of Leftist activists and fanatics nor “incites” people in “an atmosphere of fear and hatred” and they never stir up “division and hatreds”  or “set people against each other for cynical political gain“.

And they never have blood on their hands.


Written by Tom Hunter

August 11, 2019 at 12:20 am

White Supremacy in the USA: myths and facts.

It’s one of the strange aspects of the human condition that two opposing forces who hate each other can be dependent on agreeing and building upon the same central myth.

For example, in early 2018, when an American high school student with a long history of mental and emotional problems murdered seventeen of his classmates, a “spokesman” for some tiny, unknown White Supremacist (WS) group claimed that the student had been a member of it. The US Left and their MSM-Operatives-With-Bylines went apeshit – for about 24 hours, until the Associated Press coughed up the furball:

A white nationalist appears to have lied to The Associated Press and other news organizations when he claimed that Florida school-shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his obscure group

It’s obvious that a tiny and unknown group of Right-Wing racists would like people to think that they’re growing in popularity.

But the US Left-Wing also desperately need this to be true. This is the enemy they so badly want and need, hence this particular 24 hour screamfest. And it’s obvious that this continues, with the following comment made here last week, even with the knowledge about Cruz having been public for two years:

Roj Blake said..,
Nikolas Cruz, a white supremacist, murders 17 at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

On similar lines, at the end of 2017 a report was published by the Anti-Defamation League, that looked at murders in the USA resulting from religious and ideological extremism, from which the same commentator summarised the following list:

Ten Deadliest Acts of Violence by U.S. Domestic Extremists (1966-2018)
Lefties – 17 dead
Islamists – 84 dead
Right-Wing Extremism – 205

Anybody familiar with a history of extremist murders in the USA will immediately recognise some of the deceptions involved here – starting with the word “Domestic“, which neatly avoids counting the 3000 American dead from the Islamist Extremism of the 9/11 attacks.

Next up is the obvious fact that the last figure includes the 168 murdered in the Oklahoma Bombing in 1995, for which the motivation was to attack the US government, following incidents involving the FBI and ATF at Ruby Ridge (1992) and the Waco Siege (1993). It had nothing to do with White Supremacy and it should be noted that the motivations were perfectly in line with a century of Anarchist thought, which even the ADL lists as Left-Wing Extremism. Thus does The Narrative roll, which was very useful to Bill Clinton in the 1996 election.

So how much can White Supremacism be applied to the remaining 37 murders by Right-Wing Extremists, especially the crucial “20 of the 34 in 2017“? This is where the weasel-term, “Extremist related” comes into play.  To be fair to the ADL they actually do include details of each of those murders (page 14-15) so a reader can check for themselves, but it quickly becomes apparent that most of these murders were within the WS groups themselves and were not motivated by WS beliefs. Some examples:

  • White supremacist Devon Arthurs shot to death two of his Neo-Nazi roommates for making fun of his recent conversion to Islam. (Shouldn’t that count as an Islamic Extremist murder?)
  • Aryan Circle member Edward Blackburn allegedly shot and killed another man who was reportedly dating his ex-girlfriend. (Maybe the other guy wasn’t WS enough?)
  • Wesley Andrew Hampton, a self-declared white supremacist, and another defendant allegedly robbed and murdered a man in a home invasion. (Some WS he was: his partner was Black)
  • Ricky Dubose, a member of the Ghostface Gangsters white supremacist prison gang, and another inmate, Donnie Russell Rowe, reportedly killed two corrections officers while trying to escape from a prison bus. (This has been known to happen during prison breaks)
  • Frank Ancona, head of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was shot to death; his wife and fellow Klan member, Malissa Ancona, and her son have been charged for the murder. (Perhaps Frank was also not WS enough).

And so on. Even one of the “Right Wing Extremist” mass murders they list, dating all the way back to 1977, involved a “self-styled Nazi” murdering five people and then committing suicide – over a work dispute, which he made clear at the start of his rampage. His hatred of Blacks and Jews had nothing to do with it! It’s also an event so meaninglessly obscure that it does not rate a Wikipedia entry. But the ADL are on to it!

Again, to be fair, they also list a couple of Black Nationalist murders that have the same definitional problem, in that they’re murders of associates or relatives that seem to have had nothing to do with the motivations of their ideology. It’s not like they went out to deliberately kill Whites. It’s akin to saying the IRA were religious terrorists fighting for the Papacy – which I have seen asserted!

What this leaves us with are twenty one murders that can definitely be ascribed to White Supremacism. In a fifty year period! In a nation of 200 million people in 1966 to 350 million people today! Out of a total of some one million murders in the same period.

Actually this should not be a surprise. Since the Civil Rights era of the mid-60’s people growing up in the USA have been saturated in a world of TV shows, movies, books, magazine and newspaper articles as well as teaching at all levels of education about how awful racism is and why it needs to be avoided – with a very special focus on White Racism. Given this overwhelming cultural effort it would be astounding if it had failed so badly.

And a recent research study indicates that it has not failed. Published on the SSRN (Social Science Research Network), The Rise of Trump, the Fall of Prejudice?, had this to say on the matter using their own survey data from 2008 to 2018:

We find that via most measures, white Americans’ expressed anti-Black and anti-Hispanic prejudice declined after the 2016 campaign and election, and we can rule out even small increases in the expression of prejudice. These results suggest the limits of racially charged rhetoric’s capacity to heighten prejudice among white Americans overall.

Doing the work so that you don’t have to, I downloaded the damned paper and had a read. Suffice to say that the authors do not like Trump and so naturally they ascribe this decline as a reaction to his “racist rhetoric“:

“the public responds thermostatically by shifting away from the positions advanced by those in power.”

Ah huh. I’ve long felt that the word “Scientist” should be removed from the title of such people (and the field), since being a scientist would involve postulating at least one other similar factor – which is that people are responding to Leftists “in power” in US education (especially universities), in the MSM, in Congress, and in State governments like Illinois, California and New York, who have been screaming “RACISM” at Whites constantly for years now, and with increasing volume and hysteria since the rise to power of OrangeMan Bad. Perhaps people are “thermostatically” moving away from such Left-Wing nutters?

Clearly the demand for White Supremacists vastly exceeds the supply, and economics tells us that when that happens the cost rises and the supply increases. One way of increasing the supply is to redefine what racism means, which leads us to the whole Post-Modern concept of power+”X bigotry” = “X ism”, and also why the Obama Administration was so hot for the idea of Disparate Impact being applied to housing and education.

But this has meant that the supply has started to come from the ranks of the US Left itself, which is why Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi was recently accused of racism by Social Media star and blithering idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and why Kamala Harris went after Joe Biden about his opposition to desegregation-by-busing fifty years ago and his tough-on-crime support for mid-90’s laws that saw the Black prison population soar.

Even funnier things emerged when Trump attacked Democrat Congressman, Elijah Cummings, about the shite condition of his Baltimore electorate, which is in worse shape now than when he first became its Member of Congress in 1996.

Vote for me if you want to live!

As you can see he’s African-American so naturally the air was rent with the usual screams of “racism” – except that it turned out that in the recent past Bernie Sanders, the Washington Post, Barack Obama and other Progressive worthies had made almost identical criticisms of the place, using the same language.

But those were not racist attacks because Reasons and Shut Up.

Every day now brings something new along these lines. The most recent being the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) conducting a Monday Night Massacre; a mass firing of senior staff, all of them White, expressly in response to criticism that the staff was not “diverse” enough. This despite 13 of the 27 staff being nonwhite. The chairwoman of the DCCC, poor old Cheri Bustos from Ye Olde Home State of Illinois, burst into tears:

“Bustos responded to the complaints by emphasizing her marriage to a Mexican man and her son’s engagement to an African-American woman during the Saturday call. She also agreed to hold mandatory diversity training for Committee staff”.

Ok – I admit I had a deep and satisfying laugh upon reading that.

Don’t tell me! She has friends who are Black African-American? Hispanic?. LGBT+? Sorry sweetie, but that won’t save you. In fact it’s putting blood in the water. Now since the modern Leftist definition of racism holds power as a key factor, you can’t dismiss the possibility that this is simply the usual internal political knife fight where “diversity” is just code for “I want control”. The Montagnards are striking against the Girondins.

With Progressives and power, it’s always difficult to see where the insincerity ends and the fanaticism begins, but let’s be explicit: these people were fired because they have White skin, and this racism is not just acceptable but laudable in the modern Democrat Party. It certainly sends a message, especially to young people wanting to get involved in politics: if the Democrats are actually willing to fire you from your job just because you’re white, do you really want to be involved with them? Can you have a future with them? More to the point, would you want to vote for them?

And that’s just inside the game. If Democrats want to run in the 2020 US election on a platform of Intersectional Identity-Politics, whose explicit premise is that America is a horrific, seething mass of nativist racism and other bigotries, do they really think swing voters will go for that? Hillary only described the “Deplorables” once: her successors are saying it almost every day.

At least one Democrat member of Congress understood the practical implications of all this, though he had nothing to say, even off the record, about the Orwellian insanity of the racism on display:

“The idea of all DCCC staff sitting around for hours on Friday and again today to talk about this internal shit enrages me. Shut the fuck up about your feelings and just focus on winning.

You know how NRCC [National Republican Congressional Committee] spent their day Friday and today? Not sitting around talking about diversity and their feelings,”.

Well of course not. The Democrats have already done much of the work for the Stupid Party, moving the White vote from just four points more Republican than the median voter in the 1982 midterm election, to 18 points more Republican in 2018. Which is why Trump has been freed up to appeal to Blacks about their employment, general urban conditions and imprisonment, demanding and signing law changes to reduce the number of Black men in jail.

It’s also why he got to stuck into Cummings: getting around the MSM’s Democrat defences and pointing out to Blacks that if they continue to vote tribal-Democrat they’ll continue to live in conditions of poverty and crime. Not like slaves on the 21st century Silicon Valley plantations of Nancy Pelosi and other multi-millionaires, more like the Jews of the Pale of Settlement and other European ghettos; kept out of sight and out of mind of Nancy’s upmarket White Liberals and guarded by the likes of Cummings, who aspires to the wealth and status of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and other race-baiting grifters.

Trump knows that unless the Democrats can hold more than 90% of the Black vote, they’re toast. The Democrats know it too. Hence the screams of “Racism” – and “White Supremacy“.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 4, 2019 at 2:58 am

Lassie and the White Supremacist

“Western civilisation” – a dog whistle term for white supremacy“.

That’s from The Spinoff, New Zealand’s 21st century answer to The Listener, reporting the shocking news that the concept of Western Civilisation is being used by certain groups and persons to push theories of white racial supremacy.

Perhaps the “reporters” would be less shocked if they knew the history of this idea? Or perhaps it’s just convenient to forget that it was Leftists like them who first promoted it.

The first time I ever heard this theory was at university in the mid-1980’s, and it wasn’t being pushed by the “alt-right” or “white supremacists”.

No, it was being promoted by a tiny handful of Leftist academics and student activists. Their aim, as they explained, was to push “Western Civilisation” off its pedestal by making clear that it was dependent on things like racism, colonialism, slavery, etc – and that it was all down to Whites, especially White Men.
And this wasn’t just New Zealand. Here’s an article discussing the impact of Jesse Jackson’s march at Stanford University in 1988 with its oft-repeated rallying cry of  “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go”:

The idea was to throw out the university’s required courses on Western Culture because they were filled with “European and Western male bias” and replace them with courses that teach non-Western cultures and “works by women, minorities, and persons of color.”

Wish granted!

At least judging by today, where countless university “Liberal Arts” programmes in the USA have dumped stuff from Shakespeare to St Augustine, da Vinci to Voltaire, or at the very least dropped them as compulsory for learning about Western civilisation. Instead the emphasis was on whatever writers, artists and historians best emphasised the “Racism, Sexism and Imperialism” of our shitty Western inheritance.
Similarly with the more recent outgrowths of Identity Politics and Intersectionality Theory, which divide people up on the basis of things like skin colour, gender and other factors not controlled by people. The complete abandonment of Martin Luther King’s call to judge people by the “content of their character“. Of course the idea is also to then weld them together again for voting purposes by providing a common enemy, which is White People.
The result may have been a victory in academia for the 60’s radicals who dreamed of overthrowing the teaching of the institutions they so angrily attended, but the cost has started to mount, as the WSJ reported in 2017:

The number of humanities degrees declined by almost 9% between 2012 and 2014, according to a 2016 analysis from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. That led to a drop in humanities’ share of all bachelor’s degrees to 6.1% in 2014, the lowest level since record-keeping began in 1948.

Well naturally. What normal, questioning, thinking human being wants to be in courses where it’s less about being intellectually challenged than being indoctrinated, and emerging with a Bachelor’s Degree that can’t even demonstrate that you can think? See also a previous article, Generating Degeneracy: The Clerisy, and Generating Degeneracy: The Plebs.

But even as this virus kills its original host it has spread into government institutions and even corporations, where it is being weaponised. A good recent example was from an educational effort aimed at teachers and administrators in the New York Public School System, led by its new Chancellor Richard Carranza. The effort was called “Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups“, and here is a photo of one slide from what was presented:

A “Sense of Urgency“, like being on time for your job?

For much of that, no White Supremacist could have said it better. It’s also a fine example of the mirror-image quality of the Alt-Right and the Del-Left. Do these people even listen to themselves? They’re actually reinforcing what White Supremacists believe about themselves and “their” civilisation.
So toxic has this insanity become that when some Asian parents inquired as to where their kids fitted into this Black/White divide – it should be noted that Asians out-perform all other racial and ethnic groups in the New York School system – they were told that:

… Asians were on the upper rungs, enough in “proximity to white privilege” to “benefit from white supremacy,”…

And don’t imagine for one moment that this is not headed for New Zealand, as Professor Elizabeth Rata recently wrote in an article at, Abandoning Reason:

This is the case with the article in the [Waikato Journal of Education]. For the authors there is an unbreakable knower-knowledge tie. They insist that there is no independent knowledge for us to share universally, that how we know something is always tied to who we are, and who we are comes from our culture. But without the idea of universal knowledge which is beyond culture we are doomed to talk past each other.

For reasoned conversation to occur there needs to be agreement about reason itself. The premise informing all modern knowledge is that there is a reality which exists independently of us, the ‘knowers’. What’s more, we can know this reality.

Or as an article recently stated at Sarah Lawrence College in the USA about a petition for free speech:

The petition prioritizes the protection of ideas over the protection of people and fails to recognize that behind every idea is a person with a particular subjectivity.

Which is the standard take nowadays: that was no fringe example. Post-Modernism is the foundation here. There is no truth. There is no “objectivity.” Objectivity is a myth. There are only individual and wholly subjective perspectives that are equal truths: “Ways of Knowing“.

I suppose we should be grateful that it’s just a bunch of Left-wing academics pushing this idea. I mean what could happen if our political leaders starting thinking like this, especially a President of the United States?

Written by Tom Hunter

June 16, 2019 at 11:48 pm