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One of Slater’s stable goes under “Lushington D Brady” who with typical Aussie aplomb often gets the nail with one blow and it was not his thumb, usually in dealing with matters Green and Gold. Today he goes some way in explaining how things Rona are not the threat headlines portray as a major threat to hospitals being over run but merely what a program of fear porn would always deliver.

Who would know that fear ridden people who contracted a sniffle that may well be triggered by pollen or other allergy encountered easily might begin overwhelming emergency clinics and first responders because they fear they will be the next younger person to “Die in the Pandemic”?

The clear signs of such over reactions might already be well established across the globe and the total misunderstandings around The Vacc inoculated not being vulnerable to infection, safe to be around as they wont deliver the virus however along with the one proven fact, having greater ability to cope with the more serious issues that can accompany infection particularly with earlier, now diminishing variants around life threatening lung damage.

South Africa along with neighbouring states had very low penetrative assault rates in the later months of 2021 and it soon emerged the Omicron variant emerging there was far less life threatening even if far more transmissible, a fairly predictable behaviour of such airway threatening viruses. Did other leaderships around thee world, now totally immersed in their “control freak orgy”, suggest such natural progression might solve naturally what Pfizer and other big pharma players were creating vast wealth over with their snake oil, hell no lets stick an experimental concoction into children with developing immune systems who stats suggest need some serious comorbidities to suffer serious prognosis when infected and to hell with any contrary opinions? What is a bit of myocarditis anyway?

I have been scarily aware for some time that otherwise rational people who regard dying on a highway as no great threat, streaming out for the Hols with undiminished enthusiasm, while struggling to emerge from under their beds to go back to work because the demon Rona might strike them dead at the breakfast table when statistically that is utter nonsense

The leaders of many nations have over egged things often to ridiculous levels over the past couple of years and the unravelling continues.

Written by Gravedodger

January 19, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Too right, so many formally rational people in my circle of acquaintances have been totally and completely irrational over this virus.The MSM and the government have done a sterling job of spreading the fear.
    So many of them think that getting Covid is a death sentence. They cannot and will not accept the chances of that happening are tiny. It’s just not possible to reason with them.
    I would have hoped that this dreadful government would be kicked out at the next election but I’m not sure that would happen. Talking to people they realize how bad they are but the most common comment is “but she kept us safe” what BS all the silly twat has done is wreck the economy and delayed the inevitable.

    The maddening thing is the other parties are just as irrational and tyrannical as Jacinta’s shower. so we are doomed. The political balance has been destroyed, instead of parties of the left,right or centre it’s all left now.

    1 Crazy left = Greens
    2 Hard left = Labour
    3 Left = National
    4 Centre left =ACT

    So there’s no way our of this. I fear for my kids.

    Old Curmudgeon

    January 19, 2022 at 8:25 pm

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