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Trawling through the Interwebby thing there are always items that might be the seed of a post but somehow never make the cut.

Herewith some choices, starting with a joke that may simply not be true for much longer since there will be no bookshops, only Amazon.

Same thing here perhaps.

It’s entirely predictable that the men and woman on the maize chopping crews I’m working with don’t have enough time to cook themselves meals. Regrettably “Maccas” is often the choice. I’ve found myself eating there now on several occasions for the first time in years. After this season is done it likely will be the last time too. But KFC does get a look-in sometimes, although any encounters like the following would put an end to that.

Then there’s email humour, much reduced from two decades ago due to Social Media, but still a thing, as witnessed by two old friends in Melbourne who saw the following and immediately wondered if it was me in the photo.

Meanwhile the Never-Trumper group known as The Lincoln Association has collapsed as it was revealed that one of its founders was a pedophile and that the rest of them had known about it for years. One of Trump’s super powers has been his ability to make his opponents reveal themselves as truly awful human beings.

Disney producer Jack Morrissey produced Beauty and The Beast, among other Disney products. The Tweet below was issued at the time of the Covington Kids showdown and is a reference to the famous scene from the 1996 movie Fargo.

He’s since apologised “profusely” for the Tweet but in this age of unforgiving I see it as an insight into his permanent state of mind.

Meantime, if you’ve wondered why so many institutions are increasingly not trusted, take a shufty at these two examples. First up the WHO changing their definition of “What is herd immunity” between Jun 2020 and November 2020.

My, how convenient. So were they wrong then or are they wrong now?

Or how about the FBI? If you’ve wondered how they managed to miss the Colorado mass shooter, White Supremacist, Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa (I know, right?), despite him being on their watchlist, or why prosecutions against the January 6 Capitol “seditionists” have been painfully slow to emerge, the following is a good example, found in an actual prosecution document filed by the FBI.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 31, 2021 at 9:46 am

Posted in Humour

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