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A week is a long time in politics, so said Harold Wilson.

One week ago the police were saying they were sufficiently resourced and in control.

One week ago the Police Minister Potato Williams, was, on her own assessment, on top of her game.

One week ago New Zealand was a nation at peace with crime under good management of Commissione Coster so any talk of Labour Being “soft on Crime” only mere baseless denigration by misogynistic dog whistling of males unable to accept a “Female Minister”

Forward seven days and suddenly there is a need for an additional six hundred million dollars to be spent over four years?

The Government will spend an extra $562m on police over the next four years – promising to keep a ratio of one cop for every 480 people.
It comes as ramraids have gained significant national media attention, despite an overall drop in youth crime.

Seven days later somehow things have gotten worse as Polling indicates firearms offences are registering as a problem. for more New Zealanders, apparently as;

Much of the money is focused on firearms, with $208m being spent establishing a new Firearms Business Unit within police, that will oversee the new Firearms Register.
So those who applauded the quick responses following the Rampage by Tarrant who under the firearms licencing in place then as he prepped for his killing spree should never have been able to lawfully to procure any weapons let alone those he chose and the Ammunition to fuel his slaughter, are now advised New Zealand suddenly needs a fire arms register that will be totally ignored by those miscreants who have declared open shooting as a means of settling scores with rival gangs.

I find it very odd indeed that there has been so little investigation or admissions from Police firearms units on how Tarrant managed to gain lawful access to his armorary when:
(1) His residential qualifications were as dodgy as a three dollar note, His income and work status also incredibly vague
(2) His unrelated referee as to character and suitability to hold a NZ Firearms licence was the father of his “related person with close personal living relationship” only known by way of “Internet conversations and zero personal knowledge required as experienced by myself during a two year stint as a vetting agent for the police.
(3) His close relative or person in a relationship to support his application was again another Internet contact who would never have been accepted in my time of responsibility for such vetting.

Also the claimed entirely resourced Police will be given another resource now decreed necessary by Potato: All due to polling that in responding to the increased publicity surrounding Ramraids and children doing crime, all down to drug addled parents who are abdicating any responsibility to actually parent a child beyond the birthing that gives an immediate increase in welfare funding
Around $185m will be spent rolling out the controversial “tactical response model” nationwide, which sees more dog units and regularly-uniformed officers with faster access to guns.
This I am supposing is to deal with the sudden publicity driven to children committing crimes at levels similar to previous years but now highlighted by media wondering what to put on their front pages while not threatening their over one hundred million dollar compliance largesse.

Then there is another sum of money directed at rehabilitation! By the time a criminal reaches the Prison he is so far into the lifestyle by then any realistic hope of Rehabilitation is long gone, but we will do it again, only better:
“The prison population has been safely reduced in the past five years through a rehabilitation approach and that will continue through funding in the Budget for an additional 518 FTE Corrections roles over the next four years.”

Then the clincher sheeting the whole problem back to the “nine years of neglect”

Once we achieve our goal of an extra 1800 police officer later this year we will ensure numbers don’t fall away again by maintaining an ongoing ratio of one police officer to every 480 New Zealanders,” Williams said.

“Under National we saw police numbers fall away as new officers weren’t hired when police retired. And when we came into office that ratio was standing at one police officer for every 548 Kiwis.

Written by Gravedodger

May 10, 2022 at 7:29 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. It has indeed been an interesting week in politics GD.

    This week has seen the beginning of next years election campaign. Without any analysis the government owned news service attacks National and Acts budget, even selectively editing Cameron Bagrie’s comments to show how bad for NZ their budgets are.

    Then when Act make some very good suggestions around reducing civil servants to 2017 levels, Labour use it to attack National. Mind you Labour have learned how to do this off National scaring the horses about the Greens policies when they’re in government.

    Amazing how the media isn’t asking the tough questions, particularly around firearms. There is supposed to be a firearms authority separate from the police. (The police have repeatedly shown their incompetence around firearms licensing, not to mention the whole conflict in one body making and then enforcing the rules). But no media organisation has even asked why government are not following best advice, and their own legislation.

    (GD – in the list of police failures in licensing Tarrant, you forgot that they never even visited Tarrants residence to check his living circumstances and security)


    May 10, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    • My understanding Paranormal, has Tarrant almost of no fixed abode, you are entirely correct, it was a fourth failing yet all those failures of the process have never, afaik ever been addressed in a manner I for one might expect.
      Possibly, as in my time when I parted company with the Arms Office, a proportion of the vetting was done by the partner of a serving officer in possession of a police car using that vehicle when the officer was off duty, often in an urban situation or close settled rural area while I was expected to do my efforts across Banks Peninsula at a partially absorbed cost and when I raised the issue the official answer was to do the vetting by phone. That attitude in a nutshell sums up where the system was doomed to fail and when it did in Tarrants case it was spectacular.
      Had something so shonky ever come up with me it would have seen the file returned with a red felt pen message “not on my watch” accompanying, as happened twice in the two years I did the job.
      Imho the person who signed off on Tarrant was in gross dereliction of the contract I had entered into some seven years earlier, unless there had been a serious reduction of the standards required.
      If that was the case then that needs exposure to sunlight as he should never have been allowed to own a single shot .22, let alone two AR 15s, a semi auto Shotgun, a pump action Shotty, a lever action .357 rifle a bolt a action .223 and a total of over seven thousand rounds of ammunition of various Marques to feed the various weapons?
      Now I am probably above average in the weapons I hold under my bog standard Permit and my total ammunition for them would struggle to exceed even 5 % of his numerically with most being .22 long rifle and subsonic .22 for use with the silencer fitted .22 semi auto. The knee jerk publicity inspired responses of that Woman in the after math and the several subsequent frustrating for Law abiding gun and rifle owners is all down to giving comfort to the ignorant and daft while as often pointed out having zero effect on the increasing illegal activities by outlaw entities who will never comply with any laws ever introduced.


      May 11, 2022 at 4:00 pm

  2. From my understanding of the gun crimes, almost all are committed by illegal weapons that have never been in the control of a registered gun owner. If that is the case, what will a gun register do? Or is it just to try to financially penalise all those provincial people who actually have legitimate uses for gun and don’t commit crimes with them? The type that never voted Labour.

    Chris Morris

    May 11, 2022 at 9:08 am

  3. Heard the other day they more Police are leaving than being inducted.


    May 11, 2022 at 3:20 pm

  4. Reblogged this on Utopia, you are standing in it!.

    Jim Rose

    May 13, 2022 at 1:30 pm

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