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Rest easy people, the often , well deserved imho, feeling among those with a functioning brain not requiring a need of direction and argument by the ruling elite, was not suspicious to those who reside in the lofty idealistic world of justice and exist in a parallel universe have now given a hint that sometimes the two worlds collide and friction is displayed
Yesterday it became common knowledge that the MIQ system was somehow “unfair” now ruled by the High Court in a significant example of such colliding concepts.

To many of such thought, independent from Odium of Struth BS became aware that there might just be something putrid in the State of New Zealand when a succession of fanciful outcomes emerged from the swamp of misinformation the Government headed by “That Woman” desired to be a sole charade of its self declared source of truth.

A Melon Party MP representing the Mexican state of Tijuana returned from a trip back to Mexico, supposedly to spend time with elderly ailing relatives, with a house boy in tow, walked through entry to his adopted nation seemingly with no impediment while many wanting to come “Home” to visit ailing relatives here in good ole NZ, some with precious little time remaining before a final appointment with the Grim Reaper, were just shut out and treated as lepers escaped from their colony.
Then an appalling list of Musos including Disc Jockeys, (who suddenly became aware such persons were deemed by immigration to be essential workers?), one who it was suggested actually made three, yes three border entry incursions in one calendar year, had a revolving door status of entry.

Other missteps became known to some of the peasants while a suppressed media in receipt of large sums of taxpayer money that in earlier more innocent times might be considered dodgy as regards government propaganda desires, just declined to investigate the many such incidents, some with a heavy overlay of desperation and passion involved leaving a fertile field for rumour and speculation.

Possibly one apex of such incidents arose when a NZ journalist working her trade in the troubled nation of Afghanistan, Charlotte Bellis, wanted to return to her Nation of residence to birth an expected Baby.

Now some sanity has emerged with the High Court ruling unfairness in the now totally shambolic image of MIQ in the growing numbers of minds of the skeptics.
Of course one needed to portray a state of obsequious ignorance to deny such an obvious series of inexplicable decisions from a now almost totally destroyed system of capricious activity all too often manipulated by those close to the seat of power.
The smell of corrupt practice became too intense for an administration that must have suffered a loss of the odour seeking aspect of the human sensory system that apparently is now regarded as a common side effect of a collision with the Rona, it still seems not sufficient for any admission that their flagship stupidity response was in disarray, now however it has some validity in some involved at the High Court finally saw the reality.

Written by Gravedodger

April 28, 2022 at 10:02 am

Posted in New Zealand

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