is at … forcefully delivered and devastating (for Labour) in content.

Clearly, by any measure, a Prime Minister in waiting.




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  1. Uncoffined Avatar

    A good speaker, but empty words with a few facts thrown about for good measure. It’s a bit rich of him advising Grant Robertson to get out and listen to people, when he wouldn’t even acknowledge the Wellington protest, let alone listen to them. Given that, he’s lucky that I listened to even part of that speech.

    1. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      Oh, they are listening already, via their social media spying! They must not be sharing that intel with Luxon.

    2. Nick K Avatar

      Well said Uncoffined. Luxon spoke particularly well following the end of the protest, lavishly praising police for bashing old men, and using tear gas on people who had lost their jobs because of the mandates. He’s such a brave man giving a speech in parliament.

      1. Old Curmudgeon Avatar
        Old Curmudgeon

        Nationals behavior through that whole process was more reprehensible than even Mallards because they should have known better.
        The party of individual freedom??? Huh only when it suites.
        Nationals behavior in towing Cindy’s line through the whole Covid thing will forever be a stain on them.
        A good speaker? maybe but more than likely empty words.
        The tragedy of this is we’ll have no choice but to vote for this despicable shower next year only on the basis that they will be less bad than Labour.

      2. Wayne Avatar

        The polls would indicate that the votes of the protestors must be very small. The only part way credible party that supported the protest was NZF. Their vote, based on the polls, is in the 1 to 2% zone.

        The great majority of New Zealanders supported the police on this issue, in fact most people wanted earlier action.

        You will haver noted that most New Zealanders have on from covid, notwithstanding the level of infections, hospitalisations and deaths. But that does not mean they support the protestors, they have simply moved on. Therefore to the extent that covid has changed voting intentions, it has been to National. For most people what Luxon did vis a vis the protest is simply irrelevant.

      3. Old Curmudgeon Avatar
        Old Curmudgeon

        It’s very clear the vaccine has been a wash. The cost of the mandates were very high for business as as individuals who lost their jobs.
        I know you as an establishment figure will bring up the lie that people were not forced to take the vaccine. Of course they were, take the vaccine or don’t have a job. That’s forcing in anybodies language.
        National and ACT should have been speaking out forcefully against that on principle.
        I know you are a smart man, obviously smarter than me and can give a 100 reasons why I am wrong.
        The painful truth is National and ACT have no principles beyond wanting power.
        The thing that burns me is I will have to vote National but only because they will be less bad than Labour.
        It’s a bad place we are at that we have to chose the lesser of 2 evils.

      4. The Veteran Avatar
        The Veteran

        Give me a break Nick from your anti Police drivel. Front up to my son’s partner, a wee slip of a thing, and tell her the brick she wore in her face while confronting the rioters that day were thrown by ‘nice, peaceful people’. You really have lost the plot.

      5. Lucia Maria Avatar
        Lucia Maria

  2. Tom Hunter Avatar
    Tom Hunter

    It’s not 2008 so words like “aspirational” are obsolete and phrases like “ambitious for New Zealand” stir me no longer.

    We’ve been yakking about productivity for decades now and as former Reserve Bank economist Michael Reddell has pointed for some time now, our productivity not only sucks but has been slowly getting worse under successive governments. No matter what improvements are made in spending, deficits or debt reduction, low and regressing productivity will eventually kill a nation.

    Oh don’t fret; I want this utterly useless government, the most useless NZ government in my life, gone in 2023.

    But I have zero confidence in a National/ACT government doing the things that are going to turn around our increasingly deep problems in the economy, healthcare, education and social welfare.

  3. rossco Avatar

    Thanks Vet but I dont have enough minutes in the day to listen to his sales pitch, can you give readers and myself a brief 10 point summary of the highlights as obviously in the economy will be in the toilet by the time he gets his hands on the reins

    Size and reform of local Govt?
    Size, shape of central Govt
    Expected number of Govt employees
    Social welfare reform
    Size of the budget surplus
    RMA reform
    Education reform, any mention of this?
    Quango cull, I expect he mention at least 100 that could be dropped
    Employment law reform
    Criminal law reform, changes to youth justice, ie penalties, reparation for damage, 3 strikes

    Must have been inspiring seeing his vision for NZ laid out.

    No, ah well there is always chairman of ANZ to look forward, followed by a property company investing in inflated NZ housing prices he’s done nothing to fix.

  4. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    Some of the comments on this thread confirm the suspicion that for the Neo con true believer National and Luxon is the enemy rather than Labour. Sensible ACT supporters know there is nothing to be gained in attacking what will be the senior partner in the new government. That their energy is better spent harvesting votes from those voters wanting to see a change a government but who, for whatever reason, are never going to vote National. OTOH National’s territory is middle NZL where elections are won and lost. Can I repeat that … elections are won from the middle … not from the hard right nor the hard left.

    I guess some among us have difficulty in comprehending that simple fact with Jacinda cheering you on all the way.

    1. Old Curmudgeon Avatar
      Old Curmudgeon

      I agree Vet it’s not sensible to treat National as the enemy. I am extremely suspicious of and disappointed in National but don’t believe ACT is any better as Seymour seems at some time sensible and others as somewhat of a goose.
      Whatever your personal feeling about the NINOs in National Party they are still way preferable to Jacinda’s mob of morons. I’m sure at worst they will be less bad.
      So get a grip guys.

  5. Uncoffined Avatar

    Just for reference regarding that ‘insignificant number’ that supported the protest..

    Try pulling my other leg sunshine, it’s got bells on it.

  6. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    Uncoffined … well, I supported the protest until they lost the plot and were hijacked by extremists……….. so I guess I’m one of that 30%.

    1. Old Curmudgeon Avatar
      Old Curmudgeon

      To be fair on the pro mandate side there were plenty of extremists starting with 120 MPs.

    2. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      Vet, am surprised. Did not know you supported the protest at all.

      BTW, the media reporting about the protest being highjacked by extremists was all hype. Until the last day when the jackboots came in and provoked extreme violence. I knew they were using pepper spray & fire hoses, but just learned they were also using rubber bullets and some type of pellet that caused a lot of damage to people.

      In fact, the media seems incredibly silent about who the really violent people were – beyond the initial reports about randoms joining because of what was happening.

      My brother & husband went down to the protest. My brother was in the crowd listening to Rodney Hide speaking. When was the protest highjacked by extremists, from your point of view?

      In regards to seeing Labour & National as the enemy, that is not the case for me. I see the leadership of Labour as the enemy, the Labour party as compromised, and the National Party as extremely untrustworthy. Not rocking the boat and not speaking out and just standing around waiting to be elected is reprehensible, in my view. Always looked cowardly in the past, now it looks like complicity with Labour. That may seem unfair, but that’s where we are now.

      You cannot stand by and allow the human rights abuses that have occurred, especially over the last six months, and barely say anything and hope to move on without consequence. Most people that haven’t been paying attention will likely vote National, because the hatred for Labour is that strong, BUT many of us who have paid attention feel such betrayal that we would need more definitive signs that Luxon and the party get it. Not seeing that at all.

      1. Uncoffined Avatar

        Well said Lucia, I was there for four days. As for the ‘extremists’ it is perhaps conveniently forgotten that the protesters had their own security service for which I volunteered for, for a day. The only real issues were homeless people who were mentally unstable and unpredictable. I’ve done posts regarding my experiences there on my own blog.

  7. Old Curmudgeon Avatar
    Old Curmudgeon

    “BUT many of us who have paid attention feel such betrayal that we would need more definitive signs that Luxon and the party get it. Not seeing that at all”

    Too right LM my sentiments exactly.

  8. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    LM … well, you live and learn then. The right to peaceful protest is a right, front and centre, in any functioning democracy and just why you think I wouldn’t support that right fair escapes me. But when the protest morphed into an ‘occupy’ movement it lost my support in the same way as those occupying land at Ihumatao and Waitangi did. Actually I have to admit to being somewhat amused at a number of commentators here who damned the Ihumatao protest while supporting those who occupied parliament’s grounds … some would argue selective morality in play. But if you want to keep looking back in anger I can’t stop you nor would I want to but, for me, my focus right now is getting rid of what history may well determine to be the most inept, divisive and profligate government in the nations history. ,

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