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Woking the dead

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A couple of years ago in the wake of the breathless death of George “I stick this gun in your pregnant belly” Floyd, there was a frenzy of statue toppling across America as well as all the mostly peaceful riots.

The statues in question were almost all of Civil War Confederate generals, although the mindless mobs did destroy the statue of at least one Civil War Union hero and slavery abolitionist, and when the MSM mob went after Trump about this he responding by asking the entirely logical question as to when they’d start crashing statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to the ground, since both men had been slave holders. Naturally this was scoffed at and dismissed by the Democrats, their activist hacks and the MSM as an obvious reductio ad absurdum argument.

Except that before the year was out the attacks were happening, at least politically and in the MSM (of course).

It’s steadily escalating and although the Woke Left is now in the process of eating itself alive, as I posted about in Something, something, Ouroboros, and as DPF recently covered, the problem is that the bastards also damage a lot of other stuff on their way to crashing and burning.

Witness what’s happened to the tours of the homes of James Madison

No American flags fly at Montpelier, Madison’s plantation home in rural Virginia, and not a single display focuses on the life and accomplishments of America’s foremost political philosopher, who created our three-branch federal system of government, wrote the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and served two terms as president.

… and Thomas Jefferson…:


“The tour guides play ‘besmirchment derby,’ never missing a chance to defame this brilliant, complex man,” Stephen Owen of Enochville, NC, wrote on Facebook.

“People on my tour seemed sad and demoralized,” Jeffrey Tucker, founder of the libertarian Brownstone Institute, told The Post. His guide was “surly and dismissive” about Jefferson’s accomplishments.

I recall that DPF had an enjoyable visit to Monticello a few years back. Looks like he timed it right.

Despite owning no slaves Lincoln will be next – courtesy of none other than these people. Wilkes Booth would be proud of them.

This is far more insidious than smashing a statue; real Year Zero stuff where the Left smashes everything down with the objective of building some Utopia upon the bones and ashes.

What did some famous US President say about this recently? Oh yeah:

Everything Woke turns to shit!

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  1. The same thing is happening here in NZ. they destroy anything that people traditionally believe in,, to ‘reset them’, then market wall to wall social engineering on TV -eg electric car good, ‘aotearoa’ good, oil bad, farmers are bad, rugby’s out (all blacks not winning, therefore implicitly, not good anymore), etc, etc.
    All in the name of someone’s ‘vision’ of how we should be.


    July 17, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    • Yep, I heard about some “history” series on TVNZ (?) during the 2019 “celebrations” of Captain Cook’s discovery of these islands where good old Lefty Sam Neill and scriptwriters took the opportunity to stick it to the man with the usual tropes.

      Maybe the allied term with “You will own nothing” will be “You will have nothing to believe in”

      Tom Hunter

      July 17, 2022 at 9:00 pm

      • A countermeasure to all this is to simply turn the TV off, and live locally with real actual people, rather than live ‘globally’ via the TV, where you are meant to be emotionally involved in other countries affairs. This is partially why I never offer an opinion on Trump vs whoever, Russia vs Ukraine, etc.


        July 17, 2022 at 9:07 pm

      • Uncoffined



        July 18, 2022 at 12:25 pm

      • Oh I hear you. I think readers and my co-bloggers are very aware of my stance on TV and the MSM in general.

        However, especially WRT this bullshit the fact is that you can’t ignore it because the people pushing it won’t stop until you push back, which is why tourists walking into Jefferson and Madison’s homes find that they’ve been converted into factories for the propaganda the Woke Left approves of.

        As Trotsky said: “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

        Tom Hunter

        July 18, 2022 at 12:36 pm

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