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No No No – It Wasn’t My Fault

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“…. the Herald Sun‘s Rob Harris quotes a senior Liberal: “This result puts into question the strategy of Malcolm Turnbull, his office, Tony Nutt, Mark Textor and Lib HQ.”….”

It has been fun for some years now watching the Labour party in NZ deny the real reasons they are long term losers of elections.

Now I’ll have to wait to see whether the Australian Libs have it within themselves to do better.  Already the denialists from the Turnbull camp are flexing their voices.

Somehow, Unlike NZ Labour, I think there are enough hard men within the Liberal party to front up and kick the heads that need to be kicked.  Blind Freddie can see that the conservative arm of the Liberal grssroots deserted Turnbull and went to Hanson and Xenaphon.

Time for Augie to come and clean out his stables..


Written by adolffinkensen

July 3, 2016 at 2:44 am

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