Courage under fire

The Nashville Police have released bodycam footage of their officers taking on the woman who invaded a school and shot three adults and three little kids.

It’s an incredible six minutes from the time Officer Engelbert drives up to when he puts down the woman shooter. The last part includes footage from one of the other officers who also fired on the woman.

It’s also a massive, if implicit and unstated rebuke to the gutless Uvalde Police who loitered around for literally hours while little kids were being shot in that school and they talked of the need for body armour. You’ll not that these officers went in without it, knowing the risks but also knowing that time was of the essence.

Actually it’s also a silent rebuke to our crowd who stood around at Albert Park last Saturday watching the Trannies get their rocks off assaulting woman.

As this article makes clear however, the MSM are the same in the USA as they are here in supporting the Narrative of the age, which is apparently uncontested support – I would say worship – of Trans Activists.

While the motive is still being investigated, unfortunately Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are already doing their thing in blaming the right and their respect for the Second Amendment along with the alleged “hate” they have for transgender persons, as evidenced by ABC News “reporter” Terry Moran’s heavily biased report pointing to legislation passed by the Tennessee legislature and signed into law earlier this month by Gov. Bill Lee that heavily restricts drag queen shows and in essence outlaws gender-affirming healthcare services for minors.

Relatedly, the Washington Post disgustingly tried to link Rep. Andy Ogles to the Nashville mass shooting (which occurred in his Congressional district) because he once posted a Christmas photo of him, his wife and children holding firearms.

Of course they did.




7 responses to “Courage under fire”

  1. MT_Tinman Avatar

    I’ve watched the video and haven’t yet seen those hero policemen shoot any woman.

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter


      To recap, we have a deranged transgender lunatic that was pretty obviously radicalized by far-left talk of “genocide” being committed by those on the right, and The New York Times, MSNBC, and other outlets are laser-focused on making sure we don’t “misgender” the shooter.

      Let me be clear for the press hacks who don’t seem to understand basic reality. This shooter is a woman. The fact that this woman was mentally ill and believed she was a man does not mean we all need to bend over backward to respect her delusions. Six innocent people, including three children, are dead, and we are talking about “misgendering” and pronouns. That’s one of the most despicable things I’ve ever seen in the political sphere, of which this shooting is firmly ensconced given its motivation.

      Maybe pumping a psychopathic woman full of testosterone to “affirm” her gender wasn’t the best way to handle the situation? But we can’t talk about that because that would be “transphobic.”

  2. MT_Tinman Avatar

    Tom, Woman = Adult human female.

    It is the middle word I question.

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Sadly I don’t. What we know so far tells us that she was mentally ill beyond her gender dysphoria – suicidal etc. But the fact is that “humans”, perfectly sane ones, have been bloody inhuman throughout history.

      It’s always tempting to call them monsters, but I think that removes the human responsibility for making evil choices and I’m very much opposed to that.

      1. MT_Tinman Avatar

        Sorry Tom, on this we’ll disagree.

        I’m fed up with sub-human scum being able to get away with vicious behavior by blaming mental health.

        Not just this thing but the whole gamut from the green thing in Jafaville egging on other brain-dead fuckwits Saturday to the paedophile-promoting low-lifes calling themselves gender or trans activists and particularly those who kill and maim children, mainly because the children can’t, physically, fight back.

        This group target only those who can’t fight back.

        These animals, like the one in question, are not human, they are, as I pointed out, no more than sub-human.

  3. Whiskey&Pie Avatar

    Marama Davidson seems to have been right on 2/3. White males being violent

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