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Canada, Eh?

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I have about as much interest in Canadian politics and general events there as I do with Australia (or New Zealand).

But there are times when attention must be paid, if only because we can see the same themes playing out that are (or may) happen here.

First up, let’s compare Justin Tredeau’s recent comments about unvaccinated people while on his election campaign trail, with statements he made several years ago about the Boston Bombers.

Unvaccinated PeopleBoston Bombers

In Trudeau’s words, his opponents are not just wrong:

“they are putting at risk their own kids, and they are putting at risk our kids as well.”

It is small wonder that, according to the Angus Reid Institute, a near-majority of Canadians:

“don’t think unvaccinated individuals should have the same priority for medical treatment if they become sick with COVID-19.” 

After the Boston bombings in 2013, which killed 3 people, blew off the limbs of 17, and injured hundreds of others, said in an interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge that the two men who perpetrated the atrocity clearly felt “completely excluded” from their society.

The last thing Canada should do, he stressed, was make people like them feel even more excluded by pointing fingers at members of identifiable groups and cultivating a culture of fear and mistrust.

This article on Canada’s official, state-sponsored cultural scene is also very applicable to NZ:

CanCon is a heavy lift at the best of times, being close neighbors to that hulking great monster south of us which is the most creative culture on earth. That is why we spend billions every year to prop up our creators, our artists, who we love.
Film salaries are funded up to 50%, books, 30%, news media 60%..

CBC, our national behemoth, which eats up $1.5 billion annually, and which amounts to 50% of the media dollars spent… The state spends another $600 million supporting once-successful media because “internet”.

And yet almost nobody is reading, watching or listening to the people they supposedly “love”.

Last month I traced the sales of this year’s Canadian literary award winners and I suppose “best-sellers”.  Their sales on Amazon, hardcover, soft cover and digital ranged from 4 books to 33 books per month, incomes hovering in the three figures.

CBC television is watched by 3.9% of Canadians and only 0.8% watch CBC News.

CBC radio is considered reasonably good, and is listened to despite the almost vindictive calling out of anyone who disagrees with their hard socialist stance. Despite every conceivable advantage, advertising on the CBC dropped 20% during the pandemic. 

However, those listeners seem don’t seem to be fans, which is rather weird. CBC is so disliked that they have turned off commenting on their various programs, there is a brand of coffee called “Defund the CBC”, and they’ve had to hire “close protection security”.

Jeez, Radio NZ’s got it easy. It also sounds like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. But why?

Because our media show us Canadians as racist, stupid, sexist, stupid, stupid and more stupid. And while they are at it, shallow and violent.

Sounds about right. It must be a class thing across the Western world. Get a government art or broadcasting grant and you get to look down on the idiots who provided you the free money. Maybe that’s only fair.


Written by Tom Hunter

September 17, 2021 at 7:00 am

3 Responses

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  1. CBC radio is considered reasonably good, and is listened to…

    Radio has been remarkably resilient in the internet age because

    (1) people listen to it in the car

    (2) People who do repetitive manual jobs have it on the background as they labour

    I’m not sure it is actually “listened to” rather than being a source of soothing background ambient noise


    September 17, 2021 at 7:50 am

  2. Please tell me that lightweight dimwit is going to be voted out of office shortly? That would give me a lift and some hope that there’s a groundswell forming against woke liberalism. The political situation in NZ is really quite depressing with Labour abusing its super-majority to push ahead constitutional changes as foreshadowed in He Puapua that were not mentioned in their election manifesto.

    John JohnO

    September 17, 2021 at 8:29 am

    • I wouldn’t bet on it, and given the support of the Canadian people for much of this stuff, plus their support for the crushing of Civil Liberties during the pandemic and on other issues in previous years, it may make no difference if Trudeau is gone.

      The recent California recall being yet another example.

      Tom Hunter

      September 17, 2021 at 8:40 am

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