One of the strengths of Kiwiblog is DPF’s want to let those holding a contrary opinion to what might be considered right wing orthodoxy to express their view notwithstanding the fact that in doing so it is likely to result in the more flinty eyed among us dumping on him for betraying conservative values.

And so it is that Kiwiblog featured a post here by Murray Gibb, sometime CE of Water NZ, arguing the case for Three Waters. It is a long article and worth a read but the final paragraph stands out … ‘There is one area where the government has completely mucked up with its proposals, and that is in governance. Having 50 percent of Board members being appointed by Iwi is just simply nonsense. Tribal governance systems have no place in modern capitalist democracies ….‘.

Amen and double Amen to that.






3 responses to “AMEN TO THAT”

  1. Porky Roebuck Avatar
    Porky Roebuck

    Tribal ownership is not merely a proposal that the government has “mucked up” it is the sole reason three waters is being instituted.

    Forget all of this other bullshit about “water quality”, “future investment” and “servicing out communities more effectively”, that’s just subterfuge.

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    38 paragraphs from Mr Gibb and only one counts and that’s last! Obviously something has got to change re water and drains but 3 Waters is a Turkey. And note one of the “advantages” it lists is that it gives the poorer residents of, say, Tauranga an opportunity to financially support the better off people of, say, Opotiki! Nothing on why New Plymouth and Te Puke should share water and drains systems. Nuts.

  3. fredonas Avatar

    Given that regional councils should already be fulfilling this role or, if not, should be in a position to fulfil this role given appropriate Government funding without the need for an additional layer of overpriced bureaucracy, it’s hard not to draw the conclusion that this is a blatant power and money grab by bureaucrats and indigenous special interest groups. I think ratepayers and taxpayers would like to see a more efficient solution than the current proposal and the Nats and ACT should be pursuing this issue as a matter of urgency.

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