This year NZ Inc is burning coal for electricity generation, while pinioning the productive sector for creating so called emissions of green house gasses. The rate of coal fired thermal generation is equal to the total coal burned for the last two years.

Two very relevant factors in play here, a growing acceptance that agriculture that is increasingly accepted as very close to carbon neutral in that the “carbon cycle” that I was indoctrinated to believe all those decades ago sees CO2 growing fodder that is eaten by animals then largely returned to a sequestered state by either incorporation of solid waste into the soil or if released, devoured by plants to go around again, the second, if the scammers are believed, coal is the least carbon clean energy generator, at least a third more emission producing than diesel petrol kerosene(aviation fuel), two times more “dirty” than LPG. yet the morons in Wellywood want the plebs to accept their lovein with automotive transport is very bad.

I am ignoring the Beer-Lambert and Henry’s laws on Physics that come from a science that is far more settled than the scams perpetrated on the unwilling funders in a claim their “science” around Climate change being down to man’s habitation of the planet is settled?

The madness has preachers and acolytes of that religion even explaining the devastating floods that hit the Canterbury foothills and plains to be a direct result of human folly with out a single piece of evidence to support such insane scare mongering. Yes there will be some almost indiscernible activity of human activity that may have contributed to the disaster. centered largely on Mid Canterbury, “was. evidence of climate change”. something the farmers oppose but then go cap,in hand to seek compensation for. What a signpost to stupidity junction, it was a very norml weather event , thankfully quite rare, that delivered significant flood water to a very confined area, with compromised water ways now never seeing shingle extracted for construction often due to bureaucratic idiocy that favours pit extraction over river bed sites. Raised river beds often further compromised by crack willow invasions along with gorse broome blackberry and other weed invasions that are apparently nobody’s responsibility!! Certainly never a crat or their troughing governors who would rather fund a rarely utilised cycle lane than address a core responsibility.

Does it not seem extremely odd that the cold snap referred to by Adolf recently putting a swathe of “the eastern lucky country in. serious winter grip possibly delivering a return to an early season for snow sports that was common mid last century, does not get such moronic connectivity to the scourge of climate change while a very mild winter where i am currently bludging a campsite sees mushrooms in fields aplenty in JUNE!

Another inconvenient factor weather related comes to mind from my earliest memories when in July 1945 in excess of a meter of snow covered the Amuri basin leaving fences below the surface allowing Alf Brustard to use cross country skis to get around his farm , he was Norwegian. That snow lasted in excess of three weeks before the melt.

If some entrepreneurial person could find a way to convert Bullshit into electrical energy, all those virtue signalling ijits could fill their boots without threatening the already fragile energy supplies being coped with by the common people, both in supply and price.








  1. adolffinkensen Avatar

    Gravy, you’re too late.

    Everybody knows bullshit is bitumen and it’s all been used, building the world’s highways.

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