Now I am not certain of the timeline but if Davidson was involved with the Handlebar before her outrageous original statement re white cis males being the perpetrators of all violence towards women there might be a slim chance she was in a degree of shock, however the later reiteration as she gaily waltzed along a street repeating her racist tirade then it becomes rather weaker as an explanation.

Then when we switch to Chipkins disastrous word salad attempts to rationalise why he had no involvement in disciplining her appalling racist outburst the whole charade becomes a calamity for the New Zealand brand that for years has underpinned much of the tourism bonanza that all but evaporated with the Rona conniptions, some are claiming a recovery up to around 50% numbers pre the mismanaged response. That will not even pay the fricken rent.

Davidson is just another part maori who is in the clique trying to monetise racial advantage, not for anyone who might have a bit on the side genetics, mainly only the elites who head straight to the Bmw dealer with their newly acquired riches.

Posey Parker had every lawful and human right to make her voice heard at Albert Park last Saturday, the rabble who sought to deny her that right along with the rights of everyone who wished to hear her had nothing approaching any such right to violently shut her down.
Minister (Outside the executive) Davidson should at the very minimum be stood down while a fuller investigation into her attitudes and statements, along with Minister of Immigration Wood’s inflammatory response to those who would cancel her out of hand. followed by a complete admission by Commissioner Coster, his Auckland area Commander and any contact between Ginny Anderson and any of the police HQ hierarchy that is relevant.

I am a white male who has always been decidedly male, the unfolding events last Saturday were a total embarrassment to me, Posey Parker had every right as a fellow human being to call for an automatic safe zone for females in all situations where they might feel intimidated by males whatever their body might display. She also had an inalienable right to canvas for children to be protected from any and all attempts by adults to fulfil personal beliefs around sexual development as their bodies mature from infancy to post puberty adulthood, and the third plank that I understand to have been the focus of her intended speech was given a welcome and long overdue rationalisation by Lord Sebastian Coe with the latest declarations around Trans Males desiring to become world ranked in women’s competitive sports by recognising the well documented advantages of a Male body over a woman’s body where strength, stamina, lung capacity, musculature, all have a measurable advantage.

The mysterious Police response that needs an immediate and total explanation should be the focus of elected officials across the country.

So many questions that will never even be addressed let alone answered.







One response to “IS THAT A FACT?”

  1. Uncoffined Avatar

    It’s interesting that the rainbow crowd violently shutdown a womens rights event.
    Probably most of the rainbow crowd there were green party members and about half of them were actually female, so effectively, green party women think they have too many rights…., or more likely, just dont have a clue about anything.

    You can only conclude that the green party hate women, as do the tranz crowd

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