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Yes, you were, you were also the head of the NSA (National Security Agency) when the 9/11 attacks happened (he missed all the signs), and the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy. Yet somehow you failed up to the CIA.

You’re also a good example of why such people should be psychologically tested before being given such roles, like nuclear ballistic missile submarine crew members – because you appear to be an unhinged psychopath who is keen on starting a civil war in the USA.

The really scary thing is that his mindset appears to be widespread in Washington D.C.:

Summoning all the gravitas she could muster, Cheney—and then her father, the former vice president—referred to Donald Trump as “the greatest ever threat to our Republic.”

Yes, it’s self-evidently insane hyperbole. But it’s extremely dangerous.

First—even if it’s completely wrong—it’s an opinion that’s now shared by the vast majority of the most consequential parts of the US government: the people who make up the justice, law enforcement, national security and intelligence bureaucracies and (allegedly, on paper) are tasked with keeping us safe and making sure there is equal justice under the law.

Second, this cadre of officials feels sufficiently empowered with this belief that they feel entirely justified in acting on it.

It’s all about belief. Belief in our institutions and the people who run them – and that seems to be fading:

That is what has happened with the FBI. The Bureau once enjoyed near-universal respect, but in the wake of a series of scandals culminating in the Mar-a-Lago raid, Rasmussen finds the FBI’s favorability rating dropping to 50%, with 46% disapproving. Worse still:

Roger Stone, an adviser to former President Donald Trump, has said there is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.” A majority (53%) of voters now agree with Stone’s statement – up from 46% in December – including 34% who Strongly Agree. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree with the quote from Stone, including 26% who Strongly Disagree.

See also the CDC:

America’s public health establishment:

A great deal of confidence: 9%
Quite a bit of confidence: 27%
Not much confidence: 43%
No confidence: 19%
No opinion: 1%

Total confident: 36%
Total not confident: 62%

That last was from a survey of 500 people in Minnesota, one of the deepest of deep Blue, Democrat states in the USA.

Yet there are people who still believe. Unfortunately they’re largely the same people responsible for this loss of trust and legitimacy, as this commentator asked in the wake of the Mar-a-Largo FBI raid and Hayden’s Tweet:

Hey NeverTrump and the rest of the brain-dead dead-ender Establishment Institutionalists…

Is your worship of the institutions without any limits whatsoever? Is your religious faith in the Works of Government Man unshakable and just a blank check that can never be overdrawn? Are you just all secularist religious fanatics incapable of ever questioning the Strange Atheistic Gods you serve?

Is there literally no outrage the Cult of the Holy Government Institutions can commit that will cause you to say, “Now wait a minute, that goes against what the Holy Books say…”

He also pointed out the same issue with a Never-Trump Right-Wing commentator:

He’s a traditionalist, you see. He’s traditionally had faith in these institutions. It doesn’t matter to him that these institutions are no longer the same institutions, that they have been skin-suited by angry, deranged partisans and put to essentially religious-cultist ends by the skin-suiters.

It’s enough that they still have the old branding on them. The buildings still say “FBI” and “CDC” and “The Science (TM)” on them.

And the branding is enough for worship.

He’s a very poor atheist. He doesn’t have a lack of faith; he has a promiscuous overabundance of it. He just decided he didn’t believe in God and poured all that Believer Energy into Anthony Fauci, the CDC, Christopher Wray, Robert Meuller, the FBI, the DOJ, Jeb!, etc.

Possibly even worse than the belief that still exists is the insane joy that the likes of Hayden are taking in all these efforts to destroy Trump and more importantly, his supporters, rubbing their noses in the fact that they control the likes of the FBI, CIA, CDC and the rest, irrespective of stupid elections:

What is really worrying about America today is not that everyone isn’t equal before the law, or that people cheat, or that dollars count more than votes. These things are normal. What isn’t normal, what is worrying, is the glee with which many in America celebrate each new step guaranteed to make larger and larger slices of the population stop believing in the system’s legitimacy. It’s things like Hillary Clinton selling merchandise with the slogan “But Her Emails” to celebrate the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump.

None of this bodes well for the 2024 elections:

The solutions to all the crises come down to the components of the machine, the administrative state, corporate leaders, technocratic monopolies, educational bosses, activist front groups and many others urgently grabbing more power to cope with the threat of losing elections

Democracy is not just in its name, but its facade. When it loses the facade, people start to notice that elections don’t seem to change very much. And that things still run the same way.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 20, 2022 at 3:00 pm

2 Responses

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  1. There are similarities between what you have written about the USA and NZ.
    Try and name a Government dept that you have faith and trust in.
    Police? -no, not after the Wellington protest


    August 20, 2022 at 4:47 pm

    • Yes. People who think that countries like NZ, and others in the West are divorced from what happens domestically in the USA are kidding themselves. For example I was amused by the French President Macron having a whinge about American theories like Critical Race Theory getting into France; amusing because it’s rooted in the bloody Post-Modernist theories that emerged decades ago from … France.

      Even aside from that, when you have global events like the Chinese Lung Rot pandemic and similar, if not identical methods employed across different nations, it should not be a surprise when common problems emerge like an increasing in distrust of the Police, Healthcare and Education. I don’t know if we’ve run surveys here like the ones I quoted but it would be interesting to see the results. Being NZ I doubt if our faith has been shaken as strongly as in the US, but I’d bet there’s been a decline – especially as the C-19 issue rolls on towards 3000 dead and millions of cases.

      Tom Hunter

      August 20, 2022 at 5:17 pm

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